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  1. Come into thread Keaton talking about people being given poor rp for trying to do villiany and people needing to chill out. Laugh a bit Post Leave
  2. “Dead men and old wars never seem to wish to rest, leaving the rest to suffer for what they don’t even understand the cause of.” would remark Davius as he prepared the wagon for the next leg of his trip away from the clouds of ever brewing conflict
  3. From the seven skies Davius Crostermonger would admire how far the strange aspirations of his old friend from Axios had gone in the years since their time as guards.
  4. Well it has been a long road for me folks. Some of you might be happy reading this with my history as of late, others might feel differently. I’ve always put my best foot forward on the server but I’ve reached my limit as of late. I had a wonderful time helping everyone on the server from my time as a player to my tenure as a GM. Since my joining the mod team I’ve clashed with others to some extent from players to staff, but for varying reasons I’ve utterly lost my drive and motivation for working on the server. I always tried to push forward and make the effort to work with folks of varying walks of life on the server, but I’ve spun my wheels against things for too long and with a recent clash with the heading of moderation team issues made me realize how far I had gone from where I started. I’m sorry for the mistakes I’ve made that led me to this decision as well. I’m sorry to the community for what all I’ve done and not stepping up at this moment and falling short instead. But even as I want to stay and do better I just don’t have it in me, I joined moderation after seeing how poor handling of issues impacted not only my own communities, but differing communities on the server as well and to any who feel wronged by my decisions, I can only apologize for not being around longer to fix them. I started out trying to keep myself grounded and involved with rp when I joined moderation to not become a disinterested staff making idle decisions and now don’t even have a moderately active character within my longest running communities, I’ve been put at odds with friends both old and new in recent weeks and it’s worn me to the point of exhaustion. To those who have made my days brighter on the server with conversation, a willingness to make a compromise or at least understanding on the server with issues I handled, a simple thanks or check in, some rp, or just messing around in game I thank you. You really motivated me for the longest time. I’m retiring from moderation and the server, but if you ever need to talk you can reach out to me, it was a long span of years from Aegis to Arcas but I’ve ran my course, have a good one folks.
  5. Extensive political discussion on lotc doesn’t really have its place on the servers mediums when we as players have dozens of places to have that style of discussion without dragging the rest of the server into forcefully. That said it shouldn’t be a crime to have a conversation of daily and worldly matters, and just stopping / asking to move it to another location such a discord should be more than appropriate. I find this policy a bit needless and prone to abuse without a careful eye and will be on the lookout for abuse of it should it be used overly readily. That said the idea behind it is not a flawed one at its core and it just needs proper usage to handle the sort of conversation. It is one thing to discuss things happening in the world, it is another to have a few community members endlessly occupying #ooc to attack each others views, spam the discord. No reason to step into a conversation but plenty to ask an argument or inflammatory remarks to go elsewhere. I think it put a mindset the server already carried into words that many fear can be heavily abused or improperly enforced, and that in of itself stifles even the type of conversations any healthy community should foster. I didn’t pen this rule or raise the concern for it, but am always happy to talk to players in dms on the forums or discords about these type of issues with suggestions and ideas with regards to the issue and the concerns around it.
  6. You where pretty alright to work with after I got to know you, hope everything goes well.
  7. Kazimar would frown upon hearing the news “He enabled stability, I pray another will be at least half as capable to guide others through the coming times.”
  8. Heya @rukio, player involvement in rules that effect how the server plays out it is pretty important, in the conflict section you can see that I am setting up a curated discord for feedback on war / conflict rules going forward. I know its not the full breadth of moderation, but if you want to get involved with discussions around war / conflict topics, feel free to get in touch with me and I will add you once it opens up within a day or so. Thanks for wanting to lend a voice to the discussions going on around the server.
  9. Heya @frill i can address your concern there regarding that statement about conflict. Its not placing blame on the players nor was it intended to. That portion of the conflict statement was placed to explain that a key issue with the rules, even when the two sides had agreement, became hard to broadcast and shared with the wider player base to ensure everyone participating / interacting with the agreed conflict where aware of the specific agreed rules due to the volume of info at times that had to be understood and shared with very few common rules to base that understanding from and the agreements often changing as negotiations went along. It made it very hard for players to know if they or other players where in the right with the rules in a given situation, and its not fair to expect players to play fair by rules they can't readily access for better understanding. By no means was that directed towards players, it was more so acknowledging the fact that the system had issues being communicated even in the most ideal situations, that left everything mired down.
  10. Username Cakefool UUID f3a1f8e5-b158-47a5-9df2-7c126ef766f9 Reason Excessive issues with Combat Situations regarding conflict specifically after multiple warnings. Blacklist issued as part of ban duration and content. Terms Docile Special Terms If the player fails to demonstrate proper RP not based around their problem areas on the server, the blacklist duration will be extended another month. The agreed intent is to demonstrate their willingness to interact with the server apart from the pvp where the majority of their issues exist. Expiry Date October 13, 2019 After an appeal
  11. Username sybashtian UUID b6829f52-15ac-4be6-a1b8-ea0502c2b308 Reason Excessive issues with Combat Situations regarding villainy specifically, from large to small situations, the player drew constant issues. Terms Docile Special Terms Conflict only gated around villainy actions due to repeat issues with villainy rp, but lack of issues within other conflict Expiry Date December 5, 2019
  12. Kazimar would sit alongside Katerina at the fire, comforting his daughter at the loss of Sarah.
  13. A good way to emphasize a fine method for running improvised or small scale events for your playerbase that has been around for a while but not really championed. Good stuff dingo.
  14. Kazimar Lazar Alimar would shout in anger, tossing the missive notifying him of the passing of the Stafyr aside in a crumpled heap. He’d glance about, suddenly noticing the stark silence. He’d huff and move to the window “Rest now little Leana.” he’d huff as he slumped into a nearby chair, calling for Matilda to bring him something to drink.
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