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  3. Editted the list to update the lutauman and farseer magic.
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  5. Lemme talk about this. Firstly, blah has never been manditory. Feel free to speak however you want in all honesty, some may get upset, but just pop a small accent on it if it gets annoying. Secondly, Olog CA's I'm hesitant about due that they're the smallest playerbase/never played, but I want to avoid new players or pvpers from playing ologs since they dont' really understand it/want to abuse pvp buffs. If people were more active on ologs and this abuse was more prevalent,. I'd be 100% for it, but there aren't enough cases to do such. Wouldn't a villany blacklist on powergaming olog solve all of the problems?
  6. DivineJustice -Kulgarok
  7. I was amazed at the Red Faith and the work and roleplay Narthok has put into making a legitimate religion and members to follow it. I really hope Narthok makes it onto the team with his creativity and drive on to generate better RP for others on the server. Good luck bud +1
  8. The Ish'Urkal were far more powerful than their previous dark shaman counterparts, consuming spirits and using their power freely compared to calling upon them with their true name as a first generation dark shaman could. The magic and strength of the Ish'Urkal was innately powerful enough to battle the spirits within their own plane, which is why Leyd now sees them as a proper choice, due such power. I'm sort of confused on what you're asking, but I'm assuming its based upon the various rituals of killing or entrapping. The first spirits, in which rituals were formed (Travel,Slavery and Warfare) were gifted by Leyd, but the others must be enslaved or killed via roleplay/events moderated by staff.
  9. I don't think you know how event characters work. Xaxara won't go around pking cowardly characters, nor is the character even allowed to roam about. The Horseman serves to give descendants people to hunt, say a dishonorable soldier, a whitewash, or a bandit. Moreover, a foolhardy leader who lost the lives of their troops would receive the same wrath as someone who ran from battle. They was, there's literally a link in the post. A few of the previous avatars had no use in events, so I mapped out more with literal quests and goals written into them.
  10. They're not a race or playable characters, they're just event creatures for ET to do things with spirits.
  11. Xaxara Spirit of Retribution and Truth Lesser of Ixli Form: Xaxara is Horseman of Ixli, bearing a sickle and weight and scale which she uses to judge and deem worthy or unworthy. She rarely makes expressions or speaks, rather gesturing to the fog she endlessly creates. Personality and Purpose: Xaxara approaches few and far and inbetween, her purpose saved to hunting those worthy of retribution; the cowardly and meek, and those who flee from battle, or betray others. She marks them at first, striking their mind and sleep with visions of being hunted. She often employs spiritual beasts, dogs and their ilk to hunt down the craven. Pulling free the bandage of her horse, whether done by her or another reveals soul-piercing eyes that strike one to the core. She arrives upon the mist of dawn or dusk, and often lies within the forest where bandits, or the afraid may hide. Guranda Spirit of Flame and Molten Rock Lesser of Fire Form: A molten horseman, leaking forth fire and magma. His horse too leaks the same fire, and often has a trail of fire. His blade his often made entirely of stone, before igniting in times of trouble or danger. Otherwise, his skin is marred in molten veins that release heat and glow occasionally. His flesh is too hot to touch. Purpose: This horseman exists, despite his molten exterior as cool and collected. A flame spirit who placed itself within a statue of a horseman, the spirit now rides across the land, not for vengeance, but to create a dominion in which he can rest. He lacks the ability to demanifest, remaining lodged within the stone. Guranda is found at the edges of wildfires, half-hoping the spirit can remain within the wildfires, and can be seen after any large fire, remaining in the ashes. Urana Spirit of Mourning Lesser of Kor Form: A long and stalwart figure, the horse appears from a realm seemingly unknown by man and spirit, bearing the spiritual presence of Kor. She looks from a horizon, often approached rather than approaching the living. Urana’s form is marked by the sounds of crying and lamentation. Purpose: Bearing a dead babe, and it too dead, the spirit wanders graveyards and funerals, seeking to witness the mourning of others as well. Urana is a patron saint of lost spirit and souls, often guiding the misguided towards a place to rest. She speaks with a kind heart, and often smiles despite her horrific form. She longs to return her child to the Ancestral Realm, and other lost souls as a hand of Kor. Smawton originally wrote some Spirit Avatars, and I thought to add more for the sake of.. More. I’ll leave the link down below, and maybe some ETs/LT’s can use this addition for events. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/147946-the-avatars-of-the-spirits/#comment-1393733
  12. Personally, I found the system employed during Ang's eventline with Bastion(Though OOC and other issues got in the way). Properly coordinated with nation leaders, and other players, I think simply having a unified force made up of players rather than one-note event characters. What I'd like to make note of are a few key details to ensure the enjoyment of an antagonist within 6.0 for both sides. If you want the server to enjoy the antagonist, ensure that the entire server can actually participate in it. Almost all of the antagonists have been undead or dark in some form, only to have the holy orders blink them away when things got semi-serious. I enjoyed the concept of the Lord's March so much because it wasn't simply a random group of spooks and undead pulled from an undead's ass, but a list of players who participated and could join. I was personally thinking of joining on my dark shaman, and I'm sure other players would find the same interesting. Moreover, one did not need to be a holy order to battle against the common undead or grunt, which I found quite appealing. A powerful force that effects all people's whether through destroying their settlements, killing their heroes or burning their church is an effective one. There needs to a balance with the antagonist, both in PVP and RP capabilities. So much so that they are not simply spamming wands whenever PVP approaches, or is forced to run at the sight of a cleric. Moreover, do not simply reserve the rights of things such as buffs or spells to staff or event characters alone. A player who takes part in being an antagonist should receive the same rewards of being such. I'm not saying to offer every player spells and health for the sake of balance, but to those who roleplay properly and seek to impact the server. Antagonists need to serve an impact. It blew my mind when Bastion was taken, because for what felt like years, the mostly player- run antagonists were actually successful in doing something. Because of region owner issues, antagonistic players have no means in actually providing roleplay that has any meaning to the server. Instead, you're left to raiding because couping or actually making an assault upon the city would prove impossible due to so much red tape. I understand some people put time grinding for mimenan mats in making their cities and epic bases, but isn't the point of an antagonist to antagonize the players? In terms of actual antagonists for the coming 6.0, the idea of a cult really sparks great ideas. Often, they're led or managed by players, but due to the deities or beings they may worship, there are a lot of tools and things we can do as staff to facilitate their roleplay and roleplay around the server. A villain or antagonist doesn't have to literally be chaotic evil every single time. Villainy SHOULD stem from characters struggling to achieve their goals by any means necessary, rather than simply being a black bed sheet with a magic stick. Every antagonist has been obsessed with corruption and taking over the world, though its cliche as all hell, and we have the opportunity to actually plan and do something unique. I posted this somewhere else, and I feel like this is a better place for it, excluding anything that might be spoiler territory.
  13. why not pursue that idea as an orc? ; )
  14. Yub yub yub. +1