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  1. Did 6x give up on orcs yet?

    1. L0rdB0rd


      No, and why ever give up?

    2. drfate786


      He did, he's just killing innocent drfates now. He killed one earlier in Aleksandria for no reason. :(



    3. Skylez1


      Where have you been.....

  2. Love you my dude
  3. Good **** back in Athera. Shame to see you go. Good luck in the future my dude.
  4. Gods no. Magic won't work mechanically. Look at how we tried to mechanicalize professions for RP, and how horribly they turned out. Making magic mechanical will only further the problems for those who break the rules with it, and for the lag of the server as a whole. Any military force would supply all their troops with magic despite the lore-breaking or idea it would go against, simply because magic would be better than the sword. I'd personally like to move away from things being more roleplay and closer to minecraft mechanics. Not to mention, just taking 2 subtypes ruins any other form of the magic. Lets look at shamanism, since I'm most familiar, and its forms are quite diverse. Lets say we take elementalism, and farseeing. Elementalism has 6 forms of magic that need to be coded and implemented, and farseeing is an infinite amount of selfbuffs possible to the user's imagination and current lore. Alright, even if that's overcome despite the extreme lag it will cause, what of witchdoctors? Will they simply be unable to fight with their magic now? You said it yourself, magic is such a broad, advanced and studiable thing. A plugin would never suffice to make it playable, and would only give an excuse for random players to learn magic, simply to PVP better.
  5. *A goblin scholar provided with the greatest of knowledge within Axios* Fliers scattered across the lands, in towns, villages, under rocks and caves distributed by goblins, ologs, and orcs alike alerting all those who yearn for knowledge.* The first San'Torr School of knowledge has been created! Cubs, and those not aware of true orcish culture and history are invited to enter a place of tutelage. All children of Krug’s blood are welcome, whether they be an olog, goblin or orc. Even those not apart of San’Torr or of Uruk descent are welcome. There is no tribute, or price to be paid for such knowledge. It should be necessary for all descendants to be aware of Krug and the Spirits, as well as the sons of Krug who fought against the Undead and restored light to our world. Any curious about the Spirits, orc history, culture, and way of life should venture forth to San’Torr the following Elven Day. The San’Torr School of Knowledge also seeks orcish teachers, do not hesitate to apply below to enroll or for hiring. OOC: To those who find making a new orc daunting, make a cub and hop on at 6pm EST, or if you're simply curious about San'Torr or the machinations of an orc, head over to the city.
  6. The Orcish Blah exists a prevalent part of orcish society, however, not as a necessary language, or a muddle of grunts and cries within orcs. Instead, it is a form of worship and praise that the orcs practise in the guttural tongues spoken. Old Blah, or the language of the spirits was spoken long ago, beyond centuries, when orcish shamans possess power beyond power. It was a divine tongue that granted communication between the spirits and their worshippers, blessing the orcish peoples with powers such as Elementalism,Farseer, and Lutauman. Shamanism was born, bringing forth orcs who possessed control over the physical world and its aspects. However, not all orcs were blessed with such an ability. Those who remained workers or craftsmen were only able to witness and hear these words, taking part of their tongue onto their own. Though they did not move mountains, or curse beings to rot, these orcs still worshiped the spirits. As such, their form of worship became the parts of Old Blah that they understood from the shamans, and spoke it with the courage and strength as to improve their standings with the beings beyond the Mortal Plane. Not all orcs worship the spirits in such a way. Some view the act as pointless, while others find the tongue strange and alien. The way an orc speaks is simply a reflection of how they view the world, and the forces that guide it. Their tusks do however still part an accent, though never enough to completely butcher or ruin their speech. OOC: Due to the recent post, I essentially wrote up a reason for why so many orcs speak blah, HOWEVER, removing the necessity to speak it. Those wish to speak blah have reason to speak such. Those who wish to not speak it now do not have to, nor will be harassed by players for not speaking it.
  7. Wonderful on the warhawkes part, and yes, some would go if they worshipped their ancestors and remained honorable. Again, if the post said orcs only, then I'd like to retract that idea, and remain it as honorable,ancestor/spirit worshiping folk. . I think it would, otherwise it'd be filled with all races rather than mainly orcs and few dark elves. Kor also guides them as mentioned before, though it needs to be worked out as mentioned above.
  8. Yes please. Taketheshot is one of the friendliest and helpful players I've met in recent years. I enjoy his company and his ability to be partisan in situations, despite the high walls of salt when communities argue and banter. I'd like to see him on AT to help new players through an unbiased and careful lense. +1
  9. It was written by Hellfiaz as well, and his old list of the spirits says the same thing above about Kor. I'm going to either assume the lore conflicts or that Apohet created the realm, and now Kor now presides over it due to his fear and hiding himself from his creations. I'll talk to the shamans about writing up pages for shamanism, as they are missing. Thank you for updating me. Being complacent is the reason there are issues with the current orcish playerbase and the lore itself. Some of the things mentioned before are a bit extreme, though still hold merit. I personally asked LT where to post this since it was a collection of various arguments from orcish players and myself, and this is where they told me to do so. Because I'm ET does't mean I'm not entitled to a voice or opinion on the group I roleplay outside of the work I do. What pseudo-honor are you talking about? If orcs act dishonorably, they're not allowed in. What assumption or jab are you trying to make? Many orcs aren't allowed in, and whichever ones you are talking about, wouldn't be a part of the Ancestral Realm. There's nothing to defend. It's not a worry over the dark elves, its an issue with the current lore. I don't care whether humans, or elves, or dwarves enter the Ancestral Realm, as I've mentioned before, but they to actually have to qualify to enter the realm, and currently the playerbase, which few actually worship the spirits or perform honorable acts, or the Ancestrals listed before do not.
  10. If you're going to comment and argue against someone else, please actually read what they're saying. Apohet has no say over who goes into the ancestral realm. It is Kor. Look over any list of spirits, and it has been that way for years now. Kor is the only person who chooses and selects people within it. It is not a net, rather, a specific and select choosing, as I've said time and time again. This is why there is an issue with the current dark elf ancestrals. None of them have feats worthy enough for Kor's selection, or even worshiped the spiriaz.in the first place. They were added by Hellfiaz simply because of his OOC afiliation with them.
  11. This is literally the opposite of what orcish honor is. No one has ever used this, unless they're whitewash or simply pvp hungry. ? Krug always had honor, unless I missed some addition to lore or some strange new creation lore added, it was Krug's refusal of Iblees and personal strength that gives the honor and culture the orcs revere him for. The reason its difficult to enter Stargush Stroh for the other races is because its essentially Valhalla. Not only would one have to worship the spirits (which few besides the orcs do), but actually do something great in their lives whether dying a warrior's death, or stand tall to ones causes or belief in the spirits. Even the areas of the Stargush Stroh are modeled after Valhalla. It's not simply an afterlife. Its a select few and chosen, and the reason most orcs enter is because they spend hundreds of years, or their entire life trying to do so. Just because you're a leader, or a partier, doesn't mean you get a free pass.
  12. What have dark elves done with shamanism other than Dakirennis and Brokenhelix? They're the only two dark elves who practice the religion, and even still its somewhat vague. The Ancestral Plain is not the same as the Spiritual Realm. The Ancestral realm is a part of the spiritual plane. Orcs do infact have a monopoly on it as they exist as the shamans and worshipers of the spirits rather than two dark elves. They are much more deserving as the worship of spirits and living and honorable life is far greater than what any of the Dark Elf Ancestrals have done. Did any of them even worship the spirits IRP? Actually no, Apohet rarely interacts with the spiritual plane, and it is Kor who allows those into the Ancestral Realm after death. Krug has the most power in such a realm other than Kor, which is why he would also have a say in the matter. 2Samspan already addressed this, please look over his comment.
  13. Kulgarok raises a fist, before returning to his cave home. "Long live Orgoth!"
  14. I think he's trying to make the point that the current dark elf ancestrals haven't done anything great or honorable to be considered a part of the Ancestral plane. It's a reserved place for those who are honorable and have done great deeds in their lives, and I don't think Kor or the ancestors would consider having a great party or simply leading would be allowed in.
  15. -=- Language -=- Urukish blah has always been a rough spot, new uruks being told they need to speak blah because of the tusks, but this is where the truth is revealed. Urukish blah was created as a way for foreigners to communicate with English speakers in an organized manner. The First True Rex, Mogroka, could not speak complete english and so his solution to this was creating blah. Blah is just sounding out the words, except a few special words. Why do you think blah is easy to understand and master in a short amount of time. Now, over time, the uruks have been exposed to the facts of, the tusks make them speak blah, which is a lie. This is a common misconception and over time, this lie has been turned into false lore. Many uruks are forced into speaking blah when they don’t understand it, forcing many away from an interesting race. Blah was created as a bridge between languages, not a barrier between what character you should make. Leave the players alone that don’t wish to speak blah. They were never forced to. -=- Bone Structure -=- Many people argue that uruks need to be hunchbacks from their size, but little does anyone realized, uruks are meant to be tall and strong. They do not share a similar skeleton structure as a human or elf, they have one modelled to their body. If one wishes to argue that uruks need to be this way, years of evolution from 1.0 to now would have created room for their bodies to adapt. Dwarves have a bone structure that allows them to continue moving even though their weight to height and muscle mass would put them in wheelchairs, not dwarves charging into battle. What this is meant to be is an eye opener, uruks aren’t meant to be hunchbacks, they are warriors who stand tall and strong each day of their life. In RP, an uruk would chose death then to be deformed. Uruks aren’t meant to be disabled or mentally disabled, stop trying to force these features onto the players. You add more defects to a race that has little activity, which causes a higher rejection rate. The simple solution to this is to retract the lore of them being huge humans. They are a unique race, with their own bone structure. -=- Starguzh’Storh -=- The ancestral plane, a place for the bravest of Uruk warriors. This realm was a safe haven for the uruks who have fallen to duel, smoke kuzh, and live on from their honorable death. Many dark elves are noted to be living in Starguzh’Storh, when now of them died honorably. Also, the realm was created by Krug, who deemed the uruks to be the most honorable, who were dealt the greatest curse from Iblees. Krug created a realm so he could be with his brothers and sisters in the afterlife, after battle they could rest with their families at night. This realm was not made to be polluted by dark elves who are known for parties, or spying. Do not force Dark Elves into the Spirit Realm. Hellfiaz pushed his agenda which did no aid to the uruks, he did it for himself. The Dark Elves have no place in the Ancestral Plane and would have been banished by Krug, who still has the powers of Shamanism post death. Remove the Dark Elves from the Ancestral Plane if they have no honorable death to them. Suicide, death by alcohol, isn’t an honorable cause. And it would take one hell of a death for a Elf to land in Stargozh’Storh. -=- The Krughatten Project -=- A supposed legend which was started in 1.0. Building did occur of two nuclear bombs for the war against Iblees in the original fight. Fat Krug and Little Uruk were bombs that never were used for their original target as the Descendants fled 1.0 too soon. If they were never used, they would have travelled with the Uruks across each map, known to many, and the bombs would have been kept tight to the Uruks. Return Krughatten. Ten goblins spent months building it in RP and shouldn’t have their hard work being wiped because of the Rex not being informed. -=- Uruk History Removed -=- Beyond the strength of any orc, Crator’Lur existed as one of the most powerful orcs within Krugmar. It was told that he plucked arrows from the sky, and his hands were stronger than steel. During an undead attack,the undead began to cast lightning against the uruk lines, slaughtering them all but Crator stepped forth, catching the lightning with his bare hands before throwing it back at the undead. Don’t touch Uruk History. It happened, deal with it.