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  1. 👋

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    2. Sky


      got any characters i could try to put to the name?

    3. Equinox


      Nada. I don’t even remember my own characters Dx

    4. Harrison


      hello friend its been a while

  2. Remember the Wiki has a request form!

    1. Equinox
    2. Enyahs V.

      Enyahs V.

      No. I don't like remembering. YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

  3. Remember if you want something to change on the wiki. Write up a form!

  4. Remember players can request for a update/create of a page on the wiki now :P! Use the form!

  5. Wiki Team is still looking for helpless souls. pls halp

  6. Wanna write things for everyone to see? Join the Wiki Team!

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    2. Sky


      I'm craving McDonalds, meaning my inner fat-lazy-man is coming out. Believe it!

    3. Jow__


      But do you get a cool tag and a color for your name ?! 

    4. Trinn


      - The Mali'aheral are the true superior subtype of elves.



      Totally not a biased statement to put on the Wiki. 

  7. It's a nice idea, but as an ET-only race. It would cut out a whole possible community that can birth from it. I would certainly join these guys. ... Can't wait to see the ingame skins though. For the initial purpose: -1 For the server as a whole: +1
  8. ET doesn't need a race to have a conflict with the Orcs. And the only ETs that would be willing to do this as a constant are probably the ones that are also Orcs, and a few one time wonders.
  9. At least call me out properly. Ultraviolet > Slipstream

    1. ShameJax


      Okay no. Ultraviolet is gross, it's just a hipster goth.

  10. Join the Wiki Team. Right meow.

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    2. Equinox


      Only pineapple.

    3. ShameJax


      I'm still sad about Thomas deleting my wonderful pineapple page on the wiki.

    4. Medvekoma


      It's start of the language revolution where the English will finally call it ananas.

  11. You're a good man.

  12. It takes time for you to get implemented by a Game Moderator. They usually do it in one big wave so you'll have to wait a bit, regardless.
  13. I know we take some lore from other universes, but: No.
  14. Cute.

    1. ShameJax


      I wouldn't call him 'cute'

  15. H-Hey sempaaai, join dah wiki tweam toodaaaai. <3

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    2. Equinox


      Ish jusht a pwank desuuu x33333~~

    3. James


      kawaii tahmas kawaii

    4. Crowbill


      God dammit.

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