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  1. Rimetroll Eventline: The Trolltryst A Rimetroll in the Rimeveld Oxx, Chief of the Rimetrolls, sighed. A Trolltryst was meant to be a joyous occassion, but today certainly was not one. The Rimetrolls of the Rimeveld were the last surviving clan of Trolls - for good reason - and a Trolltryst was a meeting of their entire people. The Rimetrolls had inhabited the Rimeveld for centuries, but these meetings had only ever been called four times; the first was when they had first invented the Trolltryst, and decided on the name because the th
  2. With a weary sigh, Konstantin sagged back against his office door as he closed it behind him. He could still smell the smoke of the pyre, wafting it through his balcony, and the usual din of Karosgrad seemed muted tonight. He remained leaning against the door for a long moment, before he sighed once again and ran a hand through his iron-grey hair. He trudged across the paper-strewn floor to his liquor cabinet, and picked out his favourite vintage of Wick Wine; his Outhouse Brandy. A few moments later, he stood on the balcony, overlooking the buildings of Karosgrad glow
  3. Snail Owner: Konstantin Wick Snail Name: Slicky Wicky Residence: Nikirala Prikaz
  4. Letter to the Aulic Court Regarding Trials KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by THE OFFICE OF THE PALATINE On this 11th day of Tov and Yermey of 355ES VA VE JOVENAAR I HAENSE, The Office Palatine sees fit to refer to the Aulic Court on the composition of trials, specifically trials with a need to be done quickly and efficiently in circumstances where three Jovenaar may not be available. The Palatine is thus considering several possibilities, including 'citizen' and 'non-citizen' or 'flight' trials: the former would
  5. god who woulda guessed telanir would yet again lead a team to ruin; Anyway that's a shame sorry to see you go; take care and thanks for your work.
  6. Ok yeah this is what I was looking for. This is different from the example you cited from the rules, because you specifically cited some kind of wrongdoing or violation of an agreement. Having a defensive agreement with another nation is not a violation, nor is that nation getting attacked unless you're included in a three-way agreement with your allied nation and the attacking nation. The Rules need to be amended to reflect this because it's not at all clear that an alliance with no violations will get you a CB. We've discussed why raids are usel
  7. This is still loaded with presumptions here and that's my issue. An ally being able to participate in a war is contingent on the presumed existence of these circumstances that just aren't always going to exist. A war having already happened with a requirement is a circumstantial presumption in the same way it is in the treaty example I listed above. This is circumstantial response to a general concern as to how allies can actually participate in a war with this silly 2 tile limit. If you remove your circumstantial examples, we're still left with no guidance as to how an ally inter
  8. My point is that, in response to concerns about allies joining a war, you cited AW as a solution to this. However, this is a completely unrealistic solution because if I'm Norland and I have a treaty with Elvenesse and then Krugmar attacks Elvenesse, I don't have a treaty with Krugmar to be violated and I'm not included in any pre-existing treaty with Elvenesse or Krugmar that might or might not exist. Where is my CB coming from here? There is no violated treaty pertaining to me, the ally, so the rules don't encompass me at all. It seems to be an even bigger void in an offensive war given the
  9. 1. Neither of these imply with any specificity that an ally somehow gains a CB for this, and the second one just plain doesn't make sense - 'violated treaties or diplomatic agreements' doesn't apply to an ally of a participant. Let's use a defensive war as an example here to show why this is nonsense: what treaty or agreement is being violated in the context of the ally? They don't necessarily have any kind of treaty with the attacking nation, so nothing to violate there, and if the attacking nation is violating an agreement with the defending nation (which will not often be the case) then the
  10. 1. The section on Amendment Wars don't mention anything about gaining a CB in the event that an ally is attacked, especially because it doesn't really fit with the criteria for n Amendment War that is provided. You can't reasonably expect this to be inferred, because it's contrary to the traditional approach to alliances and wars. Not that this traditional approach is right or wrong, but this needs to be explicitly outlined. 2. The range is still absurdly small; it should really only apply in enemy territory (or a neutral nation who refuses access) directly cuts you off from your a
  11. I might be blind but I can't find this mentioned anywhere in the rules and this is an absolutely major clarification.
  12. This goes beyond 'no coalition wars' (which itself isn't really a reasonable objective); it effectively renders diplomacy and alliances null and void unless they're your neighbour.
  13. I'd need a tile map to say this conclusively, but from what I recall about tile sizes the 2-4 tile limit for allies to participate in war feels like it negates the point of international alliances unless that nation is right next to you.
  14. Sir Konstantin Wick eyes over the Terms while on the chamberpot that night after a spicy Prikaz curry. "Bloody good read," he mutters as he finishes.
  15. LETTER TO THE ROYAL DUMA REQUESTING A LEGISLATIVE BILL KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by the OFFICE OF THE PALATINE On this 11th day of Joma and Umund of 352ES VA VE HERENZ I VE DUMA, The Aulic Council, at the behest of his Majesty Koeng Josef, does beseech the lords and elected officers of the Royal Duma to consider legislation and regulation of natural resources found throughout the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, especially those of rarity, and whether access to such resources such be subject to restrictions imposed by the Cro
  16. Letter to the Aulic Court KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by THE OFFICE OF THE PALATINE On this 8th day of Wzuvar and Byvca of 351ES Va ve Jovenaar i Haense, Following consultation with His Excellency the Lord Justiciar, the Office of the Palatine sees fit to defer to the Aulic Court for a legal opinion on the following: Section 212.04 of the Haurul Caezk prescribes that the Jura i Krawn and matters of the military are not subject to Legislative Bills of the Royal Duma: 212.04: Legislation 212.
  17. OFFICE OF THE PALATINE 203: The Palatine 203.01: The Palatine (Naumarian: Palatin) shall serve as permanent minister on the Aulic Council tasked with the role of head of the Aulic Government, serving at the will of the Crown and referred to as ‘His Excellency’ (Zir Valtry) or ‘Her Excellency’ (Ziy Valtry); -Ve Haurul Caezk The Office of the Palatine, headed by the Lord Palatine or Lady Palatine, oversees the functioning of His Majesty’s Aulic Government. Unlike the other Aulic Offices, the specific duties of the Office of the Pa
  18. FIRST HAESENI AULIC ASSEMBLY KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by THE OFFICE OF THE PALATINE On this 4th Tov ag Yermey of 351 ES VA BIRODEO HERZENAV E EDLERVIK, In the name of transparency betwixt the Aulic Council of HRM Koeng Josef I, and the people of Hanseti-Ruska, the first town hall assembly is called forth to occur in the year 352 ES. Such is done and hosted by the Aulic Councillors so that the government may more openly communicate the concerns of the people, and further answer their questions brought f
  19. Christiansen-Wick Solicitors send a letter advertising their services to the Defendant.
  20. IGN: XarklyCategory: Creative WritingArtwork: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WM2zftJxYIbIraSc16RY4JWSi5nkA9u36IIg8KWpT9c/edit?usp=sharing Creative Writing Entry: The Last Victory The Aegis midlands Start of the Thirty Year War Music: “Horses,” Arivand called mildly from his saddle. “I -ah - y-yes, lord!” his squire, Ollen, stammered and fumbled with the unwieldy warhorn. “Quickly now, boy. During the battle if possible.” “Y-yes, right away, lord!” Ollen was too young to be on a battlef
  21. is server down

  22. probably the worst possible outcome i’m not shitposting but can you please stick to your designated expertise and let someone who’s sufficiently experienced in recent community management and actually engaged with the community do this please you are absolutely not suited to the role of community admin telanir
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