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  1. Yo rudi calm the **** down bro

  2. LotC logic "We're not a pvp server buuuut we're also going to choose the pvp mode that requires actual skill and forces you to grind vortex." I don't even fight back in pvp anymore. There's no point. Its not fun. To me, that is. I can't even imagine how miserable and dull a warclaim would be under this system.
  3. In some distant land an archaic figure shudders at the omen. "Not again." She'd huff as she took another sip of her tea. "I hate holy orders." Lily would grumble. "Just die out already. But." She'd give pause as she read the notice further. "At least it isn't the nuns." With that a small giggle escapes her, dropping her tea cup and pressing her hands to either side of her nose, as though to ensure it was still there. "At least it isn't the nuns." She'd echo to herself before rocking back and forth in her rocking chair. Absent-mindedly she'd call for her owl, sending him off with one of the not
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eP6xn8kZTeg

    It is like I am trying to speak to you
    Through a spirit trumpet
    My voice, nothing more than a vague whisper
    Too indistinct
    It makes you wonder, wonder
    If it was just the wind
    I am a ghost to you
    And you don't believe in ghosts
    But here is where I am bound to dwell
    Under your invisibility spell
    Hoping to be noticed

    It is like I am trying to reach you
    Through a ouija board
    But I cannot seem to communicate
    During the séance
    And now you got me blowing light bulbs
    All together at once

    Ooh ooh, do you see me now?
    Ooh ooh, can you hear me now?

    I'm a ghost to you
    And you don't believe in ghosts
    But here is where I am bound to dwell
    Under your invisibility spell
    Hoping to be noticed
    I am a ghost to you
    And you don't believe in ghosts
    But here is where I am bound to dwell
    Under your invisibility spell
    Hoping to be noticed

  5. *throws potion and kills player in combat Alchemy makes me snore but you have a valid point about limitations and campers.
  6. Can we bring back moderation enforced restraining orders against other players?

    1. Nectorist


      you will never escape me.

    2. HurferDurfer1


      i want the gm's to keep all idiots away from me


    3. Nug


      i need a restraining order against all staff asap

  7. From some land foreign to what he had come to be accustomed to in the last hundred or so years of life, Ratcliffe reflects. Upon Godric, upon his time within Norland, and upon the coup of the illegitimate. His hand trails along the blade at his side as he reflects upon Godric's most oft spoke words to him. "No blood, no killing." The mercy his master had shown, the first he had bent the knee to in over two hundred some odd years. His loyalty was rare, his peregrinations through the world at large even rarer. For Godric had found him hidden within that terrain where Morsgrad had been built, and
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geaySHvw5iU

    Some ancient call
    That I've answered before
    It lives in my walls
    And it's under the floor
    If this was just old news, why does it hurt so much?
    A knock at my door
    I thought I was alone
    Unaware of what I thought I needed
    I drop like a stone
    If I'm not mistaken, then I was the last to know
    And if you return for me, I'd never want for more
    You're dislocated
    Don't be like that
    And you smile when you dive in
    Like you're never coming back

  9. rukio


  10. I am the rat queen and this is my favorite profile on lotc.

    1. JoanOfArc


      I like rukio

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      wtf Little__Lady is the real rat queen

    3. rukio


      @NotEvilAtAllI know for a fact you are trolling. I hold the alliance to the queen of opossums and my throne shall no be usurped by a woman of all things. 

  11. Done. I think one was missing or something from your list, but I did cite the ones included.
  12. With how Naz'therak works their Maleus would be capped at say tier three, two, one, depending on the tier of the Naz entering the Chancery since they don't have spell based tier progression but Maleus based instead, to my understanding. Ah thanks, I don't know how I missed that one. Delmo's rewrite was a solid base. A spell or two was removed, a few were changed and others were added. Two enchantments were added, Chanceries gained a bigger purpose and use, added the ability to interrupt casting, Chanceries are now corruptable again. Backstory lore was updated a bit s
  13. I forgot to mention that the Redlines are in spoilers below everything too :(
  14. Xan’s Chosen: Paladins [Art] ...They lived for the Crusade and they died for the Crusade… Foreword: I just felt that the current rewrite was lacking some of the dragon-hunter esque vibes one might expect, given their origin. Hope I didn’t offend anyone or anything, since I know it wasn’t the lore holders/people who helped them with the rewrites’ faults. They’re pretty chill and lore games really denied them what they actually wanted. I’ve tried to work with multiple Paladins to see changes we’d like to see occur, as well I asked some of the dark m
  15. rukio

    Ay, ay, Ay gang gang

    1. Goon


      OH ****? RUKI BACK???????????

    2. rukio


      Yo I'm about to drop a track too

    3. Goon


      everyone has to have a first day out track

  16. Ezyl frowns as she reads the missive, her left hand pinching at the bridge of her nose. With an exasperated sigh, she would shake her head. "Hillith." She'd hazard a guess to the cold Northern wind, teeth chattering as she does so. "I- we had this under control until idiots decided to be reckless." She'd grumble, fingers curling into a fist, the paper crumpling within her grasp. Glancing overhead with a cold, unamused gaze, Ezyl would study the sky. Snow, melting as it fell, struck her in icy droplets. This, however, she seemed to ignore as she looked for further sign of her quarry.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOCkHTCe8rg

    I heard you ******* was looking for me (***** here I go!)
    I heard you was looking for me
    If you're looking for a rat queen
    I'll **** you and all your best friends up right now
    I'm with whatever, best believe ain't been no hoe in me, ever

    I'ma **** you up better
    Little hoe can't keep her mouth closed, keep thinking she clever
    Y'all ain't dolls, y'all knock offs
    ***** you just a jump off
    Biting my ****, jump off

  18. "What a shame." Ezyl would hum out in one of their many voyages into the icy wasteland behind Haense. "I really wanted to learn what that was all about." They'd rub the side of their face idly, frowning at the strange but fascinating totem, which had, apparently, been burned since their last visit. "It were a cute farm. Can't have anything nice in these new lands I reckon."
  19. Put the profile pics back how they belong or so help me 

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