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  1. The Hauptmann, Betzler, thrusted his sword first through the knee, then going to turn in a swift move to decapitate the fleeing insurgent - He'd then look onto the battlefield, his aide Stahlherz, slaying yet another of these scoundrels. A smile appeared on the Hauptmann's face, a proud one at that. He cleaned his sword on the back of the corpse of the bandit he had taken down, he then sheathed his sword, calmly walking through the open field, corpses of the insurgents had piled up, flies crowding over the bloodbath. He quickly Saluted his Oberhauptmann, Liamme, then he kept going on his walk,
  2. Would get back to his newly furnished room, he sat on his seat, left dirty, bloodied sword by his aide. The man would then go to take off his gauntlets, taking off his ruff from around his neck. ”Ah, its a gut day to be alive, sunny, no rain, clear skies. Und zhe roads clear of threats, our contractor shall be happy to hear about these. Zhese bandits had been attacking Kaedrin, now leave zheir corpses on our doorstep” He then went to put his feet in water.
  3. The Captain nodded his head, turned 180 degrees on his heel and moved away in the motion of a professional soldier’s march. His serious face turned into a smile of relief after he had reflected once more on what the Kommandant had said to him, the ideas of a soft bed and a permanent table had long been wandering in his head for quite some time and it had finally come true. He went back infront of the newly conscripts and battle hardened soldiers, lined them up and saluted them, a smile on his face, a rather unique sight for the soldiery to see from their serious Captain Betzler. “It is ti
  4. The Battle Hardened Soldier raised his pen, filling in a parchment, looking down at the paper, his eyes squinted as he re-read what he had written... Full name: Johann Betzler Age: 34 Experience: Battle Hardened Ethnicity: Waldenian [OOC] Username: pokantu1 [OOC] Discord: poka#2632
  5. A **** Stinking Foot-Soldier who was previously a cattle farmer sees the writing, since his reading isnt well, he understood the title after 5 minutes, he smirks and remembers his good ole’ cow, Bessy... The man then talks to himself ”Not’n loike kaedrin... The smell of shite in th’ stables n’ all that, ye can only foind it in Kaedrin!..”he said and walked away...
  6. I have a feeling that this will drop most the banditry rp off the roads, which is (in my opinion) not good, because y’know, do bandits need a reason? I dont think so, they earn their pay that way because they know how to do THAT and not something else, or perhaps earn more by banditing than doing farmwork? It is ofcourse good for banditry to drop but I think the drop needs to be influenced by the armies of nations and them protecting the roads, not some rules. Yes I know some banditry roleplay such as ‘minas or die’ is pretty bad and boring and doesnt contribute to character development, but t
  7. A 12 year old Waldenian feels sad that he had not fought there, yet he is happy to see his prince triumph!
  8. A turk smiles from the seven skies, seeing the arabs fall... Yet a question on his mind... If the ‘caliph’ abolished the titles, how come the paper was signed by the caliph etc...
  9. “Weird law... Even if they dont take the name the kids should be allowed to be foster parrented by nobility if the noble wishes”a servant commented.
  10. “Zhe Kaedreni Defectors?” A waldenian man asked putting his Aesterwaldian Helmet on “We’re no Kaedreni... Wir are Aesterwaldians...”He sighed moving off to sell carrots.
  11. “What happened to arnold?.. “ A man wonders as he thought about the three Caernguards
  12. A Waldenian squints his eyes, looking at the art, the white steed taking his interest"ist zhat me?! "he says, rushing into the stables to see if the white steed he rides is still there...
  13. “What do you think” Think this is too long...
  14. “Ich knev zhis vould happen!”A waldenian man muttered as he read the daily newspaper. “It ist gut tho, complete pover to zhe monarchy...”He grined as he put the daily paper down, attending his shop in the bazaar.
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