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  1. [Iconoclast][MA] Cenwall Maeyr'onn

    Foul forsaker. Grr grr!
  2. Arch-Daemon: Aggaroth, The Lord of Torment

    We have the Nether though.
  3. grrr paperwork grrr In all reality, I don't think it's a terrible idea. I do think it needs to be made more clear what exactly is locked behind this app, though, aside from just the few specific potions you mentioned.
  4. A Call For Trial

    Cinh perks up, "Technically, an unintended death is just voluntary malislaughter, not murder."
  5. Impurity amongst us

    Cinh merely sighs, "Didn't he step down?"
  6. The Visaj Maheral Opposition

    A mali'aheral tavernkeep on vacation sighs, looking over the transcript, muttering a few complaints to his wife beside him, "Really? Ceruberr is bloody wonderful, and has done lots of things for the State. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean he did nothing. Secondly, you cannot 'challenge' to be Maheral. It is based upon respect, and who the public accepts. Ceruberr isn't impure, and is likely accepted. If she wants to be Maheral so badly, perhaps she should have made more friends, and gained their respect, instead of just trying to take it through an 'election' that shouldn't even happen. Bloody woman." The elf shakes his head once more, before setting down the transcript, and going back to sipping tea on a beach.
  7. [Deity] Eris' Due: Auromancy

    I believe you meant "Bardomancy" :3 Other than that, I'll read this later, be ready for some actual feedback on the morrow.
  8. [✗] Sug's 12 Days of Christmas [V.1]

    I don't mean to..... **** on your lore, but Metzli is already Daemon of Time?
  9. Footprints in the Dirt

    Cinh looks over the poem, blinking, "Who wrote this garbage? It's idiotic to deny the existence of a Creator, when so much evidence points to it. Haven't Aengudaemons even confirmed it at one point or another? Bloody imbecile. Just because someone doesn't worship a Creator doesn't mean it isn't real."
  10. The Visaj Defection

    Cinh plops some cake into his brother's hands too, giving him a little gentle smack on the head, "Stop being violent. It's impure. Karin's mean, but you guys are the ones that laid the trap for him based off false information."
  11. The Visaj Defection

    Cinh taps the shoulder of Odessa lightly, saying to her, "What made you think the council ordered war? I think you need to pay a bit closer attention. Perhaps some gossip got you confused. If there was a call to war, there would have been an announcement. Anyhow, have a nice day." The tall innkeep plops a plate with a slice of black forest cake on it into the elfess' hands.
  12. Upon Silver, Flames Rain

    A tall elf sits in his tavern, petting a peacock-cat fusion, looking at the letter, "Well that's not very nice. Why do people always take things to the extreme? Didn't Kairn literally say he wanted to castrate and draw and quarter our leader? Why would anyone support such a violent person? Silliness, I say." He crumples up the missive, tossing it into the fire, before locking up his inn, and heading off into the city toward a softly glowing keep.
  13. Your View: 6.0 Creature Discussions

    I'm not sure if a lot of you understand exactly, but I do think Sug meant creatures like animals, and not player-character creatures. Just my two cents. I think new animals and plants for new lands could certainly be cool, but it's always good to keep some of the old favourites too.
  14. MC Name: Korus_Prime Character's Name: Cinh’llytn Len’irrin (Formerly Lyu Elibar’acal, just for clarity’s sake on the magic list. Really need to get it updated to list his proper name) Character's Age: 232 Character's Race: Mali’aheral Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) do you desire to teach?: Arcanism Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): Arcanism is the practice evoking pure arcanic material, in the form of wisps, rather than as an element. The energy takes shape though the mage’s aura and often becomes matching in colour to it as a result. It is the most complicated, and hardest Evocation known to mages, being easy to shape, yet hard to make fine details with, and as such cannot be simply learned out of a book, it must be taught. The art is split up into roughly four ‘branches’ or specializations. Firstly, Projectiles are, as you’d expect, projectile spells. They deal force concussive damage the same as all other combat spells of this art, aside from a single exception. The art in it’s entirety is rather freeform, though many casters of it use set names for various spells such as ‘Missiles’, the most basic projectile, ‘Arcs’, an arcing, hard to trace attack, and ‘Beams’, a continuous expulsion of force equal to the amount of mana put into it, just to name a few. The next branch is Shielding, which is rather self explanatory. It is the conjuring up of planes of the same arcanic energy to be used in a defensive, rather than an offensive manner. Some of the spells in this branch include basic discs all the way up through complex full bubbles. The third branch is the shaping of vague tool and weapon like shapes, often referred to as Arcane Tools or Weaponry. These weapons and tools are all blunt, of course, except when a t5 caster of the magic pours a great amount of their energy into focusing on sharpness. The tool can be anything from a simple spoon ranging to a massive great sword. Sadly, all of these objects share a similar fragility, and break rather quickly after a few mere strikes. The fourth and final sub-section of normal Arcanism is Art. This branch is the most freeform of all, covering things from shrouds to structures to hands to anything your mind can imagine. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Cinh sits patiently in a meditative state as his student, a mali’aheral named Cenwall, enters the Celestial Hall. He paces up to Cinh, apologizing profusely for his tardiness. “Welcome,” The meditating elf opens his eyes, their irises transferring from their normal plum to a metallic platinum. He stands, saying, “Today, we’ll be moving past basic wisps and projectiles. Today we shall touch upon the beginnings of shielding.” The pupil nods excitedly, Cenwall responding, “Alright, just tell me what to do.” The tall teacher reaches out a hand, platinum wisps beginning to flow up from his fingertips, “Begin by collecting a small mass of wisps, and keep them stable.” The observing student nods, before raising a hand, fingers twitching upon it lightly. He grunts, a few beads of sweat forming upon his countenance as tan wisps of arcane essence begin to pop into existence around his trembling appendage. He twists his face in focus as the beads of sweat break and roll down his cheek, more wisps popping into place. He nods, looking up to his teacher for what to do next. Cinh, in the meantime, had built up a steady pool of wisps, roughly the same size as that Cenwall was busy conjuring. He then addresses his student, uttering, “Now, unlike with a projectile, instead of clustering it willy nilly, you must carefully shape and meld the wisps together, seeking to form a plane of the same force.” The more experienced mage demonstrates as he pushes his hand forward, the wisps beginning to congeal and join together, forming a slightly convex, saucer-sized disc, hovering a few inches from his hand. Cenwall, nods, “Alright, let me try.” He grunts, features contorting, eyes glaring at his little cloud of tan energy. More sweat rolls down his face as the wisps begin to mimic those of Cinh, and begin to link to one another seamlessly, forming a wobbly lumpy disc, not even a quarter of the size of the example. Cenwall grows frustrated and attempts to exert more of his will upon his creation, seeking to rapidly meld and make this disc. It finishes, around half the size of the example, and mostly round. The young mage manages to keep the shape sustained for a minute or two, before he promptly collapses to the floor. “Oh bother.” Sighs the teacher, Cinh, dispelling his creation and moving to hoist the young man off the floor. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: I do not. This is my very first Teacher Application. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: I do. Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: I have not.
  15. Magic "Rules" Vague

    While I understand where you're coming from, many do try to list number of emotes in their lore and guides, and those that don't are more free-form, depending quite literally from casting to casting. The nice thing about magic on LOTC is that there is no.... set spell list. Noting locking you into "you do this for this many emotes, and this happens." Instead mages have the ability to choose, using reasonable common sense, based on what their teacher taught them, to make up spells of their own, and do interesting things. I think the issue is less unclear lore, and more.... bad teachers, and a lot of self-taught mages.