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  1. Alaric provides a sufficient signature by shoving his blade through the parchment. “That will do it.”
  2. Another elf, too, imagines this. He can, however, conjure this image – one that haunted him for a few brief moments. in all seriousness, this is all jokes and fun
  3. Apostate

    IP adress

    I can’t find that on NameMC, however, nor can I find james200256. Check your Minecraft Username, @Jd200256, and put it here. A member of the staff team should be able to sort this out for you, and once they do, you can log on.
  4. Apostate

    IP adress

    It’s not the IP. Are you sure that your Minecraft Account Username was spelled correctly in your whitelist? @Lirinya did your application. Your Minecraft Username in your whitelist seems different from the one you’ve displayed, which is supposedly JD200256.
  5. Apostate

    IP adress

    What is the error displayed when you try to log in? Screenshot it, and post it here. IP is: mc.lotc.co
  6. Alaric silently, bitterly, shakes his head in seas beyond, rueing the loss of the soldier.
  7. New Tab’s fine.


    As @Jake! said, just add those to your friends list who you’re looking see if they are online or not. 

  8. Disney+ is coming soon. Check that out when that comes over. PM me for my PayPal, too, if you want to thank me.
  9. Contact TarreBear, provide your username and the forum account you want linked and be online when she asks for you to be in order for her to connect it. That’s all that’s needed, so that should fix your problem so long as you give her all of the information required and are present for when she does it so that the command can go through.
  10. where have you been


    still at Massive?

  11. Same offer as in the old forum post. PM me if interested, I can provide my Discord for us to talk further.
  12. Solomon lays down his hands from the sea beyond. "I am proud."
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