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  1. SuperDuckyGamer

    [Denied] My Malgonious Fanclub Application

  2. SuperDuckyGamer

    Mystery_Uialben, Known_Fenfir's Event Team Actor application

    he cool +1
  3. SuperDuckyGamer


    snow elfs bad because we dont get their pvp gear 😠 just kidding but yeah its stupid how inactive some places get and, honestly, it just brings this server to the point where you cant find rp anymore because there’s one guy at fenn, one guy at pembroke, someone off in his lil forest hut and,,, nobody anywhere active
  4. SuperDuckyGamer

    [Pending]fastest man alive's lore master application

    top lad
  5. SuperDuckyGamer

    [I] ScreamingDingo, itsjustnoone's Game Moderator Application

    honestly i’d say something about how staff needs to have a good attitude or something but that’s not happening is it +1 at least you’re competent
  6. SuperDuckyGamer

    ooc chat

    wow ok this is becoming about as awful as any other ooc chat fight so im gonna summarize this if you think that people genuinely should be allowed to express their nazi opinions in a public place with no consequences then congratulations, you dont need to change anything that’s all i have to say, im not going to discuss whether free speech should include literal nazis because i already know the answer to that & it seems awfully pointless to me especially when it drags on this long go ahead and swarm me with the “lmao way to back off without saying youre wrong” jokes if you’d like
  7. SuperDuckyGamer

    ooc chat

    i dont care about what fancy term i get to call myself so much as i do about not letting innocent people die and i do truly think that you shouldnt care about that either i can stand to see a casual “haha black people aren’t good at (thing)” joke. i can stand to see people dislike cops. i cant stand to see someone say “kill black people” or someone say “kill all cops” because that’s very radical. its very much so within human reason to see the line between subtle enough and too extreme. if thats what gets you off sure then again, if someone’s going “wow black people are so annoying” every once in a while they dont need to get muted or anything, but come on, we both know the difference between angwwy boy and “will kill a jew if allowed to do so without consequences”
  8. SuperDuckyGamer

    ooc chat

    extremists will always exist but,,, all of the nazis will always want black people dead there’s no softcore nazis who just kinda sit around & murmur very bitterly about the jews also if someone talks about killing a trump supporter or a cop please do go ahead and ban them from ooc chat because thats not right joking about the holocaust wont directly kill anybody but it will indirectly influence people in several ways which could lead to harm
  9. SuperDuckyGamer

    ooc chat

    “does pineapple go with pizza” will not result in murder “we should burn the jews” might which one should be ban from out of character chat
  10. SuperDuckyGamer

    ooc chat

    i think all men should die! (i actually dont) does my opinion currently hurt anyone? no! could it potentially bring harm to several people in the future? yes! does me spreading it and possibly getting more support make that more likely? definitely! let’s not let people have their opinions when those opinions can lead to more than just saying stupid stuff on a mineman server implying that everyone has proper critical thinking skills & wont start agreeing with literal nazis in there. think of the worst case scenario, honestly
  11. SuperDuckyGamer

    ooc chat

    new players go to that channel & definitely wouldn’t leave it for a while until they see the mess that it is plus its never good to have a bunch of people screech dumb **** in ooc for reasons ive stated before
  12. SuperDuckyGamer

    ooc chat

    im sorry that having to ban people makes your job harder i truly do but some people would not listen to reason had it taken a hammer and burst through their skulls with it & they continue spamming dumb things in ooc chat until their fingers burn off no matter what people say, it really does not work do read on what ive said about how those opinions do bring harm to groups of people because i am very much so not going to copypaste it i understand and respect that you wont be replying to this but i will still make a response to what youre saying waiting around for people to start acting on what they’re saying could still result in people dying. doing something, literally anything, to supress their dumb **** might not prevent those deaths, but maybe it will, and maybe it’ll prevent other people from getting the idea that those deaths are justified, or even start going out and killing more people for that terrible goal. to me it feels like standing idly and watching is nearly as bad as if i had just killed those people myself. well once again i misunderstood but honestly, i dont understand what you expect me to say. i despise their actions just as much as i do what nazis have done but not once have i seen anyone call to kill innocent police officers, or men in general, in lotc’s ooc chat. and that’s what this post is about; im not calling to end all oppression right now because i know we can’t do that with a /mute command.
  13. SuperDuckyGamer

    ooc chat

    thank you for assuming so but no i do not support women who torture mentally disabled men- or anyone, for that matter! i also dont support women who need to humiliate men in order to feel better about themselves. good that we got that out of the way. also if you could go ahead and tell me when blm has made literal acts of terror ill be glad to hear do bear with me when i say that ive got a perfectly good reason to be trigger happy with accusing people of supporting nazis when they say said nazis should be allowed to think whatever they’d like. the entire nazi revolution didn’t come around in one day, or one year, it was an event that the nazi party built up to by spreading messages of hate (id say hate speech but apparently that’s a taboo thing now). so when nazis are allowed to freely say what they’d like to say, it doesn’t matter how much other people argue against their beliefs, because the only method of stopping them is by straight up disallowing them from saying anything about the subject in the first place. they’re not entitled to their free speech. so yeah i get that speech policing may genuinely seem like a scary thing but the opposite is distinctly worse in my opinion id go into detail with this with the whole romantic attraction vs sexual attraction thing but really the point is, anyone who calls themselves a feminist and also says lesbians have to be attracted to transwomen is just... stupid. like please, if not for you, on behalf of me go ahead and call these people out on their bullshit. but stuff stupid people believe discriminates against another group doesnt invalidate actual discrimination towards certain groups, or the consequences that come with it
  14. SuperDuckyGamer

    ooc chat

    one day will come when youre gonna stop grouping together the kkk and blm because one group fights for equality and the other tries to murder people for their race i get that you dont like it when people are called out on their incredible toxicity but “everyone deserves an opinion” does not apply when someone’s opinion is that i should be dead right now like, come on. you can’t seriously believe that letting nazis roam around and say whatever they’d like is a good idea. well if i read that wrong im truly sorry do tell me what message you meant to convey with that
  15. SuperDuckyGamer

    ooc chat

    how about instead of me needing to explain to you why nazis getting to express themselves is fine why dont you look up some liberal buzzwords like “holocaust” no lesbian has ever opened a straight man deathcamp how is it that i seriously need to explain this jesus christ