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  1. Ooof. Someone get the burn salve. Good lore, by the way. People are too uptight, but /do/ remember that he isn't just a snelf thing.
  2. [✗] [Rewritten] Cervitaurs - Cernunnos' beasts

    Never, I'm salty, mostly inactive, and despressed. It's good writing, I'll admit, but honestly, I just don't see a need. I'm not personally interested in deer people, but I know folks that'd love it, and just don't know about it. Make people aware before y'all go makin' changes, bb. Peace, love, and uhhh.... rock candy. Also I meant more than just in the Dominion. Dominion is great, but it's only one place, friend.
  3. [✗] [Rewritten] Cervitaurs - Cernunnos' beasts

    So this is a rewrite to drum up interest. Haha. Can I share a funny little tid-bit with you? These never work. A rewrite is worth **** all without actual players. And rewrites don't bring players. What brings players is those that already interact with the piece of lore GOING OUT AND ACTUALLY DOING THINGS. Don't ******* just write up a fancy looking document expecting it to fix all your problems. I've had to yell at enough people saying that just making posts does nothing unless you actually make the effort FIRST. Get players, then do a rewrite. Not vice versa. Heck, even Supremacy who the server can't decide if they hate or love gets players before doing his rewrite. You probably weren't around, but he revived Fi a while back. Granted, it was awful, and disgusting, but he had activity, and then he made the rewrite, and it lasted for a bit, and has helped anti-magic be less **** these days, even though he had to take a step of making it..... god awful. But I'm getting tangential. Get activity first, then do a bloody rewrite, not the other way around! Edit: I'm tired as ****, mind the.... expletives.
  4. [✗] [Rewritten] Cervitaurs - Cernunnos' beasts

    I don't even care about druid **** but all I am seeing is literally another case of "Let's change the lore fundamentally so my character can do the hanky-panky and maybe 'lern maygic'.", and that ticks me off. Why does it matter if they give live birth or not? Personally, it's refreshing to have characters that are DIFFERENT and not just deer-flavoured Satyrs. If you're dissatisfied with the lore, perhaps you should first take a look at how you interact with it, rather than just trying to flat out change it. Edit: Sorry for the brusque nature of my wording, but come on guys. You can have ONE race that doesn't need to have sex. It's like you're all hormonal tee- oh... Edit edit: Plus it's dumb when people take the mysticism out of mystical shiz. Let them be magic tree deer people and stop putting out your agenda to make them.... 'literally normal people, but hey they have four legs'. It's just old, with the amount of stuff people try to pull this nonsense on.
  5. Maliearnan Ito Cura'cinh

    Cinh sighs, "I'm just trying to end fighting, and keep Odessa from getting herself even more hurt. If she continues on like this, more and more people will get upset. I argue because I don't want harm to come to anyone."
  6. Maliearnan Ito Cura'cinh

    Cinh gives a smirk, "You possess no right to speak on the Founder's behalf. You truly are an odd woman, and I worry the way you act will get you in further trouble than it already has. As for my 'violent' tendencies, please do tell me the last time I raised any sort of attack against anyone? You say you're superior, yet you don't act it. Superiority isn't an excuse to be awful to whoever you happen to dislike at the time."
  7. Maliearnan Ito Cura'cinh

    Cinh blinks at hearing Odessa's announcement, "So, she knows she can't actually make that proclamation, right? She's not the Maheral."
  8. Maliearnan Ito Cura'cinh

    Cinh pours a few drinks for other patrons, glancing over to Cenwall as he makes the rude comment, "I don't think insults help anything, llir. Simply screaming 'You're wrong because I say you're bad' doesn't hold much merit to.... well, anything, and just paints you as exactly what they think you are. With all due respect, they perhaps act a bit extreme, but they are by no means impure, unless they actively seek out violence." The tavernkeep moves back into his kitchen and works on a meal that someone ordered.
  9. Maliearnan Ito Cura'cinh

    Cinh sighs, sitting back in a chair in his kitchen as he reads over the letter, commenting to his wife, "They act as if we say fighting is impure. We don't. We say an excess of it is. Nothing is wrong with defending yourself, but it should stop at that. No going out and picking fights." He sighs, leaning forward in his chair once more to continue his breakfast.
  10. [✗] Arcane Displacement Rewrite

    I like it.
  11. The Void, A Summation

    It sort of seems like it is, though. Not maliciously, but it would change how pretty much everyone treats their mana pool, or at least a large majority. And even if you say "Oh, anyone can believe whatever they want ICly", eventually people will end up finding out the truth and telling everyone they're wrong, and that just sort of ruins the fun. It's just much easier, and.... a lot more dynamic to leave it undefined. Yes, explain some of the current things, but don't.... change something, while ultimately inconsequential, that still holds impact on the players that RP it a certain way every day. The Void is always changing, and this lore should ensure that is is ultimately tentative, and never permanent canon. The Void is also something a large amount of people on the server use, and I never think it should be fully ,truly and ultimately defined by a relatively small group of people.
  12. The Void, A Summation

    The thing about this though, is that I was always taught that the Void is metaphorically a canvas. Your mana pool is your paint. And you 'paint' your spell in the Void, fueling it with your own mana, and then bring it into reality.
  13. The Void, A Summation

    I gotta agree with Gladuos on this. I think it's just... too detailed and complicated. The Void is meant to be vague and unexplained. Heck, in the true nature of how it is, this post could literally be thrown out the window in the next 0.3 nanoseconds because the Void is always in flux. I don't know, it just.... messes with stuff that doesn't.... need messing with. Edit: Not to discredit all your work, though. It's well-written, but just.... way too much.
  14. [Iconoclast][MA] Cenwall Maeyr'onn

    Foul forsaker. Grr grr!
  15. [✗] Arch-Daemon: Aggaroth, The Lord of Torment

    We have the Nether though.