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  1. What is your character name? Tobias Fodsworth What is your MC username? Picklerage What is your skype?(if you don't have one, no sweat. If worried about privacy, just pm me.) Picklerage Of what race (RP)? (for exploration purpose) Human What is you proffession(s)? None at the moment How familiar are you with the world(LOTC)? Not at all with Axios, decently with LotC in general Would you like a custom skin? Not at the moment, at least If so, send reference image and original skin: N/A
  2. Is there a skype chat or anything for discussing the Beta and crashes and things?

  3. Proof the money is on Hilary's side:



    1. LPT


      Forgive my ignorance, but what is a delegate? If its something important I'll be hella pissed a coin toss is so arbitrary and not democracy at all.

  4. *Poorly written notes with rough drawings of upright staffs are pinned to noticeboards and trading posts around Vailor* "Iy am bying wooden uprite stiks and stafs. If you hav ane yu want to sel, senb a berd to Argoth Irongut in Kal'Akash. Iff it iz a staf yu want to sel, Iy can pey for sum uf it with golden ingots, tu repai the cost uf making it." *An address for which to send mail to is scribbled at the bottom*
  5. Make more music.

    1. Lekuma_


      +1 More halfling stuff pls

  6. Just want to say to who gave me the temp ban and told me to read the rules again, I did, and they said that a first time offence is a ban of 15 minutes, not 2 hours *cough cough*. The more you know.

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Picklerage


      feel the heat of the flame

    3. Nug


      maybe you shouldn't have been racist jeez

    4. Picklerage


      but then how will I ever be donald trump when I grow up?

  7. *Notes scribbled in charcoal have been posted on the message boards of cities and the Cloud Temples* "Ah'm looken fer skilled 'nd knowledgeable enchanters ta work with fer enchantin' mah pickaxes. Ah can pay en minerals, minas, 'nd suppleh ya with tha materials fer tha enchants. Et's best if ya are a Legendareh or bettah enchanter, 'nd ya should know maneh glyphs. Send a bird ta Argoth Irongut in Kal'Akash if yer interested."
  8. Double post. Though now that I see Dizzy's reply, I understand more. But still want mines.
  9. Server go down for anybody else?

  10. *Gurnthing sends a scribbled note to the seller* "Wha's yer price fer a cattle er few?"
  11. And I'd wager you have never farmed. Or cut wood. Or smelted metal. Or cooked food. Or bred animals.
  12. Application: Mc Name- Picklerage Rp Name- Jason Swinther the Ironhearted Age- 27 Old Jobs and Work- I served under a few lords, but I 'ave moved around as they rise and fall, and I 'ave worked fer a short time as a small time merchant. Skills for odd jobs? (Mining/Lumberjacking/Etc)- While workin' as a merchant, I collected some of mah own materials in the mines and forests, so I am fairly skilled with a pickaxe and hatchet. Weapon of Choice and ye mastery with that? (Weapon Skill lvl)- I am very skilled with a longsword, which is mah weapon of choice, yet I'm trained with also a bow 'nd an axe ((When stats were around I had mid 70's in sword, and high 30's in bow and axes)). Why do ye wish to Join the Lances?- I wish to repay the city and people of Oren, for bein' so carin' to me for all mah time there, and to protect the people of Oren and vanquish evil. Do ye take the Oath-needed- I, Jason Swinther, pledge my Weapon, my knowledge and life to the Knightly order of the Red Dragon. And Swear my allegiance to Emperor Godfrey Horen and His Line of Succession. I shall serve the King, Order and Oren with undying loyalty and will do all that I can to keep them from harm.I will always complete a quest given to me by my king, Knight and Kingdom. I swear to protect its people and to stay true to the order and obey its ways and laws.
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