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  1. Sherlocks_ homes

    First Golden Bull of Jorenus

    Pelleus idly reads through the missive on the side of the road. He smiles to himself and mutters, “Wonderful that Archbishop Zachery was chosen.”
  2. Sherlocks_ homes

    The Settlement of Albion

    Pelleus does a little jig as he hears of the new settlement, “The perfect place for a bread box!”
  3. Sherlocks_ homes

    On the Topic of Shitty Map Names

    This was an educated and well-thought out treatise, sir. Very nice, very nice.
  4. Sherlocks_ homes

    High Judge Addresses the People

    Marrow shrugs after overhearing the comment, “Meh.”
  5. Sherlocks_ homes

    High Judge Addresses the People

    [!] In the market square of Holm, at exactly noon, a one-armed ‘ker quietly steps onto the Dwainsrock, the town crier utilizing his trained vocal chords to call out for silence among the crowd. “Friends, Holmites, Countrymen, lend me your ears. All must hear of this matter. As of late, I, High Judge Marrow Scaevolus, along with several other members of the tribunal council have been involved in an investigation of the our elected Consuls. What has been discovered can only be described as concerning. The adviser of Consul Curseus has been found guilty of conspiracy against Consul Irongut after Brigadier General Evan Katke provided eyewitness testimony to a possible plot against Dimlin’s life.’ “Consequently, a warrant was provided to the General for further investigation into Consul Curseus and while no solid evidence has been found, the Caesar’s lack of cooperation with the investigation suggests that he does not want something to be found. Aside from my charge as High Judge, however, I ask you all, the people, to come tomorrow and vote for the truth to be uncovered through a more extensive investigation, not only on Caesar, but Dimlin as well. Without this, I fear that our entire way of life may be at risk. Maybe not immediately, but slowly, over time. You all have my thanks for for your attention, and for your vigilance.” OOC: As a reminder, Senate meeting is at 3pm EST Saturday (tomorrow). Have fun!
  6. Sherlocks_ homes

    My First Server Video!

    That’s a pretty high-quality video, pal. Nice job.
  7. Sherlocks_ homes

    Should Ratiki replace Hou-Zi

    If ratiki don’t win this, then call me-me seer-lord!
  8. Sherlocks_ homes

    The Centrist Party of Holm

    Marrow gives a confused frown at the flyer "So... this seems okay, but... is it really necessary?"
  9. Sherlocks_ homes

    The Plebian’s Guide to Holmite Government

    Marrow turns to face the camera, "As a plebeian, I give this book two thumbs up!" he grins widely for a moment before pausing with a frown. "...Am I getting paid for this?"
  10. Sherlocks_ homes

    On 1.13, the Wiki, and More

    Oh. Now seems to be the perfect time to integrate skaven as playable race, yes-yes?
  11. Sherlocks_ homes

    The Holmite Worker's Guild

    MC NAME: Sherlocks_homes NAME: Marrow Scaevolus CLASS: (Resident, Citizen…): Citizen OCCUPATION: (leave blank if none): Soldier
  12. Sherlocks_ homes

    The Belvitz-Holm Railway; An Era of Industry

    Marrow muses to himself as he reads the announcement. "Perhaps... yes... we could use this 'railway' system to take all of the ascended in Holm... and dump them in Belvitz! YES!" (Thunder cracks in the distance)
  13. Sherlocks_ homes

    The Reformist Party of Holm [Registering Members]

    Reformist Party Application Full Name: Marrow Scaevolus Social Status: ((Resident/Citizen/Noble)) Citizen Residency Location: Cloud District ((Discord)): Sherlock's Homes#5636 Also, first.
  14. Sherlocks_ homes

    Picks and Boons: Digger Emporium

    A salty delf walks by the shop, muttering angrily. "There's always been a market for giant spider legs, dwarf. You just need to look for it..."
  15. Sherlocks_ homes

    Citizenship Papers

    OOC NAME: Sherlocks_homes RP NAME: Marrow Scaevolus Location of home: Cloud District Proof of purchase (take a picture of the item being bought/in your inventory with your name in sight): None, my screenshot is being screwy but ask Beamon and he can confirm that I am a citizen. EDIT: I guess you can come up to me irp and go "Papers please" but I have no idea how that'd blow over.