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  1. Are VIP perks working currently? Thinking about donating

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    2. Tadmonster


      Naming of objects and such though? Is that working?

    3. Gallic


      having the ability to write in bold and italics is worth a small donation in my opinion


      being able to make custom items is worth something but the price is a little steep in my opinion


      but, at the end of the day, it’s to support the server, so like – it’s just incentivized donations really

    4. SoulReapingWolf


      Currently the price of VIP and the perks given to us are not really worth it. (Says the man that has donated $600) I’ve heard they are working on fixing this but maybe wait a bit?

      There are some nice perks like renaming stuff or saving skins as well as no cooldown on persona change. But they are on the higher tiers of VIP and honestly a bit expensive.

  2. Anyone know how to donate? The store link returns a 404 error!

    1. Sporadic


      yes please send money to my personal paypal and ill hook you up ?

  3. *a thin man in a white lab coat nervously approaches the bulletin board, pinning a small, simple note to it, wringing his hands and shuffling off quickly afterwards* -=+=- I am searching for a set of alchemical instruments and a supplier of alchemical reagents. Will buy or trade. Send a bird to Dr. Wolfgang Dippel. ((Tadmonster)) -=+=-
  4. *the man would go around to tear down his posted notes* ((an FM can put this in completed trade))
  5. *a wiry man in a white lab coat, wearing large goggles on his white-haired head goes about, placing parchment on local bulletin boards* -=+=- "Scientist and researcher looking for room and housing. Must have adequate room for experiments and materials. Willing to pay rent, or contribute resources to landlord. Will live in national or independent territory. Send a bird to Dr Wolfgang Dippel" ((Tadmonster)) -=+=- *he shuffles off, wringing his hands and nervously thumbing the various glass vials in his pockets*
  6. "Aye, we will get in contact, I will look at the land, and see what it beh worth. Teh horses are incredible, loads of health, speed, and jumping power. And a few fer sale. I can also provide animal or food products to trade."
  7. "Will yeh beh acceptin' trades, such as in horses, goods, and such?" Gumbo the Forest Dwarf asks
  8. Looking for other forest dwarves to make a little farm/lodge to be productive on!

  9. We need to remove the /bread plugin...it makes it extremely unprofitable to be a farmer, handicapping a profession that historically over 60% of the population participated in. We can't do /iron or /wood, we either have to get it ourselves or find someone to sell it to us, why should food be any different? Or at least make /bread give you like 3 bread so you can survive until you buy more food. We have no farmers, bc we have no need for them, but in any working civilization (that doesn't use large machines to farm), the majority of the population is in agriculture. Remove /bread>more food needed>more farmers>more peasant and field rp>more dynamic and rich experience.

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    2. Tadmonster


      It is worth noting that a couple things have been done to make the profession more worthwhile. These two things namely are the addition of caskets as a discoverable item from gathering professions, and the spoiling of food, which forces nations to not simply stockpile loads of ready to go food forever. That being said, haybales can be stocked forever (I've got a double chest myself), so starvation is hardly a problem. 


      I won't argue that the plugin doesn't have it's uses, and I often find myself eating through more than my monkbread in a day, but I think it could be scaled to balance the usefulness of professions.

    3. The Elfen Lie

      The Elfen Lie

      Eating in any survival game, getting the food is usually nothing but a chore. With /bread and the fact so many people are chef/farmers, food is easily accessible and never really been profitable. Maybe in the sense where you help supply a quota of farmed goods to a nation as a way to pay to live there, or giving back to it's community(basically not living there for free)

    4. BrandNewKitten


      I like it! ^_^ 

  10. 239 years ago today, the greatest thing in human history was born. AMERICA.

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    2. Tadmonster


      Like England. They created America.

    3. Koger


      Nah, England slaughered, raped, and pillaged hundreds of thousands of innocent Irish families when Oliver Cromwell invaded Hibernia.

    4. Irish


      those fuckers

  11. News Update: Uruks trample elf in mad rampage that follows blood moon. Now to Baltimore.

  12. As large as a horse to house sounds a little to large to be role-played properly...maybe dog to horse sized makes more sense...but that's my two cents.
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