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  1. Posters are hung all around the Empire. O Imperial Patriots, Applications for the Saint Adrian Society remain open. Some of this first batch of applicants will be welcomed into the first pledge class soon. Please apply as soon as possible if you have interest in being in the founding class. Your obedient servant, Victor Simon Halcourt, Jr. Advisor to the Saint Adrian Society
  2. A courier hand delivers a letter to each applicant. @KaiserJacobII @Hanrahan @Taketheshot @CharmingCavalier @Valecius @Viggen92 @ApplePieKathy @DarkWrath94 @sergisala @SortedJarhead @Minuvas @MCVDK @Jentos @Fie @DelaneyG @Salvius @Sprinkles @KamikazeReaper @AndrewTech Dearest applicant, Thank you. We have investigated your credentials and find them satisfactory. One further requirement for admission must be met. Please attach a letter of recommendation from a superior or from another who can speak on your expertise with authority. In the event that you do not have one or do not possess support from a superior, an endorsement from a Representative or Grandee in the Imperial Diet will suffice. These should be at least a few sentences and demonstrate that the endorser knows you well enough to vouch for your character. In the event that you secure your letter of endorsement, you will advance to the next stage of recruitment. Based on investigations I am conducting into each of you, 15 of the 19 initial applicants will be selected for admission into the Saint Adrian Society. Those 15 applicants will meet posthaste for the initiation ceremony and from there the good conduct and daily business of the Society shall commence, particularly a legal meeting to draft, revise, and finalize the Charter of our good Society. I am ecstatic at your interest and eager to work with each of you for the betterment of Our Empire. The best among you, based on credentials and endorsement, will be selected. You may submit multiple letters of endorsement if you see fit. May Saint Adrian offer us the expertise to succeed in this endeavor and may Providence lead us ever onward toward Enlightenment. Thank you, Victor Simon Halcourt, Jr. Advisor to the Saint Adrian Society [@ someone who can write a forum reply recommending your character.]
  3. Charter of the St. Adrian Society, 1840 the IMPERIAL SOCIETY of SAINT ADRIAN of LEUVARDEEN as organized by the MINISTRY of CIVIL AFFAIRS Pictured - The Old Imperial Association's 1821 Convention Preamble Throughout the history of the Empire, the Crown has at various times commissioned various creatures and instruments of the State whose task is to advise His Imperial Majesty's Government. These bodies have taken various names, functions, and styles. In Johannesburg, an advisory Imperial Diet, precursor to our modern legislature without any of its power, filled this role. In Helena, the Imperial Everardine College met to offer its sage advice. More recently, the Crown has authorized the Imperial Association, which has met a few times to fulfill this role. These institutions have proved insufficient. Therefore, in order to serve the Empire and provide good advice and counsel to our Government, the Ministry of Civil Affairs dissolves the Imperial Association. In its place, we charter the Saint Adrian Society, which will fulfill the legal requirements for an imperial scholarly association. This Society will hold conventions of scholars, experts, and other advisors who will submit summary findings in accordance with a convention agenda crafted in conjunction with Crown and Government. Further, it will support, advance, and promote scholarship and academic excellence among the Imperial citizenry. Chapter I — Governance SECTION I. THE SOCIETY ADVISOR Subsection a. There shall be an Advisor of the Imperial Society of Saint Adrian. Subsection b. The Advisor is a neutral organizer of conferences, elections, and other activities. Subsection c. The primary goal of the Advisor is to ensure the Society remains stable and active. SECTION II. THE SOCIETY PRIOR Subsection a. There shall be a Prior of the Imperial Society of Saint Adrian. Subsection b. The Prior is elected per Chapter II by Society members in order to lead, coordinate, and supervise its activities. Subsection c. The Prior is the chief executive officer of the Society and works with the Advisor to achieve its goals. Subection d. The Prior may, with written approval of the Advisor, create, amend, and delete ad hoc officer positions. For example, the Prior could create a secretary, a treasurer, or other officer position as they see fit. Subsection e. The Prior may select Society members to appoint to these ad hoc officer positions. SECTION III. THE SOCIETY VICE PRIOR Subsection a. There shall be a Vice Prior of the Imperial Society of Saint Adrian. Subsection b. The Vice Prior is elected per Chapter II by Society members in order to assist in governance of the Society. Subection c. The primary function of the Vice Prior is to coordinate event planning activities. See Chapter III. SECTION IV. THE SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP Subsection a. The Advisor will review applications to the Society and grant them on a temporary basis until a time in which the founding members can create a comprehensive membership policy that meets the goals of this Society. Subsection b. The Council of State, Imperial Judges, and members of the Imperial Diet will have honorary membership in the Imperial Society. Chapter II — Elections SECTION I. CANDIDACY DECLARATION Subsection a. Members may submit in writing their intent to run for the Priorship of the Society when an election is declared. Subsection b. Five signatures evidencing support from other members for their candidacy will enter their name onto the ballot. SECTION II. OFFICER ELECTION Subsection a. The Prior of the Society shall be elected by a plurality of votes. Subsection b. For a vote to be valid, the Advisor must verify all current members have submitted their votes. Subsection c. The person to receive the second most votes in a given election will serve as Vice Prior. Chapter III — Activities SECTION I. THE SOCIETY CONVOCATION Subsection a. On a quadrennial basis [every 4 real-life weeks], the Society shall host a Convocation. Subsection b. This will be a meeting of its members who will engage in Society meetings. Subsection c. The Council of State shall, at their discretion, submit agenda items to the Advisor. Subsection d. The Society will review these agenda items and submit summary suggestions, expert counsel, and other documents or thoughts as pertinent and relevant in order to facilitate its function as an advisory body of scholars and experts. Subsection e. This shall be a public event, but order will be maintained in order for the functions of the Convocation to not be disrupted. Addendum I — Forms SECTION I. MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION Any Imperial citizen may submit this form [reply to this forum post] to be considered for Society membership. An example of how to fill out this form is below for your convenience. THIS CHARTER IS A DRAFT & WILL BE AMENDED, FINALIZED, SIGNED, AND RATIFIED AT THE 1ST CONVOCATION. AS AUTHORIZED BY Victor Simon Halcourt, Jr. 1st ADVISOR of the ST. ADRIAN SOCIETY MINISTRY of CIVIL AFFAIRS
  4. Mobile forums seem to be bonked again. Cannot access the main forums, login, or access the side menu on mobile currently.

  5. Victor sheds a tear as his dearest friend's retirement begins. What the future held for the two old farts would be unclear.
  6. An invitation was sent to Victor's dearest friend, Eddy G. But it arrived late. Heartbreaking. If he checked his mailbox, it would be there now.
  7. A WEDDING IN PROVIDENCE, 1797 To the people of the Empire and beyond, It pleases the Barony of Artois to announce that our Baron is engaged to the fair and industrious Lysistrata of Santegia. The couple will be wed and their marriage sanctified later this week. To mark this occasion, the ceremony will be held within the walls of the Imperial City of Providence at the cathedral. The following parties, including their kin and pedigree, have been sent special invitations due to their closeness to one or the other betrothed. Outsiders are also welcome. HIM Empress Anne I @DreamInSpace and HIM Emperor Joseph II @Hunwald HIE The Archchancellor Jonah Stahl-Elendil @Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth HIE The Vice Chancellor Franz Sarkozy @Nectorist Mr. George Kovachev @Esterlen The Rt. Hon. Magistrate George Galbraith @MrChenn1 HE Secretary Dmitri Orlov @BogsBinny HE Director Arnaud de Ruyter @Naj [The wedding will be at 5 p.m. EST on Friday at the Basilica in Providence.] ✝ IN NOMINE DEI HIS EXCELLENCY The Secretary of State for Civil Affairs & Baron of Artois Victor Clement Halcourt
  8. Victor Halcourt rubs his hands together. "We are lucky that our leaders are such stalwart defenders of liberty in these trying times. I am hopeful, " he remarks to his brothers. "Now, let's find somewhere to stay." @LithiumSedai @SprinklyPants @Publius @DevoutChorale_
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