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  1. IC: Name:Aleksey Malidankovich Are you a cat man? (No Kha allowed):Niet OOC: Minecraft In-Game Name:snakeyeeees Skype? (Will take it privately if you want):kingclay86 Teamspeak? (Vital for battles):yes Promise to have fun?:lel Feel free to show up at Lord Franz' manor whenever. It's on the west side of Brelus; southwards from the gate in the wheat.
  2. *As Ardir walks the road traveling a small man comes up and hands him a paper "Ser knight look at this new guild and tell me what you think of it." *After Ardir reads the paper the man gave him he told the man "knights do not become knights for such petite reasoning, They do it for the honor of there house and of the kingdom, you wish to become knights but all I see is greed, your claim you will rid the land of what you see unfit but what gives you such status what makes you think that you can decide such things just because you have knight in your name, you are not fighting for the good of
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