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  1. Wow, looking back I was a huge ****** lol. Good thing I've evolved into a better one. :)

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  2. Timayame

    Timayame's Ban Appeal

  3. Timayame

    Timayame's Ban Appeal

    Fair enough Danie, I won't disagree or argue with your points there. I felt that it would be feeble and look hypocritical to post this, but I've been contemplating and decided it wouldn't hurt to apologize at least and part of me believed it was worth a shot. Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best of luck. Hopefully I will see you all again far down the stream~ :)
  4. Timayame

    Timayame's Ban Appeal

    Report: N/A Minecraft Name: Timayame Rule Broken: Trolling, hacking, Abusing role play mechanics. Character Witnesses: Server community So let me start by saying I miss the community and that I am sorry to have taken ill advantage against you all in the past. Everyday I hear good news about the server and its progress and I'm so eager to return, that is if you all can forgive me and pardon my past mistakes. I've not much else to say that I regret the actions I took and decisions I've made that got me banned numerous times. so here I am again asking for forgiveness. I am being as sincere as I can. I hope the community can accept my apology and letting me return will be considered. Thank you, -Timmy
  5. You still around?

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      Yes... lol

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  6. Why hello there. :3

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  8. We're gonna be like three little Fonzies here.

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  10. Timayame

    Majora/tentoa's Ban Appeal

    I've been spending the majority of my time in salvus since I've been unbanned. And literally EVERY time I have encountered majora it has never been appealing or fun, but rather frustrating and obnoxious and in its own sense just trollish. It is either you running through the streets insulting players and being disruptive or going to Dawn and insulting her face to face, saying completely unnecessary things. I don't care if you believe it is "role play".. consistently insulting and berating someone they way you have been doing so is just harassment. Lewd insults such as: *****, *****, ****, or a "sex toy" is just blatant dis-respect and tasteless RP.. If you truly loved the server and cherish it you would strive to be creative and courteous to the players you share the server with. I am not the only one who (obviously) notices they way you carry yourself and how it affects others around you in a negative way. What you've been doing is not constructive, creative, or what many of you perceive as "good role play". Its dis-respectful to you, the server and those around you. This is just terrible trolling. And you have broken the server rules while doing so. You deserved your ban, you should be happy with getting another chance and use it to improve and better yourself. A biased person is simply a person that is aware of a situation or has knowledge to back their beliefs, whether the person is mislead or accurate or positive or negative. Most people will only complain or say something when it is negative, but won't come crying and screaming when it is in their favor. Everyone is biased in some way or another. In this case Ivrae knew the situation and was very aware of your wrong doings. She had the experience of seeing players hurt and frustrated by your actions and heard their wishes of leaving the server because of your behavior. She has seen you break the rules and acted on it. What she did was right, call it biased or not.
  11. Yea, he mad...