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  1. Sprites, sprites.
  2. "Does all of that manpower hide in a ******* cave or something? I came here looking for a good battle, not this-" A dreadknight pauses to pluck a scorpion from it's boot. "Utter emptiness."
  3. "It's almost as if a dreadknight's strength, greater than that of an olog's, means nothing because it yields normal-weighted weapons that can be carried by humans. Wait, that's false!" A dreadknight grumbles.
  4. the blood of my enemies and pineapple
  5. gotta stay hydrated
  6. yes
  7. And yet, to me it doesn't look like the wards do what they were previously meant to do, and instead they do much more. Most clerics hope to use wards to completely cancel out spooks getting into their cities instead of just reveal them.
  8. How much time, exactly? I assume it would vary from creature to creature and mage to mage, but still. That aside, though, love the rewrite.
  9. i too wish to have money without spending money
  10. is your goal to love me
  11. "Aw. Well, the weak lives the longest, or whatever. So long, fucker." Lilach remarks.
  12. Fun fact about me: I've never reached my daily rep cap. Hooray?