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  1. Mobile forums seem to be bonked again. Cannot access the main forums, login, or access the side menu on mobile currently.

  2. Victor sheds a tear as his dearest friend's retirement begins. What the future held for the two old farts would be unclear.
  3. An invitation was sent to Victor's dearest friend, Eddy G. But it arrived late. Heartbreaking. If he checked his mailbox, it would be there now.
  4. A WEDDING IN PROVIDENCE, 1797 To the people of the Empire and beyond, It pleases the Barony of Artois to announce that our Baron is engaged to the fair and industrious Lysistrata of Santegia. The couple will be wed and their marriage sanctified later this week. To mark this occasion, the ceremony will be held within the walls of the Imperial City of Providence at the cathedral. The following parties, including their kin and pedigree, have been sent special invitations due to their closeness to one or the other betrothed. Outsiders are also welcome.
  5. Victor Halcourt rubs his hands together. "We are lucky that our leaders are such stalwart defenders of liberty in these trying times. I am hopeful, " he remarks to his brothers. "Now, let's find somewhere to stay." @LithiumSedai @SprinklyPants @Publius @DevoutChorale_
  6. "Neat. One day, we'll have your name on cards too, dear brother, " Victor would comment, his eyes dropping back to the newspaper in hand.
  7. Lyonharted

    Index Example

    Welcome to our wiki, where you can get info on everything Lord of the Craft. Here are some examples of what you can find here. ○ Placeholder ○ Placeholder ○ Placeholder ○ Placeholder ○ Placeholder ○ Placeholder ○ Placeholder ○ Placeholder ○ Placeholder Featured Article This is a placeholder. Did you know...
  8. Lyonharted

    Index Example

  9. Article Links First is normal, second is for using a custom name. Must be in the same category unfortunately for now. Temporary workaround for linking another category’s article by name is below. Use this to link to a sub-section of an article Headers H3 must have an H2 above that. You cannot use H3 without H2. It is important that you use these headers. They generate the table of contents. Templates Generate a template article within another article using this.
  10. Lyonharted


    Arcas Start Date 1705 End Date N/A Current Nations Kingdom of Haense Kingdom of Norland Holy Orenian Empire Under-Realm of Urguan War Nation of Krugmar Federation of Sutica Principality of Aegrothond Druidic Order Kingdom of Kaedrin Silver State of Haelun'or Former Nations Kingdom of Curon Concord of Llyria
  11. Lyonharted

    Roleplay Rules

    Roleplay Rules Please review and abide by the Roleplay Standards. Your Minecraft skin must be appropriate and match the persona you are playing. Roleplay must take place within the server’s established lore and medieval-fantasy setting. Exclude real-world history, clones of real-world figures, and lore from other games from your roleplay. This includes not "inventing" or "creating" things that mirror more modern-day tools or technology, whether by mundane or magical means (refer to Techlock Standards). If you wish to see thin
  12. Lyonharted

    General Rules

    General Rules Do not modshop. A staff member’s verdict is final and must be followed. If you wish to contest it, contact the corresponding team management or admin. Do not troll, cyberbully, harass, slander, or threaten players in any way on any medium, including Discord, Skype, Teamspeak, etc. If you feel unsafe or unwelcome due to the actions of another player, please email safety@lotc.co Do not share or collect private or identifiable information about other players. This is commonly referred to as 'doxxing'. Do not share your accounts w
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