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  1. w8 16 and 19?? delete this
  2. srsly i see nothing wrong ? the screenshots am being over react lol . i done this myself , in fact , here in poland i know loads of 20 yr old who talk to 15? i dont see problam. just you. cyber bully perhaps . ? idk..
  3. wow i cant believe it
  4. that am illegal...
  5. wow thx @Lyonharted™ hey can u add feature to hide twitter feed ? sorry for bad london
  6. damn whats that website guys forum name so i can get in contact
  7. you've just been baited but how do i remove that twitter stuff cuz i dont rlly care about it? add a feature to remove it pls
  8. how do i hide the tweets above status updates?
  9. wjat in ur opinion is bestest song to exist ? mine : post urs : D
  10. u talked to rapdog lately
  11. u need to be euw
  12. cant u play tank?? easy just need sum1 who can play maokai and naut press 1 key to cc sum1
  13. hey me and my gang do tournaments a lot on smurfs (bronze to gold) and we have to replace our top laner cuz he kept inting any1 here have an account that is gold and wanna play tank for us?? u get lots of rp if u win and ur acct has to be euw @HB_ ? we dont need to play carry tops just some nice tank like maokai and naut :) looking for any1 even furry
  14. *jumps with joy