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  1. SuperDuckyGamer

    The Lost Children

    imagine thinking you can compete with THE street urchins,,,,,,,, smh
    1. Kanadensare


      talk about overpriced god damn


      I wouldn’t even consider buying iron above 1.5 lol

    2. SuperDuckyGamer


      look, the price for iron’s going to go up at some point, and at that point, im gonna be swimming in green

    3. Flamelynx


      good to know you can mine

  2. SuperDuckyGamer

    On the Topic of E-Girls and Lavender

    if your girl dont smell like fresh flowers & cinnamon is she even a girl
  3. SuperDuckyGamer

    Log pits, really? Another mistake.

  4. SuperDuckyGamer

    7.0 Moderation Update Pt. 3

    accessible flowers? bone pit? log pit? i love you
  5. SuperDuckyGamer

    What is your favorite thing about LOTC?

  6. SuperDuckyGamer

    On Shelving - LT

    frankly as a guy who plays one of the races that got shelved, and one that got transformed im 100% fine with the shelves because, for starters, the creatures they went & shelved never contributed to anything, and well, even though they’re fun to play i do get why having too many creatures can be bad if some of them arent actually making anything better. also, we were given like half a year to rewrite them and the rewrites just weren’t good enough, so there’s that. as for the transformation, lotc is literally magic, you don’t have to explain anything. worst case scenario, go ‘i dont know’ and end it with that.
  7. SuperDuckyGamer

    [Complete]Old Man's Giveaway/Trade

    Name: Lucia Oranor MCname: Ducklingator Giveaway item 1: Azdrazi Giveaway item 2: Fallingwood Chestplate Giveaway item 3: Ganved’s Scarf
  8. SuperDuckyGamer

    the flamboyant rant

  9. SuperDuckyGamer

    Racial Buffs

    one way or another pvpgoons.exe find a way to abuse the system when you implement racial buffs, I remember back when dark elves literally got speed II and I lost every single chase when any bandit who knew how to select “dark elf” on race selection could pvp-bait then run you down effortlessly. there’s exactly one foolproof way to get past that problem and that’s just, NOT implementing racial buffs
  10. SuperDuckyGamer

    Racial Buffs

    i do wholeheartedly agree that the “halfling assaults paleknight on account of like, religious bullshit or whatever, turns out to be pvp god & wins” thing is bullshit but right now there’s like, an actual boatload of naz folks who exist for no reason and i feel that giving pvpers any reason to wanna become a super pvp demon would be unwise to say the least
  11. SuperDuckyGamer

    Mystery Tries Again For ET! (Event Team Actor App)

    yeah +1
  12. SuperDuckyGamer

    [✓] The Ascended - The Tears of Aeriel [Rewrite]

    i literally cant read this the most rampant problem with new lore is that people write it so long and for absolutely no reason. this is the biggest offender of that ive ever seen & i dont see why you’d ever need to write so much for any piece of lore, please make it shorter because my brain is the size of a rat’s this has been a psa
  13. SuperDuckyGamer

    Unwritten Rules

    I’ve never seen a rule about needing 3 emotes to draw, aim & shoot a bow, but it always looked like common sense to everyone. I’m sure there’s more stuff like this which really can be confusing.
  14. SuperDuckyGamer

    i need help?

    buy some ram you coward