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  1. "Classic Renato-Adrian victory!" Reinolt cheers throughout Velec.
  2. Reinolt cheers and raises his blade after the successful battle. "They did not stand a chance! Most of their people didnt even come to the battle, did the King forget to rally his people?!"
  3. "And we'll do it again!" Reinolt von Draco laughs manically as his valiant steed passes by outside the massive walls.
  4. i had the same issue when first joining, gmt activity is very limited unfortunately, only later on in the day when people return from school/job. atm most eu players are grouped around adria, aaun and haense. try checking them out in the afternoon, you'll surely find ppl around.
  5. 23rd of Horens Calling, 1916 After leaving our former lands, it did not take long for us to arrive in the area of old which used to be plagued with never ending turmoil and war. It was my first time seeing it with my own eyes, before that - only stories and miserable landscape paintings. First we discovered the sight of Acre - long and abandoned farmlands and wooden houses that were left without a Baron, despite my grandfather's valiant efforts to defend them. We then passed the overgrown city of Vienne, whose the bells and choirs had resounded throughout the continent, but now remains completely silent with only vegetation populating the cobble streets. Most people had cause for resentment toward Frederick because of what he did to Acre, yet despite his control, the city was never devoid of inhabitants. Eventually we made our way far down only to find that the south is once again populated by great men from across all heartlands. Before entering Velec, we made sure to stop by the ruins of where once stood the city of Haverlock - a place where our grandparents engaged in ferocious battles on opposite sides. Momentarily after our arrival I had a long conference with the Duke of Adria as we strolled around the historical lands and ruins of what once was. Here, below the soil, lies most of the soldiers who fell during the long Orenian war as the area was an active battleground for decades. The conversation enlightened me with a clear understanding that both of our visions are very much alike and the Duke's honesty is commendable. With that, I vowed to raise the House von Draco banner for Adria in time of need and stand beside its humble citizens should disorder return to the southern heartlands again. We shall rebuild and continue to prevail together. Reinolt von Draco
  6. Loran von Draco's eyes flickered with excitement and joy at the news of the Renatian house unity. "Perhaps the time has finally come..." A low exhale released from the man before his cart jolted off. As the cart made its way to the old Orenian lands, Lorans smile eventually faded away, but the warmth it had created remained within him.
  7. Most loyal imperialist soldier seen to man.
  8. The behemoth stands within the facilities next to the many dead so called Petrans, thinking back of the Knight Paramounts fall. "Hank..." It mutters.
  9. Loran cheers for the ultimate rizzlord of SA 113. "Never expected him to have such game!"
  10. "To be fair - outplayed." Loran nodded firmly and returned to reading books about Azdrazi.
  11. Loran von Draco gasps at the sudden change of events! "Finally they spoke up!" The man cheered before returning back to reading more books about AZDRAZI AND DRAGONS.
  12. RETURN OF A LONE BROTHER 5th of The Deep Cold, 1907 It is with great sadness that I, Prince Loran von Draco - upon returning to my homeland following our search for ancient relics, report the death of my dearest brother, Lord Donny von Draco. During our voyage, we stumbled across the cave believed to contain the artifacts we searched for. Unbeknown to us, the cave had been a lair of sorts for creatures of darkspawn origin. We fought valiantly, and yet, Donny was unable to reach the exit. His heart impaled by the opposing creatures, torn and crushed right within his own skin. A shame he died to the same evil which he invested so much of his life to destroy. His death is the result of the ambition which resides in all Dracos - fragments of our father. In his name I carried out the journey in full and brought back with me both the relic and his corpse. Lord of Crestwatch title will be handed down to his daughter, Grania von Draco - as per my judgment, thus dubbing her Lady Grania von Draco. He was a loving father of four children, my most loyal soldier and an even better brother. House von Draco mourns deeply his death, and we ask that his children fall into your prayers. Having their mother abandon them at a young age, and now following the death of their only parent - only GOD can help them overcome such an unfortunate turn of events. May he rest in peace. Lord Donny von Draco (1864-1907) SIGNED, HIS HIGHNESS, Loran von Draco, Prince of Mardale, Marcher Lord of Eichenwalde.
  13. After months of seeking his long desired relic of the past, Loran von Draco turns to course back towards Kingdom of Haense by water. The ship was hulking with all sorts of loot, weapons and minae, making the wooden vessel barely float above water. Yet Lorans boat sailed in the shadow of two behemoth battleships from lands far away, with men and beasts unusual to most Haenseni. Sea shanties echoed throughout the calm waters home, eerie smell of death followed them closely. "...The world is its own greatest enemy..." He whispered in the far mist in great attempt to recite The Dreamed One. Deep thoughts kept creeping in, but Loran only felt pure bliss. For what reason the Prince made allies with such uncanny beings it is unknown, but seems to be the perfect time to bring the army back to Mardale before continuing with his plans.
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