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  1. Nolan accepted bloodface ~ **** man did he read his app ?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Vasemir



      What's even wrong with it? Nothing is Lore-Breaking, and I'm sure he's either much younger/foreign which explains his grammar mistakes.

      I love how understanding you've become :D

    3. Nolan_


      If you have a issue with an application I have accepted please do not contact another AT member but me directly and doing so publicly doesn't help either. As for the applicant, nothing is wrong with his application. He has three points of lore, his definitions are correct and he even linked his skin. Just because it has some spelling errors is not a reasonable reason to deny it. If you have further problems with it feel free to PM me directly instead of making a status that makes out I can't do my job. Thank you

    4. Harrison


      No problem Vase, your comment actually opened my eyes up that I've become pretty mean and closed up when I'm really not like that at all - dunno, was just what I was doing for my internet persona or something.

  2. Well is the Carbarum Dust recipe still for up for buy ? If so i like to buy it/
  3. Redstone and the explanation behind it. While restone can be easily found in the mine's, the mineral contains 3 different minerals within it. Redstone is a mixture between clay, electro magnetic particles and small iron particles. [This explanes the redstone line's and why they can go up on wals] When redstone by itself is layed on the floor in small amounts it doesn't do anything. If redstone is piled up and is refined into a redstone block it creates heat and admits a small electronic signal witch powers nearby redstone. When the normal layed redstone is powerd by this it also creates heat and transfures the electonic signal to the end of the redstone line. Does powering or heating the object that is used. [This would explains why redstone can power netherrack to ignit and why pistons/traps work as they do.] But you dont need a redstone block to power redstone by itself, redstone can also be powerd by a lever grinding gears and abit of redstone to provide a small anount of electronic particles at a constant speed. As for buttoms they give a small electornic spark that powers the redstone for a small amount of time. Then what are redstone torches ? redstone torches are like the redstoneblock refined redstone, only put into cloth and raped around a stick. Like the redstone block it also admits a redstone signal and heat. Only when redstone torches are near other redstone torches they can cancel out the electornic signal form one of the torches and does stopping the heat and electornic signal from that torch. This is done by the amount of refined redstone that put into the cloth on the redstone torches [explanes why redstone torches stop working when put like this.] What if your redstone line was broken? The redstone line can only trapsport electronic signals truw the line itself and would stop working becouse the signal cant reach the end of the line unless there is another way for it to transport the signal. From your dear tinkerer ~ Delfato
  4. OOC: Minecraft Username: Delfato Skype: Delfat0 Do you have a Teamspeak(Yes/No): yes IC: Name: Ethildor Race: dwarf Profession: Miner Skills: Miner, lumberjack & Tinker Desired Position: Guard Do you understand that misleading Valiant and Balk, and or falsification of any information will lead to your immediate expulsion from the Bank and possible Death?(Yes/No) yes
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