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  1. FredrickTeufel


    Born on the outskirts of Helena in the Holy Orenian Empire , Fredrick was the eldest of the two children born to farmers. Due to their heartlander upbringing, Fredrick was raised with a basic knowledge of swordsman ship and a decent understanding of chivalry. Fredrick was a quick learner and began reading up on Military Structure and siege architecture. During his studies, he had found his grandfathers journal detailing deployment during the War of Two Emperors. Learning that his grandfather had fought for Renatus sparked an interest in Fredrick to enlistment into the army, however this interest was slowly drowned out the more Fredrick looked into it. Fredrick is also a strong believer of in Canonism and enjoys reading stories of Aenguls and Miracles enacted upon the common people. This faith is what fuels Fredrick outside of his complete loyalty to his families namesake. After spending years on the family farm living the life of a peasent, seeing nothing but repression from the authorities and a hard life of tending too his families farm; Fredrick began planning ways for him to escape. Fredrick took to adventuring to leave his low class in the hirearchy and head off into the world to better the name of the Teufel family. Joined by his sister Sofia, Fredrick now wanders the vast fields of the realm of Arcas in search of adventure, friends, and most importantly, work. Fredrick hopes to gain work in a job that he finds respectable, however always keeps the Imperial State Army in mind, having heavy interest in the King's Renatian Engineers.
  2. FredrickTeufel


    Fredrick was born in the Holy Orenian Empire to a blacksmith father. raised with his sister Sofia to follow the teachings of Canonism, he watched as Bandits killed his parents at the age of 13 in the streets of the capital. Being sent to live with his grandparents, they would tell Fredrick and his younger sister of the stories of his ancestors, and their service to the Empire, primarily about their valient stands during the Siege of Dunland. Fredrick began studying basic Military structure and architecture hoping to make something of himself. Now nineteen, Fredrick has finally left the care of his grandparents and heads out to the world with his sister Sofia Teufel.
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