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  1. Born of Krug, made of flesh, fat,sinew and bone, the child’s original birth was an accursed one. All souls were made such. Their progenitor had done battle against the fallen, tainting their blood with rage, pride, and hubris. Even their skin had become gnarled and rotted by their father's actions, and brought on a legacy of bloodlust and ignorance. He too was borne from this father, made of flesh,fat,sinew and bone, though possessed a mind different than his brethren. It stirred and festered, writhing and twisting until it had bumbled and fumbled towards purpose. Till Truth had found itself within him. And so he would bring about Truth to them. His first dripped the same crimson and their flesh tore in the same tender fashion. The fat melted and jiggled, and their sinews stretched and shifted. A thick skull of ideals lay beneath the flesh, so he chip, chip, chipped away. His mind was open, and so he received Truth. It poured in, welled deep within his child’s core. Made of corrupted flesh, and broken bone, and torn sinew, and corpulent fat, the Child would be his, sharing in the same sins, but absolved with Truth. The Child would be baptized with the sin, named in its honor. Wrenched forth from madness and despair, the first Child had been born. Pride.
  2. What are your goals for the orcs and the server?
  3. Why is 100 rep important :^)
  4. A man that appears to be a commoner approaches you. He seems to be old, and, beneath his beard that looks like a sea of milk, but, the most evident characteristic on him besides the clothing of a courier is the fact that he carries a bunch of scrolls on a parchment on a open satchel attached to his belt. It seems that you two are about to stumble upon one another, but he halts his walking and raises his face to look at you, cracking out a smile. Yes, cracking, because you can hear the beard moustache crinkle against his nose. A human, clearly marked by age it seems. “Young people have a lot to teach. Listen and teach, and shall you become a man good of spirit.” Evicting the stance of protraction, the man offers you one of the scrolls. It’s your option to read it or not… We are a cursed kin. Not only me, not only you, but, all of us. The lies of our ancestors long ago have sown seeds within our minds. Tales, cultures, and, the deadliest of them: myths. I’ve seen a large deal of stupidity, so, to free myself of the burden of lies, I sunk into a thousand thoughts, and then, I emerged. The blindfold that I could not previously see was lying at my hands, everything seemed transparent and clear. Truth, dear reader, truth was what I was seeing. Mothers sell their children for money, men that pillage for the pleasure of killing, destructive politics that harm our world, but, all of this could’ve had been avoided, if it weren’t for the mad, dead men that we once dared to call teacher, or even venerate or refer to them as great, but, down there, they were harmful. You don’t believe it? Sit upon a rock and ponder for a hour of what I’ve told you. If you can’t do it by yourself, let me aid you to remove the fold that makes you blind, the black veil of the bride that hides her beauty, for we are bound to our blood to them: Them, those that turn a blind eye to their future; We are bound by them, men of old, ignorant of Truth and fearful of their short lives. Them, those that try to anchor us to their old beliefs; We are bound by them, broken by our slave masters and our spirits pressed beneath our forests. Them, those that would sacrifice their mother for power for promises of vile beings, such as Iblees did with the three foolish brothers; We are bound by them, by the words of beings beyond our realm, who seek power rather than loyalty. Them, those whom spread the devious, trickery harm of the church, which lashes your spirit so you shall work until you die only so they may sit on thrones of gold and drink from cups made of shimmering jewels. We are bound by them, by the wealth of the rich and of the poor, though all satiated before death. Let us tear the blindfold that makes us blind from the truth, not simply take it off, for it is vile. Let us not hear of the truth as human, orc, elf or dwarf, but one kin that seeks with its single, vigilant eye. We are all scared like cats, afraid of what’s beyond the door of our owner’s cottage where we think that the outside is filled with rabid dogs that want to tear apart our bones. Scrawl down what restrains you, and join me in freedom.
  5. Beautiful stuff, expect events here soon.
  6. This bounty is currently claimed by a group.
  7. You helped me to mature as a player and as an orc, I'm glad you changed the community for the better. I hope your future endeavors are successful, and you'll always have a home with us. Love ya'.
  8. The last time we had a no-kill, no threatening RP zone, we literally had more people at the Vailor CT hub then the nations themselves. Why go anywhere else when you're immune to bad things? Its literally invulnerability. We're not saying we need a PVP zone, but making a safe space and protecting people for no reason is bullshit. It's why the Abyss is so annoying.
  9. This isn't true in the slightest. All groups rise and fall, regardless of how long they've remained a power. The only reason humans are popular is because its simple and easy for a new player to flock to and understand, and with a majority of the playerbase its always going to be the center of roleplay. I'm glad Oren and humans are now divided, to help give culture to new groups of humans, and to encourage them to play different races, especially the ones less often played. I speak in terms of orcs because of bias, but it is a community with great people, welcoming all new members. You were a part of it once, so I'm sure you understand. Dwarves as well are a good group.
  10. All things come to an end. It's somewhat unexpected I suppose, but I'll be leaving for a time again. It has nothing to do with the server, my staff position, or the community. It sort of started with my computer failing and it gave me a lot of time to think. I'd prefer not to tread into too personal stuff in a forum post, but essentially, I don't find the same sort of fun on LOTC as I used to. My interest for this server always waxes and wanes, and now is simply another time for me to leave. I'm going to finish up two event areas before I disappear from the server entirely, one being a bounty, the other a sort of religious event area for orcs. Before I go, I'd just like to thank everyone and the community for giving me a wonderful few months and getting me through rough times. There's too many people to thank, and I'm sure you know who you are, and I'll still be on Skype so keep in touch or message me if you need something. Please be kind to each other. We're a community, rather than a mishmash of cliques and rivals. We should do our best to make sure everyone's happy, regardless if PVP is 1.9 or 1.8, if everyone hates Oren, or if Orcs killed your parents. Also, make an orc. Pok is a better leader than I could ever be.
  11. Who's the middle?
  12. MC Name:Divinejustice Age:19 IC Name:Kulgarok IC Age:347 IC Race:Orc Previous Jobs: Doctor,Shaman,Council, Wiseman
  13. I haven't seen any AT do this after the application on the server, almost every new player asks for help in OOC and gets vague instructions from players who don't really care.
  14. I completely agree with this. Many races and even cultures and subgroups need groups to clarify how to roleplay them and how to show how to be a better member of the community, rather than a noob that people enjoy shitting on. I think almost all races have a lot of noobs that make the playerbase as a whole seem poor or mismanaged. Hopefully this is listened to.
  15. Great stuff.