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  1. pokantu

    Southward Sailing

    “good information,”a man nodded as he read
  2. pokantu

    The City of Ves

    Henselt would awe at the architecture of the place, happy he is a part of it.
  3. pokantu


  4. pokantu

    (please delete this topic)

    Application Form Those who want to join the order should fill this form and send it to the Cadlew Priory.(OOC:reply in here) Name: Walter Scott Age: 34 Race: Human. Are you of a Canonist faith ?: Yes. Will you be holding The Pen or The Sword ? The Sword.
  5. pokantu

    [✓] Göktürkin Khaganate Charter

    Yusuf Hakan signs while smiling and he shouts '''Ave Turkins!''
  6. pokantu


    ((OOC)) Your MC Name: pokantu1 Your Name: Isaac Hantlangare Your Age: 36 Your Race: Human Are you willing to join the ranks of your kameraden ?: yes Do you have any fighting experience ?: yes


  8. guys is there a problem with lotc? I cant log in the server idk why...


  9. Why are there Mobs lying around in the night now adays?


  10. pokantu

    Sofia Amador -Character Profile-

    nice but I didnt understand why she compares humans with horses
  11. I be wanting some reps *tkes all the reps in like a vacuum* but thats just wishes


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    2. Vaynth


      I gave you one of my last ones of the day friendo.

    3. pokantu


      thx but how else do you get reps... else then meme posts?


    4. Vaynth


      Perhaps post creative writing stories of your character's personal experiences. Or think of new ideas for the server.

      Or just be friendly and talk to people. Most of my reps are from dorks that like to go and rep everything on my page.

  12. I m not " newly spawned" I played for allmost 2 years!!!

  13. MC Name:pokantu1 Character Name: James Wonders Race: Human Age:19 Profession (if applicable): none right now Timezone: UTC/GMT +3 Skype (PM if you’d like): pokantplays Do you have Teamspeak? yes