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  1. Silverstatik

    Automatic Limited Creative

    Cool plugin, still feel like LC is exceedingly cheap but understand its purpose, this should make it much less of a hassle to work LC around restarts, people dropping connection, and people trying to RP around popular areas under construction. Good job.
  2. Any decent places with buildings for up for sale? 

  3. Chris would leave a reply "500 mina for the windswept branches"
  4. Have the mine resets rolled out yet or did I miss something.

  5. Silverstatik

    [Lore] Regarding the Techlock, continued.

    I feel my major qualm with guns is that there is little mechanical representation for them, a lot of magical tech doesn't really see play in pvp, but if a nation revolutionizes into gun tech but wars are still fought with blade and bow mechanically... it is just a bit off putting I don't know, I feel it doesn't fit into MC's abilities to represent as well as it does the medieval setting. On an rp side, guns don't play into rp is as well as other things, its a lot harder imo for people to agree on guns and their abilities. If we add early era inaccurate guns that where mostly show pieces for the rich to carry unless massed for battle, how long before we have a similar situation before 'creative' players begin pushing to rifling, chambered rounds, clips, magazines, scopes and so on and so forth. I do think that the RP generated by sticking to single shot, long multi minute reload pistols could be interesting, perhaps an event could occur to make a large but ultimately limited supply of gunpowder like substance available, to test the waters with the idea, and if it isn't widely accepted, the powder could rply run out after the players interested in such rp got a few months of it, allowing for a bit of a tech step forward, but only for a time. Perhaps the server could be more supportive of allowing gun users as a trade, complicated scientific weapons needing precise operation similar to the way magic is implemented to satiate the players who want such thing.
  6. Silverstatik

    [✗] War Overhaul -Scorch Wars-

    I do like the idea of wars that don't end in total annihilation of a player base and their lands to rp within, I think this exact system has some issues, but something similar could add a lot to rp for a loosing side as they can 'enjoy' rp of being on the loosing end of a war without worrying about the total annihilation of their player base / rp area. Should still be ways of conquering land somehow though, I do agree this seems like a nice middle ground to the "'lose a 2 battles and your entire kingdom is donzeo." we currently have
  7. Looking to buy a decent amount of windswept rods, lmk an amount and price/per.

  8. Silverstatik

    regen the mine world

    Fate, any smith/miner with access to leather can make 64 sets in a week even now without any crazy amount of effort.
  9. Any worthwhile uses for an aenguel eye sides selling it to the ct shop?

  10. Silverstatik

    The Witch Hunters of Axios

    MCname: Silverstatik Rp name: Aart Character Age: 17 Character Race: Human Reason for applying?: To record firsthand such events for the betterment of all. Prior Training: Able to write legibly whilst in the field in record books, able to cook an edible meal. Some training in self defense with a sword. Have you killed anything/anyone before? If so list who/what, and the reason for doing so: Was present for the slaying of a ice beast near Veris.
  11. Silverstatik

    [✗] [Your View] Big Worlds

    I'd like to see some sort of map with nations put close together in a *habitable* zone, perhaps with a wilds / wasteland / harsh terrain making up the outer edges of the map / a larger landmass near our own for lots of events, riddled with ruins and the what not. It would give players areas to go for events where they could impact an area without say, a giant explosion ripping somebodies house in half who wasn't even involved with it, while the habitable area would have all the settlements and current affairs of the current map. If activity rises perhaps pockets of habitable area could be me made through rp for groups wishing to do things out in the wilds / be more remote.
  12. Silverstatik

    [Denied] [Trial]DrPhil Trial Application

    Could do worse +1
  13. apply for ET or else

  14. Silverstatik

    Your View: Regions 2.0

    We will still have soulstones, if the map has pillars similar to axios, any player that has a need for extensive travel should be able to easily get within 4-5 min fairly easily of their destination. No real need for fts aside from the aforementioned boats and other fts where mc travel is illogical or impossible.