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  1. No. Since I got a new job in February in had less time to play and sometime an April I lost interest and ditched it for other ways to spend my free time. I'm just on the forums nowadays to see how things are going. :)

  2. Def, Do you still play?

  3. Glad to hear that. I'm happy for you. Just remember to keep a calm head. It's a game so have a good time.

  4. Hey buddy, I am officially unbanned and back now man.

  5. Eh, i'm not back, they still have to much hatred for me to accept that I have changed.

    It is fine, if people want to holster hatred for me after so long then so be it, that is their life and their choice.

    Have a wonderful day man.

  6. Good to see you back around man.

  7. I am doing good so far, I have cut soda and junk food completely from my life. I cook my own food that is veggies and healthy meat. This has made my body a lot stronger and I will be losing weight faster.

  8. Hmm. I was wondering, why I didn't see you around anymore.


    I wish you the strength to stay on your path of health and self-control, Shiin.

  9. Report: Locked away in the GM only vault. Minecraft Name: ShiinChan Rule Broken/Disputed: "witnesses: the Gm staff, especially myself, freya, mogroka reason: after a ban report didn't go his way (search for his ban report on stealth and lugar), he decided that he wasn't going to ask for the items that stealth and lugar offered to return and instead wait for them to come to him. Which they didn't." Character Witnesses: "the Gm staff, freya and mogroka" Event Details / apologies: The event details exactly are not important as to what led to my.. behavior, what is important is that I lost control of anger and that led to words being said and attitudes towards staff members that angered them and was inappropriate for the conversation or situation. Please, let me explain what I mean as part of my apology. I led a life of hatred and anger, I use to say it was because of bullies who brought me to this... In fact it was my self, I allowed the hatred and anger to poison my soul and spirit from their actions. This allowance of spiritual poison into my life has led to a destructive dark path that has built an strong foot hold in me. I use anger as an excuse when in fact I was just scared and afraid to admit I was scared and lost. The anger out burst you have all witnessed is me not knowing what to do, feeling so overwhelmed with emotions that I could not control nor understand. These emotions were the poison manifesting it self verbally and physically in my life and unto others lives as well. So many people I have hurt both emotionally, physically and spiritually to a point they were poisoned with this hatred towards me. That is the nature of the destructive beast that is with held in my soul. The last few months I have taken action against this life, to reclaim it as my own again, to be master over Mind, Body and soul, and no, I have not gone "religious." I recently was in the E.R. and diagnosed with a condition that left unchecked will lead to a terminal illness, an illness with my liver. Finding this out, I have chosen a path of cleansing, a path of... freedom. This path not only involves spiritual and soul cleansing from all poisonous things in my life and self, but of the mind and body as well. It may not be imminently obvious to you why it matters, but I have changed physical habits as part of the cleansing. I no longer eat garbage, instead eating healthier and exercising, this leads to a healthy body, which houses the soul... and to have a purified soul, one must have a healthy body. This path to a healthier body has eased my mind of the earthly worries of health, life, death and other things, allowing my mind to focus on matters of importance. I have started a path to cleansing my mind through restricting the type of people and social media I let into my life, only watching things that will impact my mind in a positive, growing way. This has allowed me to clearly see the error of my ways in the past, the anger... the hatred... it all consumed me and controlled me, I lived by it and lost by it and its my time to take my life back and live by what I need to live by... harmony. I have also been able to clearly see who and how I wrong people in my past as well, and that is a long dark path to walk down... I have searched my own self, my soul long and hard to find the source of the poison... the corruption that ate at me and grew stronger every day. It stems from being an over weight child and being teased, this will be fixed along with Mind and body as I fix those two, as once I am fully healthy in Body, my mind will be rid of the thought of how wretched I am and the soul will be free to release the pain that corrupts it with the poisonous hatred and once and for all my Mind, Body and Soul will be in harmony and my life will be purified from all hatred. I do apologize for the idiotic and childish... extremely childish anger out burst that I had towards the staff and players. It wasn't very smart of to act the way I did towards members of the staff, and it was very rude. One thing I learned is that no matter how much you dis-agree with one another, or how much you even hate someone... you need to respect each other and find a way to discuss properly the issues that are against you so much. The only way to properly release any anger in a healthy way is to acknowledge that their is anger, and discuss the problem that brought forth the anger in a calm way with the other person. In doing this, the anger will disperse properly and harm no one. I know due to my past, and the trail of emotional destruction I left, it will be hard for people to accept my wanting to return, or even forgive me for that matter. This I accept fully as I know wounds of this caliber take so long to heal if ever and I will need to face the damage I created and over come it in a positive manner, this is the only path to take. Thank you for taking time to read all of this, I have come to a lot of realization and understanding with my own self, and I hope you can come to an understanding with me. A lot of people say this, but I have become a better person, I have become healthier in all aspects of life, and continue to do so every day. Screenshots/Vids: [Link] m/a
  10. LOL !!!!! did you show him ?

  11. Btw. Have you seen this? I made it back in October in the meme-thread.


    Probably the funniest thing I came up with so far. :3

  12. sad to see you go, we had our disputes but i had huge respect for you, hope to see you back in full force soon.

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