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  1. aqua goes for that pink tag

    Would be a great choice, a nice fellow who i think would be great on the AT +1
  2. Lincoln de Goon-Wyne cant read, but he does enjoy the red used.
  3. [Denied] Pureimp10's FM App

    A very nice guys, one of the very few id consider a friend on Lotc. I think he is a great pick for the job. +1

    Lincoln de Goon-Wyne II nods.

    Lincoln goes to tear down the poster on top of the BETTER poster. "Nie."

    [OOC] GOD GIVEN NAME: Top_Goon [IC] NAME: Lincoln de Goon-Wyne II [DISCORD] AVIARY: You have it. FAVORUD DRINK: All
  7. I see, well happy playing, Top_Goon is my username if you ever want to rp with me.
  8. I like this a lot, but if your looking to apply to the sever there is the application form/post link
  9. [Complete][Complete] Family looking for a house

    Alban got free houin'." says Oskar
  10. House Wyne - Human House

    Application to Join the Wyne Footmen; Name: Lincoln II Race: Human Age: Can't count, don't know Proficiency in fighting: Give me a fuckin' weapon that can stab and slash. Preferred drink: All of them
  11. [✔]The Golden Chalice Club App

    Can i join, i have a darkie, that mean im edgy and thats the only requirement for this club right?
  12. I would give this man a +1 any day, iv had get experiences with him from being an Afflicted to him running events in general, he would be a great addition to the ET.
  13. The Lyons Institute of Exploration Mission board

    Oskar Mal wonders if the institute is accepting new members.