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  1. Apostate

    The Day Alderyn Burned

    Alaric rubs jus hands together.
  2. Apostate


    A distant warrior, resting on the seas, reflects. Bringing his hands to his face, he silently mutters, his form shaven of all restraint. "Enough of this wicked madness. I am sick of it." He clenched his digits, crumpling the missive as if the throat of another; human, elf, scowling as he did it.
  3. 6dfcd9613b6a76b89526e9d684bcbcef.png


    Willing to do both, Oli?

  4. Looking for a skin maker who would be able to make a set of armour. Paying £ / $. Price negotiable privately – i’ll provide references.


    Send me a private message on the Forum for more information.

  5. Alaric roars in Elven, shreds the missive apart and leaps into the sea.
  6. Apostate

    LotC 16 Personalities Test

    So I’m apparently a turbulent Logistician.
  7. Apostate

    [PK] A Twisted End

    it's true that you have acquired intelligence deficiency shade syndrome, then
  8. Apostate

    A Final Farewell

    Alaric silently dips his head - although being too far away from civilization to mourn the loss of a brother. "I will only surrender to mourning when I see his damned body."
  9. Apostate

    Advocate Elenore for Okarir'tir

    “This one will do something.” A father reflects – one who knew them, once.
  10. Apostate

    Character Recommendations

    I'll talk to you about one you could play in two months. Forum PM me for my discord.
  11. Apostate

    The Archbishops Response

    A soldier on the sea takes a swig of his drink whilst reading the responses, before immediately spitting out his drink. "Gah. Salty."
  12. Apostate

    The Archbishops Report - Demons Among Men

    A soldier on the sea, far away, nods quietly at the events that have passed. "A crusade in the making - only, I will not be there to see it." He scowled, pocketing the report begrudgingly.
  13. Apostate

    A Map of Arcas

    What a beauty.
  14. Apostate

    Atlas Epilogue