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  1. SuperDuckyGamer

    Where did the direction go?

    I’ve been on the wiki team for like, 2 months now? Haven’t been counting. It was 3 days ago when I finally got the ability to edit the wiki. Crazy, right? 2 months of me sitting on this (albeit literally useless) pex & doing exactly zero things to justify having it. I finally reached out to ask about it and, (after like 15 minutes lol), got everything sorted out. It’s a task that basically requires no effort yet it took 2 months to fulfill. Now I have the ability to edit the wiki. I know that there sure is SOMETHING in need of fixing, wiki’s currently pretty damn bad. But I have exactly zero clue as to what that may be. The wiki bit on staff discord is completely empty 99% of the time, afaik there’s 3 open projects and the one I’m on is, well, inactive to say the least. But after trying to figure out how I should conclude this post (for like, 20 minutes now) I’ve realized that this isn’t anyone’s fault. I shouldn’t be pointing any fingers. We’re a community, “lol this is just mineman” jokes and all. If anyone wants something done we need to work towards it, not try to replace leadership in hopes of making everything magically better that way. With that being said, I’d like to remind everyone here that /wtreq exists! If you’re browsing the wiki and see something vague, or wrong, or just think you can make it more helpful- tell us! [add shitty joke to finish off long post]
  2. SuperDuckyGamer

    the flamboyant rant

  3. SuperDuckyGamer

    Racial Buffs

    one way or another pvpgoons.exe find a way to abuse the system when you implement racial buffs, I remember back when dark elves literally got speed II and I lost every single chase when any bandit who knew how to select “dark elf” on race selection could pvp-bait then run you down effortlessly. there’s exactly one foolproof way to get past that problem and that’s just, NOT implementing racial buffs
  4. SuperDuckyGamer

    Racial Buffs

    i do wholeheartedly agree that the “halfling assaults paleknight on account of like, religious bullshit or whatever, turns out to be pvp god & wins” thing is bullshit but right now there’s like, an actual boatload of naz folks who exist for no reason and i feel that giving pvpers any reason to wanna become a super pvp demon would be unwise to say the least
  5. SuperDuckyGamer

    Mystery Tries Again For ET! (Event Team Actor App)

    yeah +1
  6. SuperDuckyGamer

    The Ascended - The Tears of Aeriel [Rewrite]

    i literally cant read this the most rampant problem with new lore is that people write it so long and for absolutely no reason. this is the biggest offender of that ive ever seen & i dont see why you’d ever need to write so much for any piece of lore, please make it shorter because my brain is the size of a rat’s this has been a psa
  7. SuperDuckyGamer

    Unwritten Rules

    I’ve never seen a rule about needing 3 emotes to draw, aim & shoot a bow, but it always looked like common sense to everyone. I’m sure there’s more stuff like this which really can be confusing.
  8. SuperDuckyGamer

    i need help?

    buy some ram you coward
  9. SuperDuckyGamer

    [Denied] My Malgonious Fanclub Application

  10. SuperDuckyGamer

    [Pending]fastest man alive's lore master application

    top lad
  11. honestly i’d say something about how staff needs to have a good attitude or something but that’s not happening is it +1 at least you’re competent
  12. SuperDuckyGamer

    Air Evocation, Revised.

    Throwing things with air evocation has always been a thing. Obviously it’s not nearly as accurate as telekinesis, but the idea was always there. It’s just that, nobody learns air evocation to throw daggers and rocks around, that’s the reason that you don’t really see that happening too often. I do understand the concern, though.
  13. SuperDuckyGamer

    Air Evocation, Revised.

    I’m open to any changes, the specific numbers aren’t what I was going for as much as the idea of defining all of the existing limits more clearly.
  14. SuperDuckyGamer

    Fiesta de Fantasma: The Undead Tournament

    “Men bunching up a whole load of undead, when they usually try to kill ‘em. Seems, uh, alarming at best.” Daniel comments.