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  1. We must escape, our great meme cave has been found.
  2. Elrith thinks of this man's powerful rep ratio.
  3. I want a more magical science vibe to it.
  4. :****posting:
  5. A familiar Mali'Aheral alchemist reads over a paper retrieved by his apprentice. He scoffs as he finishes reading what was written down. "I am no friend of the Romstuns but murdering women? More barbaric than the Flays.." He finishes speaking, laying the paper back down on the desk, now starting a new project he had in mind.
  6. A Mali only newly introduced to 'Aheral society confronts the crowd with a firm posture. His clothes were rather plain, simply made to cover his body from the external world. Meanwhile his face was raggard from the involvement of battles and many wars and the skin an Ill pale. His eyes, however, were a soft purple with a soft shimmer to them, easily distinct from his face. He was rather tall for an 'Aheral and yet still had a strong build. He spoke with great confidence before the crowd wanting to make himself known. "Karin'ayla fellow 'Aheral, I may be unknown to some of you as I had left the cihi for personal reasons, but you may call me Elrith. I now return to Haelun'or once more to see it grow and prosper, to resemble what it used to be before I left. I am adept in the architecture of our fair society but I would conclude that may skills prevail in the construction of fortifications and battlements. I promise you that our new home will be elegant and have a keen beauty to it, but it would be illogical to put looks before purpose, if we can't strive to see past looks before logic then we will fall behind. I have lived in many different societies and seen many forms of construction and have I have aided in the construction of several cihi. I promise that I will be a great aid to us 'Aheral, and that is why I nominate myself for the position Okarir'leyun. Van'ayla dear lliran." The 'Aheral departs from the group, rolling his shoulders after finishing his speech.
  7. Okarir'tir: Carvalon Maeyr'onn [XX] Abstain [ ] Okarir'kaliri: Vuln'llyt Fi'talareh [XX] Abstain [ ] — Elrith Narn'wynn
  8. Okarir'mali: Cinh'llytn [xx ] Tennallar Ilmoriel [ ] Abstain [ ] Okarir'lin: Cinh'llytn [ ] Tennallar Ilmoriel [xx ] Abstain [ ] Okarir'lliran: Varen'thal Ilmoriel [ ] Vuln'llyt Fi'talareh [ ] ((The Nameless One)) [ ] Abstain [ xx] Okarir'indor: Cenwall Glaeus [ xx] Abstain [ ]
  9. This weapon is one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment to have on you. If it were damaged in combat you would have a minute if not seconds to take it off and run. It exploding would be the equivalent of 24 bottles of Alch Fire exploding. Not say that it can malfunction and stop working mid combat. This is not a world war 2 flamethrower that goes 50 feet, I will edit that it will go only 15 and that it will burn in place on the ground however. Adding edit.
  10. The Alchemist’s Flame This device wasn’t made for technicality or general use in a military assault, as the risk is too high to use it effectively in a battle field scenario unless one was mad enough to risk the lives of themselves and their comrades. Its purpose was for terror and fear, to enforce the law upon the weak. It is however useful when defending against an opponent. If one were to set up prior to the assault you would be able to supply more fuel, keep the user safe, and the device itself safe from harm. This is not to say though that it isn’t lethal, as it is plenty lethal, scorching men down to the bone in mere seconds. It’s upkeep and difficulty to make are also more of its downsides. Having to be made with precision accuracy as any mistake made and the entire device would explode killing the user and anyone nearby. The short amount of fuel it carries is also another downside unless the user-carried tank was also attached to the main storage tank. Its weight is also another burden on the carrier, slowing him down and making mobility difficult. Size is another issue for this device, being too large to use in tight halls or a small building. Onto how the device works, is rather simple but delicately complicated at the same time. The unit can have multiple tanks with connecting hoses which would make it slightly lighter, less bulky, and let you carry slightly more but the risk of the piping over-heating is higher. The gun has its own loading mechanism to fill the tank directly connected to it. You would pull back on a lever with one hand and the tank attached to the gun would fill. Then you prime the device by pulling back on a handle that goes directly backward, causing it to ignite a tiny yet strong flame near the end of the barrel. You finally pull the trigger and hold onto the handles with great strength or the spray gun could fly out of your hand. To be able to operate one of these you will need a loading station. This will have all the components necessary to house the fuel supply, un-fuel and refuel the fuel cell, housing the equipment safely, and a crafting area for the creation of these weapons. If the Athin and thanhium are not kept up to date the cooling device could fail and the fuel cell would explode. Top and bottom view Black Ferrum Cylindrical Shell: A steel container used to secure, separate, and keep the device together. Freezing Layer: This layer is comprised of two layers of athin cloth padding tightly packed in with a single layer of purified thanhium. Leak Chamber: This chamber was made to contain any leaks that happened to get out of the fuel cell. It contains athin cloth padding to absorb the fuel. Fuel Cell: The cylinder that contains all of the Alchemical-Fire, the fuel. A container of this size would devastate its surroundings if it exploded. Link to the diagram of the device! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3xBSLlYIpI2dzVsREZRVl9XOTQ/view?usp=sharing OOC: Death may occur while creating one unless properly equipped or resistant to fire/explosions. You will need an in game item to be signed by an LT with a decent 1 paragraph description. Before combat, you must roll to see if it will malfunction. The weapon only has up 6 uses in combat. Needing 3 emotes per spray of fire, where a spray of fire will only last up to 5 seconds. YOU MUST RP! Sufficient RP must be done, such as preparing the fuel, setting up, and equipping it. You need another person to put the equipment on you. Thanhium and Athin maintenance must be done once every month, screenshots of RP needed. If no screenshots of the RP are provided the next time you use the weapon in combat it will malfunction.
  11. Why not just remove Lotc while you're at it???
  12. You're a real dog if you don't rep posts by adam.
  13. "Cut off one head and two take its place." Elrith mutters.
  14. "What if I give 10 Alchemical Fire for each slave? Maybe 15 each?" Elrith says.