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  1. HardstyleRaver2

    Sable Principality of Vira'ker Land Charter

    I’m signing
  2. HardstyleRaver2

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    Let me guess, they were the Sutican Order clerics in which kollu was leading, and they were dealt with already. Healing a leg takes a lot more emotes than 2-3, and it's powergaming to do so. Anyways, I'll talk more on the healing subject later.
  3. Can we have a moment of silence for the largest PvP server is about to be shutdown on June 11?

  4. HardstyleRaver2

    Travel Distance Feedback

    What roadside RP? I don't see any. If it was the size of Athera, I would be perfectly okay with having no fast travels. However, travel times are extremely ridiculous.
  5. HardstyleRaver2

    Travel Distance Feedback

    Add fast travel please.
  6. Having no FT in this map is an awful idea.

    1. oblivionsbane


      Name the good ideas of this map

    2. Chryasor


      No FT is fine, but don't put the cities 2000 blocks apart, put them closer. And dont remove FT, put half the cities 1500 blocks away, and allow freebuild so there's moer settlements the there are players online.

  7. tfw the closest HEMA club is 4 hours away.

  8. Anyone know a good skinner for kilts?

  9.  The hated boss who beats you down, and beats you down, and never lets up... Yeah. Big bad Guzma is here!

  10. tfw you can't connect to the server.

  11. What's the most active human nation/settlement?

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    2. Chthonian_



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    3. Snoop
    4. DarkElfs


      Ok, I'll have admit yes Belvitz not to bad actual had few fun RP moments about the place. I usually go there late times for myself and the server and there still quite a few players about.

  12. HardstyleRaver2

    [Complete][Finished] Two items for sell/trade

    An armored mali'ker has walked up to the seller with a rather large sack, ringing of what's possibly be an absurd amount of minas. He would nod silently towards the seller before handing her the bag when she had shown him the sword. Then, she would hand him the sword to him, and he would make further inspections on it as he removes the sword from its sheath. "Hmmm..." He hums. "It's nice looking sword. It'll be perfect for my collection. Ahernan for it, I really do appreciate it." Then, he would simply walk away as he slides the blade back into its sheath.
  13. HardstyleRaver2

    Selling unique items and oddities

    A letter has been sent with a blueberry seal to it. "Karin'ayla. You have peaked my interest, and I wish to take a look at the items." It had Alakagh's signature at the bottom.