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  1. HardstyleRaver2

    Holy Healing Is Bad

    Let me guess, they were the Sutican Order clerics in which kollu was leading, and they were dealt with already. Healing a leg takes a lot more emotes than 2-3, and it's powergaming to do so. Anyways, I'll talk more on the healing subject later.
  2. Can we have a moment of silence for the largest PvP server is about to be shutdown on June 11?

  3. HardstyleRaver2

    Travel Distance Feedback

    What roadside RP? I don't see any. If it was the size of Athera, I would be perfectly okay with having no fast travels. However, travel times are extremely ridiculous.
  4. HardstyleRaver2

    Travel Distance Feedback

    Add fast travel please.
  5. HardstyleRaver2

    The Dominion Insider Vol. Two

    "Clerics have not fallen" Alakagh would shake his fist angrily in the air after reading the article. "I swear that this newspaper has a problem with us."
  6. Having no FT in this map is an awful idea.

    1. oblivionsbane


      Name the good ideas of this map

    2. Chryosaurus Rex

      Chryosaurus Rex

      No FT is fine, but don't put the cities 2000 blocks apart, put them closer. And dont remove FT, put half the cities 1500 blocks away, and allow freebuild so there's moer settlements the there are players online.

  7. HardstyleRaver2

    The Dominion Insider

    "I've been living the Dominion since it has been formed. I've even honorably served in the dark elven military Div'cruan and the Archons for elven years before retiring from these duties. Why would I even rise against the Dominion since it has been my home? I have friends and family here," said Alakagh as he's reading the newspaper. "The ferals are such a worrying issue."
  8. tfw the closest HEMA club is 4 hours away.

  9. Anyone know a good skinner for kilts?

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    2. HardstyleRaver2


      I'll contact him.

    3. Fawb


      I know @Dewper did a lot of the Daelish skins

    4. TJBMinecraft
  10.  The hated boss who beats you down, and beats you down, and never lets up... Yeah. Big bad Guzma is here!

  11. HardstyleRaver2

    Nice to Meet you!

    Welcome to the server.
  12. tfw you can't connect to the server.

  13. HardstyleRaver2

    Completely revised VA proposal (Feedback encouraged)

    I think that villain blacklists should be just enforced more harshly than to have VAs return. VAs were pretty much a disaster.
  14. HardstyleRaver2

    Necessary Changes To The Rules.

    Okay, let's not have the VAs return, since they utterly failed in my opinion. Instead, villain blacklists should be enforced a lot more.