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  1. You don't have to do that, it's just what people assume is what's necessary to make a good character. If I wanted, I could simply play a blacksmith and roleplay the struggles of the day and living with a family, and it'd be far more interesting than bunny hopping up and down the road looking for someone to zap. I've been a dark shaman for a few months now, and due to IC reasons, I've only eaten one spirit and not minmaxed because the character is far more interesting and more developed rather than seeking to become super powerful with magic. IK someone quoted this part already. But the best part of having a fun character is RPing, whether or events or random events, and working out how your character would react, and growing from them. Rather than simply shrugging off some undead attack or coup, or some event/hunt, why not have your character move from that situation, rather than pushing it into the catalog of hundreds of events.
  2. Denied.
  3. Muyakelgs are made by normal shamans as well, nor are dark shamans affected by gold/holy magic due to them not being undead or tainted beings. Muyakelgs themselves are ancestral spirits, which are not augmented or afflicted in anyway. I hoped that one would understand that the specific instance I cited of their creation was a Lurnamu of Plague, as I explained in the paragraph after, which is why its birth was one of "unholyness' and disgust. A Lurnamu of Freygoth would simply be a Muyakelg adorned in flowers and the like. The one I explained up top was simply out of choice and easy to understand.
  4. Muyakelgs have never been weak to holy magic or gold. What would the empowerment of them change to make them weak to such?
  5. An orc/goblin obsessed with the spirits or ancestors is always fun.
  6. Yes Indeed, I am his teacher.
  7. For too long has their impulsive and inappropriate actions sickened the Warnation of Krugmar. Enough is enough. Come. Slavers of the Wild, come. Slaves to the aspects, come. Come witness what it means to defy the orcs; the witty goblins, the brave Uruks, the mighty Ologs. Come speak to me in San'Raakh. I have grown tired of your kin ignoring my will, and my word. In speaking the language of the ancestors, regardless of whatever wicked shaman taught your ilk, is a dishonor to the world itself. To those who wish to strike the Rex himself with petty magic, or seek to strike me with triffling illusions, your arrogance will be your own undoing. I demand a council of the druids from the Mother Grove, whether you arrive to my kingdom on an established date, or if your heads are lined upon pikes, and I talk with the dead. *Attached the message would be the head of Rhova'dir*
  8. THE URUKISH HIERACHY Lûp-Urukim Although many may believe the Urukish kind to be one of savages, war, and chaos, they would be surprised to find they are, in fact even more strict than any other of the descendant races. their government, however, is also extremely volatile, with any orc having the ability to challenge the holder of any title, and earn it for themselves. Rex * Rex Kulgarok in Eternal Scowl * The mighty Rex, leader of the uruks. Without their king, the Uruks would be lost, and equally would the Rex without his fiercely loyal subjects. This position is of the highest authority, and entails almost absolute control over the nation. It is also charged with much of the diplomatic and military planning of the nation, and if one is not deemed worthy enough by the Uruks, they will be promptly replaced with a stronger, more able Rex. Targoth The Targoth, military mastermind of the War Nation. Whoever holds this position is responsible for dealing with those bold, or to some, idiotic enough to go to war against the Uruk-kin. They must strategize, and generally direct the nation’s man-power during wagh. Therefore, they are highly regarded in Urukish society, and are respected by the majority of Uruks. Yazgurtan An esteemed uruk, adroit in aspects of logistics, trade and building within the nation, whom is highly regarded, much akin to the Targoth. Though the Targoth deals in solidifying agreements of tribute, the Yazgurtan is tasked with presenting appropriate quantities and demands, sorting any collected tribute, and overseeing the vault itself. Any construction work or labour is assigned by the Yazgurtan, as is modifications to the city. Huntsgoth Having slain the greatest beast or monster, the Huntsgoth is an orc who exemplifies Votar, and their ancestors in mortal form. Leading various hunting trips through the ‘game’ riddled landscapes. The Huntsgoth is the orc that adorns the most pelts; and sharpens the most spears. He administers hunts for the nation of Krugmar. Grubgoth Established by Wud’Fud-Raguk, the Grubgoth now ensures the productivity of the Warnation. They make sure the gears of Krugmar churn; That the worshippers of Lur freshen pelts and that the labourers of Raguk polish metal. They ensure that the Uzg is kept sated- both in hunger and in workers. Goj The most pd and powerful of all the shamans, the Goj manages the worship of the various spirits and helps to maintain balance between the dark and light sides of shamanism. Often, the Goj is seen constructing totems and shrines, leading orcs in worship, or discussing with the council of shamans, as is his purpose.
  9. Smaller map, Athera sized or slightly larger, then just use a separate island/continent for event areas. That way humans can little their section with abandoned ghost towns still, and ET will have space/reign to do whatever they wish. To anyone on the map making team as well, please limit the amount of settlements people can make. Maybe more little islands/things to do with naval RP?
  10. Yis, I will teach tha' orc elementalism
  11. Why are you worse than me at pvp? Favorite Staff member? Favorite ani- Chinese cartoon?
  12. Keshig Reformation Introduction Keshig, they have been the protectors of the REX from the Warnation of Krugmar for many aeons. Their actions have passed down from story-teller to story-teller through the years, and their leadership have been tossed from Uruk to Uruk. But a REX of the Mighty Warnation of Krugmar does not need mere protectors, For for he or she is the strongest in the nation; That is why they are rex. New Purpose The keshig will work as the Warnation’s diplomats. They will enforce the following laws, and punish any Uruk that disobeys. I: Kubs of KRUG will not steal or commit thievery towards other Uruks. II: No lying will be permitted by any Uruk. III: Any use of Voidal or unnatural deemed magic will be punished. IV: Asking of tribute will be allowed towards trespassers in the Warnation. V: Any, and ALL forms of dishonor, will be punished severely. VI: Disrespect towards higher Ranked Uruks will not be tolerated. Regulations I: If any Uruk is found guilty of Thievery, [With viable proof.] They will be demoted one rank in their respective clan and given ten lashings. If said uruk is a Pug, they will be whitewashed from the Warnation. II: If an Uruk is found to be lying, [With viable proof.] said liar may choose from 2 punishments; Tusks are sawed off near the base/Partial removal of tongue. III: If an Uruk is found to be using voidal magics they will subject to immediate sacrifice to the almighty spirits. IV: If an Uruk is found killing a visitor to the nation on sight, he/she will have a hand and foot severed. V: If an Uruk is found to be dishonorable, with approval of the REX, Targoth or Yazgurten, They will be demoted one rank in their respective clan and given ten lashings. If said uruk is a Pug, they will be whitewashed from the Warnation. VI: If an uruk is disrespecting a higher rank, said Uruk may choose from 2 punishments; Tusks are sawed off near the base/Partial removal of tongue. VII: The Keshig will move to collect scheduled tributes from tributaries.
  13. For helping me greatly, and being fun, and enjoyable +1. I'd really like to see her on the team again.