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  1. Love it. Absolutely love it. Only problem is, it seems a bit unrealistic- people never want to follow those types of rules and will majorly bend them, then call you salty OOC when you point it out. Doesn't seem to fit the nature of bad fights I've been in, and obviously, changing fights for the sake of improving the good when there's alot of bad to fix is a bit lazy. Still, a great idea I'd love to see implemented. Only problem I have, though, is in emote limits. Magic is, currently, forced to be 3 emotes with connect-charge-cast. Some magics need even more emotes. How would that exist when most magics take a very short amount of time to cast? Same goes for swords. You can't draw and attack in the same emote, but some attacks (taking a dagger/shortsword and swinging in an arch when it's still in the sheath) take way less time than that. This might prove to be a problem if there's no strict rules.
  2. fae01aca3a6b2a545c94cbc53725bec9.png


    This was a thing? First time it happened to me in my whole time here, huh.

    1. Nekkore


      yes it was always a thing

    2. SuperDuckyGamer


      i cannot believe those filths attempt to put boundaries on my LOVE

  3. Kind of unnecessary to make more food when you can just RP it out, but I don't see why not. More food never hurts. +1
  4. Just... no. Why are we supposed to be forced into pvp by another metasquad passing by? Mages might be strong (that's a weird statement when you think about the fact that most magics have alot of good counters), but we're disgustingly underpowered when it comes to pvp. You carry around god-tier gear, unnaturally fast horses and bow sets that can deal 10 hearts a shot; not to mention that you're far better at pvp. We carry roleplay items- on a roleplay server. What weirdo does that? Besides, you don't get to complain about anything being too strong. When you attack your opponent, you should be prepared for anything they'll throw at you. As long as you're the attacker, the defender can ever so happily get to throw anything they want at you without an eight- or seven, or six- person limit when your party already has a good five attackers. When mages start to try and be the bandits, when mages raid cities, then you'll get to complain. If you want to jump into a place and pvp, go to a pvp server. Also, from arguments I've had in the past about this, people told me they dislike crp. If you don't like it, don't bandit, you'll be defender. Simple.
  5. I really wasn't serious, but in all honesty, this is a bit of a lazy plugin. I understand that they work hard for it, and I greatly appreciate it, but the fact stands- this feature doesn't apply to a good 75% of the community, probably more. There's just so many bugs to be fixed, mechanics the players want changed. This update is a fun little addition, but it feels a bit unrelated to... everything.
  6. thank you for this thing the community asked for
  7. pfft what sort of giveaway doesn't have terraria
  8. this guy gets it
  9. this is actually beautiful
  10. bet he doesn't even know air evocation
  11. character name:shadow character race/sub-race: elf/dark character gender:what character skin:robe skeleton **** you want included/things i should know about said character:death proof of payment (send to ww2buff99 on aelthir tundrak ii):i pay with blood
  12. "Interesting." A woman declares as this comes to her knowledge, setting off to seek one of said portals.
  13. On the topic of teaching/moderation; as somebody before me said, repeating the same lessons over and over will be boring. This does not excuse a lack of knowledge coming from the teacher to the student; but it does mean some teachers will be somewhat lacking when it comes to roleplaying. Is this wrong? I doubt it. It doesn't mess with RP, just prevents the meaningless, repetitive process of making the same types of emotes. On the topic of artifact making, or the whole deal with people just hoarding magics; I generally dislike people who just learn magic because it makes them look cooler. Same goes for making big, fancy artifacts. However, this isn't always the case with learning magic, or creating artifacts (or generally, MArt items), from what I've seen. Some people have intriguing ideas and make them into reality, they experiment with the boundaries of a certain magic/resource/anything else. I don't have a real solution in mind for the magic part of thing, but for the MArts, maybe maybe a system that disallows items that are straight up "This will make my blue flame more blue!" "This will make my cleric light brighter!" etc.
  14. While I'd say you should tone down your language just a bit, I do agree with this. Mobs disturb RP, they spam places, and they can easily kill you if you go afk for just a few minutes.
  15. are you sure you managed to grasp the concept of shitposting, or do you just write words and hope they make an (in)appropriate sentence