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  1. FOREWORD All residents of the District of Valleinor must acknowledge that the following laws are supplementary to the Federal Laws of the Elven Dominion which are clearly outlined in the Dominion’s Codex of Law. As a resident of Valleinor, both the laws presented below and those listed in the codex must be adhered to. The punishment for each crime is outlined in the respective document to which it is scribed in. Ignorance is not a legitimate excuse for any infringement. The following district laws as scribed by Lord Ceruberr Asul'Ailer are effective immediately. Federal Laws of the Elven Dominion: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/169636-the-dominions-codex-of-law/ ELTIRAN'LAUREH - THE NOBLE LAWS SECTION ONE - APPEARANCE & BLOODLINES Residents of Valleinor must be of elvish blood. Exceptions may be granted by the District Lord/Lady. Residents of Valleinor are expected not to be unnatural or corrupted in any capacity. The criteria for this will be decided on a case by case basis and left to the discretion of the District Lord/Lady and elheial’tahu (The High Council). Residents of Valleinor must be of a reasonable skin colour (fair, brown, ashen), reasonable hair colour, and wear appropriate attire, as judged at the discretion of the District Lord/Lady. One’s identity must never be hidden within the District of Valleinor, and must be easily identifiable at all times. Hoods that obscure a clear view of the face are forbidden, and any form of facial mask is strictly prohibited. Residents of Valleinor are encouraged to scribe their lineage and present it to the District Lord/Lady to be published for all to see in the Bloodlines of Valleinor. SECTION TWO - RESIDENT CONDUCT Residents of Valleinor are expected to carry themselves with dignity -- both through action and spoken word. Residents of Valleinor shall not participate in physical fraternization with a minor (a minor being any mali less than 50 years of age). Residents of Valleinor shall not participate in fraternization of any intimate sort with non-mali. An incredibly selfish, inconsiderate deed which may result in a child burdened with an additional curse. Residents of Valleinor shall not participate in non-consensual physical fraternization. Residents of Valleinor shall not participate in incestuous intimate fraternization of any kind. SECTION THREE - HOUSING Housing precedence will be given to mali’aheral over those of other racial heritage, and the District Lord/Lady holds the right to reserve available property for this purpose. Furthermore, Talonniian’laurir (noble bloodlines) are granted preference in housing due to the contributions that those of their blood have made to the district. All residents residing within a particular home are required to fill out the Valleinor Housing Registry Form. Should another individual wish to desire in your home, you are required to inform either the District Lord/Lady or a Steward so that they too may fill out the Valleinor Housing Registry Form. All residents agree that in the event that the Dominion of Malin reinstates taxes, all residents must pay said taxes in a timely manner. Any and all expansions of homes must be approved by the District Lord/Lady. Evidence of unapproved expansion will result in swift eviction from the property. In times of war, at least one individual from a household must contribute to the war effort. It is the duty of all to defend their home. The District Lord/Lady holds the right to randomly inspect property for evidence of any infringements of both Federal and District Law. SECTION FOUR - MAGIC Any and all significant matters of sorcery and voidal anomalies must be reported to either the District Lord/Lady or the Lord/Lady Enchanter immediately. The creation of potentially hazardous arcane devices is prohibited. Should any resident be uncertain as to whether or not their creation could cause harm to person or property, they should contact either the District Lord/Lady or the Lord/Lady Enchanter. Any and all unlawful use of magic is strictly prohibited within Valleinor -- further defined as any use of magic which breaks either Federal or District Law. Residents of Valleinor reserve the right to publicly practice their magic within the district’s borders, however, must cease this practice upon entering Irrinor or Velunor. Residents who desire to learn magic are encouraged to join the Mage’s Guild or another magical guild of equal standing to ensure they are adequately instructed and learn to wield the arcane responsibly. Residents of Valleinor are prohibited from the study and practice of any and all Dark Arts. These include: Necromancy, Shade, Mysticism, Dark Shamanism, Fjarriauga, Blood Magic, Puppetry, Soulbound Golemancy. PUNISHMENTS FOR TRANSGRESSORS Failure to comply with the following laws will result in one or more of the following punishments. The verdict of each crime is to be determined by the District Lord/Lady, and in more extreme cases, elheial’tahu (The High Council). Fine Community Service Confiscation of Goods Eviction Banishment
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    Kinslayer AMA

    What's your favourite song? Who's your favourite artist? Who's your favourite author? Dream career/profession? Favourite colour? What Hogwarts house would you be sorted into? What talent/skill don't you have, that you wish you had?
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    Bloodlines Of Valleinor

    HILEIA’SAE MAEHR’EHYA “Silver elves take heed: for the recording of one’s family ensures the continuance of our people’s health.” - The Bloodline Archive Since a time immemorial, tradition and history have guided the way of Elvenkind. Throughout this history, many names and deeds have been dedicated to the progression and prosperity of our kin. To ensure their memory isn’t like winter’s snow, wiped away by the new spring, their deeds and bloodlines shall be recorded. This is so that future generations may be inspired and aspire to follow in the footsteps of their forebears. By recording their memory, our ancestors are respected and their way of life is made eternal. Blood is inherited; tradition cannot fade. From the ruin which is the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya of Haelun’or, which has been warped and misinterpreted for centuries, rises a new dictum, one by which all residents of Valleinor will live by: hileia’sae maehr’ehya -- spreading peace and wisdom. Where the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya has ultimately failed in its spreading of wisdom and health, it is the desire of Valleinor to see peace prevail, as opposed to the chaos which has ensnared Haelun’or and her people for too long. For it is truly only during a time of peace that we can hope to focus on garnering newfound knowledge, and work to utilise said knowledge for the betterment of our people and the realm. However, just as our ancestors are remembered, so too must we remember that the initial intention of Haelun’or was a noble one. Back in the time of the most blessed, mali’aheral championed that they must keep their lineage free from blemish. By recording their line, Silver Elves keep proof of their exalted blood, and the names and deeds of their heritage are neither diluted nor lead into disregard by unbefitting individuals who may by chance inherit their blood. TALONNIIAN'LAURIR From our ancestors blood we also derive merit in the form of the Talonniian’laurir, the noble bloodlines of Valleinor. Not all bloodlines are equal. Some are virtuous and will follow and embody the hileia’sae maehr’ehya with more fervour while others will not. Therefore, it is only just that those with virtue are granted an elevated status, for silver and tin, while both metals, are not equal in lustre and worth. These noble bloodlines come to be via the following criteria, however, under special circumstances, the District Lord/Lady of Valleinor may grant the status to any them deem fit: firstly, their line must be without blemish and proof of this must be shown, the more generations back this can be proven, the better. Secondly, the bloodline must have at least two members who live and participate in the life of Valleinor. Thirdly, said members must have made notable contributions to the District of Valleinor and the hileia’sae maehr’ehya. There must also be a patriarch or matriarch of each Talonnii’laurir, who is initially the eldest member of the bloodline. The title of patriarch or matriarch is passed on via first of kin, however the one who holds the position and subsequently nominated to sit with elheial’tahu (The High Council) is determined internally by each Talonnii. It must also be noted that Talonniian’laurir are expected to be diligent, reputable, and dignified members of society who carry themselves with the knowledge that their words and deeds reflect upon that of their predecessors. This investiture of a bloodline by the District Lord/Lady grants the noble family a single seat upon elheial’tahu so that they may be directly involved in the continued governance of the district. Moreover, each individual within a Talonnii’laurir will be regarded as mali’laurir (noble elf). Step forth, mali, and scribe your lineage and the deeds of your blood for all to see. CURRENT TALONNIIAN'LAURIR Hawksong OOC: How to Format Your Own Bloodline Post
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    Governing Body of Valleinor

    HILEIA’SAE MAEHR’EHYA The District Lord or Lady of each of the three constituent municipalities of the Dominion of Malin have developed distinct systems of local governance for their respective districts -- each reflective of the dominant culture therein. The District of Valleinor, situated within the heights of Caras Eldar, is no exception. As home of the arcane within the Dominion, the governing body has been organised in a manner so as to ensure the viability of controlled magical practice and research. Furthermore, in recognition of the Elder houses of Elvendom, the District Lord or Lady bears the right to name certain families as Talonniian’laurir (noble bloodlines). The ascension of a bloodline to this status is typically the result of a prolonged demonstration of loyalty to the district, and by extension, the Dominion of Malin. This investiture of a bloodline grants the noble family a single seat upon elheial’tahu (The High Council) so that they may be directly involved in the continued governance of the district. As it stands, the foremost figure of authority within the District of Valleinor is the District Lord or Lady. It is the Lords and Ladies of the Dominion that represent the rights and powers of the three district municipalities. Vetted with authority by the people of their districts in an election called by the Mortal King in his throne room, the members of the House of Lords are held to a rigorous standard, expected to serve for twelve years (3 Elven months) before facing reelection. Each candidate for these elections must publicly give a concise speech of their ambitions, past services, and goals for their term in office. The duties of each governing body of Valleinor, as established by the King Kairn Ithelanen and Lord Ceruberr Asul’Ailer, are outlined below. ELHEIAL'TAHU - THE HIGH COUNCIL DISTRICT LORD / LADY The House of Lords representative for the District of Valleinor. They are tasked with writing district-wide laws, arranging public work projects, events and general maintenance of the district. The District Lord or Lady holds the right to both ascend bloodlines to Talonniian’laurir status and to revoke this status as they deem fit. It is also the Lord or Lady’s responsibility to arrange regular metings with elheial’tahu. LORD CERUBERR ASUL'AILER ((CaptainSheepy)) LORD / LADY ENCHANTER The Lord / Lady Enchanter represents matters of sorcery in the upper district of Valleinor. It is their duty to handle approval for arcane devices, practices and to ensure that the district is kept clean from rifts, tearing, and voidal sewage. [Picture] [RP Name] [MC Username] ELHEIAL'TAHU - THE HIGH COUNCIL The High Council is composed of the District Lord or Lady, Lord or Lady Enchanter, and the matriarch or patriarch of the Talonniian’laurir. In addition to these individuals, the District Lord may also ask the leaders of prominent guilds within the district to attend council meetings. The High Council will regularly convene to discuss matters of important within the District.
  5. HILEIA’SAE MAEHR’EHYA History It was upon the realm of Axios that Titania Hawksong and Ac’Aelu Tinuvial birthed the settlement which they named Norseth’onn - Land Born of the Void. The settlement itself had a distinctly High Elven style, both in architecture and culture. However, what began as a reclusive establishment, home to but a few sorcerers and researchers, soon experienced a grand era of arcane advancement. Such advancements included the creation of both the Manablade and the Arcane Familiar. This period of prosperous ingenuity and growth gained the attention of the Dominion, and so, Norseth’onn was elevated in status to become the third recognised state of the Dominion of Malin. Norseth’onn and her people prospered within the Dominion, and they followed their kin to the land of Atlas following the poisoning of Axios. Caras Eldar, capital of the Dominion and Jewel of Elvendom upon Atlas, became the new home to Norseth’onn and her people, who established themselves in the upper district of the city. The peace, however, was not to last. For reasons known to but a few, Former Lord Arcanist Ac’Aelu Tinuvial lead his Order Absolute in rebellion against the Dominion. The rebellion met a swift end before the state was seized by former Lady and Architect Titania Hawksong and Prince Belestram Sylvaeri. Following the treasonous rebellion, the Dominion reorganised its constituent states into three districts: Irrinor, Velunor, and Valleinor. Norseth’onn - Land Born of the Void would be renamed to the latter; Valleinor - Land of Water, which reflected the natural beauty of the upper district. Titania and Belestram reconstructed the district with a particular vision in mind -- they desired for the district to be a peaceful home to the Elder Houses of Elvendom, dedicated to the memory of Malin. The Reformed Vision of Valleinor It is now that the District of Valleinor experiences yet another reformation, spearheaded by the current Lord of Valleinor, Ceruberr Asul’Ailer. As it stands, the district’s citizens are predominantly mali’aheral -- as might be expected given its architecture and arcane history. The district also houses a number of guilds, including: The Mage’s Guild, The Enchantry, and the Celestial Order. Given the quantity of magi and arcane-affiliated guilds which are situated within, the district has attracted a great number of scholars and arcanists to its ivory heights. Looking to the future, it is the intention of Lord Ceruberr Asul’Ailer to combine the visions of his predecessors in the reformation of Valleinor, as is encapsulated in his dictum for the district: Hileia’sae Maehr’ehya -- Spreading Peace & Wisdom. Firstly, the District of Valleinor will continue to serve as the Dominion’s home of both arcane and scientific research -- a haven where scholars may conduct their studies safely and under the watchful eye of both the District Lord/Lady and the Lord/Lady Enchanter. Any and all significant matters of sorcery, creation of potentially volatile arcane devices, unlawful use of magic, and voidal anomalies must be reported to either the District Lord/Lady or the Lord/Lady Enchanter. This is to ensure that a high standard of arcane practice is enforced and that the treason the Dominion faced at the hands of Ac’Aelu will never be felt again. Secondly, the District of Valleinor proudly houses a number of well-respected elvish Talonnii (bloodlines). One need only provide the District Lord with said records to have their family recorded in the Bloodlines of Valleinor. Furthermore, certain Talonnii that prove themselves to be diligent, reputable, and dignified members of society, and can provide proof of their unsullied elvish blood, may be eligible for the status of Talonnii’laurir. Talonnii’laurir (noble bloodlines) are granted specific privileges including prioritised housing and a single representative seat upon elheial’tahu (The High Council - see “Governing Body of Valleinor” thread). Each individual member of a Talonnii’laurir will subsequently be regarded as mali’laurir (noble elf). A Lordly Invitation Lord Ceruberr Asul’Ailer, formally invites all mali’aheral and other elves of suitable stature to dwell within Valleinor. As it currently stands, mali’aheral are without a proper home upon the realm of Atlas. Venture to the upper district of Caras Eldar to reunite with your kin and do your part in contributing to the pursuit of wisdom of our people. Come take advantage of the accumulated wealth of knowledge the district and her people have to offer. Hone your skills and work alongside your fellow citizens toward the discovery of stimulating new breakthroughs for the betterment of the realm. For all housing enquiries, please contact the District Lord or an official steward of the Dominion. Nae lin celian anniler, lliran. ((To join the District of Valleinor Discord, please message me at: CaptainSheepy#7719 or @ me in the Dominion Discord)) Additional Screenshots Artistic Credit
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    [Accepted] [Pending] Princeton's FM Application

    Super friendly dude with a solid work ethic, what more could you want?
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    [Denied][I] Drone414's Game Moderator Application

    He once told me he wanted to hop inside my skin. So, naturally, I support this kind man.
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    Mage Training Animation

    Yesboiiiii, electrical evocation friend. Solid work!
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    [Pending]_Lark_'s Lore Master Application

    I love this man a lot (super cool, super friendly, super fair, superb) ❤️
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    [Pending]Wretched's Lore Master Application

    I love him ☃️
  11. What is your Minecraft Account Name? CaptainSheepy Do you have a Discord account? Sure do: CaptainSheepy#7719 How long have you played on LotC? Since May 2013, so 5 years now. How many hours per day/week are you available? Now that my exams are close to finishing up I’m available for a good few hours a day (at LEAST 2-3) and I should be free for a good portion of most weekends. What lore do you hold the most experience with? The lore I hold most experience with would definitely be magic lore. Though, in saying that, I've read a vast number of lore pieces unrelated to magic and I'm equally fond of them. I'm definitely someone who really likes to understand lore holistically and how each piece relates to another and ultimately forms our RP universe. This is something I would personally like to work on should I be accepted - ensuring that no lore is contradictory to another and everything fits together nicely. In saying this, I do still believe that we can go too far into explaining certain things, and a certain measure of fantasy/mysticism should remain in this ever expanding fictional world we're creating. Bit of a tangent...anyway! As I said, I'm mostly familiar with magic lore, specifically voidal (though I'm also familiar with a number of light and dark magics). I'm a sucker for world-lore (and I've read a load of it), as I believe it really sets the foundation for the world we're RP'ing with while also setting the boundaries of what is possible (not to say these boundaries cannot be broken / expanded upon by MORE LORE). It's my personal belief that lore exists to supplement and enhance the story our characters would be experiencing regardless. There's so much great content that I've read and I'd love to have players, both new and old, experience it. I believe cooperation with the ET is essential in this regard, and writing up storylines with them (both big and small stories) to further immerse players in the world truly augments one's roleplaying experience. Essentially, I believe I know enough. We're all here for a good time, and as I've been here for five years now, I want to focus on fostering those fine experiences for other players. And of course that begins with having coherent, cohesive, creative lore. Do you have a solid grasp on the existing lore of our server? Would you be comfortable moderating it in-game? Yes, I believe I do have a good grasp on quite a decent range of LotC's lore -- in fact reading lore has been an enjoyable pastime for me these last few years. If I find myself lacking in any areas, I'm more than happy to study up on those particular areas. As for moderating, I'm more than comfortable and happy to do this. I'd like to think I'm a very fair, approachable, laid-back person. Ultimately I just want to see everyone have a good time and have people contribute legitimately to both their own story and other people's stories / experiences. Give a Summary of any Staff/Lead positions you’ve held on any Minecraft Server in the past I was a member of LotC’s Media Team back in 4.0, just an ideas man and someone who could take nice screenshots. Other than that and helping operate people’s build servers, not much! Have you ever receive a Magical Blacklist, if so, please link it I have not.
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  14. What is your Minecraft Account Name?: CaptainSheepy How long have you played on LotC?: 5 years as of next week How many hours per day/week are you available?: I’m available for a good few hours a day (at least 2-3) and I should be free for a good portion of most weekends. Have you read and do you thoroughly understand Magic Lore?: I have, and I do! What Magic Lore do you hold the most experience with?: I’m familiar with the majority of the magic under the ‘arcane’ branch, Arcanism/Celestialism most notably. Though I’m also very familiar with the fundamentals of magic and mages as a whole, which I believe is often overlooked (soul, mana, etc.). In addition to this I’ve also had experience with Clericalism and Shade magic. Write about a magic-related topic that you find interesting (e.g. How mental barriers work): A topic which I found interesting from the first time I encountered magic in LotC’s universe, and continues to interest me today, are the canon energies. Mana in its various forms, lifeforce, genus, and souls - all of these exist within each descendant and each can be accessed and further utilised to an extent where the life and world of that individual is enhanced. I find all these possibilities available to each player incredibly exciting and it adds a depth to each person which I love. I specifically enjoy how they interact with each other. A soul-bearing individual produces passive mana, which is then capable of passively becoming aura or it can be manipulated by said soul-bearer to become active mana. Alternatively, mana can be found in strange places and manipulated in other forms such as in Genus or Amber. A multitude of potential power sources for mages which shape what each sorcerer strives for and how they interact with the world. The vast array of options means that an individual character’s life could be altered in so many ways just by one of these things potentially being affected or manipulated (either willingly or not) - presenting each player with various paths they can go down. However, as magic has grown so rapidly on LotC some contradictions have arisen among these fundamental aspects and that’s partially why I’m applying - to try and further clarify/simplify these foundations so that everything is a little more coherent to both new and old players. Give a Summary of any Staff/Lead positions you’ve held on any Minecraft Server in the past: I was a member of LotC’s Media Team back in 4.0, just an ideas man and someone who could take nice screenshots. Other than that and helping operate people’s build servers, not much! Do you have a Discord account? (You may post it here, or choose to keep it private until you are asked for it. Note; Discord is required to communicate with the team): Sure do, though I think I’ve added the relevant people already. Have you ever receive a Magical Blacklist, if so, please link it: I have not.
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    Eltiran’thilln - The Silver Laws

    Eltiran’thilln - The Silver Laws As published on the 22nd of The Amber Cold 1645 CONTENTS I. The Laws of Haelun’or II. The Return to Purity III. Trialling IV. Punishment I. The Laws of Haelun’or Section One: The Obvious Laws Section Two: The Dichotomy of Lewdness II. The Return to Purity Those mali’aheral who have violated any of the laws stated above may find solace in the fact that elheial’thilln practices mercy, and as such, offers said transgressors of the law a method of returning to purity once more. The mali’ata of pure birth who seek redemption and successfully fulfill the tasks outlined in the procedure below are granted a clean slate and may return to their place in our society as respected citizens. Returning III. Trialling In the event that a citizen of Haelun’or is accused of violating any of the above laws and is summoned to stand trial, a set of judges must be elected to operate as a panel of decision makers. These judges, once elected, shall deliberate upon the accused’s guilt. Once a decision is made, punishment as appropriate will be delivered at their discretion. If the judges so desire more evidence, they may call for a testimonial, or a character witness. An odd number of unbiased judges shall be elected from either the citizenry or the Silver Council, so that their vote will decide the guilt or innocence of an accused should there be disagreement. Should a judge be found guilty of any of the above crimes, or any other type of unseemly behaviour, he or she shall be removed from the panel. In the event that the accused does not appear when summoned to their trial, their absence shall be perceived as a confirmation of their guilt and their respective sentence shall be executed upon their probable return to the Silver Sohaerate. IV. Punishment Possible Punishments for Law-Breakers MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA Drafted on the 22nd of The Amber Cold, 1645 by, Sohaer Cenwall Maeyr’onn Maheral Ceruberr Asul’Ailer