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  1. you were a good, good man and now, you're finally free godspeed, Eric
  2. homosexual scale for 3 people of your choosing from 1-10 it is a requirement that one of them is me, and one of them is you
  3. i sell pills outside the **** (k 1 k 3) shelter
  4. Another, one of warring, haunted conviction, stood within his keep. He peered toward his bride as they viewed the missive. Inclining his head, he stared toward a dusty tome, laid aside, with a sheaf of pine inlaid with scriptures of yore bound within it. Slithering lips whispered old memories to the soldier – old friends, old foes. He placed his hand upon the tome, wiping the dust from it. “Bring the gates down. Prepare for what must be done, my wife.” Alaric muttered, to no-one in particular.
  5. merry new year and a happy Christmas
  6. send an image of the cursed watermelon hat.
  7. i'm not going to bother with the long talk as an unbiased player who has both a presence in the discords of 90% of relevant nations that have existed before atlas or arcas, this type of talk is unnecessary and both sides have prattled on about things that are entirely irrelevant to this acid law (which I have my own qualms about) here I come with a solution to fix both your problems: real-life accurate acid lore, for different types of acid, how they are naturally produced in nature and how primitive chemistry (ALCHEMY, bear in mind) can help form some of them without pulling a pool of acid out of no where and having no chemical degradation over time, no world accurate effects for the corrosive abilities, or any chemical specifications for how it both affects it's environment and how it's environment affects it's efficacy, et cetera. essentially, this will result in no questions being needed to ask any longer pertaining to the effects of certain acids. i can't think of any huge flaws off of the top of my head - and for those of you who think that Haelunor's acid is no longer simply a method of execution but a universal political statement to their enemies, let this solution perhaps be the thing that stops acid from being a political statement, and instead a tool of science. Acid should not even have LoTC unique effects. I think that Amayo meant this, when she stated that Acid shouldn't have lore anyway. Whatever its effects are must come with the respective flaws, too. Let's just get back to Science - there is no need for convoluted acid lore, nor unnecessary arguments where OOC perspective and IC perspective are one thing. This is a server where we each play a role in some massively complicated story spanning close to a decade. @Alpheus Take this criticism how you will. Do what you want with this, but you know my opinion, now.
  8. An old, Canonist soldier eyed this flier with great scrutiny. “Oh.“ A wave of realisation came upon him, unknown to the unwashed masses.
  9. An old soldier grunts, wandering the planes searching for the accursed red-splashed helms.
  10. everything that has been stated here in the comments I agree with for the most part really doesn't require much thought, if you remember the axios days dark mages were shunned so much OOC (it was not only IC, those who state otherwise have an incredibly moot point) that they made Devirad, a culmination of all unholy edge going back to these days with a whole 'we counter dark mages specifically' rather than specifically dealing with the problems that pass your sight / get in your way on a case by case basis as any normal non-toxic individual would do is something I do not exactly like to see suggested you're supposed to be a holy warrior and a guardian of the innocent, not a warmongering hunter seeking the heads of the evil no matter what he has to do where both sides choose to actively antagonise one another with roleplay that can be done well and achieved easily, there is no opportunity for a tug of war - there is only wholehearted communication between said two parties creeds and tenants should be applied not only to the dark but to all things on a case by case basis you have my discord if you want to talk about it @Fury_Fire
  11. loved your holy posts genuinely read every word it will be sad to never read them again
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