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  1. [CA][Sprite] Auere

  2. Writing Contest Results

  3. [Hou-Zi][CA][Kukiii]

    ah yes. more monkeyman slavers
  4. No keeps - Dewper

    i too enjoy making snarky comments at pixelated characters whilst participating in big mineman fights!
  5. Your View: Undead

    well then sorry for misunderstanding you! and yeah I agree that undead madness needs to be enforced but it doesn't mean you should completely kill slice of life rp for undead
  6. Your View: Undead

    and i hate seeing 20 foot ologs, that doesnt mean i completely ignore their rp While I agree that undead madness should be properly roleplayed, trying to kill people for absolutely no reason isn't everything an unstable mind can bring to. That's literally just one thing. Mental instability can come in the form of depression, dementia, anxiety, and so on, so limiting undead madness to "im bloodlust xd" just ruins any other form of roleplay. Undead don't exist to be "spooks". And they certainly don't exist to provide combat roleplay whenever you're bored and want to stabbity stab stab with your magic powers. People who play undead, actual players and not ETs, want to do something but crp all day long when they're on their undead persona. We (mostly) don't just sit in underground caves all day and murmur about how much we hate these mortals running around.
  7. Festival of Friendship - Writing Contest (Ends 2/26)

    This was one of the best moments I've had roleplaying Daniel, a character of mine. Hope this is a good read.
  8. (Mysticism Addition) Anchoring

    looks good, +1
  9. It's ALIVE!

    there's something to be said about how using the forums to say that the forums are up is excessive good to be here though
  10. A Not-So-Corporeal Courier

    A desperate paleknight contemplates joining the group. He goes out to seek more information of said master.
  11. Make Kha a Creature Application

    im a lazy man dont make me do things
  12. Make Kha a Creature Application

    Kha don't get any special advantages, people can roleplay anything badly. Doesn't mean it needs a CA. Ologs, on the other hand...
  13. [Dark Arts] [CA] Laethesia

    what did i miss
  14. [SELLING] Ghost exterminator and Sellsword for hire.

    A paleknight grumbles aggressively.
  15. A request for skins (paypal dollar$ to be made)

    I can try, if you want. PM me (Ducklingator) if you want me to send a few examples of my skins!