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  1. britbong

    1. Heero


      hold me tight, vulcus. theres another war

    2. vulcism


      7th times a charm tbh

      hope zion wins

  2. Can we please make a section on the wiki that actually provides lore relevant to the people applying to the server. So many people get denied from their applications because they have to blunder through 8 maps worth of realms and towns.

    The majority of our

    1. Jistuma


      Join the wiki and make those changes yourself.

      PS: Something like it is already half done, https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=New_Player_Guide

  3. Lima

    [Denied] Mephistophelian's FM Application

    Hugo can read and tell if what he is reading is naughty. I think he can also tell if things are old. Consequentially he has all necessary skills for fm. +1
  4. If someone has to concentrate continuously to keep a weapon in existence than as soon as someone points a spear at them and thrusts, the concentration required to dodge said thrust would surely degrade the conjured weapon from a lack of maintenance of concentration, no?
  5. I am just happy the elves are better than malinor tbh. Its all I could have ever asked for.

    1. WuHanXianShi14


      Me too Lima, Me too. (*Tear of bittersweet joy*)

    2. Demotheus


      The elves are jerks who won't let my edgelady in their city. :c

  6. tumblr_lrmgd0zvJf1qd1ct1o1_500.jpg

    1. Jahrmann2007
    2. JuliusAakerlund


      To Grind or not to Grind IS most definately not the question!

  7. Lima

    [Denied]Sky's AMA & Trial GD App!

    Do you maintain a policy of a new app every week? And do you know what happened to Zac?
  8. Nature of the bug: Crafting persistency is not currently happening, and all crafting is being deleted over restarts. Honestly speaking you already know about this bug, I won't continue to write a full explination when its no different from the other occurrences. I just thought you should know its not fixed after your last crack at it since you told us to report such. The crafting failed somewhere between 12pm and 6am GMT, either at the 1am restart or the 5am restart.
  9. Plane bring back boat.

  10. Lima

    Food rotting

    Nature of the bug: All bread and pancakes produced within the cooking stands in nexus appears to occupy one non-stackable slot, quickly occupying your inventory. All food produced is wrotten upon crafting. First occurrence: Today, 21:45 GMT. Describe exactly all the actions you took leading up to the bug: Producing dough through wheat, going into the nexus crafting menu to the dough section and producing bread. I then did the ''craft more'' options to produce a stack, instead it filled every slot in my inventory with bread, failed to produce past that amount and all bread produced was rotten. What messages are/aren't you getting that you would/wouldn't get normally : All messages are normal. Frequency of occurrence: Every time. Other people were invited to test the bug in my vicinity with the same result. Are you able to reproduce the bug: Yes. 100% of the time. I am starving to death help.