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  1. T h e S u l i e r ’ i r Kingdoms and nations come and go, but elven-kind always endures. The Mali’ame and greater Elvenesse have long enjoyed a period of peace and plenty not seen for centuries – children are orphans no longer, and the echoes of song and dance reverberate throughout the forest for days at a time. Yet with all that is good, those that would seek to corrupt and destroy it still linger. No longer shall they be granted so much as even a single breath on our lands. To the foreign eye, the Sulier’ir might be a rather elusive entity. In actuality, it exists as the unblinking eyes of the elven forest – its constituents often found atop unseen perches within the thick of the woods, diligently and vigilantly scanning for any that carry ill will. In fact, these constituents are rangers, who have dedicated themselves to eliminating anything or anyone that threatens Mali’ame way of life. One seeking to cause trouble would likely be met with swift retribution and an arrow into their sternum. From where? One could not tell. Born deep within the woods, gifted with the blessing of the Aspects, and armed with elven steel and ironwood, the Sulier’ir was founded by Abelas Caerme’onn and Rhathalas Caerme’onn with the purpose of reconciling combat expertise in its various forms with discipline and wisdom that – in concert – make for a truly formidable force. I n i t i a t i o n & T r i a l s Admission into the ranks of the Sulier’ir is earned and pursued after. Those who wish to join will not be turned away, as all with the desire to protect their people ought to be given the chance to do so. Those who excel, however, will be distinguished. Initiation is granted in one of two ways: 1. Conditioning: Those who wish to join the ranks of rangers must undergo intensive physical development if they lack skill with weapons. Prospects must prove their worth in mind and body if they claim proficiency. 2. Invitation: Being sought out does not typically grant privileges, unless the initiate is highly adept. This occurs either through the Okar’ir’s personal scouting or the recommendation of current Sulier’ir rangers. As prospects deem themselves developed enough for initiation, they must undergo a series of trials to demonstrate their capabilities. These trials will be overseen by current rangers. · 1st Trial - Marksmanship. Prospects will demonstrate their skill with the bow, and will be judged based on technique, accuracy, and speed. · 2nd Trial - Hand-to-Hand. Prospects will demonstrate their skill in hand-to-hand combat through a spar (pvp & rp) with either another prospect or initiate, matched by a ranger’s choosing. To initiate is to commit to service until death or discharge by the Okar’ir. This commitment is enacted by the bending of the knee before the shrine of the aspects, where a verbal oath is declared before the witness of rangers as well as kin. Tattoos are often then engraven onto the initiate’ but are not mandatory. A s c e n s i o n A ranger in their truest form has laid down self-preservation in favor of the life of their kin, whether by blood or citizenship. More specifically, they exhibit: · Absolute partiality in the protection of mali’ame and the broader Elvenesse kind, never discriminating by means of personal preference or even blood ties. · Absolute trust in and unanimity with fellow rangers and especially the Okar’ir, never sowing in-conflict of any form. · No condescension or abuse of authority over citizens of the Elvenesse nor their fellow rangers, but rather goodwill and even compassion. · Composed disposition and careful discernment at all times. The ranking structure of the Sulier’ir is as follows (highest to lowest): · Okar’ir – The Warden – the final word and the overseer of all matters regarding the protection of Siramenor and the greater Elvenesse. On the field they patrol the forests, perform administrative duties, and lead training sessions and patrols. · Hesto’ir – The Captain – a distinguished, exemplary ranger who embodies the ideals of the Sulier’ir. Captains have the utmost trust of their fellow rangers and demonstrate excellent leadership. Responsibilities include reporting directly to the Okar’ir, performing administrative duties, leading training and patrol sessions, and gate duty. · Othelu’ir – The Ranger – makes up the body of the Sulier’ir who are adept in multiple forms of combat, are sharp in their senses, and swift to respond to danger. Responsibilities include gate duty, patrols, and other duties as assigned. · Taelu’ir – The Acolyte – prospects who have dedicated themselves to learning and training for initiation as rangers. T r a i n i n g Training is held either by the Okar’ir, Hesto’ir, or a guide of expertise. Sessions emphasize the development of proficiency in various forms of weaponry – typically bows, swords, spears, maces, and shields. Attendance is not mandatory but highly recommended. Furthermore, rangers are expected to hone their skills in and out of formal training sessions, whether that be individually or amongst one another. E n l i s t i n g Comment with the following below: Minecraft name: Character name: Character race: Combat experience and preferred weapon(s): Discord user: Time zone:
  2. Name: Rhathalas Nation: Elvenesse Combat Experience: Warrior
  3. Release the god damn map 


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