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  1. Lincoln de Goon goes to seek out his man.
  2. Lincoln de Goon signs the charter with his best penmanship.
  3. Nerve heard anything bad about you, good dude
  4. "Oh **** oh **** oh **** oh ****." says Lincoln de Goon
  5. its this guy again....
  6. "Good to hear." says Lincoln
  7. "Well well well...." says Lincoln
  8. "What a charming young man." Says Lincoln
  9. Joining the edgy side I see....
  10. "They be growing like weeds!" says Lincoln
  11. "Well look at that." says Lincoln
  12. Hmmmmmmmmm
  13. Hell ye +1
  14. 3 https://gyazo.com/4e2c3dcb430c1459cd1f955cfb3079fc This pic minus the long pony tail ^ https://gyazo.com/db62c5f8aa6e0739042de3eff5315f51 Pic of skin, with desired head
  15. Well.... have fun." States Lincoln as he hears the new.