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  1. [!] A poster could be found in Felsen, Riga in the docks
  2. Adam sighs and then mummers under his breath "I should of paid more attention ta tha bloody taxes.."
  3. IGN: underwhereknight RP-Name: Xander Volaire Do you hold any prior faction allignment: I do not. Are you willing to dedicate your life to the Storm-sword: I am. Do you understand desertion or breaking your contract mean's execution: I understand. Skype (Feel free to PM it): Relin_lord
  4. In Character Name: Lotz Boi Age:20 Race: human What are your professions and talents?: good with a sword, good with PVE Previous military experience: Body guard of a king in a small Kingdom (Loopshire) Do you agree to follow the Oath of Allegiance?: Yes Out of Character MC Name: underwhereknight Do you have skype? (Not Required): No Do you have teamspeak? (Not Required): NO
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