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  1. the lotc chinese invasion is finally here

  2. Argus exhaled, drowning in relief after the news arrived at Crestwatch. "So the bastard finally got it... And from no other than my own blood..." A smirk grew upon his features as he could finally rest, his last enemy eliminated.
  3. House von Draco Gloria ad Aurelium. Established in 1638 FA By the will and decree of the King of Renatus, Aurelius of the House of Horen The von Draco lineage descends from an ancient and prestigious warrior house dating back five hundred years. The founding member of the family being Leitseig Bartham, son of Warren Bartham, who descended from Darius Bartham, one of the three brothers who founded the House of Romstun. Leitseig von Draco was knighted as the first Dragon Knight of Renatus, which became an order of the strongest martial warriors and law keepers of Aurelius’ new Empire. He played a major part in the coup of Adelburg, helping Aurelius take the throne and disposing of John VI. Leitseig served as a captain of various bands in minor conflicts before being knighted and became the leading figure in the Third Crusade, uniting the kingdoms of Renatus, Marna and Haense where he personally led the armies of the crusade as General. After the successful crusade came to an end, he returned to the service of his liege lord, Aurelius Horen and obtained the office of Grand Marshal. Not much is known about the rest of his life, other than that he disappeared into the northern mountains of Atlas. A corpse was discovered in the snowy tundra twenty years later, which was identified as his and he was confirmed dead by the Emperor. The second most notable member of the house was the grandson of Leitseig, Edvard von Draco, whose father was Wulfgar von Draco. Edvard led a small stint in the military as a junior officer, but otherwise had a largely uneventful military career. The culmination of his life included his fanatical loyalty to the Emperor and undying fervor for the old ways. He established the Priorist Party with Hans Rovin and gained the popular vote in the newly created Imperial Parliament. The two frequently brawled with their political opponents and often raided their meetings. After taking a break from politics, five years later he tried to regain the leadership of the Priorist Party, which failed, so he took his loyalists and went off to form a new political party known as the Aurelian Party. Edvard once again regained the popular vote and went mad after he had believed the opposition to be performing a coup d’ etat against the Emperor. He launched several raids on the Parliament with his private militia and killed his political opponents in the street. He was arrested and the Aurelian Party was disbanded after they had a confrontation with the Legion, who dispersed them in the streets and shut down their headquarters. Desolation took over the name for years to come until the family line was traced back, revealing Argus Romstun to be a descendant of Leitseig von Draco. Regardless, they continued to go under the Romstun name for some time following the warrant issued for the von Dracos by the Royal Inquisition for their crimes against the Kingdom of Oren. The family's distaste grew quickly as Frederick I did not hide his own hatred for them. With little to no options, Argus took his family to Haense and started to look for ways to hurt the petty King in return. Soon the short Almaris Coalition War took place where the family led continuous raids on Oren with excellent results, often taking the Kingdoms peers as prisoners and eliminating the Petran soldiers with ease. Noticing Sir Gustaf had become agitated with the Kings actions, Argus befriended the valiant farmer and agreed to assist with the Acre Rebellion. During the battle of Vienne, Argus and Dzmitry Barrow without hesitation charged fourth towards Frederick I, effortlessly overpowering the petty King. Onlookers of the court say that the brutal strikes most likely led to the King's untimely death. Instantly after, the fighting stopped and the Lord-Protector of Oren announced their defeat, which led to the dissolution of the Kingdom and Oren entirely. The house's numbers flourished in recent years, most being a part of the Kingdom of Haense and the Blackvale Vrijkorps. After settling all their disputes, the family sees fit to finally return to their true name of von Draco and continue the legacy of their bloodline's mightiest warriors.
  4. "First they allow the Grand King to leave his captivity now this??" Argus almost gets a heart attack at the missive.
  5. Prince Argus Romstun carefully places Maciejs eye in a jar. "Isa trophy." He smiles widely. "One dispute over, two more to go..."
  6. Argus exhaled lowly "Crazy... Anyways..."
  7. Argus Romstun is sad that he cannot continue bandit Orenian roads.
  8. Argus Romstun smiles for Gustafs decision. Now it truly is over.
  9. "Petty King Frederick really fumbled the bag with this one..." Prince Argus Romstun cackles, throwing away all his schematics of this great heist into flames before resting on the old throne in Crestwatch. "Wonder how they'll attempt to spin this one as another 'Orenian' victory... I also hope nothing weird happened during the Grand Kings imprisonment." He grimaced and even shuddered at the thought.
  10. so in-depth and detailed, spittin facts
  11. just double down and ban another nl for no reason

  12. "They really think the church will protect them..." Prince Argus Romstun murmurs lowly into his mug of ale.
  13. cdausch#8328 ItemVendor Azhl Ashley - 70 mina Elven Lily - 70 mina Fur Drama - 70 mina Otellia - 120 mina Jade Dragon - 50 mina (If I messed up any of the prices pls imagine its 20 mina more than whats its supposed to be. Forum bidding is dumb).
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