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  1. whats up with all the war drama


    spill that tea babes

  2. i want a refund on the mvp+ i bought on hypixel at the age of 10 when i couldve invested in bitcoin grow up
  3. dw babe ive already applied for et & ill be sittin real tight in your pocket
  4. Frankly, I find most magic on lotc great. To me it feels unique, interactive and fun. The only real unenjoyable interactions I’ve had with magic users are when people try to hoard every magic, buy their way into the ‘endgame’ tiers of a magic (which are stupid) and so on- in essence, when people try to win because they think that’s the only way to have fun. Yeah, some lotc magics have a few problems of their own, (Unclear guidelines on voidal connection & a magic’s limits, voidal weakness being ignored, enchantments being busted, and so on), but I feel like what lots of people in this thread go on about (”shelf all voidal evocations” “shelf x dark/holy magic” “x magic is too common”) is just players failing to give their characters depth and instead falling into these cliches so they can better fit into a certain magic. And that brings me to the solution: have lore holders better moderate their communities. Make sure people don’t just fall into stupid, boring cliches which spread boring, one-sided characters who just so happen to use x magic to strengthen that character’s one outstanding trait. Instead of wiping stuff away every time it goes bad, go to the root of the problem and drive players who refuse to do any character development away. When the character’s bad, the magic they use looks stupid; when the character’s good, the magic they use looks fun.
  5. 70 player online & nobody around where the hell are yall at

    1. KBR


      The orcs

    2. _Hexe_


      server boring

  6. joke’s on you im a bottom
  7. *smiles suns smile* “ave courland”
  8. I don’t, sorry! I’ll write that down on the post.
  9. Hey! I’m handing out free skin comissions (Three, currently, so it’s first come first get). I do have a few requirements: -Have an applicable reference picture! I like to work with pictures that are clear but don’t have too much small details, aka stuff you can’t put on skins. -No kha! I’m just awful at doing fur. -Try to be patient! Knowing myself, I’ll either get into work and finish 10 skins in an hour, or I’ll do half a skin and call it a day. Either way, please be considerate! -I don’t do full-body armor skins. Here are a few skins that I’ve done. I’m very much so open to advice, especially with hair, because I have no clue how to do different styles so I just stick with the one pattern that I know. Pending Submissions: 1. Sophiaa (Done!) 2. Themeatrics 3. Jyecarson
  10. hey just for reference how much does a regular paid comission for the same thing cost? because luck is not my thing to have
  11. do you take iron as payment ive got lots of iron
  12. lets make a secret server & keep everyone post gizzygazza out
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