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  1. Guy de Savoie read the missive, a look of disbelief and frustration crossing his face. He let out a sigh of exasperation and rubbed the back of his neck, feeling the weight of the false accusations against him. "It's not like they're saying. I gave back the one mina I took. And Via attacked me first, I was just defending myself. And that commoner, he started it. And an assassin?! That's just ridiculous! I didn't mean any harm; I was just having fun!" The little Guy's voice was filled with resentment as he spoke. He balled up the missive in his hand and tossed it onto the dirt path at his feet. He then stomped out of the city, each step filled with anger as he made his way out of Karosgrad.
  2. As Sir 'Wings' von Hahn reads this dossier, he raises an eyebrow as he sees himself being blamed for a murder he did not commit. He continues to read it with a furrowed brow, his face growing dark with anger. "I stand ready to face any accusations thrown my way. The truth will always triumph in the end.." He crumples the dossier in his hand, his hazel-hues blazing with enmity.
  3. Sir 'Wings' von Draco is almost instantly surrounded by a gaggle of Ferrymen, their weapons drawn and ready to attack. He stands tall, longsword at the ready as he prepares to defend himself. But just as the brigands are about to strike, a figure appears from the shadows.. It's a Disgruntled Savoyard, sporting the Ashford Sun on his tabard, and wielding a mighty battle-axe! With a fierce battle cry, "BLOOD FOR ASHFORD!" the Savoyard charges into the fray, his battle-axe flashing in the sunlight that licked at them from between the pillars of the entryway. 'Wings' is caught off guard, but he quickly joins the Savoyard in the fight. Together, they make quick work of the two brigands before them, their sword and axe flashing in a deadly dance. But in the heat of battle, Sir 'Wings' von Draco is unceremoniously hit from behind and he falls to the ground, unconscious. When he wakes up, he finds himself on the floor of the interior of Castle Moere. His head is pounding, and his vision is blurred, but he can make out the familiar shapes of the castle's stone walls. He tries to sit up, but a wave of dizziness washes over him, and he falls back to the ground. As his vision clears, he catches a glimpse of the perished Sir Arthur de Lyons, the Knight Paramount, lying on a nearby bier. Wings is filled with a sense of loss and regret; he wishes he had the chance to serve under Sir Arthur de Lyons longer. "Blood for Arthur.." he muttered silently to himself..
  4. Sir 'Wings' von Draco finds himself standing alone beside the River Petra, his fists clenched in anger after hearing the news of Sir Brandt Berhal's untimely departure. The Ashford sun sets behind him, casting a warm orange glow over the flowing water. He throws his sword to the ground, its blade embedding into the soft earth. He rips off his gauntlets, throwing them into the river. He pounds his chest akin to an ape, as if trying to rid himself of the pain that's consuming him. The River Petra flows on, calm and unruffled by Wings' outburst. But the warrior's heart is a tempest, a storm of grief, anger and frustration. He sinks to his knees, tears streaming down his face as he sobs uncontrollably. "Blood for Brandt.. Blood for Arthur.." he uttered. 'Wings' then slowly regains his composure at the mention of his fallen brothers, wiping the tears from his face as he stands up. He takes a deep breath and looks out over the river, his eyes hardening instantaneously. He picks up his sword and replaces it in its sheath, the metallic sound ringing out in the silence. He takes another deep breath, and with a new resolve, he starts to make his way back to Vafleur. He knows that there is a greater purpose that needs to be served, and the Ferrymen are knocking at their gates..
  5. 'Wings' von Draco made ready to slay many wenches in the coming battle.
  6. 'Wings' von Draco rides through the forest, readying for war. (still banned)..
  7. 'Wings' von Draco grumbled in response after his beloved, Aviana von Draco, read the missive of Adrian's candidacy to him- he could not read himself, "That damned Four-Chins.." he muttered, spatting a glob of discolored phlegm at his feet in trepidation. "A vote for 'Wings' is a vote for prosperity and the future accomplishment of the Commonwealth of Petra!" he then declared, waving a clenched fist in the air!
  8. 'Wings' von Draco grumbled in response after his beloved, Aviana von Draco, read the missive of Arthur's candidacy to him- he could not read himself, "That damned Dumb-Nugget.." he muttered, spatting a glob of discolored phlegm to his feet in trepidation. "A vote for 'Wings' is a vote for prosperity and the future accomplishment of the Commonwealth of Petra!" he then declared, waving a clenched fist in the air!
  9. Vote 'Wings' Future Mayor of Vafleur A depiction of 'Wings' von Draco and his wife Aviana von Draco. (Shoutout to DinoChad for this character art)! [!] Letters are heaved onto the streets of Vafleur from an unfamiliar individual mounted atop a bedraggled horse, spurring his heels into the flank of the creature and galloping off before caught. The parchment scattered throughout the roadways, pocketed by curious folk, eventually making their way to all the realms of men. Overweight avian erupting from the embellished architecture of their cities, observed documents enveloped about their legs. The peasantry of the many kingdoms and fiefdoms exchanging pleasantries, the news soon being common knowledge to one and all! The missive was beautifully written, with a great emphasis on their quality of penmanship; it read: Attention populace of the Commonwealth of Petra, too many in our community are left out of the story of progress. We've seen many of our people come roaring back with a fierce Petran pride, but others are still very distant from that prosperity. Under the benelovence of 'Wings' von Draco, we will have the capacity to shape the future of Vafleur. We have the capacity to be the greatest city in Almaris. We've made a lot of progress as a community, that progress invites new challenges and opportunities. Vafleur is a city that has never shied away from doing big things and taking on difficult problems. And under the leadership of 'Wings' von Draco, that is one thing that won't change. Alongside each of our fellow Petrans, we will dig into the work together, and together we'll build a stronger, more prosperous city around the shared vision of our common purpose. A vote for 'Wings' is a vote for prosperity and the future accomplishment of the Commonwealth of Petra. Signed, Gregory 'Wings' von Draco Sergeant of the Sons of Petra, Squire of the Order of the Eagle, the 'Pride of Petra'
  10. Surname: von Draco First Name: Gregory 'Wings' Address of Residence (if you live elsewhere in Petra, where you live): Castle Moere Year of Birth: Unknown ((MC NAME)): MikhaiI ((DISCORD)): Mikhail#0336
  11. Another abomination to make claim of ears.
  12. The specter had just materialized before the Sons' eyes whilst they stood shoulder to shoulder in line, Commander Headband at the head of the dais. Taken aghast, Wings who was in the middle of the formation clasped the shaft of his newly obtained Petran Slayersteel Halberd tightly, the chanting of his fellow brothers-in-arms filling his ears and filling his soul with unrelenting Petran pride. "Make kill of ghost. Make kill of ghost. Make kill of ghost." They did not, in fact, make kill of the ghost. It phased through them and promptly floated off into the great unknown. They suffered to Lambert's disciplinary action; he was not pleased with the Sons' combative reaction toward the phantom-Duncan. It bothered them none. They were Sons. They were badass. A visual representation of the account:
  13. Wings hastily made ready for the occassion!
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