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  1. Isana grins, moving to sign the notice. "Oi'd love ta go!"
  2. Isana nods, a small smirk playing upon his lips as he reads the CCC’s counter-notice. “Time fer ta Weefolk and tallfolk ta merc ta Greenfolk. Warmest o’ wishes, nak’mar.”
  3. Isana au Isard shakes his head upon reading the missive. “Crav’n raties, ta lot o’ ‘em. Imagine get’n mad like tree huggers.”
  4. Isana sighs, shaking his head. “Oi wish Danl’Lur nae had died after our weddin’. A gud Uruk, tha’ lass. She nae would o’ klomped friends over trees o’ trampled churches fer nae gud.” He turns to pace towards the barracks, scowling all the while. “Nae hon’r in pointless war. Craven raties, ta lot o’ em.”
  5. Isana grins upon seeing the notice. “A child!”
  6. ((Several fliers with barely legible writing have been posted on Brabant's notice board.)) On the Subject of Culture... To Whom It May Concern... OY! Oy! Having shared values and traditions are important to keep families together. Brabant is a big family. So, we need culture to be….cultured… ((Something incomprehensible has been scribbled out here)). Cultured. Culture. Cultured...anyway... Anyway! Brabant is a ((incomprehensible text)) and needs shared cultural icons. A group of Brabantine citizens has come together to draw up a list of potential court/state songs and icons to represent the spirit of the Brabantine people. Attached below are a list of songs composed by ((incomprehensible names)) and items chosen by ((more incomprehensible names)). Proposed National Anthems/Ducal Court Songs Call of the Coronet Mountains ((Real Name: Triarii – The Final Legion; https://youtu.be/oAy7o4GxiVs?si=vxzBTwTrMRs9U1M4)) ((Reason: ‘Coronet Mountains’ is a proposed name for the northern Brabantine hills). Viceroyalty and Valor ((Real Name: Saboton – Ruina Imperii Orchestral Remix; https://youtu.be/oAy7o4GxiVs?si=kKsdleQ68FkeqJ6b)) The Second Sun ((Real Name: Triarii – Ode to the Sun; https://youtu.be/9NrxHTTPufg?si=b2cCRPJu2YISCNI8)) ((Reason: Due to the recent absence of the sun, the descendants have been forced to become a new ‘sun’, being the force to drive out the darkness from Aevos.)) Wild’s Triumph and Tragedy ((Real Name: Triarii – Muse in Arms; https://youtu.be/i1khAc9nJpI?si=o_uNqddyJvExIshY)) ((Reason: Brabant is based. More specifically, Brabant is based in the untamed Briarwood Forest. As nature (the descendants) triumphs over the hostile lands, nature also suffers tragedy (destruction of the wild). Brabant strives to keep this in balance.)) Briarwood Brothers; Sterling Sisters ((Real Name: Ugniavijas - Oi Šermukšnio; https://youtu.be/cyA6Ekh70hA?si=o4Rr0F4Wbc0lGKeO.)) ((Reason: Brabant is in the Briarwood Forest, and the ducal family is House Sterling.)) Proposed National Animals Blue Crab: Brabant is on the coast of a lake, which ostensibly has crabs. Disregard the fact that no one has seen them. This is only included because a certain member of our committee was obsessed with the rights of crabs to full citizenship. Swan: The swan is already a common symbol in Brabant. It could potentially be nationalized. Proposed National Plant Mulberry Shrub: Brabant is packed with thorny mulberry shrubs. A bane to invaders, a boon to foragers, it is perhaps the most widely known plant in the Briarwood Forest other than the often-maligned birch tree. Birch Tree: A symbol of Brabant’s devotion to living with nature. Proposed Holiday Duke’s Day: A symbol of the duchy’s founding. Celebrated each anniversary of the Lotusgrad settlement. Often abbreviated to D-Day. ((I had to)). Best, The Brabantine Crab Rights Committee The Brabantine Cultural Committee
  7. isana au Isard eyes the maps carefully. He turns to Petronella and quips, “Nice maps, methinks lass. Certainl’ practical. But ‘ouse? Oi nae ‘ave one, much less one that’ oi named De Rosius.” He turns to follow Marjorie to the river.
  8. Samuel flashes a quick smile at the Qalasheen man. "Enjoy your needless expenditure!" He turns and walks away, chuckling.
  9. Smiles, shaking his head as he steps back. "One thousand eight hundred and ten mina!
  10. Samuel smirks arrogantly. "One thousand, one hundred mina!"
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