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  1. DivineJustice

    Olog/Troll Amendment

    A CA doesn't do anything when anyone can apply for one. Ologs have no special requirements to make them, and so posting the SHORTEST application on the server won't do anything. Staff, or players just need to be more of aware of meme RP and punish those who act poorly accordingly.
  2. DivineJustice

    Olog/Troll Amendment

    That section of lore was back when the idea of warhammer orcs were beginning to fade from the desires of most orcs, as many pursued the spirits or sought to be taken more seriously. Whoever had agreed upon that and wanted to shrink down orcs and make them slouch wanted to solidify their warhammer basis, when a majority of the community disapproved of it, and was added in without any consultation. It was ignored for good reason, as it didn't make sense to just give orcs slouches.
  3. DivineJustice

    Olog/Troll Amendment

    These are nerfs to ologs. Ologs used to be larger, heavier and stronger as well as being immune to the sun.
  4. DivineJustice

    Olog/Troll Amendment

    It's more than they don't like the sun. As i mentioned before, ologs will fracture and chip away when struck at in the sun as if they were turning to stone like trolls. Tree Lords are end-game druidism, a magic, while Atronach's and Golems are made from steel and stone, much more durable, one of which can cast magic, and neither of them are susceptible to fatigue or magics that affect the flesh. Normal Uruks are close to the same size and strength, have less weaknesses and don't require a CA. I'm unsure of why the base version of one of their subspecies would. People may complain that ologs are difficult to deal with in combat, but that's sort of the point. Blacklists and Player reports will come if players actually screenshot and report the bad roleplay. Its a simple as that.
  5. DivineJustice

    Olog/Troll Amendment

    Ologs and trolls both suffer from weaknesses to daylight as mentioned. I agree that people have misused ologs in the past, either making them 15ft tall or indestructible, though I believe its due to a lack of clear lore and character development. In older renditions of their lore, they lacked a max strength which led to excessive powergaming. Moreover, ologs/trolls were not given opportunities to roleplay outside of, " Mi zmash, latz flat". Nexus also made them extremely easy to abuse, and without any real roleplay opportunity due to their stupidity, they were left as memeish pvp alts. Even during this however, there were a host of olog players who sought to perform good roleplay despite being hindered by lore. I think now, with nexus removed, and clearer guidelines, people will not only be punished harder for the issues mentioned above, but strive for better roleplay with this addition.
  6. DivineJustice

    Olog/Troll Amendment

    No, base ologs will not require CAs. The reason I implemented CAs for multi-olog/troll headedness was to ensure player care about the character development, as well as to prevent a sprouting of multi-headed ologs, and not making them unique.
  7. DivineJustice

    Olog/Troll Amendment

    Olog/Troll Amendment Born from the great beasts of myth and orcish blood, ologs are a curious and peculiar breed, whose bodies seem to stretch far beyond the capacity of their infantile minds. Possessing an intellect of both beastial and sentient nature, an olog’s temperament varies based on how deep the curse of Krug riddles their mind and hearts. Though rage and gluttony are second nature to these massive creatures, they still have the ability to learn and understand. Raised from the simple intellect, an olog may string together words, with some difficulty, as well as an understanding of basic texts and information. However, the larger and more troll-like an olog is, the further removed they are from their orcish kin, suffering the weaknesses of the trolls, as well as developing stone-scales that pain the olog and break away their flesh when struck. Even in their smaller renditions, bright harsh sunlight is anathema to their small beady eyes, and so one might catch an olog donning a helmet or cloth over their head, or find them hidden within the valleys and caves of the desert. Ologs closer to their troll-kin have a great reverence for nature and the elements of it, and rather than worshiping the great pantheon of spirits taught to them by their orcish brethren, they choose to understand that their blood makes them half beast, half uruk, and so they hold a great fondness for earth and stone, worshipping the natural elements. Those that choose to worship the spirits adopt Freygoth and Arwa, Ankrus, and other Immortals who take hold within the natural world. Their worship stems from crude totems and animal sacrifices, donning pelts and hides in hopes honor and revere their more beastial progenitors. They rarely speak, and are left roaming the world, aimless and clumsy. Ologs closer to their uruk brethren are fat and lazy. Large, and bloated, they are soaked within the curse of Krug, angry and violent, seeking little more than to eat and kill. Many of them sit like dragons of lore, atop mountains of gold and possessions, seeking to own the world, and all of its belongings. They are fond of metal and steel, forging massive brutish weapons that allow them to strike down their opponents. Ologs range from 10-13ft, depending on the mix of Orc and Troll blood. Their weight range from 650-1100 pounds. The dumbest of ologs will struggle to comprehend dialogue and instructions, while the most intelligent of ologs are able to read basic sentences(no writing), and possesses the mental wherewithal of a mentally impaired adult. An olog’s mind is dim and dark, devoid of complex thought or rumination. Beastial instinct drives them forward, with words and thought only a means of basic interaction with their world. Despite their size, their feeble minds can only hold so much information. Their personalities, defined to only a few key characteristics(usually hunger, apathy, and greed) rarely expand beyond this, and require great change. As its mind swells and grows, the information festers and shakes, bouncing around within the olog’s thick skull, beginning a terrible transformation. As it begins, an olog will experience intense migraines, a period of blindness, synesthesia, and soon madness. Its anger will grow, as well as any other emotions that it seeks to pride itself in. As this is going on, the olog’s skull risks rupturing. Its transformation is slow and tedious, taking a months(irl week) as it battles and wrests with this tumor of information, details and facts, people and faces, all of which coalesces into a new entity: A second head. (A newly sprouted head, one dim, one angry) This comes with a host of issues the two now face. Arguing and bickering, the olog now faces the peril of dealing with two dim-witted beings in the body of a thick-hided giant. The days following the formation of the new head would be some of the most difficult for the Olog as it becomes accustomed to being controlled by two clashing personalities. Each personality controls half of the olog, and without proper control, leads to them constantly fighting and bickering between themselves. The two mental forces would clash on even grounds, with many of these mental battles having no winner, thus causing the Olog to cease functioning properly for moments at a time. There is no way for an olog to overcome its new partner and companion. Once present, if the olog wished to remove the second head, it would a host of motor functions, complex thought and eventually perish. When fighting, if one of the heads were to be severely injured or maimed, it would cripple the olog, though once healed, the personality would eventually begin to reform. The second head grants better hearing and senses, as two heads are better than one. Magics that afflict the mind are more taxing and ineffective against the olog, as it requires involving both personalities. The olog/troll is not stronger, and may only grow a maximum of three heads, requiring a CA for each additional head, as well as explaining the reason of such growth. Transformation Examples: An olog seeks to study the Spirits. A second head may form when a great act of spirit worship is performed, only to have the second head sprout forth in anger, seeking to worship another spirit. A troll, after amassing a large fortune may sprout a second head, surging with greed as the new personality desire more and longs for great wealth. A warlike olog, drenched in the blood of his enemies may see the verdant and beautiful forms of nature, and shoot a second head, a spirit-focused nomad longing to engross himself in nature. Redlines: -Ologs above 11 feet will develop stonescales in sunlight, inhibiting their movement as well as making blunt wounds more severe, breaking away bits of flesh and bone along with it.With orcish blood, they do not suffer as greatly as their trollish kin. -Ologs cannot learn magics though understand how shamanism and other basic forms of magic work, and can practice faiths and creeds in their stead. -Ologs who are are greater than 12 feet will be unable to understand advanced commands, and struggle to string together basic words. -Ologs can lift a maximum of 1600 pounds. -Although they are large and generally lethargic, they are able to charge quickly(25mph), though are limited in the speed of complex motions or actions Multi-head Redlines -Multi-headed ologs or trolls require a CA that detail the impetus of their change -Fatally injuring one of the personalities greatly cripples the body, as half of it is now ‘dead’ -The heads do not offer greater strength, but may enhance general senses slightly -They may grow only a maximum of three heads, each requiring a CA Thanks to Ye_Haw for helping me edit and write this! An OOC Note: Ologs lack any sort of roleplay other than smashing and bruting about, as well as being restricted in intelligence and in learning magic. There was no significance to their origins as well as nothing to seek in terms of developing greater RP. I hoped the addition of growing more heads would offer more character development, when it is severely lacking in ologs/trolls.
  8. DivineJustice

    Clickbait, probably

    Will we ever get married? Favorite Orc? Favorite Magic? If the Horde becomes more official can i see you at an event? 😄
  9. DivineJustice

    [Denied] [Pending] Take on me II

    I didn't know you liked anime. The more you know. I recognize heero to be a good lad, and a better candidate for FM than most. +1 https://i.imgur.com/TGJTRpu.gif
  10. DivineJustice

    >me being inactive as heck

    Human rp is repetitive, elf rp is dry, make an orc and worship the spirits instead. We're hunting a scaddernak tomorrow 🙂
  11. Why am I so much better at pvp than you? Do you appreciate my fatherly love? Maukta when?
  12. It'll be good to see a great man on the Event Team again +1
  13. DENOUNCEMENT To King Tobias Staunton, the Horde of Thagurz’Grizh seeks to condemn your rule and past actions. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In failure to overcome your enemies, as well as failing to defend against the Horde’s enemies and rallying upon us, the Horde seeks to abandon all and any loose ties that were once held between us. Your weakness was broadcast to the world in your past defeat, and in your blatant ignoring of Krug, we denounce you. By damaging the well-being of our allies, and wreaking chaos throughout the lands, our ties have been cut. This thereby ends the so-called "Krugmas Treaty". ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Skaatchnak'Izig, a representative of the Horde.
  14. DivineJustice

    GM Feedback

    Can we stop banning leaders for excessive amounts of time, or simply have valid reasons for banning them? This isn't how toxicity should be solved lmao. Dsdevil already made a post about how to solve the state of bans and reports in punishing players for what they did wrong, (preventing pvpers from pvping, xrayers from mining, etc) and no one's acted on it. Just be transparent and honest on the bans, rather than striking random players and leaders when the repeated offenders are obvious and known by the community. -Bring back LC -Bring regions -Redo War rules
  15. DivineJustice

    [✗]War of the Sands

    This isn't a betrayal since you aren't currently at war with the wood elves. Sitting outside in Fort Strong claiming it is a "Warfront" doesn't make it so. I don't see how we're rebelling as a majority of the orcs aren't originally from Krugmar (Izig,Maukta, and Axan). It really is just another group of orcs.