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  1. King John sends a letter to the Kingdom of Scotland, where he expresses his hopes for peaceful coexistence with their peoples. (mod) The Flemish nobles are invited to join the campaign, they are promised independence from France. They are requested to conduct a siege on the recently lost castle in Normandy A secret letter is sent to Genova (mod) The fiefdom of Normandy is granted to a prominent English noble, the title is usurped from the previous French lord. A letter is sent to Pope Urban II, in which King John expresses his disappointment in the failure of the crusade. He promises to help fund the next crusade if His Holiness were to show support for the cause against France. John suggests a trade agreement with Portugal.
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v0V4-ThK89RoXnyhYU_r91Ui556JyXoXQ_zI1br6_Cw/edit
  3. OOC APP Nation name: Angevin Population: 8,2 million Summary of History: With the Norman victory at Hastings some 200 years ago, a new Anglo Norman kingdom was born, now it was their turn to visit the coasts of France and unify its peoples under one banner. Discord:ornj joos
  4. Bonaparte France Civil Affairs Women are introduced into factories to increase productivity, they will work to supply the troops A speech about how history’s greatest retreat feint explains the front’s situation Military Affairs Extensive anti tank program has begun Specialized AT troops are now being equipped with bundled high explosive grenades, which should effectively disable or destroy enemy armor A variant of the lebel rifle is also developed firing a high caliber bullet with an attached bipod for recoil compensation. A makeshift AA gun is developed, sticks 4 chauchat LMGs together ACTIONS Woman introduced into the general labour force AT rifles Napoleon /suicides, minister of propaganda Jean Aleund takes over
  5. 82nd Dread Battalion The squad of engineers tasked to investigate the military facility are ordered to retrieve the orb, further study will be conducted back at HQ, local Edichi intellectuals’ presence is requested in order to identify its purpose, and find a use of it. Financial incentive is used to attract anyone who knows anything about the orb. They will work in cooperation with clone engineers. With the regroup of the clone armies, Lloyd hopes for better coordination between the commanders. A meeting with commander Attre is held, and the leaders have agreed to conduct combined trainings and ops to hone the skills of the clone armies. Andwell and Western Coastal Settlement are relayed messages directly from general Lloyd Malric, he offers patronage and shelter to the settlements and their citizens. The galactic fleet comprised are unloaded of their supplies at HQ. Additionally the newest project was revealed by the general Malric space engineers are ordered to construct a spaceport between the inner asteroids and Edichi. The location holds strategic importance as it will ensure space supremacy in the region.The port will act as an air base where vessels may dock, resupply, and store various supplies. The materials used to construct it are the various metals extracted by the mining fleet years prior. (Details concerning design below) Clone engineers boarding the vessels, en route to the coordinates of the Space Port Arquitens Light Cruiser Acclamator Assault ship “The Bastion” Space port is designed to hold up to 40 fighters, 8 starships. It is protected by 10 medium cannons. Contact would be made with Ethos manufacturing to supplement the necessary chassis and cannons. Actions Transportation of the power generating orb to the republic B.O. (Base of Operations),the shared 104th battalion HQ , and the return of the engineers squad. Further study to be conducted of the orb (procedure above) An offer of protection is granted to Andwell and the western unidentified city,( too damn lazy to name it ?) the offer promises local autonomy but demands support for the Republic Joint training with the 104th Battalion Relocation of the mining fleet, they will aid in the construction of a spaceport “Bastion” Contact attempted with Ethos manufacturing concerning the purchase of weapons (details above)
  6. The Third French Republic Economy A map of Besancon with the subtitle “Besancon a nous!” (Bescanon has returned) Printing presses across the free France will spread this poster out to the populace, this should give the people hope,the liberation of our capital is imminent ! It is time to industrialize the south, foreign investors are invited to a Summit in August, it offers large companies severely reduced costs for land and no employee income taxation for 10 years upon the start up of the factory. This should greatly encourage investors into starting factories there, additionally, French labourers will work for much cheaper due to the war. Military Incorporating armor in assaults has proven to be more than effective. Their mobility, tough armor, and heavy armament makes the infantryman’s job a hell lot easier. Philippe Petain discusses this with his fellow comrades at Bordeaux earlier today, suggesting new ways in which warfare itself can be fought. A lesson learned from The Great War, the world is changing faster than we know it and the winner is he who adapts quicker and better. Change in doctrine is followed by a contract, issued to the Renault vehicle company. The requirements are that the tank has a reliable, powerful engine, and rotatable turret, along with a coaxial machine gun, built into the hull of the tank where the machine gunner may fire whilst protected. Philippe Petain has no doubt heard of the terrible defeat that the army has sustained in the North. All progress made in the past years was lost. The men mostly suffered from low morale which he believes, greatly affected their combat capacity. Along with him, he has brought trucks filled with dried meat and cheese. ACTIONS Marshal Philippe Petain pays a visit to the Northern part of the front Posters depicting the stunning victory at Besancon are spread International summit held, attracts foreign investors Work begins on a Renault tank dubbed the model B1 Procedure continues to integrate brothels and healthcare for the army
  7. The Third French Republic Economy The empty coffers are burdensome, they limit the military’s capacity of functioning properly, and it was decided after George Clemenceau’s latest visit to Washington, that a new loan would be granted to the Third French Republic, it would be sufficient enough to maintain all expenses of the civil war for at least another two years. Soldiers will also be supplemented with 10 percent higher salaries than previously. Military The French Armee de l’Aire (air force) has undergone a prolonged campaign of spreading propaganda, French planes can be spotted almost everyday flying over Socialist occupied urban areas like Paris, dropping these leaflets depicting the evils of socialism, and the betrayal of the unrecognized 4th Republic to France by making a deal with the German enemy. September 22nd marks the return of the French ships after their handoff to the Royal Navy. The French ships were given a warm welcome, and personally inspected by newly a promoted grand admiral Louis Bertrand. A deal was brought with the USA earlier today, large quantities of luxury goods will be occasionally dropped to the French army with the hopes of boosting morale, cigarettes, chocolate, and coffee can be expected. Condoms, which were issued to soldiers on a monthly basis along with specialized military brothels, will undergo some changes. The prostitutes will be selected to be rid of any contractible STDs, and the soldiers undergo regular health checks by qualified doctors. ACTIONS Loan taken(more details in first paragraph) Soldier wage increased Parade for recovery of navy Propaganda leaflets dropped using planes targets are socialist controlled urban areas and distributed in liberated areas. Brothels and healthcare for the army
  8. 82nd Dread Battalion A squad of engineers are sent to the military facility, they are escorted by an LAAT, tasked with investigating the ancient military facility and discovering its secrets. A clone engineer After observing the dissent and hostile attitude of the citizens towards the occupant clone garrisons, Malric decided to completely abandon his plan of pacifying the city without the use of force, or even more force. All garrisons are ordered to leave and RTB. Commander Bolt receiving his new orders, and returning to base (RTB) WIth the luxury of constant Republic Military communication, Malric decides its best for the clone remnants to regroup and concentrate their forces rather than spread out and disperse. Necessary arrangements have been made, the base of operations dismantled , vehicles, artillery, aircraft all docked, and accordingly loaded into the star ships. Their destination, just south of the 104th Battalion at Andwell. The escorting force: 1 venator star destroyer, an arquitens light cruiser, and a squadron of 12 ARC fighters for forward reconnaissance. They will be flying at a high altitude in order to minimize the chance of being intercepted by hostiles. Map depicting the course which the escorting fleet will travel The acclamator Assault Ship and Arquitens Light Cruiser mining on the smaller moon, are designated the new coordinates of their destination, they will return to drop off what material they found on the moon and undergo usual maintenance before being sent off to their new mission. Acclamator assault ship and Arquitens light cruiser mining off the surface of the smaller moon Actions Engineers conduct thorough investigation of the ancient military facility All garrisons return to base Base dismantled, battalion transported by the escort fleet travels to Andwell Ships mining on the surface of the smaller moon to rendez-vous with the escort fleet
  9. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jeWriAzqLk5KhurhKfc_yMNtNFxXCcnUQORWz9zAcuQ/edit?usp=drivesdk
  10. Third French Republic The war situation develops Economy: Exported French iron is now cheaper in Britain, the aim of this is to decrease the cost of producing the new British tanks. A loan is requested from the USA (Player) Evacuations of Paris begin, they are to be moved down to the South towards Toulouse, Marseille, Brest... Military “they shall not pass” the term was coined in Clemancaeu’s latest speech. The Germans must not cross into the capital. The line must be defended at all costs! Recruitment drives made in French colonies, North Africans encouraged to join the French army and protect their lands from the Italian & Ottoman hegemonies. Naval convoys will supply the North African French armies to ensure that supplies are abundant. This should allow a more extensive and mobile campaign. Horses and camels are taken from farms in North African colonies, they will suffice for the French armies in Libya.
  11. 82nd Dread Battalion The newest facility was built, a communications tower, there clones attempt to reach of the other any bands spread across the planet. Republic military frequencies are stressed upon. General Lloyd stared blankly at the hologram depicting the structure upon receiving his intel report. A complex whose purpose is unknown. Who knows what mysteries it may hold ? Curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. He cleared his through, looked briefly at his officers who waited for him to speak. They all sat gathered around his table unsure what to do. “ Captain Matthews, collect your best men and take two gunships, I’m transmitting your coordinates. High level of caution is advised. Your mission is to identify the purpose of the structure and reap it of any items that may be of use to us. ” “Aye sir, we won’t let you down, you can always count on us” Clones being transported in a LAAT gunship“ He dismissed his men, and he awaited for them to all leave. Then he began: “ This is General Malric of the 82nd Dread Battalion of the Grand Republic Army, I am here to offer you protection and shelter from the external threats roaming this planet. We believe that we can ensure a long and friendly relationship of mutual benefits. About a year ago, we were assigned to the planet as a peacekeeping force to deter any Separatist threats, recently they have been carrying out a dreadful campaign, slaughtering innocents by the thousands. The intent ? To cripple any resistance that they may form against their occupation. Moreover, I have new intel about a lethal weapon the Separatists have been developing, its effects would be catastrophic, that is why I urge you to join us. Because we need you and you need us.” They waited until midnight, under the cover of dark, they moved. 2 AV7s were positioned to the east, they overlooked it, there it was Phaross. They had found a perfect position, at just the right angle, they were able to fire without revealing their position. The cannons aimed at the town center, they knew that the higher civilian casualties were, the more chaos would ensue. Map depicting Artillery positions, and AT RTs course. “ One volley, high explosive” “Send it” …. “Alright boys, lets pack it and get some R n R” Shortly after, a squad of speeders travelled to the north, headed for the settlement along the mountain range. To the south, another squad of AT RTs formed a diamond formation, they were travelling towards Phaross. On each of the squad commanders was a com link, carrying the message Malric had previously recorded. “ Commander Bolt, come in” “Yes general, I read you, the message was delivered as you ordered, we’ve also received the first batch of posters” “Excellent, get to recruiting the locals here, I’ll be sending you more reinforcements” A few hours later, three gunships dropped off a batch of ninety clones, two TX- 130 T tanks arrived to Phaross around the same time. Commander Bolt responsible for the Phaross Garrison, receiving Malric’s orders A gunship drops off 30 clones at the mountain settlement. Actions Communication with players is attempted . Republic players specially. 60 clones transported in 2 LAAT gunships are sent to investigate “the compound” 2 AV7s conduct discreet bombardment of Phaross in an attempt to scare locals and convince them to vassalize Recruitment and Vassalization offered to the nearby settlements, the mountain village just north of the clone base of operations, and Phaross(again), they are also under clone military occupation that claims to be a peacekeeping force. ( numbers mentioned above ) Propaganda leaflets are dropped in an attempt to bring the locals into accepting Republic military presance. Sit-rep on moon excavation requested : Acclamator Assault Ship and Arquitens Light Cruiser mining on the smaller moon.
  12. 82nd Dread Battalion “Keep moving” “Im freezing my balls off” Here his army lays, deployed on a planet without any orders. All attempts of communications were to no avail. Malric took matters into his own hands. He knew how to win battles, he was a tactical genius but he found himself completely lost with no contact from the outside . He went back and forth in his quarters, looking at a map hologram. Then, he stopped, moved outside and ordered the pilots to prepare themselves. A squadron of 10 ARC fighters was scouting the nearby vicinity, a radius of 1000 km. They are to report any settlements they encounter, resource deposits, and land marks, and locations of interest. Additionally, the Acclamator assault ship accompanied by a Arquetins light cruiser will extract any useful resources from the smaller and closer moon orbiting the planet. The fleet will void hostile contact, unless they have a clear and significant advantage. The remainder of the clone remnant will be heading north towards nearby Phaross. Residents are offered protection in exchange for food and loyalty. Afterwards, they will continue to the Northern mountain range, a spot will be selected as a permanent base of operations. The location should be on higher ground, surrounded by rough terrain, granting a huge defensive advantage to the clones. Another smaller group, composed of 5 AT RTs will travel south, to the coastal village. There, villagers will be offered a similar proposition. Actions 10 Fighters scout nearby vicinity. Vassalization offered to Pharross and Southern Coastal Village. Acclamator Assault Ship and Arquitens Light Cruiser mine in the smaller moon. The army travels to the Northern mountain range to build a base of operations.
  13. Application Applications will not be accepted on a first come first serve principle Discord:ornj joos Insignia: Faction of Choice:Republic Remanent 10 Faction Name: 82nd Dread Battalion Brief Faction History: Reliable, unbreakable. That was the motto of the men of the 82nd. The 82nd battalion was made of remarkable soldiers to say the least. The fifth most decorated in the entire Galactic army. Over 120 successful operations. The mere sight of their insignia would bring dread to their adversaries, that only droids were unfamiliar with. It would be a sign of their impending victory. Hero Name: General Malric Lloyd Brief Hero backstory: Born as a senator's only son, Lloyd lived a lavish life where all his wants were met. He had outstanding grades, and shared his father's intellect as well as hid direct nature. However, Cad Bane's group of mercenaries raided the Galactic Senate Tower, where his father was killed. Lloyd was furious, he swore to avenge his father's death and joined the military academy. Lloyd's exceptional gifts of cunning and deception did not go unnoticed. He also did not find it difficult to adapt in his new environment at the General staff. Malric most remarkably took part in the Second battle of Geonicis, responsible for successfully capturing many CIS fortified positions with maximum efficiency and minimal casualties. But Lloyd was growing too fond by his men. Some would say that the were more loyal to him rather than the Republic. He became a cynic.. suddenly all contact with the Republic was lost.. Hero Point Acquisition: 6 command, 3 knowledge, 1 Mechanical/ technical proficiency No force ability Any specific items/equipment request: Add Astromech droids Suggestions?: More geopolitics like cities to the maps. Watch out for those wrist rockets
  14. Novogrod Diplomatic Actions ACTIONS  Construction of 2nd market continues 55/60 AP now 60/60 AP  Fur is located, a lodge is being built 10/40 AP  ECONOMY Net AP= 5 base + 5 (market) + 3 colony+ 2 AP small freighter trade with Nouvelle France -0 AP army upkeep - 0 AP navy upkeep= 15  Net Food Supply Net FS= 1 base + 2 Farmlands = 5 FS  Population 2,464 2 farms New population (2 x 0.05 + 0.01 )x 2710+ old pop (2710)= 3008  Military  Naval cap 3/ 25 (5 base + 1 port)
  15. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FtP4PX_rAQojJvURPH62khTEIlRK08vKrk-oQ7MyMfo/edit?usp=drivesdk
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