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  1. natsu120

    [At] Jaybleezy/gonart At Application

  2. natsu120

    Callax's MAT Application

    +1 good roleplayer
  3. I am a addict to milk, please send help!

    1. Jordan1921


      Imperial milk drinker, for the Stormcloaks!

    2. natsu120


      but really i need help

  4. natsu120

    Sitting Chair Crash

    Hi im trippyemokid and i was at the Emerald Crescent in the wood elf city, and i don't if its just me but when i go up onto the upper lever of seating and sit I'm fine but when i want to get out and press shift it disconnects me from the server Hope this helps out and fixes any bugs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_JvZmAgd_M
  5. Should i stay or should i go?

    1. iMattyz


      The thresh prince can make that choice by himself.

  6. natsu120

    Is The Server Down?

    this is my first reaction when it happen.