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  1. i got a new computer and it is soooo weird to open tabs without the whole thing freezing


  2. SuperDuckyGamer

    [Community Review] Raids

    "a better narrative", ah yes. i love that one story about an elf and a human fighting and then the elf's computer lags and then he explodes to bits. literature is such a beautiful thing
  3. SuperDuckyGamer

    [Community Review] Raids

    i once had 17000 ping playing on lotc and it really doesnt go above 500 for me at most times. half the times that someone meme-hits me my computer spazzes out for an actual minute. i understand that youre a pro pvper who has transcended simple mortal binds like "fps" and "minecraft crashing" but some people arent just that good
  4. SuperDuckyGamer

    [Community Review] Raids

    Forts are very easily replaceable for people who meme and don't put any actual time into roleplay and places. Besides, my argument is that this essentially kills any chance RPers have at defending against those types of raids; as a guy with a computer that physically cannot handle PvP, and going off of the assumption that I'm not the only one who experiences this problem, there's definitely a problem when you force PvP on every single raid, and then punish people for faiing to defend. (And yeah, I get that huge RP fights are terrible; I get that, in general, CRP is a shitty system that leaves everyone unhappy at the end of the day. But instead of working around it, try to fix THAT dysfunctional system.)
  5. SuperDuckyGamer

    [Community Review] Raids

    literally half these rules look like youre trying to make lotc a legitimate factions pvp server but with rp items added as currency get your **** together and write rules that dont give pvpers with working computers and more clickery skills an absurd advantage over literally anyone else, mage or not
  6. SuperDuckyGamer

    [ Rules Amendment ] PvP Traps

    doesnt sutica have that trap at the gates where they lock you in and then the entire place fills with lava
  7. SuperDuckyGamer


  8. SuperDuckyGamer

    The Issues of Raiding

    ive been on this server for like two and a half years now and not once have i either helped raid a place or been in a place getting raided, and had fun in the process. and that just indicates that the current raiding system with passive-aggressive nonsense rules that force people to act a very specific way irp isn't working, and that the community itself is stupid and needs to be babyfed basic manners with a spoon because people wouldn't figure out that constantly harassing a playerbase with raids is, in fact, rude and meaningless but who cares about my opinion yknow. im an elf haha xd uwu
  9. SuperDuckyGamer

    She Hates Me

    i miss gizzy gazza. part 2 when?
  10. server down?

    1. EarthMonkey


      I think so, can't join either 

  11. SuperDuckyGamer

    Brief Overview of Player Concentration

    you didnt do sutica!!!!11 >:**
  12. SuperDuckyGamer

    make new player applications harder

    if applications were harder than they currently are a good 60% including me will not have been accepted into the server instead of complaining about low quality rpers despite knowing that you, i, and probably most of the other people on this server, have been in the same place, why don't we let the same players in and then teach them
  13. SuperDuckyGamer

    Sprites and Sprouts

  14. daily reminder that lotc will fall soon

  15. i left for 3 days and this server went to shambles. you guys cant live without me its confirmed now