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  1. House de Castro Reformation

    Both Lincoln I and Lincoln II shake their heads in the Seven Skies, seeing the letter
  2. Haensetian Mage's College

    IC Info -Character Name: Karol Vance -Race: Human -Age: twenty-fiveish -Courses Interested in Taking: First Aid OOC Info Username: Top_Goon Skype: You know what it is
  3. Dapper & Dandy Tailoring || [IC Business]

  4. Afflicted - The Second Coming

    Good to see it back, hopefully
  5. Markev City Elections of 1643

    Karol hearing Hademer’s speech atop his wagon, setting off to write another speech in response. The next day, in the morning he’d ascend the stairs to the platform, pausing a few moments, letting a small crowd of morning goers gather before launching into his speech. I understand where Hadamer’s words come from, but I believe he has confused my words. Whilst I agree with him that any of us could take the role of Maer and say they are qualified. I can also agree with ye’ that we all know the needs our city. The Maer needs to know how to write and read, and the hard truth is that the general populace does not know theses. Now to the most important part of this speech. While I am flattered at the offer I couldn't just accept this offer without meeting the man who offers it! I say we met, and talk this over. Like civilized men that we are. You know what I look like, come find me when the time's right for you Steps off the platform, hoping that Hadmer as heard this speech or heard of it. Moving into the crowd, heading towards the tavern.
  6. Markev City Elections of 1643

    Karol Vance agrees, but thinks someone like the renowned businessman, Falk Geldmeister would understand business and trade isn't the most interesting topics to discus.
  7. Markev City Elections of 1643

    Karol Vance chuckling, hearing Hademar’s speech. He’d set out for the platform in the Red Square Whilst I do admire his merit in this endeavor, I must ask this Hademar, what does he know of running a city as fine as ours? He says he lowborn blood, so am I. He claims he shall not use flowery words. This Hademar says he's a farmer, coming from nothing, he preaches about his plan. Yet this Hademar of Markev claims he will compel guilds and businesses across Atlas! But how will he accomplish this? Does he think he shall walk into a business owner’s office and demand that they move here? Theses things take time and these flowery words he hates so much. Does he think being Maer is all about preaching to a crowd of onlookers, promising for a better city, a better life for all. Being the Maer of this city means managing and maintaining its walls, it's wells, housing. Honestly I could go on for days what could be done for this city, our city. But let me tell you what I can do. Karol would pause, letting his words float across those gathered to hear him speak. It seems Hademar’s claim to fame, so to speak is his plan. If this man loves to hear a plan, let him hear mine. My plan quite simple, with the growing population of Markev, more housing will be need. In turn more lumber, stone and building supplies will be needed to build these new accommodations. I will hire labors to cut the need trees for the flooring and supports, and miners works to produce the stone needed for the bases of theses houses. All this will create jobs, and mina flow. I will hire and send out men to search for farm-able land within our realm or valleys and hills to feed our growing population. I have no need for some fancy plan, promising beautiful harvests or some other false promise that can’t be wished into the word on a whim. Karol Vance finished speak, he’d make his way off the platform, moving into the crowd, nodding, and shaking hands with those who wished him well.
  8. Markev City Elections of 1643

    A man eyes the notice before going to write his name down for the Maer. He begins to write his first speech of his campaign. "I Karol Vance shall be running for the position of Maer. But before I begin I would like to acknowledge the late Jan Kovachev, may his soul rest in the Seven Skies, his hard work shall be remembered. The city of Markev is a hub of growth and trade, a hospital, a wonderful tavern for all to enjoy, and the magnificent Cathedral of Saint Otto and Karl. I have lived within Haense all my life, on Axios and now Atlas, I wish for Markev to prosper, for it to become a beacon of culture for us Highlanders, even more than it already is. If I, Karol Vance were to win this election I shall model my regine after the first Maer of St. Karlsburg, Lukas Vanir. Lukas Vanir served two terms as Maer of St. Karlsburg, and within these two terms he made St. Karlsburg a prosperous city in the Northern reaches of Axios. Good people of Markev, if you elect me as Maer I swear to you I will lead this city into a golden age." "Ave Haense, and long live his Majesty King Otto II!" Karol Vance would step down, he’d make his was through the crowd shaking several peoples hands.
  9. Grimshire Race Course

    Bejorn Grimlee smiles, seeing the poster.
  10. Aleksandr Baunnman

    Much better! Great post!
  11. Aleksandr Baunnman

    Change the text color! It’s very hard to read!
  12. Rella's First Skin Shop!

    Can you do facial hair? beards, etc.
  13. [✓] Meracahe - The Beaver Prince

    Seem cool
  14. [Lore Sub] Golem Launcher

    Im sensing a another Bridge Ballista coming
  15. [✓] [land charter] Sleazy Hulphonites and Co

    Lincoln signs the charter.