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  1. Joren Baruch raises a glass “Cheers”
  2. I dont know who you are, but good luck with whatever it is you choose to do with your time saved off the server 🙂
  3. Joren shrugs “Per’aps ah’m the only one ‘appy for them. Ah think i’s nice”
  4. “’How do ye nae know the status of yer own kingdom? Pathetic” A northman laughs
  5. A northman would read the missive, muttering proudly to himself “A memorable keint? Quite the oxymoron, nie?” He’d chuckle, crumpling up the paper and tossing it aside.
  6. Bubby

    Miss You

    “I miss you more” Says a saddened northman
  7. “Wha’ a disgrace o’ an Emperor! Bet ye’s wish ye sided with Joseph righ’ ‘bout now!” An infuriated, disgruntled northernman would rant while shaking a fist in the air
  8. IGN: Bubby_64 Character Name: Joren Baruch Age: 22
  9. Captain Haense frowns “Imagine taking all your vassal titles to beef up your signature”
  10. “If he’s Emperor of Oren now, shouldn’ he sign off as Godfrey II?” questions a young Haeseni man
  11. Captain Haense wonders why he wasn’t invited
  12. Joren Baruch reads the missive from his tower-top room, frowning slightly “This war ‘as taken i’s toll on both sides. I’s time to let it end!”
  13. Joren grins with anticipation, pumping an armoured fist into the air, “Now once more, the banners of the Greyguard will fly ‘igh and proud o’er the peoples of Ayr, protectin’ them from the Pertinax tyrants”
  14. Ser Aldrik Baruch watches the chaos from the seven skies, welcoming his dying kin despite them being foreign to him
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