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  1. Silverstatik

    New Player Guide Ideas

    Not trying to defend the grind that was leveling up in nexus even though i dove headfirst into it, but nexus did promote tons of jobs outside of grinding. I did quick business running both a blacksmith and mining, some of it rp’d others assumed, even though I didn’t rp out every transaction, it really did help me feel like a blacksmith instead of the guy in charge of getting iron stuff. I really feel that vanilla crafting is a disservice to the player base at large. I know this is a roleplay server at heart, but a bit of functionality around roleplay really helps bring it to life and make it feel more connected overall. The biggest thing I miss from nexus was the weight of resources, stuff was harder to make and therefore more marketable, without some sort of nexus system I don’t think the server will ever have much of an economy beyond selling iron and bread, building stuff on the new map, and the occasional rp stuff. I’d rather die than grind up again though, liked the choices and scarcity imposed by nexus not the time invested required. Also in my opinion the biggest affront to lack of an economy to jump into at a new player level is limited creative. Popping in massive cities and forts really kills any need to buy niche blocks / materials / tools and players to gather such rarities and quantities. Luckily the new map nation system seems to be resolving this decently enough if it is implemented as advertised.
  2. Silverstatik

    New Player Guide Ideas

    I feel everyone should take a glance over the lore and ongoing of the server before joining, but I feel a lot of people would rather not do that. So some sort of abbreviated lore guide to help a player fit in a little better could be nice. This would probably be a bit of work to keep up on but keeping it semi current could help players get right into things. Stuff like nation names / locations, names rulers of nations, current ongoing issues such as wars and staff events, and other stuff could be updated semi regularly to help a player integrate into the world quicker. I’d also include a brief history of the current world if possible, mainly notable world events and the like. This could give context to a new player about a group trying to recruit them prior to joining and suddenly wondering why another player group is now actively trying to kill them. The entire thing could be like 2 pages of a google doc that is updated from time to time. If something like this already exists then apologies, haven’t been a new player in while.
  3. Silverstatik

    The Theodosian Imperial Academy

    Lorin hastily snatches the ink and paper off the desk of the stationary store he was eyeing before anyone notices, quickly penning a letter in somewhat sloppy script before stuffing the letter in his shirt as he smuggled it out of the store before the clerk could return from the storeroom. The sloppy and somewhat crumpled piece of parchment would read thus as Lorin sought out a means to send it cheaply ”Theodosian Imperial Academy, I pray your institution would accept one of my standing, I seek to better my lot in life as well as those of others, and hope you will be my means to fulfill my ambition. I will admit my current understanding of the scholarly lifestyle is meager, but you will not find my fire for betterment guttered by such a start. I eagerly await admittance.” Student application IGN: Silverstatik RP Name: Lorin Discord: Silverstatic#1924 First Option: Imperial Governance Second Option: Realm History Third Option: Language Fourth Option: Physical Education
  4. Silverstatik

    Tournament of Markev

    (RP&MC) Name: Dedrick Wakefield / Silverstatik Age: 72 Race: Heartlander
  5. Silverstatik

    How’d you get your Username?

    I had the name Silver on some game forever ago, but couldn't get such a common name on bigger games so I kept adding stuff. Silverstatic turned out easy to get and I like how it sounds. Doesn't seem to stop everyone from reading it as silvers - tastic for some reason though.
  6. Silverstatik

    Automatic Limited Creative

    Cool plugin, still feel like LC is exceedingly cheap but understand its purpose, this should make it much less of a hassle to work LC around restarts, people dropping connection, and people trying to RP around popular areas under construction. Good job.
  7. Any decent places with buildings for up for sale? 

  8. Chris would leave a reply "500 mina for the windswept branches"
  9. Have the mine resets rolled out yet or did I miss something.

  10. Looking to buy a decent amount of windswept rods, lmk an amount and price/per.

  11. Any worthwhile uses for an aenguel eye sides selling it to the ct shop?

  12. Silverstatik

    The Witch Hunters of Axios

    MCname: Silverstatik Rp name: Aart Character Age: 17 Character Race: Human Reason for applying?: To record firsthand such events for the betterment of all. Prior Training: Able to write legibly whilst in the field in record books, able to cook an edible meal. Some training in self defense with a sword. Have you killed anything/anyone before? If so list who/what, and the reason for doing so: Was present for the slaying of a ice beast near Veris.
  13. Silverstatik

    [Denied] [Trial]DrPhil Trial Application

    Could do worse +1
  14. apply for ET or else