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  1. The Shores Are Bleeding

    Alakagh would accidentally fall off of the wall when somebody tried to rush him down in order to cleanse the dragon.
  2. Do you know the way?

  3. Ugandan Knuckles Art Store

    Ugandan Knuckles Color: Dark Gray with Blue Eyes Queen of Choice: Da Queen do u know da wae: I no de way bruddah
  4. What kind of magic that would let you make music?

    1. hexx


      sensory illusion.

    2. The Fire Mind

      The Fire Mind

      your hands are the best magic

    3. HardstyleRaver2


      Oh, I got some interesting ideas. Just imagine a magical version of a DJ.

  5. Anyone know the command to get ownership for the horses?

    1. Hyena


      you sit on top of them repeatedly until you see hearts

  6. Looking for Someone to Play a Dark Elven Child

    Alakagh would be totally devastated and disappointed.
  7. People need to learn some HEMA RP

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    2. HardstyleRaver2


      Then, we must teach them it. It'll make them better at combat RP.

      Edited by HardstyleRaver2
    3. Ambduscias


      i'm of the opinion that it's better to look at the actual historical references and mock fighting, HEMA is a bit context blind 

    4. HardstyleRaver2


      Well, we can all agree that spins and flips are utterly stupid.

  8. I'm looking for someone to play as a daughter of a cleric and a shaman. Her name is Vermth Kaldasa Uuthlini, and her parents' names are Alakagh Uuthlini and Z'raeth Oussana. She also has a brother who's an adult by elven standards named Maladem Uuthlini. The Uuthlini clan members usually dye their hairs blue and currently reside in the dark elven district of the Dominion of Malin.
  9. MC name: HardstyleRaver Character's name and age: Alakagh Uuthlini. 205 years old Character’s Race: Dark elf Link to your accepted magic application: What magic(s) do you desire to teach?: Tahariae Clerical Summarize the Lore of this Magic: The cleric must pray to Tahariae in order to establish their connection with him to use the spells. Unlike void magic, the cleric's physique is not affected by their connection to Tahariae; however, the cleric will become exhausted if using their connection too long, depending on their experience. Clerics use emotion while connecting. Priest Healing is geared towards healing wounds and purging poisons, diseases, certain curses, and taint from the patients body. Priest healers can also purge taint from the land. However, there are things that clerics cannot heal like regenerating eyes, tongue, and limbs. Since Priest Healing could also affect taint negatively, it can harm any dark beings like frost witches; however, it's not lethal. The light of priest healing is usually warm and calm to the patient. War Clerical is more chaotic and unstable than priest healing. The spells usually have a lethal effect on taint and can be used against dark beings to kill them. War clericalism usually takes advantage on the cleric's sheer anger towards the impure beings deemed by Tahariae. If the war cleric stays connected for too long, he'll have a risk of falling unconscious. Holy Alteration involves with blessing objects and the creation of wards. Blessed objects can assist the cleric in a way that makes their spells less taxing and straining for the cleric. A blessed weapon can be harmful to an impure being. Any object can be blessed except for liquids, gasses, and organic matter like a Descendant. A blessing from the cleric can be as powerful as the tiers from the War Clerical and Priest Healing spells, which means a tier 2 alternationist’s blessing would be similar to a tier 2 war clerical spell. Blessed weapons will have a charge and would have a number of uses, which means that they don’t have an infinite power. They would need to be recharged once they’re out of charge. If they haven’t been used for a while like an elven week, they’ll lose their charge. Wards are similar blessing objects except that the cleric is applying it to the land. At maximum, wards can be as big as a village for a tier 5 alternationist. Clerics have to decide whatever to make either the ward bigger and weaker or to make the ward smaller and stronger. It would take quite a bit of sessions to make it bigger and stronger. Each cleric must abide by the Five Tenants. If the cleric has been discovered to break one of the tenants, he/she will face disconnection from their colleagues. A cleric should shelter and protect his/her brethren, cannot stray from his/her faith, shall guide the lost, shall not kill, harm, or spill the blood of the innocent, and if he/she abuse of his/her gift and punishment shall fall to him/her. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): Alakagh would stand firm and straight behind a table with his arms crossed as he watched his new student enters in the room. There was a dirk on the table that appears to be in really good condition as if it had been taken care very well. “Karin'ayla, my fellow Brother in training,” greeted Alakagh. “It's good to see that you've arrived for your lesson about healing cuts on your skin. If you would please, come stand by the table.” He gestures for the student to come over. The student slowly nodded and would approach towards the table. “Just to warn you, I'm going to teach you the same way that Hesh taught me because I believe that hands on experience is the best way to learn. This means that I'm going to give you a slight cut for you to heal it to give you a demonstration. Then, I'll give myself a cut for you to heal it. Do you understand?” Alakagh commented. The student would give Alakagh a hesitant, nervous nod. “I know how you feel. I was a bit nervous when Hesh gave me this lesson,” Alakagh would clear his throat. “Anyways, let's get this lesson started.” Alakagh would remove his gauntlets and places them on the table, revealing his ebony arms. “First, you should relax yourself. Second, you must pray to our Lord, in order to establish a connection with him. You must concentrate on making that connection and don't get distracted! If you don't focus hard enough, you may lose that connection. Anyways, you will focus the light into your hands. Then, you place your hands near the cut and let the light pour into it. You need to imagine the condition in the skin before it was cut and apply that imagery to the cut. After you're done, you should cut the connection. By the way, you'll probably be extremely exhausted or even faint after you're done with this simple healing. You will even feel the drawbacks while using our Lord's great powerful gift. By the way, your healing will leave a scar, since you're starting to harness our Lord's gift,” Alakagh lectured. “Anyways, let me give you a demonstration. I'll give you a cut, and I'll heal it.” Alakagh would pick up his dirk. “If you would please, place your hand on the table.” The student would ever so nod nervously and would place his arm on the table. Alakagh picks up the dirk and makes a slight cut on the student's finger. The student winced, and the cut would barely bleed. After placing the dirk on the table, Alakagh closed his eyes and would intake a calm breath before breathing out. He would begin to softly murmur a prayer, “Oh, Tahariae, Aengul of Purity. In Thy divine eyes, I'm only mortal dust, but Thee have chosen me to fulfill Thy wills. Let me assist this student, so he can fulfill Thy will as well. Let this be a testament for Thy will.” After finishing his prayer, a light, calm breeze would begin to blow from Alakagh gently as his hands would glow a brilliant blue light. He would slowly place his hands over the cut and let the light pour into it. The student would soon feel an incredible warmth and a sensation similar to insects crawling towards the wound. After the light faded away and the breeze dissipated from existence, the student would notice that there would be no trace of the cut, and Alakagh would let out an exhale with a very slight hint of tiredness. “Now, you should try,” said Alakagh as he picked up the dirk. He winced as he give himself a slight cut on his index finger. “I believe you can do it.” Do you have a Teacher App you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: I have no other TA. Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: This is my first time.
  10. I miss you so much

  11. Unjust Dues

    "It's sad to see a mali'i dies," sighs melancholy an armored mali'ker. "If only the parents took care of him better and guide him to the right path, this wouldn't ever happen to him."
  12. I can't believe it crashed in the middle of an important RP

  13. When are we arriving at Atlas?

    1. drfate786
    2. TeaLulu


      did any1 bring a map my gps isn't getting signal out here and ihave no idea what direction we're going