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  1. i say we start terraria roleplay, who's with me

  2. go eat a baboon and teach me holy arcanecromancy evocation +1
  3. Skype and discord are honestly the worst things there are around. Even without being anywhere near a leader, I've heard of nation leaders talking about making major deals and doing things in their nation over a group chat in skype. What's that? We're calling a war against them? Hold up, let me add them to this group, see how many allies they're adding. Maybe we'll just call it off afterwards. Not even that, just the most random and small things. Hey, this guy is wanted. Here's their skin, persona name and username. Because, pfft, just a name isn't enough. What if they change it, or wear some sort of a hood? It really discourages me from doing anything related to a being a guard, because everything is so OOC-focused. I've seen people talk about how they're attempting to roleplay for the sole purpose of winning. Because what's better than protecting this place? Not RP and reason, that's for sure. Now then, cultural RP. I have seen multiple occasions of that happening. My memories of Vailor taught me that calling a kha cat in any manner of disrespect is a big no-no. You're gonna be jumped on like a ball of yarn. Then Axios comes, Metzli is a thought that half the kha don't remember, and there's nothing to grab onto. Kha are a dead race at this point, it seems. I'm really just oblivious to alot of aspects in human culture, but from what I've seen, every small settlement is exactly the same. A few cobblestone houses with oak logs for the outside and hay for the roof. Even the reckless hunt for anyone who dares top their precious city instead of using the floor, that's long gone. I don't like how things are, currently.
  4. I honestly feel the realm turning against it's inhabitants would be great. Earthquakes, droughts, sudden wildfires, thunder storms and the like; things the playerbase will actively need to deal with, and alongside that, actually giving the whole playerbase the ability to just press the "**** this, I'm out" button and sail over to another place. Slowly ramp up the effects to make it realistic.
  5. ((I really like this. A brute-style orc clan, with original (I think) culture.))
  6. Doesn't change the "Within Tahn" part, does it now :^)
  7. thats a turtle that's not tahn tahn isn't a turtle sky
  9. Yes, as I said, the wood elves are the ones with the most activity in Tahn.
  10. What? Tahn has, to my knowledge, no RP hubs. The welves are the most active there. Meanwhile, Sutica and Veris, the two active RP hubs are located in Ceru and Asul. I say we remove Tahn, really.
  11. "Goodbye, something like the last thing keeping me from getting my pretty face out of here." Alice sighs. ((I've had alot of fun RPing on this character, mainly because of people like you making the whole experience just so much better. I really do hope you'll come back soon, wuv you))
  12. "lol no your 12 you must be immature but on the day of your birthday you get bigly smart" "whats that???? ?? ? you protest our incredible astounding amusing flawless systemm? ???? ??? toxic!"
  13. hurhurhur tentacles LOL
  14. is this going to become the "be my wife xd" meme because it feels like this is going to become the "be my wife xd" meme and that is not good.
  15. we must keep applications then