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  1. What are orcs doing and should I still be embarrassed

    1. _Jandy_


      We're just getting ready to move to Atlas and I believe your name still carries a negative vibe.

    2. Quirkyls
    3. Anty


      Message me dude

  2. [Dark Shamanism] [MA] Afilion

    Yes this my student
  3. [Dark Arts] [MA] Isthmus anchor making

    yes this is my student
  4. [MA] [Diety] Ganzorig

    No longer teaching, Smawton as the loreholder will oversee the teachings of this magic.
  5. [CA] Kaldwin_'s Muyakelg Application

    yes i made this
  6. DivineJustice? More like Enrohk!

  7. [SA] [Deity] Kurdon'lur


    I found LOTC

    1. Sporadic


      Wait you mean to say "Lord Of The Craft" is derivative of Tolkien fitted to a children's sandbox game?


      Please only use your powers of superhuman observation for good, sir.

    2. _Jandy_


      I'll admit.. the halfling part got me.

    3. grimmothy


      God smeagol would have been a ******* kha I just know it

  9. Looking for people to play Muyakelgs! Both Ancestral and Elemental/Immortal. They're basically Eldritch Constructs. PM me if interested.

    1. DocileDuck


      /msg divinejustice hey, can i be one

    2. DarkElfs


      You already know I'm interested~ But just case ya here ya go XD

  10. Defender Default and the joke it's become

    People aren't mature enough to roleplay large conflicts legitimately if a conflict of interest arises. This server is laden with protaganist's syndrome, so unless both people are good, mature roleplayers, roleplay fighting will instead consist of hours and hours of dull interaction with little meaning. Even when someone dies, or is maimed from the combat, no one actually goes out and roleplays the effects of it. People are too immature to do such, or care about it. A bandit shouldn't really have to wait 3hrs to simply rob a person, and have a meta-squad show up, THEN call pvp simply because they now outnumber someone.
  11. [MA][Spirit Smithing] Yollyy

  12. [Deity] [TA] Burbur'Lur

  13. [Elementalism] [ST] Gijaak'Raguk