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  1. IGN: Cordial__ RP NAME: Dwalin Irongut CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  2. After an initial investigation, The High Courts of Urguan have deemed that the Morul-Brynaelda Honor Grudge has been called upon with an ambiguous basis, with no clear assailant in the greater situation. Let it be set in precedent, in perpetuity, that the generalized slander of one's character in a private setting is not cause to enter your grievances into the hallowed book that is the Book of Grudges. This grudge shall not be entered into the Book of Grudges, and Morul Irongrinder is instead implored to seek justice via a fair trial under the High Courts of Urguan for the charge of Slander, a
  3. Dwalin took one look at the letter, grumbling under his beard "Tax es theft."
  4. "Ok." says Dwalin after reading this.
  5. Never thought I'd see a thread I relate with more than this one. I was diagnosed with ADD in 2nd (US education system). For the span of 10 years after that, I was almost forced took a drug called Vyvanse for it, which is sort of a lesser known (at least at the time it was) version of Adderall. As time went on, the drugs that doctors had insisted I take to fix my attentiveness were making me extremely depressed. By the time I got to High School, it seemed like everyday was the same for me; I'd get up, go to school, and then go to bed. My social life tanked, and because I couldn't co
  6. Dwalin claps from his office upon reading a copy of the missive
  7. I am also banned for the same reason, but instead the logs are from ~7 months ago, I was given no notice about the ban I received, and I have no proper way to defend myself about something that happened 7 months ago. Smh.
  8. Dwalin Irongut, upon hearing the news, would quickly read over the news once again, disbelief filling his thoughts. After a few minutes of sitting in deathly silence, he’d raise a glass of ale. ”Farewell, cousin. Ah can onleh ‘ope tuh live up tuh da legacy yeh left behind, but ah know ah’ll seh yeh soon en da halls ov Khaz’A’Dentrumm.”
  9. IGN: Cordial RP Name: Dwalin Irongut Candidate: Jorvin Starbreaker
  10. Dwalin Irongut nods upon reading this, and looks harshly amongst his fellow Magistrates. He’d take a quill, dipped with ink, and begin to write a letter to be charged for every dwarf that should read it ”Let it be known that the High Courts of Urguan find this grudge ultimately justified and approved, and find the Rexdom of the Krugmar entirely responsible for the actions committed today on dwedmar soil, for the cost of dwedmar blood. Yemekar save their souls; Mercy will no longer be shown. Justice will prevail.” Signed, Dwalin Irongut, Chief Justiciar of the High
  11. Cordial__


    Your application has been put on pending, as some changes need to be made before your application may be accepted. In order to be accepted, please make the following changes: Both your powergaming and metagaming definitions need to be expanded upon; You need to add more detail to them. Below, I will link to our wiki where the definitions can be found, for you to look at for reference as to what your definitions should look like. Remember though, do not plagiarize! https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Metagaming_%26_Powergaming Your character’s backst
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