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  1. Aether VIP giveaway

    Enter me plz
  2. LotC Location Demographic!(POLL)

    reping western massachusetts over here. @Papa Liam @AGiantPie
  3. Nobility of Hanseti-Ruska

    Fraz cant read very well, don't judge.
  4. Nobility of Hanseti-Ruska

    "Good" comments Franz. "Didn't want it anyways."
  5. [Simple Bounty] Missing Child

    franz says “cool”
  6. Questioning Waghchief Zhag'Yar's honor: Honor Klomp

    Tulanug waits with his popcorn, awaiting for the klomp to begin.
  7. The Second Convention of the Global Assembly [Report]

    “Who?” Asked Franz, speaking with his comrades.
  8. JennaDoesntCare's WT App! (Jenna actually cares about this!)

    A very good person in general +1
  9. A Thrust Forward - Vote for Hot Rod!

    Franz Vanir hears of the news. "Cool."
  10. Wanted: T'a Pipeweed Thief!

    (( Just gunna say the flag made me chuckle, it made my day
  11. Nice to Meet you!

  12. Help

    Tried that.
  13. Help

    So one day my minecaft skin changed to a Steve, additionally some other peoples skins did the same(some Alex, depends on the base). When I asked someone if I like like a Steve they said no. So I know is a me problem. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem before and knows how to fix it. Here are some pictures: https://gyazo.com/8c99b5a4bd78dcd75ac1a1d5c26f8547 https://gyazo.com/842eba8c7064e1ab640141942b59af75
  14. House de Castro Reformation

    Both Lincoln I and Lincoln II shake their heads in the Seven Skies, seeing the letter
  15. Haensetian Mage's College

    IC Info -Character Name: Karol Vance -Race: Human -Age: twenty-fiveish -Courses Interested in Taking: First Aid OOC Info Username: Top_Goon Skype: You know what it is