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  1. @arockstar28 hey how things going at protocol server

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    2. arockstar28


      the entire administration on there went haywire and went out of their way to make sure it died. not my problem anymore, im just here to hand out refunds.

    3. lemontide331


      take the money and run

    4. arockstar28


      25 minutes ago, lemontide331 said:

      take the money and run

      that’s fucked up

  2. @arockstar28 is the biggest clown on lotc agree or disagree

    1. Unwillingly


      did u hear the guy is making his own RP server

    2. lemontide331


      ye laughed when i heard

    3. Burnsy
  3. ip ban charles the bald hes a threat to everything we stand for 

  4. @Telanir hey chairman, do you have any plans for making lotc on hytale when it launches?

    1. Telanir


      actually we were planning on moving hytale to lotc

    2. nordicg_d


      u think ur funny but ur not

    3. Telanir


      don’t say that to him nordic he has feelings??

  5. @Telanir keep up the good work chairman , u shouldnt be wasting time on ppl like dewper 

  6. @Telanir u think ur chairman but ur not

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    2. Boar
    3. HortonHeardAWho


      uwu pwease mistah Tewanir nwotice Hawwison I beg


    4. Bluee


      17 minutes ago, Harrison said:

      how do u get a reply from telanir within 2 hours what..

      mad facts

  7. dewper is dpm’s shadow / sidekick +1 if you agree

  8. lemontide331


    cya norlandic salute
  9. can’t believe we lost

  10. +1 funny guy + good leadership skills
  11. lemontide331

    this server is in shambles

    awful staff team and an owner that has 0 interest in the server gg 🙂 but it’s been like this for the past 4 year so .. 😄
  12. lotc could be such a bigger server if warclaims didnt lag 🙂

    1. shiftnative


      and minecraft would be such a bigger game if it was made with large numbers of players & plugins in-mind =/

    2. lemontide331


      its definitely possible maybe not 100% no lag but playable at the least, hopefully its something the owners/dev team can work on improving 🙂

    3. seannie


      lotc lags when its a 10v10 lets be real 

  13. lemontide331

    people who lost come here (norland orcs kazrulah)

    how much did mogroka pay u
  14. i remember playing lotc 3-4 years ago and servers being extremely laggy during warclaims, fast forward to now nothings changed 😄 ?

  15. if you want free iron armour head over to warzone and look for ppl with the status fighting (2 swords crossed)

    1. nordicg_d


      osrs 1m gp p/hr money making guide 

    2. ChumpChump
    3. Master Baiter

      Master Baiter

      Alright, I talked to the status fighting guys and they gave me tons of free flay armor! Thanks man!

  16. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames Chuckaboo Ludwika Ban Reason Pugysing (didn't pugsy) Players Involved lemontide331 MarinaEmily iimNuke Dewper By your own understanding, why are you banned? Ban history, meta gaming, attempted pugsy, inappropriate skin Why should you be pardoned? There was a wedding at Renatus and I told iimNuke to come. When he got here he thought it would be funny to kill the bride in PvP after some banter went down in Renatus discord so I kinda laughed and went along with it. As myself and iimNuke entered the church he ran to marinaemily and knocked her out (didn't execute) then the people we were bantering with prior in the Renatus discord killed both him and me. We both assumed it was all good fun and so did the majority of the people there. No one was killed, no items were lost and I'd like to state that this wasn't a pugsy or did it have any intention of griefing the server. As for the non-RP skin it happened because I have 2 MC accounts that are whitelisted, Ludwika and Chuckaboo. I stopped using Chuckaboo on LotC a long time ago because I used different skins a lot but after recently playing on other servers I logged on LotC as Chuckaboo without realizing then thought it'd be a waste of time logging off since I'd only be on for 5minutes or so. In addition I'd like to add that I spoke to MarinaEmily (the only person who was attacked by iimnuke) after the whole thing unfolded and she didn't seem affected by it at all and took it as good fun from what I understood and from what she made out. I've now served a 7 month ban for this... What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? hold back on in game banter Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. The community guidelines are in place to make the server more enjoyable. It is important to be laid back and enthusiastic when playing lotc so you and other players don’t become stressed out or angry. LotC in the end is a game to have fun on and this is what these guidelines encourage us to do. I myself have broken this many times by being too aggressive of a player and letting chaotic situations get the better of me. Though I have realised it is important to take a step back and realise that I come on here to play with friends and have a good time.
  17. lemontide331

    [✓] [Server] lemontide331 Ban Appeal

    done @Fireheart
  18. @Narthok 

    when u were a noob 

    1. RatKiller


      I was the cutest noob


  19. most corrupt gm in lotc history @Dizzy771 some how gets gm again unbelievable. 

  20. u know ur a lethal player when u get perma banned for witnessing a pugsy <o/