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  1. “Nice, “ comments the Governor-General.
  2. I appreciate that you’re able to admit mistakes were made and to move past them.
  3. Another note is sent in reply. So you hate dogs, but you are a cat. You are a cat supremacist. That is quite disappointing. I re-iterate my earlier statement: please see a therapist. 8 Manston Road City of Helena Holy Orenian Empire
  4. A note is dispatched via courier to the author of this missive. An address is listed as well, for a reply to be sent to, though the letter appears to be anonymous otherwise. Is it self-loathing if a literal animal-human hybrid calls a human a dog? You are literally a dogman. By calling him a dog, you are implying that being a dog is bad, and you are therefore insulting yourself. Please go to therapy. 8 Manston Road City of Helena Holy Orenian Empire
  5. is anyone gonna fix this mess


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. CrazyBigSpiders


      I’m sure one of the SEVEN admins will get around to it eventually. tfw when you have 1 admin for every 2 mods.

    3. Lyonharted™


      @Llir pls

      do I need to apply to be a web dev again

    4. Llir


      thats not where those go! i’m not sure where they /do/ go haha

  6. The clerk began to read off the roll call and tallying the votes. He then concluded after all members had casted their votes, bringing the enumeration to the presiding officer. IMPERIAL SENATE 6th of Harren’s Folly, 1750 Confirmation of Sir Frederick Armas, KHE as Secretary of Intelligence AYES Baruch Basrid Callahan de Antunyes May Napier Rutledge Wright Mr. Armas is confirmed by the unanimous consent of the Senate. At the conclusion of the vote, Senator May read the tallies, “On this vote, the AYES are eight and the NAYS are zero. The nomination is confirmed.” The Senate President pro tempore then took the tallies to verify them, “Without objection, the nomination is now confirmed. I now proceed with unanimous consent to inform the Archchancellor of the Senate’s action.” He then took the gavel and adjourned the sitting. Penned by Sylvester IV Gabriel Halcourt, esq. Undersecretary of State for Civil Affairs
  7. Please actually do make a professions system and custom crafting again. Make it less grindy. I loved the old custom crafting so much and it allowed us to have special items. Like actually making chainmail armor. It was just so neat and unique. I really think it enhanced the experience. Obviously make it not grindy. That was everyone’s complaint. Edit: Also you’re doing great and we love you.
  8. HIRING NOTARIES, CLERKS, AND OTHER PERSONNEL FOR THE DEPARTMENT of CIVIL AFFAIRS TO THE PEOPLE OF HELENA, Are you in need of work? Down-sizing got you feeling down? Itching for a new gig? Look no further, dear citizen, for the Department of Civil Affairs is hiring staff. Some of the job duties of these personnel will include: Taking minutes at meetings of the Imperial Senate, then conferring with the Office of the Senate President to ensure the record accurately reflects the dialogue; Assisting in data collection to ensure that peerage rolls, rolls of arms, and other documentation of nobility is up-to-date; Administration of the census across the realm, including announcing the census in major cities or meeting with relevant leaders from across the realm to encourage them to help advertise the census; Drafting correspondence, edicts, or other documents at the behest of your superiors; Otherwise, generally assisting the Civil Affairs staff in their day-to-day duties as prescribed by superiors. Make sure to apply if interested. Note that these staff may assist the Secretary, Undersecretary, or the various Assistant Undersecretaries in their duties. Depending on performance, individuals may in time be promoted to an Assistant Undersecretaryship, or even higher, in the future. Your obedient servant, Sylvester VI Gabriel Halcourt, esq. Undersecretary of State for Civil Affairs [Please fill out the application on this post if you are interested in joining the Department. Questions? Message me on Discord at Lyonharted#0001.]
  9. IMPERIAL SENATE 8th of Horen’s Calling, 1750 A VOTE CONFIRMING THE APPOINTMENT OF MR. JOSEPH CLEMENT DE SARKOZY AS SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR AYES Basrid de Poussey May Rutledge Ruthern NAYS none ABSENT Callahan Illiquin Wright The Senate does therefore confirm Mr. Sarkozy’s appointment. Penned by Sylvester VI Gabriel Halcourt, esq. Undersecretary of State for Civil Affairs
  10. Where do I report bugs to the dev team? /r is broken as fk

    1. Lumii


      they’ve been told about the issue several times in the past few weeks 

    2. ReveredOwl


      Been broken since they changed the chat plugin, been reported tons of times but it still happens

    3. Lyonharted™


      It also behaves differently sometimes. It used to just switch who /r sent messages to if you had multiple people who messaged you. /r first sends it to person A, then /r again to B, then A, then B, alternating. But today it started just breaking completely.




      That was /r to a person who just messaged me and was online at the time.



  11. Why are you back so soon this time? Only been 8 months, you’re way ahead of schedule.

    1. Lyonharted™


      I’m an orphan so the holidays are very boring and dull. Infinite free time during winter break from uni. Usually I’ll spend time with friends or what have you but I went thru a tough breakup and all my buddies went off for vacation or back home to their families this year. orphan + free time + friends away – gf = mineman escapism

    2. lev
  12. Does this imply a retcon of Johanessburg? It says they can’t be made into explosives.
  13. A New Candidate for Mayor of Helena TO THE GOOD CITIZENS OF HELENA, Hark! Sons and daughters of the Empire, our great imperial city once more is presently engaged in the fine tradition of electing its own leader. We are privileged and honored by the Emperor’s grace to enjoy a degree of autonomy within the local government of this great City. Alas, our current Mayor is not seeking re-election. Hence, we are pleased to announce... Vote Cecil V Halcourt for Mayor of Helena in two Saint’s Days. Local elections officials have spread word that the election will take place in two Saint’s Days at Varoche Hall, across the street from the tavern, in the Vesian fashion. What this means is that you must show up to Varoche Hall at the designated time, and voting will take place then and there. Cecil’s victory will surely be announced by the end of that night. (Click here for the post with more information on the election. It will be held this Sunday, Dec. 29th @ 5pm EST) If you have questions, comments, or inquiries for the good man who will surely be your next Mayor, you may visit 8 Manston Road in Helena to chat with him or a member of his campaign staff. You may also tack replies to this poster and we will send a response via courier posthaste. Yours sincerely, Cecil V Halcourt Candidate for Mayor Sylvester VI Gabriel Halcourt Campaign Manager Boudewijn Haas Campaign Advisor
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