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  1. “Zooooo.... Vho are marrying again?”A waldenian wonders yawning before heading to sleep since he works hard everyday!
  2. “Ich knev zhis vould happen!”A waldenian man muttered as he read the daily newspaper. “It ist gut tho, complete pover to zhe monarchy...”He grined as he put the daily paper down, attending his shop in the bazaar.
  3. A person chuckles to how the de savin are fighting amongst them selves...
  4. Name of your Charter: Falkenholdt Owner's Username: pokantu1 Owner's Roleplay Name: Karl Franz Location (XYZ): Around: X= 1977 Z= -934 Tier applying for: Tier 1
  5. “Wow...” A Waldenian kid just reads this and comments. soon he asked a question”Vat is ein ‘virgin’?” No one seemed to answer him... He’s sad now...
  6. it will be REALLY difficult without emote colours, #bring_back_colourful_emotes
  7. eeeh?” a waldenian boy simply commented and then let out a sigh.
  8. The Waldenian boy read the letter with his finger following, still not entirely sure how he got the letter... ’’Didnt he have eine lover?’’ The boy thought to himself ’’He zeems to habe forgotten her perhaps, his eyes shaded by zhe blood on his hand und his betreyal to his freunds und family, ja?’’ The boy asked as he turned to the grown ups that stood by his side, as they nodded at him in silence...
  9. Hov did Ich get zhis letter on mein hands?”A Waldenian Kid of 8 thought to himself as he read the letter.
  10. Seems harder, which is good. I think this will result in new players being more knowledgeable in roleplay when they first come on to the server, or thats just what I think.
  11. Henselt would awe at the architecture of the place, happy he is a part of it.
  12. Application Form Those who want to join the order should fill this form and send it to the Cadlew Priory.(OOC:reply in here) Name: Walter Scott Age: 34 Race: Human. Are you of a Canonist faith ?: Yes. Will you be holding The Pen or The Sword ? The Sword.
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