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  1. A travelling acolyte reads over the report with wide eyes, “Astounding that the Ascended could be so easily manipulated... perhaps it was all the years of plant-fighting.” he muses.
  2. Pelleus idly reads through the missive on the side of the road. He smiles to himself and mutters, “Wonderful that Archbishop Zachery was chosen.”
  3. Pelleus does a little jig as he hears of the new settlement, “The perfect place for a bread box!”
  4. That’s a pretty high-quality video, pal. Nice job.
  5. A salty delf walks by the shop, muttering angrily. "There's always been a market for giant spider legs, dwarf. You just need to look for it..."
  6. Initiate Application MC name: Sherlocks_homes Character Name: Marrow Scaevola Discord (Optional): Yes Race: Dark Elf Age: 225 Do you know any magic currently?: Nope Which subject do you plan to learn?: Mental Magic Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: Yes
  7. "Well, at least they're gonna be able to protect themselves now, instead of the constant oppression..." Marrow sighs heavily and walks off to the Hold of the Crimson Edict for some rest.
  8. Yay! A reasonable group!
  9. I edited it to put in the definition.

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