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  1. english isn’t my mother tongue and i say things better than this
  2. five star general keaton also logs out of combat i see
  3. the sarcastic staff team remarks that are sent in status updates torture me eternally

  4. An elderly elf remarks that 'Kamees' means 'Thursday' in an obscure middle eastern tongue.
  5. I feel like it’s time. While my time on the server may have two to three years in my presence, it's been one that's been greatly impactful on my online presence. I've been here for a long time on my character and have met many people who I still respect, some of who I still talk to. Call this an extended hiatus. I don't know when I'll return, or if I ever will, but over the next few weeks my presence will slowly become less noticeable, before finally being extinguished. I'll tie up any loose ends I have before then. I've lost my drive to play on the server, but it's time to walk. Everyone who I still speak to – you know who you are. I appreciate all of you, and you’ve all been friends through thick and thin. I’ll likely stay in contact.
  6. i didn't get reviewed for admin

  7. "I will be betting on this one. 5000 Minas." A man grunts.
  8. Myself, @Trinn and many others still have locked vaults. We have reached out to @FlamboyantTyrant on many occasions and have not received responses. What is there to explain this lack of response pertaining to our locked vaults? Back in April we were told that our vaults would be unlocked within a few weeks. It’s now September.


    If any of you know anything different about the Vault situation, please comment. Otherwise, if you’ve still got a locked vault, please speak up here. I intend to make a forum post raising this issue in order for all of us to acquire our vault items in a swift manner. This hasn’t been touched upon for ages.

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    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      tbh i think next map will come and you still won’t have your vault items lol

    3. Ruibrium
    4. z3m0s


      Ohh thanks for the tag @christhemythical yeah I’ve received absolutely nothing from my vault, sure some of it conflicted with lore changes but many of it I should of had months ago. I understand being busy etc but to not have our belongings for months into a new map. . . I just don’t understand. I’ve basically come to the conclusion that I won’t ever get any of those items back and I’ve basically been wiped of precious belongings my character has carried for irl years which is very upsetting.

  9. Apostate

    Arcadian Tides

    Alaric arms his warship, preparing to sail past icy shores to make it to the Arcadian Tides.
  10. goodbye my son

    1. Callum


      Gamer down. I repeat. GAMER DOWN!!!

  11. Apostate

    Ford's Skin Shop

    https://gyazo.com/501dc389883ffbdce8b2874c7d35f9b9 dark metal for the shoulder plates and gauntlets as well as arm protection + chainmail and a dark coloured tabard, alongside black, simple militia boots - fit for a tanky character of great size to be made without a head in order for it to be attached to my character's head
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