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  1. Jachnun


    It was a weak frown that was forced upon Branaford IV’s face when he heard of the death of his dear companion Simon Basrid. He knew that in his final year of life he had to fulfill the final vow and task that was bestowed upon his frail being. Waking up from the concrete in Helena from a rude and awfully ugly pedestrian, Branaford IV rubbed his eyes with his dirty and smelly hands gazing at the urban sprawl of Helena, and of course at the unattractive man who woke him up. He reaches into his pocket, spreading across his palm a small map leading to Selm. As he arrives in Selm he follows the path to a dark tunnel bellow the crypts of the city. Once inside, Branaford fell to his knees, a tear falling down his face. He has found what he has been looking for, he could finally fulfill the task that was given to him. The statue of Steffan Himmel the renowned and beautified crusader who was tragically turned to stone during the crusades of the Tarchary stood before Branaford. He walked close to the statue extending his arms onto the man who was turned to stone, pulling the stone’s temple onto his. Planting a small kiss onto the stone statue’s lips, Branaford fell to the ground having felt a crippling pain in his chest. He screamed in agony, “Is this not what you wanted?!” it appeared to the old and smelly man that it was not. “Is this all I lived for? To make a smelly pastry and kiss a statue!” as he began to regretfully contemplate the nature of his pointless life, Branaford lied down and forced upon his face a smile. Having lived a shameful and pointless 150 years of life, Branaford IV, also known as William Barrow, had died in the crypt alongside the famed crusader.
  2. Bro whats your skype address?


  3. "The New Order fails to honor the fallen Ian Curtis." mutters Tony Wilson.
  4. Minea add me on skype again, adam.aharoni

  5. The ts cannot go on w/o u

  6. Please change the interface of our forums, ty. 

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      Where are my recent topics

  7. when is this new map coming out im leaving to pilgramege in israel for 3 months I would like to see it before I leave!

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      Don't spread misinformation, Toxic. There's no official set date as of yet.

  8. I would like to intern at Tythus LTD if possible.

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      Ser Paul Ryan

      Watch out, Deano! You don't want to catch his wrath, pal!

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      ur right ryan, thanks for warning

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      It was a serious question if so i'll use it, don't get mad lol

  9. Athera schism map! On 4/29/15, at 4:12 PM, Dominic wrote: > http://atwar-game.com/play/#g/9573330472 pass meme

  10. I don't mean to be offensive but I assure you if something like this happened to your characters as well you would be more so irate than us so save me your "stop complaining."
  11. I mean i'm not pk'ing my char because of an ill made decision made by a highly incompetent lore team, so yh ark is right.
  12. So many characters are in Aeldin rn does this mean practically 50 characters r stuck in Aeldin rn and need to be pk'd?
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