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  1. I haven't posted anything related to the subject in a forum post in awhile, so I'll try to articulate my thoughts precisely. I'll start off by saying that being Israeli and someone who's served their time in the IDF in a combat position not different from Trenchist's, I find that the most important thing is to keep the political differences aside. It was in no way right to trigger or even bait in such a way, someone who's obviously been affected by the political climate. By emphasizing our differences and addressing them in a "joking" matter, simply makes it a toxic e
  2. Vito would sigh hearing that relations between Oren and Norland once again, escalated.
  3. The young man of Kralta would look at the proclamation, sitting on the streets of Providence next to Steffan Himmel, he would remark looking to the revived crusader "It's time." Himmel peered up to the young man's remark, "For what?" he inquired. He would not know..
  4. “The haeseni return to the old gods, ooga blooga to to you too.” Moti remarked in fear.
  5. The streets of Providence were soaked by the sun and it's radiant lights, yet the gossip was overshadowed by the recent crimes and calamities that have befallen the Orenian people. The Chief Comissioner of the Ministry of Justice, Avner Dayan a native Adunian from Redenford sat in his office watching the burnt buildings, and carriages from a far. Taking a puff from his cigarette he would begin to write down on a piece of parchment, "Another day, another bombing, fire, murder, a nonstop influx of crime that seems to be unstoppable. The Solicitor General, William Aubert, has asked m
  6. Walking through the brisk haeseni winds, the young man and the recently revived crusader, Stefan Himmel, stopped on the curb to rest by the fire. The crusader held his frigid hands against the warm fire, muttering under his breath, “I still don’t know what is happening.” The young boy remained silent, sitting down, his arms wrapping his knees, gaze staring at the fire, unhinged by its flames. The crusader growled and exclaimed, “Creator help us all! I am going mad with you as my company!” The boy looked up, his cold stare fixated upon the crusader, “Karosgrad was no coincidence.”
  7. As the crowd initially gathered in Karosgrad for the monumental diet, the recently revived and beautified crusader, Ser Stefan Himmel, viewed from a dusty and abandoned loft in the Haeseni capital. Holding against his finger the ragged curtain, he looked down upon the gathering, his face void of any expression. Behind him the young man who recently revived him began assembling a certain relic, the crusader looked to the boy, inquiring, "Why are we here.." the boy chuckled continuing to fidget about with the materials, "There's always a purpose." the crusader moved over to the boy,
  8. Branaford I, writes an application, wishing to join the rangers of Valles.
  9. Central Circuit Court: Justice Giancarlo Gradic, duly assigns himself to the case. A preliminary hearing will be held to discuss the sentiments and merits of the case, and shall accordingly help decide the necessity of arrival to a trial. The following are instructed to contact Justice Gradic: The Plaintiff, Olivier Halcourt on behalf of the crown @DevoutChorale_ The Defendant, Qahir Al Ahmad and his respected solicitor. For the sake of procedure and time efficency both parties are instructed to do the following: -The
  10. From the ctypts of selm, back in Arcas, lied down William Barrow also known as Branaford IV, his lifeless visage strewn about the muddy floor. A young boy stumbles across the body, pinching his nose from the stench, he would move away the lifeless goon. He would glare upon the statue, admiring its might he brings it with him to Almaris. The statue was placed on Selm street in an alley next to Chamberlain street. Morning came and the young boy heard of the news of the death of empress Anne he came immediately to the statue of Steffan Himmel, his tears falling upon the stone eyelids
  11. Giancarlo looks at the manifesto, feeling confident in the future of his citizens and peers.
  12. Giancarlo looks to his cousin Valentino, placing a hand on his shoulder smiling, "For, God, Crown and Empire, my cousin. Finally a clean slate for all."
  13. Where are you from in israel
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