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  1. Should Religious Roleplay Get Land Next Map?

    There shouldn't be any reason why 3 holy groups can't get together and get enough activity going between followers and the group members themselves to get a sizeable plot of land for a city or w/e you wanna build like Devirad has.
  2. Should Religious Roleplay Get Land Next Map?

    I'm not saying they should just be given a plot of land because they happen to be part of a certain group, they should still go through the same process as everyone else.
  3. Should Religious Roleplay Get Land Next Map?

    Some people might say no right off the bat but if we take a look at Devirad I think it's a good example of what may be possible when certain groups get together to create a RP hub. Not an advocate for either just tossing that out there. I think if they got a center for holy magic it could create some interesting rp and even some interesting dynamics between certain groups. It might just be what you need.
  4. Moderation of Server Related Chats

    The only time that a chat medium should be under scrutiny by administration is when there's cyber bullying taking place. As other people have said though it'd be pretty easy to make a throwaway account. The bigger problem though seems to be the toxicity and pure...well I hate to put it this way but infantile ooc smack talk that's taking place on the server. I got call retarded 2 times the other night because I missed an emote...pretty sad. Been on the server for several years and I've never seen it this bad before.
  5. Victims of Illusion

    Erendriel writes to those who placed the pamphlet. "The perpetrator has been apprehended, his name was Ikail Runebrooke. I had him tested with an Anbella Rune where he admitted to such along with a multitude of other crimes from poisoning to kidnapping. We have him locked up and alive. Feel free to send me a letter. ~Erendriel~"
  6. What the Hell Does a Mina Look Like?

    LOL, 5 years and nobodies ever asked this question. It's a good question. Everyone is saying gold thing you know people will be throwing mina at ghosts. XD Should probably consider something else.
  7. Anybody else having trouble with Authentication when you join the server?

    1. Slayy


      Nope, seems good for me.

    2. Esry


      You're not alone.

    3. SeventhCircle


      You gotta wait till it gets to the last ten or so seconds its a bit borked atm :\

  8. TOP 5 LOTC RACES (Triggered)

    This guy already has half as much content as the media team did. Don't get salty it's a joke, but not really.
  9. Space; From Within the Void

    lies, the space elf race will rule supreme
  10. Frost Witch Recruitment

    Glad to see this kind of outreach.
  11. "Strange times in Haelun'or." Erendriel would note before tossing the pamphlet aside.
  12. Archiving Recent Threads

    3 months was the going rate, better than 2 at least.
  13. On The Voidal Mage: Strength and their Connection

    This is exactly what mages need. +1
  14. [Bounty] Voidal Distrubances

    Erendriel reads over the pamphlet "I could probably find enough people for this. If nobody else has I'll attempt it." ((Is this rp, pve, or combo? I'd prefer RP.))
  15. Space; From Within the Void

    It's really the next antagonist.
  16. [Recruiting!] The Coalition of Knowledge

    OOC Information MC Name(Required): Wendigo22793 Discord(Required, can PM me.) Wendigo#1590 IC Information Name: Erendriel Race: Mali'aheral Age: 206 Reason for Joining: I wish to study the arcane with colleagues of equal skill, I also wish to further study the use of Circles a creation of my own. In my interview I'll tell you more about this unique aspect of the voidal arts. When can we meet for an interview?: I can meet within normal times over the next two elven days. ((EST I can meet anytime Saturday or Sunday or even tonight for that matter.)) What role do you seek? I'd like to discuss this personally upon my interview.
  17. [Sensory Illusion] [MA] Ethel Rose

    Here we go, take two.
  18. Removal of the LT director

    An 'official' reason would be more appropriate instead of guesswork based off chats or wherever else your information is coming from. If he doesn't have a legitimate reason for removing 4 very good writers than he was in the wrong and clearly biased. I'm not second guessing you or saying you're wrong, I'm just saying if he can't come up with clear evidence that's more damning, obviously. So as I said if the community wants public disclosure on the matter, and the 4 involved don't mind, then we should be allowed the courtesy of an explanation.
  19. Removal of the LT director

    Fair enough if what you say is true. I do recall Wills comment. That being said and if such is the case then the people removed probably wouldn't mind a public reason for why they were removed.
  20. Removal of the LT director

    It concerns me that both sides have been publicly quiet about it.

    What's your opinion of taking the manatee off the endangered species list even though it being there in the first place was a hoax?*Rages internally*
  22. I seriously can't remember the last time I saw somebody, actually I don't remember ever seeing anybody going around with plate armor wielding a sword whilst shooting off electric and fire evocation.
  23. Ah, correct me if I'm wrong but being already connected to the void removes one emote. IE you connecting to the void? If that's not the case and it takes the same amount of time to draw, cock, and release what's the point of literally carrying around a glass piece of your soul?
  24. Roast me

    You moderate a Minecraft server.