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  1. Elk

    The Virarim

    IC Information Name: Greiret Race: Elf Nation: Dominion Age: 120 Experience: Former officer, current Immortal OOC information IGN: __Elk__ Timezone: MT Discord: You have it.
  2. https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/daddy-tier-high-elven-knight/ Trying to promote my free skins which I think are pretty good. Lmk if you guys like this one.

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      instead of doing them for free how about i pay you mr elk..

  3. Elk

    A Scholar's Guide to the Vaeyl Order

    Greiret Elverhilin, a fellow scholar of the elven variety, readies his heavy fur pelts.
  4. Elk


    The thundering sound of hooves from a single rider on horseback, crackling fire, the sound of daggers in the dark, the hushed words of masked figures in the night, and screaming filled the piercing night air of Caras Eldar. Loud screaming. Early in the evening, what seemed to be the only bronze adorned guard in all of Caras Eldar made his daily rounds around each district. Greiret Elverhilin made his nightly patrol, which consisted of surveying the bustling Forest District where the wood elves resided, the Docks where the dark elves resided, and the Highrises where the high elves resided. ========== ======================= The guardsman made his first rounds in the Forest District, and upon initial entry out of the gatehouse, he could already conclude it it to be peaceful and quiet at the present moment. Upon entering the square, the guard observed elves of all variety speaking with one another; druids and wood elves, brown haired mixed elves and white cloaked high elves, even some Reiters in their military uniforms could be seen milling about the district. Joyous and perhaps even flirtatious elves enjoyed the night, the guardsman determining that the night seemed quite jubilant. The air was ripe, and a soft breeze blew over the warm town, cooling it’s inhabitants in the night air. It was so peaceful in fact that the guard stopped down in the tavern to play a game of chess with a mali’ker in the district at the time, which ended in a formidable draw. The two elves shook hands and exchanged smiles after the chess battle. The white haired mixed elf made his next stop in the docks, the Dark Elven district. All seemed to be relatively peaceful for the time being, as it seemed the many mali’ker were either asleep, speaking, dining, drinking, or doing all in their homes, from what one could assume, likely joyously. The scent in the dark elven district was a bit foul to the guard, but nothing was unusual. The scent of mushrooms, incense burnings and raw fish was strange and foreign to him, and was all rather nauseating. The white haired elf soon left this district, strolling up the steps - stopping at once. Something seemed off - something about the air didn’t seem right. No, something was certainly awry. Throughout his entire patrol he had found not encountered any other bronze garbed Virarim. At the gates of the ‘ker district, he observed several blue garbed, masked individuals all bearing a variety of weapons - swords, glaives, daggers and menacing curved blades. They were headed to the High Elven district, trotting there in a threatening march. The guard quickly cast a spell, observing their thoughts carefully with his magic. ========== ======================= “Mages Guild.” Repeated over and over again, this was the most prevailing thought amongst them all. These inquisitioners continued their deathly march toward the mage’s spire, the guardsman watching dumbfounded. He seemed paralyzed where he stood at the ‘ker’s gate, unable to move his feet from where they seemed to be glued to the floor. He took off after them, after what seemed to be a cult. They were going to attack what he considered home, his only source of arcane knowledge and wisdom in the community. The Mages’ Guild was elusive and mysterious to the guard, and encapsulated the elf with the notion of magical arcane arts at even a young age, and even still in his older age. These thoughts are what motivated him to keep going up the stairs to the pristine marble district, to protect his home, and source of strength. They were hard, heavy steps, for he knew what likely awaited him. ========== ======================= Upon arriving to the Guild, he could see two things; the Guild being ransacked, and the Forested Throne empty. Greiret made his way to the Guild hall, observing those who ransacked the building. They were the same individuals as before, garbed in blue yet their masks leaked browns and oranges, the color of their skin and their eyes. Their eyes were ravenous, like raging animals on a hunt, but Greiret knew their mark nonetheless - they were his Virarim brothers and sisters. In an instant, it all clicked. Greiret knew what was happening. His fears were confirmed further when a fellow Guild associate, Ceruberr, was clubbed in the back of his knees at the joint, forcibly bent to the ground. Doors were kicked down as the masked Virarim stormed into the building, the loud sound piercing the evening air. Greiret watched this communal pillar of knowledge be attacked, pillaged by those he considered brothers and sisters, onlooking paralyzed, sickened with fear. The man’s face watched on with horror, a dumbfounded expression replacing his often cheery, jubilant one as Guild members fled, tackled in the streets. Unable to form words, and walking at no more than a slow, huddled shuffle, the white haired elf meandered across the landbridge to the Forested Throne, stopping in front of it to gaze upon it. A friend, Quillian Caerme’onn approached him at this point, hushed whispers coming from her voice behind him. He hardly made out any of what she could say, everything was hazy and he was in a dazed trance. However, the word “rebel” was heard as clear as day. Greiret stared down upon his bronze breastplate, recounting the numerous battles it was worn into. Orcish raids, Courlandic wars, shade hunts and more, this breastplate had gone through a lot. The old breastplate was tattered and damaged in numerous spots, but polished and well kept despite it’s condition. His arms reached underneath the latches hesitantly, beginning to unwrap this bronze shackle around his body. He knew this would be the last time he wore his breastplate, as he now held the metal with both of his hands. With digits clutched tightly against the edge of the shapely bronze metal, he hurled the bronze plate, telekinetically forcing it to travel through the air, it’s arc ending at the foot of the throne. His head shook back and forth in response to her words, “I am finished.” He muttered to Quillian, before storming out of the Forested Throne room, though he stopped, thinking for a moment. His thoughts were a swirl, unable to be able to be processed - but there was one thing he knew for certain; he had to leave. With more confidence in his steps, he headed to his tree home one last time. Quickly packing assorted objects of value, they were all moved telekinetically down to the ground floor, where his steed awaited him. With his old friend, and lover, Cheza, waiting for him on horseback, Greiret quickly jumped on the horse’s back, picking up the goods and securing them inside of saddlebags, and outside of saddlebags. Pulling over his old crimson traveler’s cloak, the sounds of screaming off in the distance were heard. Loud screaming. Someone was caught. A quick look back confirmed what he feared - Quillian on a pyre, her skin being flayed off by King Kairn himself. Her position on a pyre suggested she was to be soon set alight, burned at the stake. ========== ======================= His gut reaction was to shed tears. An overwhelming mixture of emotions surrounded the elf when reflecting upon what his tenure brought; of nostalgia, duty and honor initially, confusion and uncertainty later, and overwhelming sadness and grief now. ========== ======================= Late at night, Greiret Elverhilin stormed out of the city of Caras Eldar on horseback with his lover, carrying many valuable possessions on horseback, as much as his horse could carry; he would not be coming back. He would not become another soul screaming for bloody murder in the night, dragged from his home in his night attire and lynched simply for who he was. Greiret Elverhilin had served his part. For thirty years in the Virarim, he served faithfully under two high princes and one king, defending the crown against tyranny and orcish oppression, and then even some more even before that, supporting King Kairn when he was known as ‘Calithil’ during his Bronze Rebellion. Greiret had determined this town was no place for him, intellectuals and magical philosophers were not welcome; only Aspectists who were unwilling to budge. This filled him with an overwhelming sense of grief, for he had lost what many long for; a sense of belonging, a home. But this home was broken, no more willing to accept him. These thoughts flooded his mind, and he reflected long upon these thoughts during his journey. They filled him with an unknown sadness. Greiret Elverhilin, the once officer of the Virarim, fled the Dominion, the magical philosopher leaving only a trail of dust in his wake. He was terrified of what the Dominion had become. ========================= OOC Note: I understand fully that these events were shade huntings, and am telling this story from my character's perspective, so please keep that in mind. Thank you! =========================
  5. A lot of people don't like voidal magic from what I can gather lately. From an OOC perspective, what problems do people have with arcane magics?

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      Magic is boring and dumb. It will never be as satisfying as physical violence. On a fundamental level, magic is nothing more than a simple and instant solution to any issue thrown at you. Any adventure has conflict, encountering and working around that conflict makes for a fun experience. Magic throws all of that out the window and ruins everything. It’s boring to wave your hand and ignore the whole point of the adventure.

    3. WuHanXianShi14


      I dont dislike it OOCly, I do think its hard to build a playerbase around it though, since the magic is individualist by nature

    4. Dunstan


      Voidal magic is has so little effects on a character to the point that I regularly forget I have an accepted telekinesis MA because its notable in RP never.

  6. "I must speak with this Derrick Bell at once." Greiret Elverhilin, a fellow magical philosopher with an astute mind, muttered to himself after reading the copy of the paper. His expression was quite pleasant as he sipped his morning black coffee, curled in a thick, cozy wolf pelt blanket in his treehouse from the jungle of Caras Eldar. He overlooked the ocean out of his window, feeling the breeze the ocean provided on his skin. To some extent, one might even say he was somewhat enlightened upon reading the paper, and definitely impressed by the quality.
  7. Elk

    Defamation of the Clerics

    Greiret Elverhilin spits at these disgusting clerics. Violently. "Clerics are just as incompetent as ever."
  8. Elk

    [MA] Mentalism Elise Rose

    Yes, I am their teacher.
  9. Elk

    ♥ This Little Sprite of Mine ♥ - Sprite Shop

    MC ▫ Name ≎ __Elk__ Sprite ▫ Type ≎ Special Animation Card! Character ▫ Name ≎ Greiret Elverhilin Character ▫ Race ≎ Elf Character ▫ Status ≎ (card only) Alive Mini ▫ Sprites ≎ Maybe a scroll to symbolize magic, and for the animation, have little blue lightning sparks coming off of him for the animation. Reference ▫ Picture(s) ≎ His skin tone isn't this dark anymore, it's more or less the same tone as the first pic. The reference picture is more or less just a reference of what hairstyle he has.
  10. MC Name: __Elk__ Character's Name: Greiret Faean Character's Age: 111 Character's Race: Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Transfiguration Teacher's MC Name: Aelsioln Teacher's RP Name: Cheza Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
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    [Arcane][MA] Earth_Evocation

    Yes, this is my student.
  12. MC Name: __Elk__ Character's Name: Greiret Faeann Character's Age: 109 Character's Race: Wood elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Telekinesis Teacher's MC Name: Earth_Evocation Teacher's RP Name: Eliza Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Yes, voidal shifting Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
  13. Elk

    [MA][Mental-Magic] z3m0s

    This is indeed my student.
  14. MC Name: __Elk__ Character's Name: Greiret Faean Character's Age: 108 Character's Race: Elf Link to your accepted MA: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/155289-arcane-ma-greiret-finnigan/?tab=comments#comment-1467706 What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Mental magic. Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): Mentalism is mind magic, and falls under the sub category of illusion. Mentalists use their magic to view a minds thoughts, emotions, and memories, to erase, restore and manipulate memories, create vivid illusions, and put targets into dreamlike states. As such, it is often considered a very manipulative magic. It is a stealthy magic, as the average target is often unaware of the mentalist’s infiltration of their mind. The attuned mind will be able to notice when they are under attack, and will be able to respond by posing a barrier, or will perhaps even completely avoid the intrusion by using a ward. A person’s mind leaks thoughts into the void, and these thoughts, emotions and memories can be viewed by those trained in mentalism, thus requiring a voidal connection to use. This magic is hard to teach to those unfamiliar with the void, as not only is the mind and manipulating it complex, but so too is the void for novice mages. Without prior knowledge of the void, searching through it can be a difficult task. The first, and most important spell to beginner mentalists, is what is called ‘reaching.’ ‘Reaching’ simply refers to the mentalist allowing their mind to slip into the void, which allows them to navigate through the void and target minds. The novice mentalist will be flooded with thoughts and emotions their first time, though with constant practice, it becomes much easier to find their target they desire and ignore any unwanted noise, with visual aid in the physical realm to help them navigate of course. Mentalists are able to perform an ability known as ‘mind melding.’ This process of melding is used to connect to a target’s mind, and view precious thoughts and memories, or even by tricking it into giving up these thoughts and memories after performing a reach. In this process, some of the mentalist’s own thoughts and emotions are accidentally transferred to the target, though this can be alleviated through practice. Often, mentalists intruding on minds will be forced to give their opponents some sort of physical/visual cue, or utter questions to the person’s mind in order to get them to think about the memory they are searching for, in order to make the target think of the memory, which allows the mentalist to view the memory/thought/emotion. It should be noted that accidentally transferred thoughts don’t cease completely at a master’s level, they only become harder to notice. While the mental mage is able to view the thoughts of their opponents, they are similarly able to transfer their own thoughts, memories, and emotions to targets in this mind melding process.This spell is called telepathy. Another process the mentalist may use is a process called a cataleptic illusion. This type of spell diverts the consciousness of the person, creating the illusory sensation of being inside of a dreamy, sleeplike state. This makes the process of memory extraction much easier, and often allows for much deeper thought extraction. In this dreamlike state, it is much easier to cast illusions on the mind (which I will cover in a later paragraph). All of this is assuming however, that the mental mage is even capable of getting into their opponent’s mind. There are ways one can protect themselves against mental magic, and this is through the usage of wards or barriers to stop opponents from entering their mind. Both of these stop mental magic, or at least halt a mentalist’s attempt at breaching their mind. Wards disrupt the attempt of a mentalist’s spells by concealing the user’s mind in the void completely, despite seeing where the person is located physically. Mentalists can try to guess where to user is in the void, given a physical reference, though this is often difficult. Wards are found in the form of mana gemstones. The stronger the mana gemstone, the more effort it takes to break the ward, and thus becomes more strenuous. The mentalist can try and overload the ward quicker by reaching out faster, though this will drain the mentalist much quicker. Next, are mental barriers.Thoughts that aim to disrupt the mage seeking particular memories from a target is the main goal of putting up a barrier. A barrier can be many things - it can be a particular thought pattern that doesn’t lead to anything, it can include false memories, or it can perhaps even be a mental puzzle that the mentalist must solve in order to get in. Many things are able to be considered ‘barriers.’ Next, are mental illusions. Mentalists are capable of casting illusions on opponents, such as creating feelings, thoughts, emotions, and even perceptions inside of their head. This is achieved after melding minds with their opponent. Mentalists casting illusions on targets are capable of creating imagery inside of the targets’ mind, creating seemingly real, and believable illusions. I must stress that it is important that these illusions are believable to the mind at hand, as certainly the mind would believe itself, but casting an illusion of hatred on a target after they have achieved something they have worked on for years would take a lot of effort, and they likely would not believe this illusion, thus shattering the illusion. Seeing a fish with arms and legs walking simply is not believable, and the mind would doubt this. Unbelievable illusions shatter mental illusions. Finally, are three advanced mentalism spells. Mentalists are capable of completely removing memories from their targets if they so desire, restoring memories, and manipulating their memories to how they see fit. It is important to know that these spells can only be achieved after the mentalist has put their opponent into a cataleptic illusory sleep. I’ll begin first with removal. Mentalists capable of removing memories are very powerful, there is no doubt about this. Memory removal first requires knowledge of where the memory is actually located in the mind, and then tossing these memories away into the void. For short term memories, these are more easily removed, though of course still extremely strenuous to even master level mages. For long term memories, these are much more difficult to remove, as they have faded over a period of time, and thus are harder to access. Removal of long term memory creates an incredibly painful burning sensation in the mind for both the mage and the target, and likely results in the mage passing out due to the sheer level of exhaustion and the pain produced. The target will be left without remembering that particular memory, this memory fading over the span of 1 IRL week. Next, is memory manipulation. Memory manipulation is exactly what it sounds like, the manipulation of memories. Targets will be forced to first experience a memory, usually by means of question, or illusion that reminds them of a memory. They force their targets to relive memories, and then edit the memories within their mind. Entire memories aren’t able to be edited to create completely new memories. Memory manipulation simply alters specific details of their memories. This process too is very strenuous on the mage. Finally, is memory restoration. Given that the memory is still linked to the person, and that it hasn’t completely been lost to the void, the mentalist is able to pull back these memories and return them back to their original owner. These memories are often very hazy and unclear due to the time they spent in the void. Once again, this process is a strenuous, tiring spell. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Greiret and his student head back to the deep forest near Caras Eldar, the melodies of birds of paradise calling as they’d walk into the gates of the city, then strolling casually through the dark verdant forest. While walking, Greiret spoke to his student, his voice taking a hushed tone to it, as to avoid any unsavory gazes. “Have you been practicing your reaching, lately? With the birds, like we talked about? I will know if you are lying.” He then tapped his temple with his gauntleted index finger, reminding his student of his knowledge of mental magic. His gaze was shrewd, sharp and calculated as he asked this of his student. “Yes,” the student responded in a quiet manner at first, “I hear their thoughts, though it is difficult. . I am often overwhelmed by thoughts and noises.” The student stated with a certain unsatisfactory tone to voice, as he’d uncertainly walk along with Greiret. “We will see about this. In due time, you will learn to dispel out these unnecessary thoughts and ‘noises.’” Greiret’s visage remained cool, his arms folded behind his back, as he’d grip his right arm tenderly with his fingers, wrapping them around the bronze gauntlet. The two climbed the wooden steps to the top of the tree, reaching his home at the top, both of them panting heavily and sweating quite profusely due to the heat of the area. After reaching the top, Greiret pressed the brass key into the lock of his home, turned the knob, and entered the abode. The two climbed to the second floor of the home, sitting on a multi colored blue, purple and magenta rug. “Now, sit down and focus,” Greiret iterated, whilst simultaneously doing the same, gently lowering his figure to the floor. He sat cross legged while speaking quietly to his student, “Today, we will learn how to cast illusions.” The student sat himself down on the purple, blue and magenta rug, the both of them now focusing on connecting to the Void. “Illusions, by their very nature, are unbelievable. You must present an illusion that is believable to your target.” Greiret spoke gently as his student nodded a few times, before he continued, “You must first connect to the void. Then, reach into the mind of your opponent. You will want to call upon the memory of something you know well. Recall how that particular thing is - does it create a smell? What color is it? What does it do? These are things you must consider when creating an illusion. After you do, you simply transmit this stimulus to their mind, and they will see this illusion. I will give a demonstration.” Greiret concluded, before focusing for a moment. Greiret connected to the Void, with his left foot gently twitching inside of his boot. His figure focused on his student’s mind, remaining concentrated, composed. His mind slipped into the void, as he’d concentrate on finding his student’s mind through the void. Almost with no effort exerted at all, he found his student’s mind quickly, as the process of melding had occurred after the student’s mind was breached easily. With Greiret beginning to gently sweat, and his fingers now twitching, he’d focus on creating a certain illusion - creating a spider. He kept a plain gaze on his student, and after concentrated efforts, a spindly black spider went running up the student’s shoulder, the student seeming to not notice. With Greiret sweating gently, and the student seeming anxious, Greiret pointed toward the student’s shoulder, as the student shrieked in shock, much to Greiret’s humor. “You should have seen the look on your face. My student,” He continued, “This is the key to illusions. A spider is a fine first example of casting an illusion - it is small, and there are many qualities to it. They are fast, have many legs, small bodies, and are very dangerous. I would like you to practice casting an illusion on those birds, and see what happens. Recall what you know of spiders, and. . Scare those birds out there, on the window sill.” Greiret pointed toward the window, suggesting the birds of paradise on his window sill. The student nodded uncertainly, still seemingly a bit frightened by the past ordeal. He’d focus on the Void, meditating silently in peace, his expression being consumed by concentration. After a few moments of quiet concentration from the student, he eventually connected to the Void, his right ear twitching gently. With Greiret’s watchful eye kept over the student, the student focused on navigating the void, reaching out to the birds on the window sill. After a little while, and a few grunts of frustration, the student’s arm began to twitch after focusing, signalling the melding of the student’s mind to the bird’s. The bird sot it’s head toward the left, and jumped, completely startled by what it saw. From where it had been perched, the brightly colored bird jumped off of the window sill, and flying away in a speedy, frightened fashion. The student exclaimed in disbelief, whilst his forehead was sweating profusely, as he began to laugh in a hearty, jolly way. The student, after a while, allowed for this illusion to fade, as this spell seemed to drain him, sweat trailing down his forehead and back, effectively leaving the student a sweaty, exhausted mess. Greiret seemed excited at his handiwork with his student, bearing a gentle smile on his lips, as he’d keep his gaze trained on his student. His words sounded a bit dull as he spoke, “A fine job, llir. What illusion did you create? You appear as if you are going to pass out soon.” He’d state, whilst rising from the ground, Greiret’s forehead now clean of sweat. The student excitedly nodded toward Greiret, his breathing having increased to a much more rapid rate, gasping for air as he attempted to speak, “A spider, like you showed me, but it was a big one. A- A- A bird catcher one.” He’d stutter, while his gaze still remained fixated on the window sill, as he’d laugh wearily. The student attempted to stand up, shakily rising with Greiret’s aid, almost falling in the process. Greiret helped the student arise to his feet, catching him by the shoulders whilst he fell, keeping him up. “Easy there. Congratulations on your first illusion. You will soon be casting illusions of dragons, some day. But only if you keep up your practice up, daily.” He’d command to the student, whilst sternly orienting him back on his feet. “I want you to go home, and pour yourself a large glass of water, and eat something. You need it after that. Do you understand?” The student nodded, wiping his forehead with his white sleeve after doing so. “Yes, yes I will.” He’d mutter quietly to himself, while still breathing rather rapidly. “Head home, and get some rest,” Greiret spoke to him, while setting him out the door. He’d pat the student on the shoulder once before stating, “I am very proud of you. Keep up the good work.” After this, Greiret closed the door on the student, while heading back to his other studies, the student wearily heading back home. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes. Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No.