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  1. MC name: Aegis_Lima Character's name and age: Lori Oathcast Character’s Race: Dwarf Link to your accepted magic application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/126753-loris-runesmithing-ma/#entry1219102 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/128598-loris-golemancy-ma/ What magics do you desire to teach?: Golemancy and Runesmithing Summarize the Lore of this Magic: Runesmithing: Runesmithing is the art of writing and activating a language of power, by channeling the power of said Aengul through specialised tools into where the language is inscribed. When a runesmith creates the rune he must first carve it out meticulously to ensure that its form is correct, lest the rune not work and he have to start again. When done right, Runesmithing allows one to use powerful enchantments, capable of altering the world around them. Using complex scripts one can make incredibly intricate designs with precision not seen in other magics, such as fully functioning lock and keys or more simple designs like a cup that never spills. Golemancy Golemancy is the creation of Ancillia through the means of procedural activation of runic texts via weaving enchantments into them. These enhancements are achieved (at least by Lori) through the use of his runic tools to give life to the language and applied to both the body construct and core of a golem with different purposes. While the core remains a increadibly complex mystery that bypassess much knowledge now known today, the body is roughly understood in the purpose of its parts. The head usually bears a sensory suite of visual runes and hearing runes, as well as usually containing the constructs voice. These transmit backwards and forwards to the core, likewise the arms and legs bear large amounts of motor function, the fingers containing very weak sensory runes to figure out pressure applied and a rudimentary sense of heat and ''touch''. The core itself can be considered the ''heart and mind'' of a golem, providing both the vital power required to maintain motor function and storing the collective consciousness developed or retained in its creation and existence. Golems are by their very nature obedient, formed as slaves to their Impera's will and even when becoming critically unstable will still follow their masters orders; even if only interpreting them in manners to kill their master. Ultimately though the implanting of a core into a golem you produce a able bodied servant bound to your will, and while the art is overly complex at the best of times it stands as a vital tool historically as a dwarven method of bypassing their shorter stature. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): Runesmithing Lori sits down with a student over a long table, a group of mugs sat beside him with a mini-keg of ale. Some of them are half full, from a night of heavy drinking that is habitual for his kind. Rubbing his forhead from being a little hungover he raises his gaze to the grey-stashed dwed infront of him and blurts out. "I'm 'n nay a good state 'ah mind right now to teach ye' something interestin' fer ye' first lesson, so we're gonna do one 'ah the most basic tricks in the book for fledglin' Thiikadrel." He opens up a small tome infront of him and inspects it for a second, giving a nod before grabbing one of the last empty and clean mugs. He immediately starts to carve a script upon the bottom of it, using some wire brush to smooth out and define what he carves, eventually producing a full formed runic imprint in the bottom. "This is 'ah water drawin' script, it'll draw liquids close to 'et. When imbued wit' 'ah 'eart on the bottom of a mug, and activated, the mug will simply nay spill when ye' tip it over." With his explination, he brings the mug under the kegs screw tap and allows the container to fill. He then, content with a small shake of the now full mug, tips it over and leaves it upside down. "Usually da' rune will not be strained, but if 'ah was to leave 'et like this forever the heart rune would beh pushed too far 'n degrade, allowing the liquid to drop.." He explains, both him and his student watching the mug. "But fer now, ye' can insure ye' do justice to old Dwain 'n not spill any ale. Go ahead lad, try'n make one ye' self." With that, he passes over a book of scripts for the fledgling runesmith to make. Golemancy Lori sits with the student again at the table, this time teaching another art completely. "So golems, 's ye' know, 'ah a complex device built from runic components. What ye' may not, 'n what 'ahm about te' teach ye', 's that ah lot of mechanical design is needed for the creation 'ah more intricate parts; specifically da' 'ands." He sets down a bag of pieces from a velvet sack, and spreads them across the table. "This 's 'all components used fer te' creation 'ah 'ands 'f 'ah khoren. Sorreh te' gu' blue pe'er 'n ye' but these 'ah ones 'ah made earlier." The dwarf then starts to seperate them into the individual segments of the hands, before offering them to his student. "Ah wish fer ye' te' completely construct this hand, piecin' 'et together. Due to da' scale of golematic runes on tha' extermities ye' must use mechanical components, fingers 'n tha' likes always 'ave 'ah 'abit of falling off on golems see." He then watches the student starting to piece the fingers together, occasionally giving direction to them.