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  1. Elrith

    Brief Overview of Player Concentration

    Christ, savage and only halfway true, but unneeded man. lmfao. Also, will give a full comment later.
  2. Elrith

    Questions On The Landscar That Was Curon

    World Dev Tyrannical Rule when?
  3. Elrith

    Sensory Illusion Amendment

  4. All these goons applying for Lore Master

    1. 1784


      I hate rp goons man....

  5. Elrith

    In with the New

    But 501... 7.0 : (
  6. Elrith


    Failing to noticeably change the server for better while being a GM.
  7. Elrith

    We MUST Be Better Than This

    Another post that isn't getting enough credit. +1
  8. Elrith

    GM Team Q&A

    Was I really a good GM? Honesty, I want to know my faults and where I excelled.
  9. Elrith

    My Thoughts

    Too bad this post isn't getting as many comments as it deserves. You're a pretty honest individual man, keep it good.
  10. Stepping down from GM. Pretty jaded with most of LoTC tbh and I'd rather leave the moderation department and just work on LT/WD stuff. I didn't make much of a major contribution, just gave some insight on rules n' stuff. Later folks.

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    2. Narthok
    3. Dfopogo


      Okay so I respect your decision but it makes me cry.

    4. Thornz
  11. Elrith

    Inside the GM & Admin Teams

    If it was a witty response I would have added more sarcasm and degraded your post by calling it a shitpost, but it isn't. I even included my Discord to receive PMs. Either way, the server's state isn't perfect and it could be better. The GM Team I believe has a lot of potential as of now, might have been different when you were GM. I don't think Discord logs are going to remedy any of the problems this server has, being forged, faked, croped, etc. I could be wrong and these logs may have a lot of credibility, but I'm going to take a nap, spent most of the day building for ET, WD, and myself, and there are a lot of heated topics that concern the moderation area of LoTC. Just need a break from the constant turmoil. Probably will DM you tomorrow.
  12. Elrith

    Inside the GM & Admin Teams

    Seems like you've jumped to an assumption that I haven't taken in the full concerns of this post. Instead of flooding you with several questions or requests at once and delving into the fray, I asked you one question so then I can build upon other questions.
  13. Elrith

    Inside the GM & Admin Teams

    Call people out, or just me if you feel that I'm a bad apple. My Discord Thanhium - Elrith#7561
  14. Elrith

    Inside the GM & Admin Teams

    First Edit: Third. Will respond later.