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  1. SuperDuckyGamer


    hi my name is ducklingator i have twenty-seven (27) points of iq is there a way to explain how the guns/rolling bit works without studying calculus for seventeen years? its summer im not supposed to do math
  2. SuperDuckyGamer

    Looking for Love - Edward Thorne Woodlaw

    "Does it HAVE to be a woman?" a dead man asks, swooning at the sight of eight hundred mina.
  3. SuperDuckyGamer

    Name Timer

    no timer for diamond vips so ha ha losers but yeah, I remember this being really annoying before I bought my rank, and I don't see why people should have to wait that long for no good reason.
  4. SuperDuckyGamer

    Add back money top

  5. SuperDuckyGamer

    The Haunts of Vaasek

    I haven't seen that until now, but from what I know ghosts (and by extension haunts) still exist, it's just that the additions in that post don't.
  6. SuperDuckyGamer

    The Haunts of Vaasek

    great lore, may want to change the name because haunts already exist
  7. SuperDuckyGamer

    Enough is Enough.

    In my eyes, the problem goes past just 'Orcs against elves', or even just the current GM team. I think that most GMs, past and present, failed to see the very distinct line between random shitposting, swearing, messing around etc, and actual abuse, or racist/homophobic slurs, and so on. It comes to the point where one moment, you see GMs allowing players to make nazi jokes, and a second later they start banning players who swear a bit too much because we suddenly became a christian minecraft server. The point is, we need to set a set of rules and follow through with it. It doesn't make sense that iMattyz gets banned, and for a whole year, for dissing the GM team (not only disregarding but also considering past offenses), while certain people make 'Roman Salutes', reference events of real life genocide for shits n giggles, or start talking like it's the seventeenth century. "b-but he swore before! he said the n-word!" is an argument I've seen going around, and that just highlights the fact that apparently we have NO stop sign. GMs ban players whenever they want, for basically whatever they want. Fix That.
  8. SuperDuckyGamer


    bees make honey. honey makes money. bees are money. bees
  9. its summer which means youre gonna be seeing a whole lot more of this guy



  10. SuperDuckyGamer


    i do love seeing these good friendly fights promoting a fun experience on lotc. being nice is all that matters kids
  11. SuperDuckyGamer

    Stop adding money sinks

    the problem with making ss pillars cost money is that youre punished for being a new nation (which isn't necessarily bad), but places like Holm or Whitepeak which actually have consistent rp don't have green ss pillars. and like, sutica has a green ss pillar. so thats a problem
  12. SuperDuckyGamer

    Courland vs Renatus

  13. SuperDuckyGamer

    [Pending]Tahmas's Lore Moderator Application

    he was an admin on massivecraft what else is there to say +1
  14. is the server supposed to work


    because it wont work

  15. SuperDuckyGamer

    The Boys Are Back In Town