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  1. Fix the server, please. Or else I'll have to actually do my job here on the forum, and no one wants that, apparently. 

    1. ACU20


      We believe in you, Morri.


  2. For all of you saying #Free Aengoth, he is NOT BANNED. His forum account is on moderator approval, which means a FM has to approve his posts. This was done not because of the content of his posts, but because he spammed continuously and even made a post that said he was doing it with the sheer intention of making things harder for the FMs. 

  3. morrisaye

    [Denied]Anonymous_Potato's Game Moderation App

    I've known her for nearly a year now, mostly in an RP setting. She's extremely sweet, and as she said, she is very mature for her age. I adore her.
  4. morrisaye

    [✓] Quests?

    I think the only acceptable way for it to work would be as Liam suggested. Having a plugin for questing would just wreck roleplay severely, in my opinion. If an effort were to be made to send players on quests of some sort, I think it would enhance roleplay and give people more chances to RP. I almost feel like an OOC group of non-ET actors could easily do such a thing. It's not really ET worthy, in my opinion, to just have someone go stand at the side of the road and pretend to be a kidnapper with a woman while a third person is the mother, sending people after the girl who got kidnapped. However, players could easily group up and do that. They could act that out together and give people the chance to go on a noble quest. I think that'd be fun. I really want to do that.
  5. hello add me on skype 


    1. morrisaye


      All appeals go through Dohvi. Contact him for your appeal. 

      Sorry for not getting back to you. I saw your request on Skype. Been caught up with holiday family stuff. 

    2. Clan Raguk

      Clan Raguk

      ok no worries dude

  6. I think he would be a wonderful choice. He certainly is capable. He's been amazingly helpful whenever I have a question or concern. Very supportive and knowledgeable. +1
  7. morrisaye

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    11/11. Cause you're my bestie. <3
  8. morrisaye

    [Denied]MorriSaye's GM Application

    Minecraft name/s: MorriSaye/MorriBae Age: 25 Time zone and availability: EST. I am available from roughly 8-9 a.m. till 11 p.m. - midnight. Monday through Sunday. Skype: mcmorrisaye What is something you have always wanted to change on the server?: I would like for there to be more centralized RP hubs. Too many people are treating the current map like a game of Civilization or The Sims, even. They're focused on their own power, castles, land, etc. It's hard to find RP sometimes. The world is beginning to feel like it's less about RP and more about possessions. That is something I would love to change to some extent. Even if that means making a centralized area for people who truly want to focus on RP, I would enjoy making that happen. What is something you would like to change on the game moderator team?: The biggest complaint that I've had is that once quotas are filled for the month, it feels like modreqs are not a priority anymore. I've seen it happen many times, heard people's feelings about it, and I've had it happen personally. It's very discouraging when you have to wait for a single door to become unlocked for two or three hours when many GMs are on. I understand that they have RP as well, but waiting many hours for something simple to get done isn't acceptable to me. When you accept the responsibility of being in a position to take care of those things, it's also within your responsibility to know when to politely step away from what you're doing to take care of your duties. It can be frustrating on a personal level, but that's part of it. I'm the Minister of the Interior in Sutica on one of my characters, and I have been for a while. I have learned how to balance my personal RP with my duties. It's not always convenient for myself, but I agreed to take on a position that requires me to respond in a timely manner. That comes before anything else for me. There needs to be a bit more personal responsibility and pride in what gets done. It is just a game in the end, but if a person isn't willing to put forth extra effort -- even if it means them being inconvenienced at times -- they probably shouldn't take on a role that requires that of them. Too many people apply for GM for the perks, recognition, or the power. There needs to be more genuine intentions on the team, and that starts with perhaps an attitude change about the position. It should be about helping people, not about the perks that come along with the tag. What are your finest qualities?: I was raised to be effective and efficient. I am organized. Helping people is one of my greatest joys in life. I'm very skilled in documenting things. I try my hardest at all times to be honest and straight forward. I know my limits, and I know when to seek outside help. I don't let my personal pride get in the way of anything that I do. What are your worst qualities, and how could you improve these aspects?: I have anxiety issues. I am on medication for them, and I have been in treatment for the last two years. I see a counselor weekly. My anxiety is still a problem, and it causes me to panic at times. When I panic, I can get very defensive or I come across as harsh. However, I have been actively working on it. I'm much better than I was before. I'm going to continue working on it until it isn't an issue that affects my life or goals. What members of the current staff could you look to for guidance?: Sky, Ever, Thomas, Jaeden, Gus, Leowarrior, Dohvi. I know many staff members on the site, and I feel comfortable going to just about all of them at this point. Who do you not get along with on the current team?: I don't think there's anyone in particular that I don't get along with. I can be a brash person at times, but I apologize if I get out of line. At the moment, I feel like I get along well with all the team members that I know. How much free time do you have? Will this change in the foreseeable future?: Too much and no.


  10. Looking for someone to play a child~


  11. :motherofgod:

    Idk. I kind of like this.

  12. morrisaye

    [✓] Thulean Druidism; The Fury in Nature

    I cannot accurately put into words how often I have dreamt of blood magic somehow working in junction with Druidism. I do not play non-deity magics just due to preference. Since blood magic could never enhance my Druidism, I looked at it longingly, thinking of how amazing it would be to incorporate an element like that into the already existing Druidic gifts. I am quite pleased with what you've put forward, and I can only hope that it'll be passed through. I appreciate the effort that has gone into this deeply.
  13. morrisaye

    [Denied] [Pending] BraydenIRL // [ET Actor] Application

    I really enjoy roleplaying with Brayden. He's very detailed with his emotes, and his dialog is spot on as well. I believe he'd be very good at carrying out events. His ideas sound fun to me as well. :) +1

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      He was never with Sparkles to begin with. Space is mine. I claimed him a long time ago. *gets her shotgun ready*

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      my heart has always belonged to cyndikate