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  2. yeah as long as they can't make ******* Ice Cream otherwise, looking forward to it.
  3. 1, 2, 3, 4 - how many jorah mormonts are in my store?
  4. Nice and simple. How are Shades and their Amber to interact with Fi’hiiran’tanya? You state that Shades and their altered Amber, as well as Blood Mages with their genus, are not impacted by the Iconoclast mists. It’s not clear to me what would transpire when a Fi’ mage and a Shade, or a Blood Mage, were to interact, one curse and another, against each other.
  5. god be fucked please do not ruin lord of the craft with some ersatz sutican bootleg version of the marked men and the Witcher
  6. you were a good, good man and now, you're finally free godspeed, Eric
  7. homosexual scale for 3 people of your choosing from 1-10 it is a requirement that one of them is me, and one of them is you
  8. i sell pills outside the **** (k 1 k 3) shelter
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