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  1. Silverstatik

    The Monarch Wears The Crown No Longer

    Lorin would close the door behind him, pausing as he sighs and he signs the cross, preparing to deal with the turmoil of the coming days.
  2. Silverstatik

    King Robert Commemoration Feast

    [[Notices would be posted throughout Haense and the surrounding lands.]] ~ King Robert Barbanov Commemoration Feast ~ Iv Joveo Ehr 7th of Sigismund’s End, 1707 Though the departure of the late king Robert Barbanov has brought sorrow to the hearts of many who served and resided within and without the Kingdom of Haense, time moves swiftly and we near the anniversary of his passing already. Lest we forget the contributions of Robert’s labors towards guiding Kingdom of Haense through the tough times of the upheaval and moving of an entire nation as well as rebuilding the Kingdom of Haense into its current state of prosperity, the Crown of the Kingdom of Haense has seen fit to host a commemoration of Robert’s life and his works for all to partake in the memory of the late king. In the coming days of Tobias’s Bounty, the Crown of Haense will host a celebration in Reza at the Prikaz, held within the feasting hall. The event is open for all who wish to partake in a haeseni feast, designed by Princess Nataya Barbanov herself, and in celebration of Robert’s memory and achievements. The proceedings will be initiated by the recently crowned king and son of the late king, Marius Barbanov, opening with words on the memory of his late father, after which all will be invited to partake in the feast and accompanying festivities. Throughout the event, in memory of Robert’s economic efforts, a lottery will be held. Lots will be purchasable for ten mina for a prize of a wagon full of iron. It is the Crown’s wish that the winner will be able to utilize the winnings to undertake their own economic endeavors with the same spirit that Robert once held. All proceeds will be donated to the church in Robert’s name after the event. The commemoration will conclude with the announcement of the contest winner alongside closing words from king Marius. The Crown hope for all who wish to celebrate the life of Robert to attend and join in the celebration of a life well lived. Signed, Lord Chamberlain, Lorin Massa Windsor
  3. Silverstatik

    The Reza Job Board, 1707

    Lorin nods his approval as he passes by one of the signs
  4. Silverstatik

    Rezian Citizens Act

    Mcname: Silverstatik IC Name: Lorin Residency: Palace Servant Quarters Title: Servant / Commoner
  5. Silverstatik

    Missive for Chamberlain Applicants

    Discord (If comfortable): Silverstatic#1924 IGN: Silverstatik Persona name: Lorin Persona Age: 17
  6. Silverstatik

    The Royal City of Reza

    Lorin happily sets to work in the new palace.
  7. Silverstatik

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    I dont get why people think a tech lock on a fantasy server is such a bad thing. While I admit I like the system you proposed, rp combat is enough of a mess already that I don't think this is needed, seems more like wish fufillment trying to be justified with reasons rather than an actual benefit to the server and theme, and ultimately I wouldn't support firearms unless an overwhelming majority of the server from varied groups wanted them.
  8. Silverstatik

    Lord of the Comics [Art]

    The line work is awesome!
  9. Silverstatik

    Palace Staff Recruitment

    Username: Silverstatik Persona name: Lorin Age: 14 Position you are applying for: Butler
  10. Silverstatik

    Healer's Basics by Illynora Aureon Sylvaeri

    Wow, this is really well done, nice job!
  11. Silverstatik

    - Seeking Household Servants -

    [OOC] MC Name – Silverstatik Timezone – EST Discord (if you don’t want it public you can PM it to me) – Silverstatic#1924 [RP] Name – Lorin Age – 14 Race – Human Position – Butler / Cook Experience – Little / None, adept learner Are you a citizen of the Empire? – Yes Address – 11 ~ Antonius Avenue Edit: Had a typo in discord name
  12. Silverstatik


    Seems decent enough, only in practice will we know if the finer numbers work out. I’d say the defender fort business might have some clarification, what about pre war structures, will there be a irl weekly upkeep on a fort if Nation A builds it in peacetime as a defensive measure? Will random baronies and tribal camps count as defensive camps? Or will it simply be the fact if you have payed upkeep on it recently? I do like the idea of baronies / keeps requiring a monthly war team payment as “maintenance fees”, would give reason not to dot the countryside with them unless the owner of the keep assigned by the tile owner / the nation itself could maintain the money for having it around. All in all I like the direction of the changes, just hope we see some general updates and changes with time as it plays out next map as well. I’d also consider some kind of standing army bonus? I don’t know how to describe this but perhaps if a nation has RP proof of having a strong military RP presence for some months, they might receive a slight buff at the start of a war, like an extra tile to move their first turn or something to represent that expertise.
  13. Silverstatik

    What is your favorite thing about LOTC?

    Chilling, nice to have some time to just pretend to be whatever persona and actually relax, no constant shooting guns, dropping into battleroyals, filling out work forms, etc. Just something to do while doing nothing at all after a long day.
  14. Silverstatik

    Happy Birthday, Tarrebear!

    Happy birthday!
  15. Anyone interested in playing / learning D&D 5e? Just wrapped up a campaign and wanted to DM a new players campaign for anyone around  here on Roll20 for a few months. PM on discord if interested and see if there is enough interest to get a game together.

    1. Prosper


      New to 5e, but Ive played earlier editions. If the times line up, Id be interested. 

    2. Slothtastic


      I never finished the last thing I did so sure. I’ll give it a shot

    3. Silverstatik


      Oh nice, feel free to hit add me on discord guys at Silverstatic#1924 or pm me on here with yours and I will get things setup, makes 3 players in total who have shown interest