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  1. Cinh smiles, and begins to prepare some cake in celebration.
  2. =-=-=-= Silver Tavern Form: [OOC] Please answer this portion OOCLY. Discord: I’d prefer not to have it on the forums, I’m in HERP with you, anyways. Preferred time of interview: Preferably afternoon or evening EST. Example RP: Cinh turns to his trusty pastry board, sprinkling flour over it with a quick flourish of his hand. He rolls up his sleeves before reaching back into the sack of flour momentarily to coat his hands, then quickly reaching into his mixing bowl and pulling from it a glob of yet-to-be kneaded dough. Cinh slaps it down onto the cutting board quickly, setting into kneading it firmly with both hands. This carries on briefly before he emerges from his battle with the dough, apron now smeared with flour, a ball of dough sitting in front of him. He places a thin cloth into his mixing bowl before returning the dough there, wrapping it up in the process. The mali finishes by placing his dough in a chilled place for storage. [ROLEPLAY] Please answer this portion IRPLY as your character! Name: Cinh’llytn Len’irrin Race, and are you a citizen of the Silver State?: Mali’aheral, and yes. Preferred position: A Chef position, of some sort, preferably. Why should you get this position?: I have been cooking for most of my roughly two and a half hundred years of life, and I was previously the primary proprietor of the tavern of our blessed city in Axios. =-=-=-=
  3. Username: Korus_Prime Discord: I’d rather not give it out on the forums, I’ll contact you via HERP discord What you will be selling: Household magic items, as well as custom orders.
  4. “No speech?” Cinh frowns, “Well how am I supposed to vote for him?”
  5. A tired blond elf looks over the missive, sipping softly on his mint tea. He proceeds to spit it out, eyes widening, before promptly uttering, ”What the actual nether? Is this some sort of joke, or have we all been truly and utterly bamboozled?”
  6. An elf, tending the fields of his distant home, simply looks out into the horizon, pondering perhaps if one of the stars has grown dimmer.
  7. Ooof. Someone get the burn salve. Good lore, by the way. People are too uptight, but /do/ remember that he isn't just a snelf thing.
  8. Never, I'm salty, mostly inactive, and despressed. It's good writing, I'll admit, but honestly, I just don't see a need. I'm not personally interested in deer people, but I know folks that'd love it, and just don't know about it. Make people aware before y'all go makin' changes, bb. Peace, love, and uhhh.... rock candy. Also I meant more than just in the Dominion. Dominion is great, but it's only one place, friend.
  9. So this is a rewrite to drum up interest. Haha. Can I share a funny little tid-bit with you? These never work. A rewrite is worth **** all without actual players. And rewrites don't bring players. What brings players is those that already interact with the piece of lore GOING OUT AND ACTUALLY DOING THINGS. Don't ******* just write up a fancy looking document expecting it to fix all your problems. I've had to yell at enough people saying that just making posts does nothing unless you actually make the effort FIRST. Get players, then do a rewrite. Not vice versa. Heck, even Supremacy who the server can't decide if they hate or love gets players before doing his rewrite. You probably weren't around, but he revived Fi a while back. Granted, it was awful, and disgusting, but he had activity, and then he made the rewrite, and it lasted for a bit, and has helped anti-magic be less **** these days, even though he had to take a step of making it..... god awful. But I'm getting tangential. Get activity first, then do a bloody rewrite, not the other way around! Edit: I'm tired as ****, mind the.... expletives.
  10. I don't even care about druid **** but all I am seeing is literally another case of "Let's change the lore fundamentally so my character can do the hanky-panky and maybe 'lern maygic'.", and that ticks me off. Why does it matter if they give live birth or not? Personally, it's refreshing to have characters that are DIFFERENT and not just deer-flavoured Satyrs. If you're dissatisfied with the lore, perhaps you should first take a look at how you interact with it, rather than just trying to flat out change it. Edit: Sorry for the brusque nature of my wording, but come on guys. You can have ONE race that doesn't need to have sex. It's like you're all hormonal tee- oh... Edit edit: Plus it's dumb when people take the mysticism out of mystical shiz. Let them be magic tree deer people and stop putting out your agenda to make them.... 'literally normal people, but hey they have four legs'. It's just old, with the amount of stuff people try to pull this nonsense on.
  11. I don't mean to..... **** on your lore, but Metzli is already Daemon of Time?
  12. As kind of an outsider looking in (trying to make a cleric, but not connected yet), I've always seen it as when someone disconnects someone wrongly, the god (aka the LT, who should already be handling this very issue without having to change or make new lore) usually sends a vision to another holy user of the same type that can disconnect. That's why deity visions exist, so that the god (LT) can let people know when others are abusing the magic, and to tell them to stop the rogue. So yeah, while you could go around disconnecting people just because you do not like them, you usually can't do it for very long. (That is, as long as the LT/MT pay attention to the wrong doings of said person/persons and don't just write and vote on lore. Not an insult to current LT, but it's been that way in the past.) I dunno. That's just my two cents.
  13. HELLO




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