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  1. Elk

    raphael_payne ama

    What’s your favorite type of roleplay right now? What keeps you roleplaying? Do you prefer the company of men, or women?
  2. https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/daddy-tier-high-elven-knight/ Trying to promote my free skins which I think are pretty good. Lmk if you guys like this one.

    1. Man of Respect
    2. B


      instead of doing them for free how about i pay you mr elk..

  3. Elk

    A Scholar's Guide to the Vaeyl Order

    Greiret Elverhilin, a fellow scholar of the elven variety, readies his heavy fur pelts.
  4. A lot of people don't like voidal magic from what I can gather lately. From an OOC perspective, what problems do people have with arcane magics?

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    2. TakingOutTheTrash


      Magic is boring and dumb. It will never be as satisfying as physical violence. On a fundamental level, magic is nothing more than a simple and instant solution to any issue thrown at you. Any adventure has conflict, encountering and working around that conflict makes for a fun experience. Magic throws all of that out the window and ruins everything. It’s boring to wave your hand and ignore the whole point of the adventure.

    3. WuHanXianShi14


      I dont dislike it OOCly, I do think its hard to build a playerbase around it though, since the magic is individualist by nature

    4. Dunstan


      Voidal magic is has so little effects on a character to the point that I regularly forget I have an accepted telekinesis MA because its notable in RP never.

  5. Elk

    Defamation of the Clerics

    Greiret Elverhilin spits at these disgusting clerics. Violently. "Clerics are just as incompetent as ever."
  6. Elk

    ♥ This Little Sprite of Mine ♥ - Sprite Shop - Temp Hiatus

    MC ▫ Name ≎ __Elk__ Sprite ▫ Type ≎ Special Animation Card! Character ▫ Name ≎ Greiret Elverhilin Character ▫ Race ≎ Elf Character ▫ Status ≎ (card only) Alive Mini ▫ Sprites ≎ Maybe a scroll to symbolize magic, and for the animation, have little blue lightning sparks coming off of him for the animation. Reference ▫ Picture(s) ≎ His skin tone isn't this dark anymore, it's more or less the same tone as the first pic. The reference picture is more or less just a reference of what hairstyle he has.
  7. Elk

    [Denied][W] ImCookiie's Trial-GM Application !

    Cookiie is overqualified for this position. Certainly a find addition to the GM team, and it'd be wise not to pass up such an excellent candidate. +1
  8. How do I get one of those cool profile pics that isn't small? I always see people with full sized pictures on the forums, but when I try to upload a picture, they always come out blurry and small.

    1. Gilded


      Use a gif URL, or take a gyaso gif of a still image for a sec and then use the URL of that. Makes it look like you have a large profile picture.

    2. Ixli


      It depends on the photo used. If you use a massive photo that realistically cannot fit inside that little spot where your profile photo goes, then it will become really small.

    3. Malgonious


      its a permission flag that some users have taken off so they can do full-size whatever (Ex: Admins, etc)

  9. You know, people always ask me, "Elk, who made that skin?" but they never be askin "Elk, how you be fam". **** wears a man down, man

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    2. Elk


      Yeah man, I've got all A's right now, just got back from a study abroad trip in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, I've become the environmental outreach officer in my College Democrats club, and I've got a loving gf and a bit of money. I'm a pretty happy guy.

    3. _Jandy_


      <3 <3 Love you bro.

    4. TankM1A2


      i appreciate u elk <3

  10. Town builders need to stop making ginormous towns when they don't have the player base to fit them. 

    1. B


      lol! agreed actually just seems very redundant.

    2. UnusualBrit


      I support this, last map the issue was settlements being handed out like candy by nation leaders.


      Same thing now except it's much worse.

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Smaller is better 90% of the time when making a settlement.

  11. Elk

    From Armadas of Emerald and Bronze

    Greiret Elverhilin is very impressed with the majesty of the city, while visiting on his pilgrimage from Marna. While in the Dominion, he purchases a fine elven tunic, and a set of bronze armor.
  12. This is lord of the craft, where actions don't have consequences!
  13. Anyone wanna add me on discord or skype and talk about music? I'm a big fan of indie music :)

    1. _Jandy_


      I only listen to Post Malone, who is my dad.

    2. Space


      'i like this music'

      'i like this music'




      music is the most boring topic to discuss even though i am very passionate about music!!


      this song is good though


    3. Elk


      Discussing music is only boring if you make it boring, like describe why you like it you know? This's for you Space,