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  1. Ashton is a woman who likes to talk out loud. It's no different than a man wondering to himself in some place far away from Sutica, which he claims to know so much about. Yet, he doesn't seem to know the first thing. She wonders how this group of people ever learned to read or write. "Perhaps they're possessed by spooks or something." She mumbles to herself.
  2. Ashton repeats to herself. "We have a church."
  3. "We have a church." Ashton would state plainly to herself as she grumps about.
  4. "How would people who have never been around know whether or not we have a church? We may not have a fancy, formal Orenian one, but that doesn't mean we are without a church. Even the High Pontiff of the Church of Oren was good friends of Oliver's and came to Sutica. These people obviously know nothing of Sutica." Ashton shakes her head, completely disappointed in the people claiming to know what is best for a people they've never even met it seems.
  5. Ashton nods along with Oliver. "These people are the true heathens. To fight the servants of God who do nothing but heal the innocent and give homes to people for free. If that's what cults do, I'd much rather the world be run by cults than people like these 'petitioners.' Power hungry, all of them."
  6. Avayla stands by with furrowed brows. "I've never met or heard of any of these people. These are not people of Sutica. I have no idea who any of them are." She rolls her eyes before shrugging and goes back about her business.
  7. I have no ability to comprehend this.
  8. Rona goes about her day, not hearing the whispers of the ghost. She continues to love her husband and carry on her merry little way.
  9. Rona Roswell rolls her eyes and chuckles. "My husband isn't stupid, and our house is more than just him. Maybe if this wordy fool had his infant son threatened and his own life promised to be taken, he'd dislike Oren as well. It's easy to judge when you're not one of the targets. Such bliss it must be to live with rose-tinted glasses." Rona then tosses the drivel into the trash where it belongs.
  10. Need. I need thiiiiiiis! Add me on Skype, please? mcmorrisaye
  11. I've known her for nearly a year now, mostly in an RP setting. She's extremely sweet, and as she said, she is very mature for her age. I adore her.
  12. I think the only acceptable way for it to work would be as Liam suggested. Having a plugin for questing would just wreck roleplay severely, in my opinion. If an effort were to be made to send players on quests of some sort, I think it would enhance roleplay and give people more chances to RP. I almost feel like an OOC group of non-ET actors could easily do such a thing. It's not really ET worthy, in my opinion, to just have someone go stand at the side of the road and pretend to be a kidnapper with a woman while a third person is the mother, sending people after the girl who got kidnapped. However, players could easily group up and do that. They could act that out together and give people the chance to go on a noble quest. I think that'd be fun. I really want to do that.
  13. I think he would be a wonderful choice. He certainly is capable. He's been amazingly helpful whenever I have a question or concern. Very supportive and knowledgeable. +1
  14. 11/11. Cause you're my bestie. <3