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  1. me when I see an rp mob of elves

  2. Hadrian of Drusco marches in unison with the other Savoyards, digits gripped tightly about the hilt of his steel. The brusque soldier's visage brimming with excitement with an opportunity to purge the duo of elven abominations.
  3. The Very Best

    1. mitch dharma

      mitch dharma

      hahahahah what the ****

  4. MC Name: Feledrine RP Name: Skúta Skype Name(You may PM it): Feledrine Teamspeak?: Yes Timezone: PST Profession(s)(Include level): Veteran Miner, Proficient Blacksmith Will this be a main character?: Yes
  5. OOC MC Name: Krivaan Skype: feledrine Do you have TS? If not, are you willing to get one?: Yub. IC [!] An old man, wearing the standard of the Golden Crow, looks upon you with dull eyes. Tapping the paper with the end of his quill,, he asked: “Name, boy?”: Mi iz Krob, yub yub. “Hrmph, so be it. Where ye be from?”: Mi iz frum mi mummy. Clearing his throat, he then asked, “Any experience fightin’? O’ at anything, really?”: Nub, mi nub klomp hosh. “Mhrmm.. what be yer reason for joining?”: Mi iz intrezted ehn pinkie strigz. "Do ye have a profession, lad?”: Mi iz gobo. “Anything else ye wanna add, lad?”: Nub. Once finished, the old man nodded and gave a wave of dismissal to you, beckoning the next in line to follow suit. [!]
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