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  1. The behemoth stands within the facilities next to the many dead so called Petrans, thinking back of the Knight Paramounts fall. "Hank..." It mutters.
  2. Loran cheers for the ultimate rizzlord of SA 113. "Never expected him to have such game!"
  3. "To be fair - outplayed." Loran nodded firmly and returned to reading books about Azdrazi.
  4. Loran von Draco gasps at the sudden change of events! "Finally they spoke up!" The man cheered before returning back to reading more books about AZDRAZI AND DRAGONS.
  5. RETURN OF A LONE BROTHER 5th of The Deep Cold, 1907 It is with great sadness that I, Prince Loran von Draco - upon returning to my homeland following our search for ancient relics, report the death of my dearest brother, Lord Donny von Draco. During our voyage, we stumbled across the cave believed to contain the artifacts we searched for. Unbeknown to us, the cave had been a lair of sorts for creatures of darkspawn origin. We fought valiantly, and yet, Donny was unable to reach the exit. His heart impaled by the opposing creatures, torn and crushed right within his own skin. A shame he died to the same evil which he invested so much of his life to destroy. His death is the result of the ambition which resides in all Dracos - fragments of our father. In his name I carried out the journey in full and brought back with me both the relic and his corpse. Lord of Crestwatch title will be handed down to his daughter, Grania von Draco - as per my judgment, thus dubbing her Lady Grania von Draco. He was a loving father of four children, my most loyal soldier and an even better brother. House von Draco mourns deeply his death, and we ask that his children fall into your prayers. Having their mother abandon them at a young age, and now following the death of their only parent - only GOD can help them overcome such an unfortunate turn of events. May he rest in peace. Lord Donny von Draco (1864-1907) SIGNED, HIS HIGHNESS, Loran von Draco, Prince of Mardale, Marcher Lord of Eichenwalde.
  6. After months of seeking his long desired relic of the past, Loran von Draco turns to course back towards Kingdom of Haense by water. The ship was hulking with all sorts of loot, weapons and minae, making the wooden vessel barely float above water. Yet Lorans boat sailed in the shadow of two behemoth battleships from lands far away, with men and beasts unusual to most Haenseni. Sea shanties echoed throughout the calm waters home, eerie smell of death followed them closely. "...The world is its own greatest enemy..." He whispered in the far mist in great attempt to recite The Dreamed One. Deep thoughts kept creeping in, but Loran only felt pure bliss. For what reason the Prince made allies with such uncanny beings it is unknown, but seems to be the perfect time to bring the army back to Mardale before continuing with his plans.
  7. cant wait for the anticipated comeback lil bro
  8. @excited WILL YOU LET HIM BACK IN??
  9. can u do stuff like this more often
  10. "Who couldve seen this coming?" Loran mutters while reading through the missive. "Rally the men, Donny. Its time to pay the Ruined King a visit."
  11. Last sighting of Argus and Henrietta sailing off from Karosgrad docks 12th of The Amber Cold, 1893 The Final Voyage The wail of seagulls echoed faintly, the afternoon sun shining brilliantly on rolling waves, its ebbing reflection plastered onto a grinning couple - Argus and Henrietta. Wood creaked gently as they crossed the dock and boarded Draco's colossal, personal ship, their hands sunk deep into one another’s. A private voyage, unknown to most. “The last thing I thought, when I was caring for my children at your keep,” Spoke the flaxen-haired Henrietta as she stopped, pulling Argus by the shoulder to turn him towards her. “is that you’d bring me here. And we’d sail.” A coy smile spread thin beneath rosy cheeks, her lips rose to brush against his own. “And the last thing I imagined is that you’d agree to come with,” Argus replied softly, at a loss for words in the face of Henrietta's capturing beauty, that and her smile pulling his gaze into a depth. A depth that kept him wanting more. “And that you’d leave everything behind for me.” He concluded, then tugged her along to get situated on the ship for the day. The two were drawn permanently to each other throughout the entirety of the trip, often partaking in dances and other festivities with the crew. On the third day, whilst the sun began to set and the sky wore its orangey gown, the ship’s nightly parties continued, a distant sea shanty muffled within the walls. It was on the third day when clouds darkened, coiling together in irregular patterns and shapes. Its thick walls darken the crashing waves below. Just like that, everyone stopped, all collectively stood to watch mother nature’s infuriated army approach. And it stared back through its mass, beckoning them to turn. But it was too late. Waves emerged with all their wrath, crashing down to consume anything unfortunate enough to stand against it. Wood shattered with every blow it sustained, Argus’s calls to locate the lost Henrietta muffled beneath dominating thunder and the shrieks of men abroad. There he found the Baroness, squashed between two planks, rocking wildly with the ship as it passed through such a horrific storm. By now, the boat had sailed astray and the entirety of the crew had succumbed to their wounds, leaving Argus and Henrietta as the last two to suffocate and suffer the storm’s ruthless domination of the sky. Lord Argus von Draco 1839-1893 Lady Henrietta Wilhelmine von Preussens 1864-1893
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