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  1. Same energy as Muffin's On Toxicity and Kindness post.
  2. I'll never understand how these new gen rando egirls think they have enough clout to try to bully people who accomplish more than they ever will.


    lol! Stay in your lane xo

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      rukio is the modern malocchio

    4. rukio


      @ShannonLeighI predate Malocchio thank you kindly

  3. Vampires will never hurt you

    1. JoanOfArc
    2. Rat Hat

      Rat Hat

      There are racist vampires in my backyard :(

  4. "I'm tired haelun. Lets head home, ti?" Mused the disguised figure of Aobh Aldin as they ascended the staircase. A slight limp of her left leg could be noted by those who watched the two depart the dwarven fortress. I can't help but feel bad for them. Trapped here against their own will Some day we'll figure out how to help them move on But for now...rest She'd muse over this sentiment on the long journey back to Elysium, back home, as plagued with war and conflict as it had been for years. She found contentment with her family, yet her thoughts lingered
  5. Ah so this is what sparked the musket post...
  6. This is a lot of effort for a shitpost, I won't lie.
  7. Some day we WILL find Crumena a wife.

    1. Orlesian



      Saint Juil'el, the high elf wife of Horen shall bless him with a nice high elf wife.


  8. Name: Crumena Of Kamees (ign:) Remeron (discord:) Heero#7850 Age: 800+ Gender: caveman Hair color: White Eye Color: Blue City of birth: God knows Favorite Animal: God knows Favorite Flower: God knows Would Marry: Definitely.
  9. Hello yes am I angry? This is bait. Hi. AMA? Wait no this isn't 2018. Don't ask me anything.
  10. Just kill Musin

  11. On another note, though, instead of just posting your signature... I wonder how the way I write my roleplay responses for Aurea makes you feel, Slorbin. It starts off fairly easy to read. Very quickly, however, though, it begins to get harder to read. By the end its usually impossible. A really cool aesthetic of ash and smoke, though. I suppose this makes me cringe though, innit.
  12. "Blood for the blood god!" Shouts a very confused Edgar from Norland, perhaps he had mistaken this as a Norlandic victory announcement. He was, after all, a very patriotic but very old man. He then hobbles off, cane in hand, to sacrifice a chicken to his paragon and praise the burning bush.
  13. R is for rukio13!


  14. But thusly, as the book call of the wild has written, "There is an ecstasy that marks the summit of life, and beyond which life cannot rise. And such is the paradox of living, this ecstasy comes when one is most alive, and it comes as a complete forgetfulness that one is alive. And so it was that she would forget what she had just uttered to her beloved friend. "Did you say something, Ani?" she'd Inquire as she bound another worm to her fishing line, watching the shoreline.
  15. Aobh smiles, nudging Anduin with a knowing look. "Times will be getting interesting soon, llir. I sense it on the winds."
  16. Conform now.

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      you first

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