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  1. "If a man spits on your orders and acts in his own interests, he is not your man."
  2. Floris van Loden, the acting Maer of St. Karlsburg, watched as the jagged teeth of the city's portcullis groaned before they slammed downwards, biting into the stone below. It was an odd sight, to see the gate closed. For so long, the city had been a bastion of free trade and travel, where none were rejected and all were welcome. To finally see the gates closed, and guards swarming the modest gatehouse, stirred a sense of mournfulness within him. He knew the feeling was not exclusive to him, either; a small crowd of concerned civilians, townsfolk and traders alike, had gathered near the gate with concerned faces and knitted brows. Rumours had circulated, tales of murder and war, yet none had wanted to believe. Yet the barred gate, once welcoming and now foreboding, confirmed their fears. "If a bandit kills a northman in Courland, is Courland to blame?" Floris said all of a sudden, drawing the frantic eyes of the concerned townfolk. "Are rogues who reject the will of their own king permitted to sway our foreign policy? Our diplomatic ties?" He paused, as the chilling northern wind swept his words throughout the street. "The Staunton envoy was welcomed by his Majesty, and then he was murdered by a man who could not stomach such an order - a man who went rogue." He paused at that, and then found that he had furrowed his own brow, as unbidden rage crept into his head. "If a bandit kills a northman in Courland, is Courland to blame?" he repeated, though with greater conviction this time. "Of course not. This tragic murder was carried out by nothing more than a bandit. There will be no war for that, people of St. Karlsburg. Not unless Courland thinks banditry is a valid excuse for war. No, there will be no war. Not unless Courland wants it."
  3. "I will run." The voice rang out high and clear from the modest crowd that had gathered around the platform to see the High Steward speak. The speaker briefly paused, shut his eyes and steadied his breathing as he banished his nerves. Finally, he donned a mask of stony assurance, and began to mount the platform. He was clad in his thick bearskin cloak, which made his slight form seem much bulkier and imposing than it truly was, and snowflakes had delicately nestled themselves in his sandy, windstrewn hair. "I will run," he repeated, this time with conviction. "Already, I have given my spirit to this city, along with countless hours of toil and effort. I have helped introduce the tax system to pay for the betterment of the city. I have played an instrumental role in the foundation of the city's Labour Guild, which will set fires roaring the hearts of laborers and industrialists alike across all of Haense. I have seen to the construction of countless enhancements for the city, from the windmill out on the farms to the abundance of stalls seen in this very square. My administration was curbed the demand for housing, supplying roofs for those who need them, and performing activity checks to make sure no property goes unused. Over these last months, I have served as Maer in Lord Lukas' absence, and you still see this city standing as proud and as bold as ever, and growing moreso day after day under our safe, experienced and trusted care." He paused at that, and let his words hang in the air, resonating in the minds of those present. Even the bitter wind of the north seemed to calm down momentarily, as if it did so just to allow him to speak clearly. Finally, with his heart pounding like a war drum in his chest, the cloaked man spoke once more. "I, Floris of the House of van Loden, will run for Maer. Over these last years, I have been St. Karlsburg begin its ascent to greatness. If there is one thing I can promise you, it's that I will see this ascent to its pinnacle." Without another word he turned and dismounted the platform, and the wind picked up again, whistling and wailing.
  4. The St. Karlsburg Labour Guild The St. Karlsburg municipal council is pleased to formally declare the foundation of the St. Karlsburg Labour Guild. It is the wish of both the council and the Crown that this Labour Guild shall serve as an economic stimulant by purchasing previously unwanted materials at generous prices and, as such, encouraging labourers to increase their productivity to avail of better prices for their wares and to contribute to the Kingdom of Haense. The exact functioning of the Labour Guild will be outlined below: Labourers may approach the City Manager or an official representative of the Labour Guild with the intent to sell his goods, be it stone, wood, minerals, etc. The City Manager will refer the labourer to the set prices that apply to each bulk sale of the relevant material at the time. If the labourer is content with the set price, the sale will be made. The materials will be subsequently stored within the premises of the Labour Guild itself, located at 9 & 10 Siegrad Square, until a time comes when the city has need of them. To achieve this, the Labour Guild is henceforth permitted to keep 10% of all collected taxes in order to provide an honest pay conducted for the honest work of labourers, and to encourage them to contribute to the local economy. Please be aware that, due to economic circumstances, the prices for various materials may fluctuate over time, and labourers should refer to the Labour Guildhall for exact pricing. As such, labourers from all across Haense are henceforth urged to make contact with City Manager Johan van Loden ((Parkins)) in order to avail of the generous buying prices offered by the St. Karlsburg Labour Guild and to contribute to your Kingdom today! With any questions regarding the Labour Guild or the St. Karlsburg city administration, please contact any of the following officials: Lord-Chancellor Lukas Vanir ((Pureimp10)) Marshal Prince Otto Petrovic ((NJBB)) Acting-Maer Floris van Loden ((Xarkly)) City Manager Johan van Loden ((Parkins)) High Steward Amelie van Loden ((Claireanne))
  5. + House van Loden + Strength through Unity -+- "Maybe it's true," Laurens said softly. "Maybe Lodenlanders can never truly have a home." From atop a grass Crownlands hilltop, Floris van Loden watched as titanic pillars of black smoke clawed and choked the sky, tainting what had once been a golden morning sky that had been marred only by a few wayward streaks of white clouds. Now, however, the black had turned the morning sky into a twisting vortex of black smoke, and though it could not be seen yet, thanhium dust. "Curse of the Lodenlanders," said Laurens van Loden once again, who stood beside Floris with his arms crossed over his lean chest and a stern, unreadable expression worn on his ageing face of sharp, proud features. The pair of them stood upon an isolated, gently-sloped hilltop some miles out into the rolling green plains of the Crownlands. A solitary, slender-trunked chestnut tree crowned the hilltop, and as a chilling wind swept through the plains, the spiny, leaf-dappled branches of the tree sighed and sang. Their horses, Floris' milky-skinned gelding and Laurens' jet-black stallion, stood picketed to the trunk, occassionaly neighing and prodding the springy grass with their hooves. As Floris watched the great columns of smoke rise into the sky, he almost envied the horses, and how they were oblivious to everything that was happening. "I ... I never thought this could have happened again," Laurens went on, and sighed stiffly as the wind toyed with strands of his ashen-grey hair. "It ... it's never going to end, is it?" Floris opened his mouth to answer, but as he looked to the source of the unrelenting smoke, his voice turned thick and the words caught in his throat. Johannesburg, once the beating heart of the Holy Orenian Empire, had once stood like a colossal beacon of stone, coronating the land for as far as the eye could see, and yet now it was nothing more than a crater - a blemish on the earth it once crowned. Even now, Floris could still see the distant siege camps of the Coaliation as their disgruntled soldiers packed away their siege equipment and began the long march home, but that instilled no feeling in him. He simply felt hollow as he watched the spot where he had once called home. Perhaps that had been his mistake - after all, Lodenlanders were not meant to have homes. "Sometimes, I wonder what the point is," came Laurens weary voice. "Why carry on, if we are only to be met with this fate each time? To be settle down somewhere, a place we can call home, only to have it robbed of us? Perhaps we truly are cursed, Floris. Cursed to be without a home 'till time's end." Finally, Floris spoke. His voice was thick, and a lump had formed in his throat, but, spurned by the burning ruin of the city, he forced the words out. "Curses can be broken." With that, a solemn silence claimed the hilltop, broken only by the sound of the chestnut tree swaying and the whistle of the morning wind as it swept across the grave of the Empire. Eventually, after what felt like an hour, Laurens spoke, in a coarse voice, "But can broken men be fixed?" Floris did not answer. Instead, he balled his fists, and wrenched his eyes from the smouldering crater. Without a word, he marched towards their horses, and began to undo their tethers. "Floris?" Laruens queried with a knitted brow. "Where do you think you're going?" "To break a curse," Floris told him, and suddenly, his trademark smile, full of mischief and jest, returned. "Are you coming, brother dearest?" Laurens only smiled. -+- + Introduction + In succession to the renowned House of Bracchus, a forgotten culture of mercantilism and opportunity has shaped a worthy candidate to further carry the torch of servitude. Finding union in our shared cosmopolitan values and a thrive to succeed, we shall find a home in our people regardless of our place or status. Our chapters of diaspora once formed our weakness, but through its hardening we made it our strength. House van Loden, formally House de Ruyter, is a family of Lodenlanders, a travelling culture renowned for their inability to truly find a singular location to settle down, leading to a feeling of misfortune and neglect amongst the family. Yet it is that family that has tempered their mettle, and strengthened their resolve - that resolve being to succeed, to survive, and to find a place they can, once and for all, call home. -+- + Origins & History + + Early History + -+- + Johannesburg + -+- + North and South + -+- + Northern Migration + -+- + Culture & Customs + -+- Thank you for taking the time to check us out. If you're interested in joining on on this family roleplay, message me here on the forums.
  6. Minecraft Name: Xarkly Skype ID: sparklexarkleTime-zone: GMT.Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions: No; my soul is untarnished. Where do you grab inspiration from: I've played all the run-of-the-mill games and books that you probably read about on every single application, but my favourite source of creative inspiration is, cheesily enough, myself. I've always been enamored with the concept of creating something, be it a place or a culture or whatever else, with no outside influence and shaping it into something original and unique. Creating something from the depths of my own mind is always my first preference; when it comes to borrowing elements from X book or Y game, I almost feel kind of restricted because I really just like realizing my own ideas. That said, though, I don't really have anything against taking tidbits from something else if the situation calls for it. Despite that, however, I'm actually really looking forward to the chance to try out some of this community's unique lore, which can, I feel, be sorely undervalued at times. So my own ideas and the server lore would probably make the bones of any event I was to host. Content that I would feel comfortable taking inspiration from would consist of what I consider to be story-telling masterpieces, such as the Witcher trilogy, in particular the second installment, the Wheel of Time book series, the lore of Dark Souls, nearly exclusively the first installment, and Evoland 2, a game that manages to pull off an extremely complicated plot very smoothly. What are your current list of characters, and are you willing to sacrifice any: My only active character is Floris van Loden, a minor noble involved in the administration of St. Karlsburg, and yeah, if needs be, I'll sacrifice him (just for you ;) ).What race, or group, do your events best cater to: I'm mainly involved in human roleplay, but I don't see myself performing events exclusively for them. Actually, one of the things I think I'd enjoy about being a member of the Event Team is being afforded the opportunity to make events for each aspect of the community, and using each race's unique lore. Again, I'd probably feel pretty restricted if I was tied to doing events for just one group. I feel like I'd also be able to make universal events - events that players could participate in regardless of their race or association. In fact, I feel like there could actually be a niche for cross-race/faction events. For example, races that are traditionally enemies are forced to work together to overcome whatever challenge. What do you believe are they key factors for a successful event: Organization & Planning - If I was to decide to do an event, my first port-of-call would be to fully plan it out, from where the event was going to start until where it was going to conclude. I'd personally consider having a fleshed-out and structured plan to be the backbone of any successful event; I'd have a clear direction in mind, so that I could guide the event in that direction without allowing any delays, which would only serve to kill the event's momentum. Atmosphere - Events are, in their own right, stories, and like a story I feel like they need a gripping and ensnaring atmosphere. Instead of the participants half-heartedly typing up a response every few minutes, I'd aspire to have them on the edge of their seat, fully engrossed in what's happening and eager to see what's about to happen next. I feel reasonably confident that I'll be able to achieve this, through the use of my elaborate, flowery descriptions and with a little bit of ambient music thrown in the mix. Groovy. Flexibility & Player Choices - This ties into my first point of Organization & Planning. While I do think that a proper plan is absolutely essential for a successful event, I also believe that leaving that plan open to some flexibility is almost equally as vital. While the event would have been structured and planned by me, I'm also aware that roleplay isn't just one person telling a story; I want to see the participating roleplayers making some impact. If they were to act in a certain way or do something in particular that would divert the event from its originally-intended path, I'd be ready to cater to this by making the roleplayers feel like their actions matter while also progressing the event. I feel like I can achieve this by planning multiple routes through pre-planned events, and perhaps even multiple endings. 'Different' Events - I mentioned earlier that I like creating unique and original concepts, and this is something I really want to bring across in events. While there's nothing wrong with the tried-and-trusted events like fighting off some undead or hunting down some big bad monster and getting showered in loot, I've always personally favoured a different approach. My favourite types of events, books, movies, etc. are those that are not black and white, but make the participants think about what's going on, and the choices they make. I feel like an event could be a lot more fun and meaningful if players are forced to consider their actions and know wonder whether or not they're doing the right thing. I'll showcase an example of this in one of my scenarios below. What strengths would you bring to the team: Initiative - I can see this being one of the core strengths required by a member of the Event Team, and I'm fairly confident when I say I can exhibit this quality. After I get taught the logistics and the basics, since I'm a total noob at LOTC staff things, I shouldn't need any encouragement to go out there and either organize events for specific factions, or track down some poor, oblivious players and spring an event on them, or maybe just ask over global OOC if anyone would like for me to host an event. Regardless of which method I act through, I feel like I have the initiative to do so actively. Accessibility - I'd like to be able to style myself as a member of the Event Team that literally anyone from any faction could approach and request an event. I'm not very well known at all among the community, but as a result of that, I have no enemies and no negative reputation, and as such I feel like people would be able to ask me for events for anything at all, and I'd be more than happy to facilitate them. Cooperative - I have no issues with working as a team to pull off some events, and I'd be happy to contribute plenty of my own ideas for said event, or help other people execute their own ideas. Typically, I do work reasonably well on teams, though I don't have any examples to cite here on this particular community, unfortunately. But I do take pride in my ability to communicate openly and honestly, which leads to my ability to work pretty well with a team. Patience - I have an abundance of patience, which is mostly as a result of no-life grinding on certain games (thanks, Runescape). Because of this, I'm fairly well equipped with dealing with any frustrating situations that might arise when hosting or organizing and event, though obviously I hope that's never the case. Regardless, it's definitely a boon when dealing with any tedious scenarios. Commitment - Once I decide to sell you my soul, I'm probably not getting it back. So basically, once I fully invest in hosting or organizing an event, I'm going to aspire to get it done, no matter how long it takes. Leadership - If the need arises for me to lead a group effort to organize an event, for example, then I'd consider myself pretty competent at getting it done, between communicating with all members involved and delegating the required tasks needed in order to fully prepare the event. I'd also be certain to consult everyone involved before making any solid decisions, so as we can really preent the event as a true team effort, rather than one person's work with a handful of modifications done by others. Self-Appraising - I'm unsure if this is the right word to describe what I mean, but it's best surmised in this quote; "If you want to serve the age, betray it". After an event, regardless of whether it goes well or not, I'll make an earnest effort to fully analyse how it went, from my personal feelings about it and feedback from the players involved. Following that, all that feedback will be taken on board and it'll be considered when I get around to planning my next event. I'll do my best to make sure any mistakes that were made in the past again, and if anyone has suggestions, such as more combat/loot or whatever else, I'll also be inclined to listen to them, and adjust the subsequent event if the circumstances allow it. Why do you want to be part of the team: Several reasons, the most prominent of which is that it'd simply be fun. I love to write and create my own ideas and themes, and being able to share that hobby with other roleplayers through events that I get to orchestrate is something that really appeals to me, and I genuinely think I'd have a great time doing it while at the same time other people to enjoy my events and have fun. Secondly, as of late, I keep seeing a lot of people asking in global OOC 'where's the RP at?' or claiming, 'there's no RP anywhere'. While I do try to offer to roleplay with some of these people, what I'd honestly love to do is set up a little event and help increase activity during GMT hours, when a lot of other players in American timezones would still be at school/work/college and roleplay would be running a little dry. Additionally, I do enjoy roleplaying on this server, and it's given me some good memories and a great pastime. Because of that, I feel obliged to help out the server and do my part to try and improve it and make a more fun and enjoyable place for everyone. Since my talents would mainly fall under helping out through writing and performing events, I feel like I'd best be able to contribute to the community a a member of the Event Team. Finally, as I mentioned in the question related to which groups I'd best cater to, I'd really love the opportunity to fully explore all the rich and unique lore of the various factions and use it to craft an event that would not only explore the lore and history of that specific race, but other races could participate in order to learn more about a culture and race different from their own. I feel like, at times, the lore can be sorely overlooked by some players, and I think it'd be both cool and fun to help spread awareness about some of the lore via some events - but naturally, it would be executed in a way that didn't overwhelm players with information and cause them to lose interest. Create three distinct event scenarios based on the servers lore that you would organize: Beauty or the Beast In Too Deep A Darker Passion How long do you plan to be able to work on the team: For however long as you'd have me, I guess. I'm a fairly active GMT roleplayer, though come the holidays and weekends I'm more than happy to stay up and cater to events more suited towards American timezomes, because who really needs sleep anyway. Though, if I do become inactive for whatever reason, I'll be the first person to call it out, and if I'm unable to fix that, I'll gladly step down. So I don't have a particular time in mind, so I'd just be happy to remain as a member of the event team for as long as I can and want to.Tell me a joke: What's the difference between the Titantic and my ex-girlfriend?
  7. You still have my details, and I'm happy to continue working an adviser for new human players. The couple of people who've sought me out seemed pretty grateful for a hand, so I definitely recommend you keep going with this great initiative. I'd actually recommend you urge new players to seek out this assisstance.
  8. Tell me I'm pretty
  9. -+=+- 16th of the Grand Harvest, 1596. For over a week, the doors of the St. Karlsburg Administration office remained locked and sealed, and not a soul was to be spotted passing through its solitary threshold. For over a week, the High Steward and his diligent subordinates convened around a mound of parchment, each one of which bore different handwriting, the content consisted of only one of two possible names. For over a week, the Stewards determined who would become, or remain as, the Maer of St. Karlsburg. By the time the doors of the office swung open to admit the High Steward back onto the snow-white streets, the city had nearly become used to the suspenseful feeling that seemed to grip each political conversation, and gossip, most of it about attempted assassinations, seemed to have run dry. Yet the High Steward ignored the excited whispers and stares from the townsfolk as he pulled his bearskin cloak tightly around his shoulders to ward off the unrelenting cold. A cold had already gathered in the square, and the High Steward had to avail of the aid of two Royal Brigadiers, and several muttered apologies, before he could reach the platform. There were no podium present now, and no polling boxes - the High Steward stood on his lonesome, overlooking the trodden snow of the square, and the townsfolk that hurriedly piled into it as news of the elections results traveled as swift a Haense's wind. Yet as the square seemed to fill, it seemed to become more quiet, as the townspeople hushened one another before their eyes snapped back to the High Steward, awaiting the elusive result. It was not until that the High Steward could hear the distant whipping of banners in the wind, and his own heartbeat, that he finally sucked in a breath of icy-air. "By the grace of King Marius, please give your blessings to Lukas Vanir - Maer of St. Karlsburg." -+=+-
  10. 7th of the Grand Harvest, 1596. Haense seldom knew summer; the High Steward was well aware of that fact as he took to the streets of St. Karlsburg in his heavy bearskin cloak, only to be greeted by the chilling bite of the wind. By the time he reached the square, snowflakes had nestled themselves in his windstrewn hair. With a solemn, flushed face, he approached the central platform in the heart of the city, where a crowd of cloaked townsfolk had gathered, all of them wearing eager faces and anticipating eyes. The High Steward mounted the platform, where two boxes had been positioned on two slender podiums, their surface powdered white by the snow. There was a small slit in the top of each box - just large enough to fit a sheet of parchment. The High Steward stood betwixt the two podiums, and turned his muddy-brown eyes on the crowd. For a moment, a tense silence claimed the square, broken only by the whistle of the wind, before the Steward gestured to the boxes. "Begin." ((Voting will close at 3AM GMT/10PM EST))
  11. Is gut guy, ja. +1
  12. +2.
  13. Is the S or C silent in Scent?
  14. If Buzz Lightyear didn't believe he was a toy, why did he freeze everytime a human entered the room?
  15. "I hear Johannesburg is nice this time of year."