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  1. hes a good guy, good at writing rp things and stuff like that, would be a good choose +1
  2. Accept this man +1
  3. Accept this man! Good lad! +1
  4. Cezslaw will make the new paper." Says Cezslaw
  5. I have had some nice rp with this individual, good guy +1
  6. Sorry let me rephrase. Human cart hub
  7. Go to the human hub, use the oywnsport cart go across the lake/water, find St. Clowth and you have your rp
  8. A good guy, very dedicated, not afraid to speak his mind +1
  9. "Ave" says a 'man' when the news reached his ears
  10. A brown haired 'man' would see on of these papers. "It seems the lads a back, should pay them a vist."
  11. APPLICATION Name (Also leave your OOC name): Lincoln Race: Human Gender: Male Skills (Profession): Lumberjack Leave address for return letter if accepted: Bastion Tavern, Carasca Slums
  12. "Haven't ye seen the destruction of Quarryvile, who do ye think did that?" A 'man' would say.
  13. A 'man' would see this letter in on of the many cities of Axios. "More bodys to add to the legion of un-dead, I shall."
  14. -RP- Name: Lincoln Age:21 Race:Human Profession (N/A if none): Stuff Magics Known(N/A if none): That depends on you -OOC- Username: ItsOnlyChis Any Additional Information: Im a good lad
  15. Id love to see this in game, hope it gets accepted