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  1. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- "Ave Hounds! I congratulate my dear friend and close ally, Nikolas, and Reynault the Brazen on this most prestigieous, decisive victory. Proud is the realm of men to have such valiant god-fearing, soldiers. Once more you have proved yourselves the bulwark of Oren, shielding the Empire from the most vile cretins of Norland. Those god-foresaken heathens corrupted the once beautiful Lorraine, turning it into cesspool of filth and degeneracy now known as Darrowmere. The crown jewel of the Empire turned into nothing more than a piss pool filled with doddering Helves and Rodents alike. By God Almight - I pray you Hounds put an end to the Norland insurrection and bring peace to the Empire once more. God give you strength. God give you guidance. God bless the Hounds! P.S. I have recieved a missive from a concerned citizen of Norland, stating that the King of Norland shares his chamber with other men. Though we are enemies, I shall pray to God that this sick individual finds salvation...." Signed, Ser Loras of Lorraine -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  2. I am so glad you’re unbanned. +1 this so you can stay unbanned

  3. Good news! I’ve been unbanned. Thank you to everyone who supported me and helped me reform.

  4. I see through the lies of the Irongrinders. 


  5. Ser Loras Lorraine the Last True Knight of Lorraine, happens upon one of the DNN newspapers. He grabs the leaflet, gingerly flipping through the pages and reading its contents carefully. Suddenly he bursts out into laughter reading the ‘Breaking News’. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- “Quite the imagination those Dwarves have. By God – What a sensationalist piece of gibberish. The daft pint-sized Dwed must have been drunk on ale and high on some herb when conjuring up this fantastical ‘Breaking News’ story. I know the Goldhands, quite well actually. I’ve dealt with many of them back in the day of Lorraine’s Great Resurgence. They’re a greedy bunch of hook nosed, palm rubbing gold lovers. That much is true. Murders? Doubt it. Though, let us entertain this sensationalist rubbish for but a moment. What reason would the Goldhands have to kill one of their kin? Surely you could enlighten us as to their motive without compromising this alleged “key witness.” On top of this, the Irongrinders are notorious throughout all of Arcas for taking individuals to court and exploiting the common layman’s lack of knowledge for their own monetary gain. Seems like they’ve targeted the wealthy Goldhand with this propaganda piece in an attempt to steal some their wealth through the courts.... Rather disappointed in DNN. Usually it is the Goldhands who try to subvert nations, yet in this instance it seems the tables have turned.” -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  6. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Greetings, I am pleased to announce that I will be returning to Lord of the Craft. After long discussions with LOTC members, I’ve decided to do this community a favor and return. Thank you to the staff team for being cooperative during this time. Thank you to the players who’ve supported me. See you soon Arcas, Vector -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  7. Remember: Do not e-date or send risky photos! If you’re being coerced or manipulated to do so, report the person immediately.

  8. Who is pretending to be Vector in the Safety Team Discord? Genuinely curious. I promise the community, I am not involved with any staff teams!

  9. “Ave Morana! A most welcome reform. No longer will unwanted migrants be able to traverse through Lorraine and leech off the lands like the vermin they are. Now we will be able to recognize friend from foe! Hail to Morana!” Ser Loras would then promptly drive his blade into the skull of an undocumented trespasser who illegally entered Lorraine.
  10. No BR? No public reason? FREE GGT!

  11. “Shameful. Is there no longer honor among warriors? I have long praised the Orenian Empire for their chivalry in this war. No longer! From this day forth I declare all of Oren my enemy! War eternal!” Ser Loras of Lorraine would make the sign of the Lorrainian cross. Muttering a short, yet powerful prayer to God Almighty.
  12. -+-+- “Disgraceful. It warms my heart to know that I left that God-forsaken, Telemari cesspool. I thank God everyday for leading me away from that sin-filled hell hole. Ave to the High Pontiff ! Truly you are the vicar of God, his will incarnate, for making such a divenly wise decision and condemning those barbaric Telemari.” -+-+-
  13. AVE LORRAINE -+-+- “Lothar who? This street urchin is no d’Amaury. I’ve served under the esteemed Augustus d’Amaury. My father served under Leufroy d’Amaury. His father served in the latter Honor Guard. Never once has my kin heard the name Lothar d’Amaury. Your claim to the d’Amaury name is illegitimate and holds no meaning in the lands of Lorraine.” -+-+- Signed, Ser Loras of Lorraine
  14. A freshly painted tapestry of an Elf being burned at the stake in Lorraine An Open Letter to Sohaer On behalf of the Great State of Lorraine, I Ser Loras of Lorraine, write you this letter. Upon reading the mindless dribble which you had sent to the Highland Realm of Morsgrad, I could not help but laugh. Who exactly are you to be making demands? The ‘Silver State’ of Haelun’or could not even protect a child. Knowing how inept you are at protecting your own kin, I must ask the question: what will you do if we refuse your demands? I shall tell you what you’ll do. Absolutely nothing. The prideful High Elves of Haelun’or have been disillusioned by their arrogance and inflated titles. Thus in response to the senseless demands that the ****-Stain state of Haelun’or have made, we retort with the following demands: [ – ] Meet Lorraine in the field, on neutral grounds, and settle this petty dispute between ourselves in open combat. You needn’t grovel to Godric, begging he reprimand us for the harming of the Eleven child. or [ – ] The Silver State of Haelun’or shall acknowledge their inability to protect their own kind and must vow to rectify this gross injustice to their own kind by establishing a capable military force with the sole purpose of protecting High Elves on the roads. [ – ] The Silver of Haelun’or shall pay a fine of 15,000 Minas directly to the Highland Realm of Morsgrad and 5,000 Mina to the Great State of Lorraine. [ – ] The High Elves shall publicly apologize for their horrific neglect of the Elven child in question and vow to be better parents. Should you be so brazen enough to decline our demands, by the good grace of God – we shall burn every Elven rodent we catch scurrying across the roads. Signed, Ser Loras of Lorraine EDIT: This is 100% in character and not OOC. This is written on behalf of GGT’s character.
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