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  1. Sebastian Teufel Would grin upon recieving the letter, going to stroll to the new Castle that he was to inhabit only to find the front door locked. "Ah, I forgot we are at war. . ."
  2. Theoden Akaln'riv would blink upon reading over the invite list before looking at his keep which was intended to host the large list of invited guests. "Why does guest list include entire nations?!" He would exclaim, worry filling him.
  3. Sebastian Teufel readies his blades of countless quantity. His eyes darting between both the public bounty, and his own personal contract. "God have mercy on this poor sheep slayer. . ." He mutters at the moment before turning to the two that stood near him. "We have more people to question."
  4. Theoden Akaln’riv smirks as he reads the letter sent out by his right hand man. ”Some joy before snow fall. Is many good!”
  5. The icy breathes left his mouth, the mornings shower that had drenched the West had passed for a time, with it's dew being all that remained on the vegetation. It was a cold morning, colder then most. Theoden could feel it, the coming of a winter not yet seen by most. The construction had ceased for the day, celebration, was in order. The Principalities peaceful expansion was after all, a cause for celebration. Though to Theoden, it was just another stepping stone to the oncoming cold. "Celebrate now lliran, is of many good causes too after all. . . I'll be ready to celebrate when people of West all have shelter for coming cold." With that, he returned to his work.
  6. The Akaln'riv - " ~The West Knows Best~ " ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- History The Akaln'riv bloodline has no great leaders through history, there are no generals of mythic status, no politicians of legendary stature, no philosophers of grand renown. Akaln'riv was built upon an idea instead, "Hard work bares rewards". the reality of this cruel world is that the deeds of your ancestors do not create greatness in oneself. Greatness is seen in the harshest of conditions, and when found within those conditions, it is tested and put to extremes. It is in the deep cold that the workings of the Akaln'riv blood was first seen. The origin of the Akaln'riv is dated back to the fifty-fifth year of the Second Age. When Theoden Akaln'riv was born. The exact location of his birth is unknown, as many other aspects of his early years. All that is known is that the first of the Akaln'riv's roamed the North with a guitar slung around his back, and a rancher's hat upon his head, the only two things ever truly given to the bloodline. Within the deep frost of the North, there was nothing but desolation and hardship, the roads were the only homes known to the mali'. This start instilled a lesson that is to be passed down throughout the generations of the House. Nothing was given through blood, everything had to be earned. The origin of the Bear upon the bloodlines crest is a hint to the houses origins, with the beast being common to the Northern Regions, it's thick coats giving it an edge in northern survival. It serves as a reminder to all that it is in the cold that they all originated, and it is to the cold that the members of Akaln'riv will all return to test their worthiness. It is the ideology of the Akaln'riv bloodline is one of comradery and patriotism. For it is through the fellowship of others that a group can survive. It is for this reason that Akaln'riv maintains three focuses. Loyalty, Comradery, and Hospitality. None deserve the cruelness of baring the burdens of the world alone, especially not ones kin. It is through the collective unity of one's country men that Akaln'riv strives, for it is a bloodline that understands one cannot hope to survive and prosper by themselves. The dedication to the maintenance of the fields shows this sentiment, with the members of the Akaln'riv bloodline dedicating themselves to the field of agricultural development. Feeding the realm, after all, is a key component to the survival of a society. It is within the lands of Celia'nor that the bloodline of Akaln'riv calls home, far from the desolate lands of the North in which the house's origins rest. With the bloodline owing its prosperity to the realm. Akaln'riv is a line willing to fight for the continuation of it's home, whether from threats abroad or from within. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eymotology The name "Akaln'riv" stems from the elven words 'Akaln' meaning golden, and 'Riv' meaning claw. The name hinting at the golden bear which occupies the bloodlines coat of arms, and offical stamp. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC: Reach out to FredrickTeufel#1796 if you have any questions
  7. When I read this post originally, I didn't comment. I value reason behind arguments, and we were missing a whole half of the argument. Staff hadn't yet put up their side of the story, I wanted to see the evidence behind the Ban. Now that the response is out, and the post is unlocked. I feel now that the stance is justified. This ban was targetted. As of current, we lack evidence justifying a ban against Twi. I understand the argument for keeping the evidence under wraps, but after reading the response. I cannot say Twi deserved a six month ban. A slap on the wrist and two weeks MAYBE. Not permanent with a appeal allowed in six months. I will admit, I am a newer Celia'norian. I am an Orenian that left when the drama became to much. I came to this nation and found some of my favorite RP that I had in a while. After playing for a few weeks though, I leanred a little inside joke we had. 'Do not talk about Haelun'or, or you will get banned.' At first I thought it was only that, a joke. I learned though that it wasn't when I saw that Voxy was banned. Voxy was my friend, and I talked to him a lot. He got banned for making his name on his alt 'Hobobojo'. Pretty funny, but he was banned for Staff Impersonation. I can understand that, but it made that old inside joke seem just a little bit more true. With all that being said, after reading the response, I no longer see that inside joke as a joke. It is the law. Do not talk about Haelun'or. Do not attempt to conquer another nation. The "Subjugation war goal" is now a bannable offense. I fear hitting the send button on this comment is a death sentence, but there is that little part in my brain that says go. So I am sending this out there. This doesn't feel right, and I hope that in the near future I either see a reconsideration on this ban, or I see some evidence to support the admin teams claims. Thanks for reading, sorry if I am bad at writing. I don't use the forums often.
  8. I wish I could be innocent again. I wish I could ignore the BS of the forums and return to when I would just hang out with my friends. Me and the boys in Oren would just run around talk about the latest plan to destroy the Holy Orenian Empire. Kinda odd though how the actions of Urguan, Haense, and Norland against Oren back during the Tripartite years though would result in their NL's ban. These ban reasons are very broad, and using the logic behind them, I could get several individuals who have done these same crimes banned permanently if I felt like it, as could several other individuals.
  9. Theoden Akaln’riv stares blankly at the document from the Citidel in Celia’nor. “It lasted Five Elven Days. . .” he states before ripping the useless parchment up. “Valah confuse me many much!” he states walking away, rambling to himself.
  10. Celiadiraar Rules of Engagement Context Throughout the years, the evolution of warfare has seen engagements become more and more complicated. As the standards of war has been growing in complexity, so too must the children of Malin grow in their ability to meet the challenges met upon the field. It is with this statement that the Celiadiraar deem fit to form a standardized Rule of Engagement (ROE) to ensure that soldiers of the Diraar are capable of responding to situations with the appropriate measures of force. ROE in Law Enforcement The Law in Celia’nor is to be held in the highest regard, and with that the forces tasked with management of that law must understand that not every crime needs to result in death. There are actions that a criminal may take that will result in equal levels of response from the Diraar. To that end, it must be understood by the soldiers of the Diraar. Force is a tool for both those who enforce the law, but also a tool of propaganda for those who stand against it. Every action taken by the Diraar will be put under the scrutinous eye of the public. It is that reason that escalation is to be used with the utmost precaution. A Diraar may see necessary to escalate a situation, and deescalate a situation depending on the context, and this manual will not be able to predict every situation that one will encounter, however, we can broadly explain where certain amounts of force are necessary. ROE for Non-Violent Crimes Attempt to peacefully pacify the suspect via verbal demand If suspect attempts to flee from Diraar forces, it is deemed as non-compliance, and can result in physical take down methods such as tackling If suspects resist further after the Diraar attempts to detain them, it may be deemed necessary to execute methods to nudge a suspect to a more compliant state. If this is needed, physical unarmed attacks may be permitted. If violence is met by a suspect, it is no longer deemed as a Non-Violent crime and thus Diraar forces are advised to refer to the Violent Crimes section. ROE for Violent Crimes If a suspect has displayed violence towards a citizen or a Diraar. It can be argued that force is necessary. Thus for handling an unarmed suspect committing violent crimes, non-lethal options should be used in an attempt to detain the suspect. If the suspect has displayed violence via the use of a weapon. It is at that point acceptable to employ lethal force to ensure the safety of the nation and its people. From this point on, any option that resolves the situation is prefered. ROE in Military Engagement In war, it is always seen that one side must kill the enemy, this is the highest calling in conflict, for conflict is in many ways an extension of diplomacy. When verbal negotiations with a foreign entity fail, it is up to the marshal forces of the state to enforce the will of said state. This diplomatic exchange only ends when one side's losses overwhelm their will to fight. Despite all this being said, ROE also applies to the action of war. No one will think positively about you if you bring a massacre upon a village, and slaughter a village whole. Additionally, Military objectives may very well require the restraint of violence towards the enemy. To this end, certain military scenarios may require restraint from the soldiers tasked with executing Celia’nors will. ROE for Civil Unrest - Riots - Handling Foreign Entities in Peace Time In situations where war seems to be on the brink, it is important to maintain image. Thus Diraar should not engage perceived threats unless acting in self defense. In situations where Diraar believe that another person's life is being put into threat through the actions of a uncivil crowd, non-lethal force may be executed. ROE for Marshal Conflict If facing contact with an enemy force, Diraar are required to first make a distinction between an armed and resilient enemies, and unarmed soldiers and civilians If engaging armed soldiers, lethal force is authorized in raids, defenses, and field engagements If engaging unarmed soldiers or civilians. Violence is to be avoided if possible, with non-lethal force being authorized in an attempt to take prisoners - It is of note that taking civilians prisoners should not be a common tactic, and only employed with permission from higher up Diraar or Governmental permission ROE for Reconnaissance Missions Under circumstances where Reconnaissance missions have been authorized, the death of enemy forces is lowered in priority. In these instantences, the safety and stealth of a small squad must be given top priority No enemies should be engaged unless Reconnaissance squad is put under threat If spotting prisoners held by enemies, it is left to the assessment of the Reconnaissance squad to determine whether a rescue operation is viable. One can ethier be launched as an extension of the Reconnaissance mission, or a squad can withdraw back to friendly territory and acquire a larger force for rescue. Conclusion Though the implementation of these ROE’s, it is the hope of the Diraar to minimize deaths of civilian, and unarmed combatants in wartime, and criminals and their victims in peacetime. Though these basic outlines may not apply to every scenario a Diraar is expected to face out in the fields, or the city streets, it is to serve as a guide to further actions taken. With that being said, ROE are also subject to revision, and as time continues on, new ROE’s may be drafted to further aid in future conflicts that the Diraar may face.
  11. Theoden Akaln'riv Would be resting his head plaining on top of his notebook within the Celiadiraar barracks. A snore leaving him every so often, the constant administrative duties that he had volunteered for lay heavy on him. Eventually, a letter would be dropped onto his head, a courier had been dispatched to his location for some reason. Theoden looks up now as the letter was dropped onto his head. A brief stare of confusion rested on his face as he tore the letter open and read it's contents. "Of what?" he asks in his broken accent. "Knight Order? Invitation? Oh ne, is of more paperwork!" he exclaims, beginning to pen a response.
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