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  1. merchant


  2. merchant

    [Complete]Hiring Miners

    [!] A poster could be found in Felsen, Riga in the docks
  3. merchant

    The Gentlemen's Club! [Hiring Servants, Guards and Entertainers]

    Adam sighs and then mummers under his breath "I should of paid more attention ta tha bloody taxes.."
  4. merchant

    Storm-Sword's Mercenary Company

    IGN: underwhereknight RP-Name: Xander Volaire Do you hold any prior faction allignment: I do not. Are you willing to dedicate your life to the Storm-sword: I am. Do you understand desertion or breaking your contract mean's execution: I understand. Skype (Feel free to PM it): Relin_lord
  5. merchant

    The Silverblade Bannermen

    In Character Name: Lotz Boi Age:20 Race: human What are your professions and talents?: good with a sword, good with PVE Previous military experience: Body guard of a king in a small Kingdom (Loopshire) Do you agree to follow the Oath of Allegiance?: Yes Out of Character MC Name: underwhereknight Do you have skype? (Not Required): No Do you have teamspeak? (Not Required): NO