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  1. First order complete. Battle chef for VoidandNull.
  2. hello I am taking skin requests! 

  3. A few catalogues are posted around Almaris, mainly in popular trading hubs and taverns. 7th day of the Deep Cold, Year 48 SA. Hello good people of Almaris. I am selling robes, armors and anything else in between. Visit me, Greiret Elverhilin in Ando Alur for a commission. I have a preference for armorsmithing, and have made armor for the Renatus Legion, the Dominion of Malin's Virarim, and any other odd jobs in between. I live at 3 Wyvern Street in Ando Alur. Tell the guards you are here to see me. OOC for reference MC Username: Reference photo: Wait list: None Message me on discord @ Rat Actual#4151. I like to ensure customers are happy, and will post regular updates of your skin's progress. Skin price generally depends on the commission (and if you get me a good reference photo). Anywhere between 500-3,000 minas. It'd be cool for your character (if one exists for the skin) to come RP for the commission. Just purely for RP sake.
  4. i like you Elad. when we were both regulars on LotC, you were always a good friend to me.
  5. Greiret was filled with anxiety. His usual sunny disposition was replaced with that of paranoia, often silence instead. The boat ride over felt futile in calming this insatiable fear, only giving him quiet time to consider what lie ahead. All throughout the ride over he was jittery, as most mages tend to be. This time it was different, however. Greiret plodded toward Kairn at the front of the creaking vessel. “I’ve fought along side you for years now,” he affirmed to his white haired compatriot, recounting the countless battles in his head. He continued, “This is just another one of those times where we will be triumphant.” His words seemed lacking somehow, as if he didn’t believe them himself. “And we will be win,” he rang hollowly before departing below deck. There was little courage to be mustered on this land. But at least with a plan, some of this fear among the camp could be quelled. These were monsters, though. The kinds of things children dreaded at night, come to life. This battle wouldn’t be like all of those other times as Greiret had hoped. It would be much different. Inhuman, compassionless. And that is what put fear in his heart. The outcome needed to be the same as the others. “Without fear, there is no courage. Ame nae everah.”
  6. OOC ((MC Name: OG_Elk )) ((Discord: Rat Actual#4151)) ((Timezone: MT)) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Greiret Elverhilin Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? I seek to combat the teach the younger generations of mages properly and re-instate myself as a valued member of the Guild once again. The Mages’ Guild taught me how to be an acceptable mage in the past, who practices with restraint. It is my turn to return that to the blossoming younglings. Secondly, I wish to utilize the resources of the Mages’ Guild to combat the growing threat of blighted magi. This threatens the position of magi and learned folk all over the world. As such, these blighted magi must be stopped as soon as possible to prevent the public perception of mages being tarnished. Finally, I hear the Mages’ Guild is a rather cozy residence tucked in a mountain range. This would make for a suitable home. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? Transfiguration, telekinesis, mental magic, electrical evocation and arcanism. ((OOC note: I’m aware that some of these magics are currently on blacklist!)) What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Adeptus. I wish to regain my footing in the magical world, and as a past instructor of the Guild, I would not feel comfortable teaching just yet. When should you be contacted for an interview? In two elven days at any time. ((Monday some time, either by discord or in game!))
  7. Just got Mount and Blade. First playthrough. What faction should I join bros?

    1. Juststan147


      Vaegirs, always Vaegirs.

  8. When I play LotC less, my mental health increases dramatically hmm ?

  9. *motherducker

    1. Elk


      you really are living up to your name of no evil

  10. finals week? more like welcome to the rice fields motherfucker

    1. _pr0fit


      I’ve had 3 hours of sleep in the past 3 days


  12. I’ve been wanting to play a cleric character ever since the new lore update. How should I go about doing that, cleric people?

    1. Killmatronix


      I’d say actually approaching one in RP.

    2. Deer__


      The best way to go about that is to just not do it at all.

    3. Hetty


      Add me on discord and I’ll help you out bud – from a cleric person 

  13. https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/daddy-tier-high-elven-knight/ Trying to promote my free skins which I think are pretty good. Lmk if you guys like this one.

    1. Man of Respect
    2. B


      instead of doing them for free how about i pay you mr elk..

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