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  1. Drago can't help but snicker at the name "Salty Swallow"

  3. +1, am looking forward to this next May
  4. winner winner chicken dinner

  5. Like actually, this is possibly the best culture idea I've ever seen on lotc
  6. If this gets approved, I'm joining.
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  9. Character Name: Abul’Khair Batyr Nicknames: Abul Age: 34 (as of 2/15/14) Gender: Male Race: Human (Subudai) Status: Alive and well Description Height: 5’5” Weight: approx. 150 lbs Body Type: Well built, stocky Eyes: Brown Hair: Black, but he always has a shaved head Skin: Slightly tan, worn from decades of riding in the harsh wind of the steppes Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Good Personality: Friendly, outgoing, flirtatious Inventory: A sword and food, occasionally a token of affection for any ladies he may meet on his travels Further Details: Abul likes to think that he’s a ladies’ man, but they tend to be turned off by his heavy accent, his odd facial hair, and his choice of apparrel Life Style Alignment*: Neutral Good Deity*: Abul often makes references to “the gods”, but never names any names Religion: Unknown Alliance/Nation/Home: Subudai Job/Class: Warrior Title(s): He is called “Gawad” by many of his fellow Subudains, a word synonymous to “player” in modern slang Profession(s): Horseman, Warrior, Work Overseer Special Skill(s): He is a decent bowyer, rides horses very well being a Subudai Flaw(s): He is very aggressive when verbal conflict arises, but he is very often too sensitive during battle and will not kill when needed to Magic* Abul don’t mess with no magic, brother Weaponry Fighting Style: Ranged from horseback Trained Weapon: Bow, sword Favored Weapon: His pilfered magical staff that shoots fireballs Archery: Don’t know what to put here, but he uses a small recurve bow for ease when riding Biography Parents: Ablai Batyr (father) and Manshuk Batyr (mother) Siblings: Altynai Batyr (sister) Spouse: Naomie Al-Batyr Children: Unknown bastard child, Dinara Batyr (daughter) Extended Family: Too many to name, all distant Pet(s): Gawad (traveling horse), Genghis (warhorse), Kublai (other horse) History Abul’Khair Batyr was born under the light of a harvest moon. His mother was only seventeen at this time, and his father was twenty eight, as was common in their culture. The yurt of the Batyr family was cluttered with excited kinsmen and tribesmen, all awaiting the name of their firstborn child. Ablai Batyr held up his newborn son for all to see and proclaimed “Thees cheyld weel be ah greyte man wan deye! Ey naym heem Abul’Khair, ahnd he weel breeng hawnawr too’ meye naym!” As a child, Abul’Khair was like the other boys in his camp. He rode the younger horses around the surrounding plains, practiced his archery with small bows, and wrestled with his companions to draw the eyes of the girls in the camp. When he was twelve, Abul’s parents succeeded in having another child, Altynai. Sadly, his mother passed on to the afterlife after her daughter was born, leaving her aging husband to tend to the children. Ablai was a great warrior and hunter, but he had never been helpful with their son when his wife was still alive. Abul’Khair, only just beginning the process of growing into and adult, took on the responsibility of his little sister. It was him who made sure she was fed by nursing mothers in the camp as a baby. It was him who helped her as she was just beginning to speak and walk. It was him who kept watch over her for the early years of her life. The two were good friends, but Altynai did not always appreciate her brother’s motherly tendencies, especially not once she reached the age when she started catching men’s eyes. Altynai was not the only Batyr with a romantic life. Abul himself was always in the hunt for women when he was a young stallion. After the great battle of 1439 between his camp and a rival tribe, many women were widowed. One such woman, a wise, beautiful seamstress named Tajari, lived in the yurt adjacent to Abul’s. Although she was ten years his elder, Abul’Khair felt a stirring in his heart whenever he saw her. In all twenty-one years of his life, he had never beheld a woman so attractive who was actually intelligent as well. He knew that if he was ever going to be happy, he would have to court Tajari. She was very lonely, so she did not resist Abul’s advances. By the end of three months, the two had gotten together and created a child from their strong love. Before two more months passed, tragedy struck the tribe in the form of a group of feral Elves. They attacked in the night, killing any Subudai who they came across. In the mad rush to escape, Abul forget to check on his lover and their unborn child, simply grabbing his sister and riding away as quick as the horse could run. Upon reaching a friendly tribe’s camp, he finally realized his mistake. Heartbroken, he left his sister in the care of the Shamaness of the camp and rode back to find Tajari. All that remained of the camp were the brutalized yurts and the ashes of the previous night’s bonfire. He dejectedly rode back to the camp where he had left his sister and accepted the fact that he had lost his love. Many years went by and the Subudai unified (for the most part). Still, he saw or heard nothing of Tajari. Abul has moved on and is always trying to find women with whom to continue the Batyr line, but he always keeps a watchful eye out for his old love and their child. Artwork
  10. 6/10 I don't see you often ig and I don't "forum" so meh...
  11. Skype me. epix37. Yea.

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      Wow! Hey do you remember me at all? My character's name was Dwyn

  12. (OOC Details) Minecraft Name: epix37 Age: 15 (IC Details) Name: Aliestor Geminine Age: 30 Living Area: Various Manors and Estates throughout Oren and Savoie Money Situation - Poor, Middleclass, Wealthy: Wealthy Reason For Joining: I'd like to join to meet some new friends and maybe find a woman who I can be married to for more than two years. I can also bring refreshments to meetings. ((This is a real app, btw))
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