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  1. so long as tythus is owner this server will always have big problems. hes just way too inactive and out of touch
  2. Not bad8hcc0me.png

    1. Gypsy


      Unholy punishment

  3. *jumps with joy
  4. good job! keep following the protocol buddy ur ace 🕶️
  5. everyone on this thread is clapped including u lol HELP ME
  6. learn to read??
  7. ? u can give donor perks without being p2w ur wrong
  8. it doesnt because good minecraft servers arent pay to win lol ur prob some kid with ur parents credit card ahaha
  9. how is it cancer if it stops pay to win lol
  10. dont let it happen
  11. also if any1 wants added to the skype chat pm me ur skype (ppl who plan to make gnome)