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  1. Ariadni Lanyathir

    and now, onto ruining you with voidal magic
  2. Reviewing Tutorial Island

    Looks like people already said what I wanted to say, so I'll just sum it up. Too scattered, each NPC spams your chatbox which is a pain, and I feel like there should be a bit less nexus and a bit more RP just because the emoting plugin is hard to figure out on your own.
  3. no warclaim no lag 


    im happy

    1. LithiumSedai


      inb4 lynched by norlander screamers

  4. [EVOCATION] [MA] CelestialSibyl

  5. The Axionite Assembly of Axis Powers

    "And so it starts. Oren falls after many lives are lost- only to return a few years later, and fall again. There's no benefit to this cycle, only death." Lilach sighs upon hearing the news.
  6. [Plugin] How has this server lasted so long without this?!?

    you missed the l in my name or maybe you just took it <3
  7. [Plugin] How has this server lasted so long without this?!?

    restore full hunger for milk, the existence of a chicken and half a wheat fair
  8. [Lore submission]Waffle evocation

    please stop
  9. What valuable life skill could you have learned?

    I played around 1000-1500 hours on my main persona. Yes, I could learn alot by doing something else, but I feel like I developed myself while roleplaying and that's valuable okay
  10. [POLL] CA for Ologs?

    People that knowingly powergame ologs will powergame them regardless. New players that want to play an olog will read the lore, and know better. You can't stop everyone, but you can stop some.
  11. [POLL] CA for Ologs?

    But that's like saying everyone can use whatever magic they want, whenever, but if they powergame it, they should be guided. Finding a way to stop the powergaming in the first place would be better; forcing people to actually read olog lore should, in my opinion, reduce the amount of people playing the race to be stronger than everybody else.
  12. Lower the amount of spooks?

    On one end, I hate complaining about things like this- seeing how spooks do provide RP and, usually, it's enjoyable, people would only complain because they dislike dying. But this feels like a much bigger problem. The amount of circlejerks and spooks makes it so you're essentially fighting the exact same people, the exact same way. And I generally feel like said people only attack cities that are hardly active but always have those two people there, or cities without guards, and they do it at off-peak times. The entire deal is unenjoyable, I don't know how to deal with it but something should be done.
  13. [Plugin] The /hunger plugin

    While the abuse of this plugin would probably be much more common during WCs, it's not the only time when this happens, when there's food that can bring your hunger from 3 bars to 10, and give you something like 5 hearts back. Honestly, just RP eating and throw the food off, or keep it for later. Yes, it creates a bit of a mess in your inventory, but that's not so hard to clean up.
  14. [Plugin] The /hunger plugin

    This plugin was a thing, people abused it to get regeneration from food during pvp.