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  1. Forever Green

    1. LedZep98


      Baby you know it.

  2. So I preordered ESO Imperial Edition. It is quite possible I have made a mistake, but it seems only time shall tell.

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    2. Guest


      It is very bad

    3. Guest


      But you never know they could fix it :D

    4. LedZep98


      I have it for PC. Honestly from what I've played, I've loved.

  3. Just got into the Elder Scrolls Online Beta... not sure whether or not I like it or if I'm disappointed yet.

    1. shiftnative


      I've been playing it too, haven't been that wow'd buy it yet but it feels alright

    2. Cyndikate


      It was meh for me.

  4. Just got into the Elder Scrolls Online Beta... not sure whether or not I like it or if I'm disappointed yet.

  5. To any and all Red Sox Fans who may be on these forums, god bless Boston, and fear the beard.

    1. gam



    2. MetaSolaray


      Well now I know one more person to get rid of...*Jolts LedZep on "The List"

  6. Joining the Chapel There are several ways to join the Order. You may seek out any officers in the town of Baile, located in central Oren, or you may approach one of the recruiters which can be occasionally found throughout the realm. Finally, you may fill out the following form, sending it through bird to the town of Baile. MC Name - Timezone - Character Name - Race - Age - Previous Experiences/Trade - Why do you wish to join? -
  7. Ranking within the Chapel Grand Prior - Codrik Green The Grand Prior is the head of the Chapel, handling both the military and political matters. All promotions to Senior Command must go through the Prior with advisory from his council. Master at Arms - Hadrian Odiare The Second highest rank of command within the chapel. Charged with the training and betterment of all men. It is the task of the Master at Arms to ensure all men are prepared both physically and mentally for battle. Commandery The small, elite council which advises the Grand Prior and Master at Arms. They assist in th
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtCY6_c6uBU Men of the Chapel "Lead by example and virtue, in service of God" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission of the Chapel The Men of the Chapel have one singular goal - to spread the Creator's will and influence by means of modeling true virtue, chivalry, and piety. To defend the Creator's servants and his word against all who would seek to do them harm. Their allegiance is first to the church, and second to the Holy Empire of Oren. ----------------------------
  9. Where the hell is your Gif from

  10. 2/10 Sadly I have not seen you before. Edit - That was for somebody else. Guess my page got messed up. 6/10
  11. Happy Birthday to our Manatee Overlord! (Sorta, Feb. 29th. That's rough buddy.)

    1. lemontide331


      freema should stop breathing IMO

  12. 7/10 I could never forget that incredible Avatar
  13. 10/10. He's Telanir, the magnificent guide.
  14. 2/10 Because I have seen you now, and don't really appreciate you rating me twice in a row.
  15. 1/10 As well. Can't say I've seen you either. (I mainly hang in graphics)
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