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  1. Apostate

    Ford's Skin Shop

    https://gyazo.com/501dc389883ffbdce8b2874c7d35f9b9 dark metal for the shoulder plates and gauntlets as well as arm protection + chainmail and a dark coloured tabard, alongside black, simple militia boots - fit for a tanky character of great size to be made without a head in order for it to be attached to my character's head
  2. what do you think of what lotc players have had to do in order to eradicate a persisting presence of some kind of antagonistic group within their nations and groups in the past and what do you think should be done to prevent this mindless looping of killing the enemy until they don’t want to play any more – what do you think should be done instead?
  3. This, right here, says it all. Also - I thoroughly believe that online relationships always mostly end up in shambles. If you're in a long distance online relationship with someone, get out of that situation as quickly as possible. At least try to meet your significant other from time to time. Online relationships are extremely unhealthy and one of the most stupid and volatile things to pursue. What you know a person by online is probably not what they're like in real life. If you can't see each other face to face, please, do something to fix it.
  4. In the distant lands of the south, a stalwart Alaric quietly slumbered, a courier bearing directive conveying to the Father the matter. He visibly twitched, his tone growing gravelly, harsh as he roared, his manner heretofore idle, now wroth. He clutched a Cross of Lorraine, the ground figure piercing his thick, pale hide. “A great loss.” He barked.
  5. /itemcache claim No clue about a moderator claiming it.
  6. This has happened to me too, I can say that this is because of some kind of rollback. However, the entire chest was wiped because of the usage of the /evict command, which puts all of it in Stormcloak’s eviction itemcache. This isn’t really a bug, more of a fault of a rollback that caused it, your items are in his itemcache as far as I can tell. Evict commands return all of the items to the lock owner.
  7. Really? No, seriously. Have you ever tried RPing an ordeal of that size? It would be a mess and a total failure. Once again, I can see the hypocrisy strong within this thread, within your response. In the exact same post, you call out how LoTC is seemingly so toxic, when you throw an incredibly insulting and toxic statement my way. How despicable is that? I thought that I could understand your inexperience on this server, but the response you’ve cobbled together is so inept that it goes beyond childish and into the realm of pure stupidity. You’ve already made it clear that you haven’t been on this server long enough to actually try many, if not any, of the things that you’ve mentioned. It’s laughable how arrogant you are. Quit it.
  8. the aesthetic feel is a little much @Keening
  9. I’m not fond of all of these self-righteous posts about how Fenn, Haelun’or and Urguan have not acted well to Llyria. Let’s put ourselves into the boots of our characters. If you hold numerous dark presences within your nation, do you really expect people to be okay with it? Dark Magic is not liked by many people because of the malevolent nature of it. There are numerous notorious dark mages who live at Llyria. People also think that the Mali’achikr were friends to Llyria, because they were staying on their tile. Some people don’t like that. Guess what – they act on their judgement. That’s how this war came to fruition, and those self-righteous asses who seem to think that this is down to ‘PvP Goons’ are pots calling the kettle black. Hypocrisy, I see, is strong in this thread. I have no part in this war IC and OOC and I’ve been able to observe both sets of communities and both sides – and frankly, this behaviour is childish. You cannot run away from problems that you bring upon yourself ICly. Both the drastic ‘PVP kills yet another community’ statements and the insulting statements thrown from individuals who are opposed to each other inside of a roleplay game are all childish. Just quit it. I doubt this post will be listened to. In any case, I’ve got the popcorn. We’re about to have a jolly good time.
  10. "Aren't you a cultist?" A random, irrelevant elf comments. "Demoness."
  11. [!] A courier bears a simple letter, addressed to the head of the Elven Blacksmithing Guild. “Hail, Kairn. I wish to join the ranks of the Elven Blacksmithing Guild, for I am a veteran of this ancient practice. Send through letter your response, old friend, for I wish to swiftly join your Guild. Alaric.”
  12. Alaric scowled, his idea for a tourney stolen from the hands of the Kaedreni.
  13. What do you think on the current situation with Charter activity requirements, considering how much activity you’d need to spawn in order to keep your charter? Should it be lowered by 0.25, or 0.5, for each? When are you going to PM me on Discord? I miss you, man !
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