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  1. Within the waters of construction ground, a odd noise could be heard. From a distance, it echoed across the walls of the tightly knit roads. Upon reaching closer to the bridges of the canal though, it's origin became clear. It was calming, clear, true. It was a simple yet satisfying sound. "~Quack!~"
  2. Sir Fredrick Teufel could be seen once again roaming the streets. Age hadn't slowed the Veteran down a bit. "I have lived a long life, I have lived a good life. So much loss have I seen in it. So much suffering. Inferi, Sedan. I think it is time to finish this trilogy, then I can finally retire." With that, he would adjust his hat upon his head. The old black uniform he dawned clearly having signs of wear and tear, but still being neatly organized, just as it was in the days of his youth.
  3. George Maximilian Would be relaxing under a tree in Elysium for some reason, he glances up to see a letter falling onto his head, for once, the bird did not crash into him. He goes to raise his Orenian Military Intelligence glass and takes a sip before reading over the letter. "Oh, did it happen again? Okay then." He mutters before going back to relaxing.
  4. Discord username: FredrickTeufel#1796Ever played a Discord/Forum rp before? YeFavorite Sci-fi book or story? Frontlines, Terms of Enlistment.
  5. George Maximilian rushes out to buy some Providence Vigilants merch. "Can't wait to make the first game!"
  6. George Maximilian Gives a small chuckle as he reads over the file. "Sure do hope I don't have to do paperwork for this Brigade, sounds like a lot of black ink would be needed with their operations" He says quietly to himself. Leon d'Azor. Former Master of the Vanguard and creator of the proud 31st nods in approval. "Proper good work Captain. Proper good."
  7. George Maximilian Loves St Godwein and God.
  8. HIH George Maximilian rested 0n the sidewalk patiently, watching the people of Providence passing him by on their daily strolls. His Recruit helmet resting irritatingly on his head. Though normally, George would find his helmet beyond the status of annoyance, for the time, it came in use. A a messenger bird crashed into it's right side as they so often did. The bird dropped off a piece of parchment before flying off to return to the sender. George's eyes would follow the bird for a moment before looking down to read the letter. "Huh, finally got the letter? That is fortunate, time to get to work." He says before roaming off to begin work on his architectural projects.
  9. George Maximilian Would casually stroll through the Gardens of the Augustine, the wind of the Eastern Almaris oceans being blown over head as he goes to take a seat on a nearby bench. He would stop to unfold a small piece of parchment that had been delievered to him, and begin to read it. A small smirk would cross his face as he continued to read over the numerous lines of text, finally finishing after a few saints minutes, he looks up. "So much history, so many tales and stories. All contained within ones blood, truly incredible."
  10. George Maximilian Would smile upon reading the missive. "Seems the good family of Galbraith finally is achieving the recognition it deserves." He then looks off to the side, the crackling of fire would fill the now silence of the apartment. "Prehaps I should speak with Arthur soon."
  11. Leon d'Azor looks upon the missive with a soft smile on his face. "Well then, a life of service finally coming to a close, prehaps I can finally see Father relax for once, rather than constantly engaging the floor of politics that his life was filled with. One God, one Empire, one Emperor."
  12. Character Name: George Maximilian IGN: FredrickTeufel Discord: FredrickTeufel#1796 Timezone: EST Teacher or student?: Student Subject(s): Lute
  13. The mad man did it, he got a gun.
  14. Leon d'Azor Would move to ride behind his Captain, his green and white patch firmly held on his left shoulder. He looks up to the beating sun above. "What ever happened to lush mountains and sprawling beaches. All that is out here is gloom and dunes." As he says this, he sees the rising of dust in the distance, a small smirk passing his face as he spots it, a convoy. "Oh, that is why. . ."
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