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  1. Come back, come baaaaack!

  2. Welcome Back Arabella

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  3. Gosh has it been time since I last roamed here. Hey so Scarlet Kaiser here, an old veteran from the Asulon, Anthos, and Athera days. It has been nearly 5 years since I last signed in and was honestly surprised the server link still worked for me. To some of you here might recognize a few of my characters such as Arabella the Frost Witch (before she was thrown into pit of lava), Teagan Elendil (bit of weirdo that one), or my elf girl (can recall the name sadly... think is started with an ‘M’ maybe). Lord of the Craft was the my first online RP experience back in my late high school days and has been a bit influence on me back in 2012 until I fizzled out in 2015 but LotC has always been something I fondly looked back on. Both Minecraft and Lord of the Craft has changed much during all that time, with a many new faces about with some old names still around. Still I am glad to see this place still thriving and continues to be a source of rich RP as I recalled. Anyway, I suppose that is enough being sappy for now. I’ve been thinking about one day to rejoin the site and well... I guess now that day has come. Probably won’t be as active as I was in my heyday but I want to make a real effort to try. Having been away for so long... I honestly not sure what I should play as. So if anyone has suggestions or ideas feel free to send them my way! In the meantime I’m going to refamiliarize myself with the Lore and figure out how to join the Discord when I am more awake and alert. Hope to see some of you around, whether they be familiar faces or new friends in the making ^_^
  4. Where have I been? Gosh I dunno. I now its been years but thanks for the message wondering where I was. Doubt you will see this but hey here is to hoping :P Hope things have been well for you.


    1. Joe_Blackman


      aight but wheres my payback of my life for reaching daemonic miner tho

    2. Joe_Blackman


      ^ mistake lmao

  6. The Event Team has been promoted to Admin status! All hail our ET overlords!

  7. Went in to Mage Guild to learn about Void. Learned about the feasibility of Carrot Magic and its implications. This is reason why I love this server ^_^

    1. Trips


      Got out of Mage Guild to talk to possible new apprentices like the kind person I am, get banished within five minutes. This is the reason why I love this server ^_^

    2. Scarlet Kaiser

      Scarlet Kaiser

      Ha ha ha ha! Yep!

    3. Truthseeker83


      Summoned a kitten by the fountain and all the durids there were 'offended' and 'kindly' told me to unsummon the creature.

  8. That awkward moment when the humans nearly attacked the wrong elves XD

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    2. Tirenas


      Yeah, they weren't the wrong group.

    3. InfamousGerman
    4. Gone


      They want to kill all elves right now, not just high elves.

  9. I think the spiders are plotting the demise of the elves as they drink. Thoughts? http://tinypic.com/r/jrxy4g/8

  10. Bhaa haa ha ha! There is the gremlin lore I was expecting XD You even used the same picture from when the there was an announcement on the new "Lore Gremlins" awhile back. Anyway, I think its a fun little idea to add to the atmosphere and setting of LOTC. But now is time for the critique. The lore gets most of the major points of what to expect of of gremlins, such as where they live and who will play them. I feel that your little story about our poor friend Eddy and I think maybe a list of gremlin encounters and what they did would be more appropriate. Eddy's story is... fine but I was little disturbed by the last sentence in which it implied that the gremlins burned the town. Was this suppose to be a misunderstanding with he gremlins due to their mischievous nature or did they really burn the town? If so... I find this conflicts with their nature of being mostly harmless pranksters as burning down a town is NOT a harmless little prank. Anyway, just some thoughts I like to share. Best of luck with getting lore accepted~
  11. Good news everyone, we currently rank 15 on minestatus. Huzzah.

    1. Dyn



  12. Skelitons shoot fire arrows? Not fun...

    1. Kickstarted and Running

      Kickstarted and Running

      At least it isn't explosive arrows.

  13. A really well thought out response. This makes me more comfortable. Perhaps have that the spreadsheet be made public just so that way the community knows that there is no fowl play with one group being chosen over another should that approach be taken.
  14. I have to say... I love this idea. I always thought that you would have to make an event for any sort of monster hunting activity but this works just as well. My only concern is how distribute some events and how people get a contract accepted. Is it first come first serve? Are groups and/or individuals who wish to participate chosen at random? Just some things to consider as we want to distribute these events evenly, not have one person and/or group laying claim to the monster contracts again and again. Also, I think it is important to consider the potential consequences when a group hunts a monster. When the players win (i.e. killing the monster or driving it off) it is rather straightforward, you get the reward and loot the body. However if the players fail, what becomes of the monster? It could lead up to follow up events that can effect environment. For example, a group of ill prepared adventurers go to hunt a drake in a nearby cave but are easily driven back. A potential follow up event could be that the angered drake attacks Kingson and damages the plaza area before flying off from once it came. Of course it could just go back to sleep as if nothing happened but I think adverse effects because of failure should play some sort of role when monster hunting. Anyway, I overall love the idea and hope it is implemented in some form or another (maybe have a bounty board under the Economy section?).
  15. Happy to help! I reread your edited lore and I am much happier about all of the changes that you made that help control its population-size and it overall has improved. I noticed that you didn't address all the things I said but you tackled the more urgent things like the creatures speed and creatures breeding capabilities. The only new suggestion that I have is to change the morphing age from 60 to 50 since you reduced the creatures lifespan. I feel 50 would be more appropriate at it would increase the chances for player to RP with a morph variety of nethermare. Living to the age of 60 is already extremely difficult for most real-life animals (particularly the small ones) and even 50 is stretch for most. Its just a recommendation so that morphs are not too common yet not too rare.
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