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  1. Does anyone have a download for the Asulon or map or the Verge map?

    1. Heero


      Both are pretty much lost

  2. wonder what happened to this guy

  3. Is breaking and stealing a bed and a cauldron along with hundreds of items allowed?

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    2. CosmicWhaleShark



      Block jumping is considered abuse of a glitch, considering the mod enabling regions does not instantly delete blocks. Something like climbing up a vertical waterfall however is allowed.

    3. xmrsmoothx


      No regions where my house was blockjumped.

    4. Lago


      There are rules on how much you can steal. Excessive stealing isn't allowed.

  4. Couple questions. When creating a new system of magic that abides by mechstandard (is this allowed? From what the OP says I am assuming it is. ) is it required to post a lore thread on the forums detailing it? If not, is it encouraged? If a system of magic allows the creation of a tiny explosion from 2-3m, would it be reasonable to roleplay it using a click-punch, or would it be required to have a method of creating damage at range? For example, a bow?
  5. Guests at the observatory! Ara ara, doushio~

  6. This is probably the best map so far.

  7. Server not accessible for anyone else?

  8. I missed the event! What happened?

    1. Space


      A portal in the old CT was opened by the Golden Lance people after a battle with the antags.

  9. Wow. Fantastic guide, absolutely flawless. Great job going into detail with each specific weapon. Everyone should read this guide.
  10. Great post on an under-appreciated aspect of roleplaying. You should be proud.
  11. Sorry, everyone.

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    2. everblue2er101
    3. Aislin


      i dont even remember what we were supposed to be mad at you for. I never cared, people do dumb ****. it happens.

    4. JtPv


      Hi! Nice to meet ya! I think...

  12. Hey guys, sorry for, you know, being rather abrasive and rude sometimes. I realize now that it benefits nobody and it's really not a great thing to do.

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    2. xmrsmoothx


      Aw guise you're makin' me blush.

    3. Lym


      Mine was not supposed to be a compliment D:

    4. Lark


      I'm the one who nearly beat Viper. >_>

  13. What a fortuitous turn of events.

    1. Nefarious Aus Shitpost

      Nefarious Aus Shitpost

      Ya hopefully Ever abuses powers and unbans me :P

  14. Why are there always hundreds of people on the forums, but less than a hundred most times in the game?

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    2. xmrsmoothx


      Ievirad; Pai is still alive. She'll be in 3.0.

    3. Temp


      -Logs into Forums. Walks away from computer-

    4. Mankaar


      Temp map is awful in my opinion... So i am waiting for tomorrow ~ :3 and forums are just fum

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