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  1. Ludvik Marus Ludovar looked down at the invite that lay before him in the archive. "Huh, suppose Ea've a great honor then to uphold. Too the wedding Ea shall go." He'd proclaim quickly, going to smile then as he looked over. Then quickly realizing that the pile of papers and documents he had to read was still massive. The smile quickly faded. "Ea can niet win."
  2. Dear Yera Silveira, I author this letter to you in order to express great interest in this auction of yours for this ingot of Lunarite that is said to be in your possession. I seek to offer an initial bid of One-Thousand mina's. I do hope that luck favors me in this instance. In regards for further auctions of materials. I'd greatly appreciate if you could send me a letter when the time comes that these materials are up for auction. It seems many of these ores are all but common in the modern age. I wish you the best in your endevours, and I hope to do business soon. Many thanks, Ludvik Marus Ludovar
  3. Gabriel d'Arkent left the room within the halls of Salia. His face shadowed by the dimmed lights. A reflection of the mood that was felt by the Count. His armor still wrapped around him, and reflected the light from the meager candles that were strewn across the hall. His face would briefly be stained with tears before he'd wipe them away. Looking to his hands then, still lightly stained with blood from the events that had occured earlier in the day. At last, a sigh would escape the man as he lowered his hands back down. "I've done all I can to ensure your legacy mother. I tried to pick up what you and father left me behind. I can only hope you'll smile upon my continued efforts from the seven skies above." His words would echo briefly through the hall, before alas he stopped in his office, and tucked his head into his hands. Seemingly set on remaining in the spot for a while, mourning.
  4. Gabriel Peter d'Arkent allowed his eyes to shoot wide upon hearing the will read to him. The letter opener he held dropped to the floor, his balled up hands now opening in a state of shock. He looked over to the servent who read the news to him and snatched up the later himself, reading it over quickly. The signatures, the seal, the words sprawled out in ink upon the paper. It was all true, yet somehow Gabriel did not believe it. He couldn't, how could he. He was the last born of his family, and yet he was now the first in line for the title. He glanced around the room, seeking someone to speak with on what it all mean't. Yet no one was around then, he was alone then as the servant headed out to other duties. His head fell low then, and all Gabriel could do was ponder on what he could do. What the future had in store for the new Heir.
  5. Gabriel Peter d'Arkent would read over the missive sent out by his house and offer up a light sigh. His eyes going to a close in rememberence of his brother. A moment of silence filling the bedroom within which he sat. Resting behind his desk with the letter neatly opened. "John, you were a brother I didn't know well, to that I will admit. . . There was so much we didn't get to do together. Even still, I-" Alas, Gabe stopped himself. His words falling short of what he could say. He glanced around the room. Empty and quiet once more. The distant splashing of the waves against the ports of the city would echo in through a nearby balcony. Just beyond a wall that protected the jewel of the South. Gabriel would rise from his seat then, and allow for his saddened state to drift from the house, Out to those walls, looking out to the waves from their top. "You're out there, you'll come back soon." He'd mutter, knowing he was simply lying to himself.
  6. Gabriel Peter d'Arkent narrowed his eyes as his eyes scanned the missive, a sigh leaving him. "I don't know if it will brew up a sense of brotherhood to the looser, but it's a fine idea." He stated, before rolling his eyes. Seemingly dreading the additional duties that he now had because of the game.
  7. FULL NAME: Gabriel Peter d'Arkant AGE: 18 RACE: Heartlander RELIGION: Canonist ((MC name)): FredrickTeufel ((Time Zone)): CST
  8. Sebastian Teufel Would grin upon recieving the letter, going to stroll to the new Castle that he was to inhabit only to find the front door locked. "Ah, I forgot we are at war. . ."
  9. Theoden Akaln'riv would blink upon reading over the invite list before looking at his keep which was intended to host the large list of invited guests. "Why does guest list include entire nations?!" He would exclaim, worry filling him.
  10. Sebastian Teufel readies his blades of countless quantity. His eyes darting between both the public bounty, and his own personal contract. "God have mercy on this poor sheep slayer. . ." He mutters at the moment before turning to the two that stood near him. "We have more people to question."
  11. When I read this post originally, I didn't comment. I value reason behind arguments, and we were missing a whole half of the argument. Staff hadn't yet put up their side of the story, I wanted to see the evidence behind the Ban. Now that the response is out, and the post is unlocked. I feel now that the stance is justified. This ban was targetted. As of current, we lack evidence justifying a ban against Twi. I understand the argument for keeping the evidence under wraps, but after reading the response. I cannot say Twi deserved a six month ban. A slap on the wrist and two weeks MAYBE. Not permanent with a appeal allowed in six months. I will admit, I am a newer Celia'norian. I am an Orenian that left when the drama became to much. I came to this nation and found some of my favorite RP that I had in a while. After playing for a few weeks though, I leanred a little inside joke we had. 'Do not talk about Haelun'or, or you will get banned.' At first I thought it was only that, a joke. I learned though that it wasn't when I saw that Voxy was banned. Voxy was my friend, and I talked to him a lot. He got banned for making his name on his alt 'Hobobojo'. Pretty funny, but he was banned for Staff Impersonation. I can understand that, but it made that old inside joke seem just a little bit more true. With all that being said, after reading the response, I no longer see that inside joke as a joke. It is the law. Do not talk about Haelun'or. Do not attempt to conquer another nation. The "Subjugation war goal" is now a bannable offense. I fear hitting the send button on this comment is a death sentence, but there is that little part in my brain that says go. So I am sending this out there. This doesn't feel right, and I hope that in the near future I either see a reconsideration on this ban, or I see some evidence to support the admin teams claims. Thanks for reading, sorry if I am bad at writing. I don't use the forums often.
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