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  1. honestly who cares just do whatever rp makes u happy yk

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    2. un-w


      47 minutes ago, Evonpire said:

      Thanks unwillingly for supporting my toe suck rp!!! 

      that's what i'm here for 🥰

    3. Diogen


      teach me magic plz its my dream to be a voidal mage

    4. Gemini


      I partake in occasional beard knitting roleplay and we runaround Urguan surprise knitting dwed beards into plankets, mittens and what not. 

  2. un-w


    wrong I haven't once stepped foot outside of my spook lair since acquiring the CA nor have I left my irl house in approximately 6.5 months
  3. un-w

    The Dog

    Fft, fft... The man gently tugged at the scratchy rope that bound the wolfhound, mulling over his next move as he spared a wary glance towards the nearby cabin. If this dog was anything of value to its owners, he thought, then they would’ve preferred a chain. The gentle glint of a blade shone beneath the grace of the moon, quick to do away with the dusty frays that bound the animal to its shelter. The wolfhound walked with ease, absent of yelping or snapping as he guided it along. No doubt, a well-tamed one. Soon into the depths of some wretched, dank chamber was it led, standing afore the innards of a gaping, visceral cavity within the floor. The dog was tentative, even as it was thrown forth into the pit. It yelped, it pawed, it whined, but not even It could escape the newfound fate bestowed upon it. The gaping maw pulsated with nigh alien life at the behest of its offering. And something wicked dragged itself from the earth.
  4. [!] A gentle dribble of rain flows from the pine needles of the Orenian roads.. A flier flutters to your feet at the behest of a quick breeze, quickly soaking within the watery gravel. The Lost & Found The bustling capitals are oft obtrusive to the buyer’s experience, profound with con artists and undesirable, cheap wares alike. The lines are long, and the streets just as loud with greedy shopkeepers who only put in a modicum of effort for the sake of quick coin. Perhaps you fancy something different? Find us in Florentine, Oren. We sell, buy, and trade hodgepodge antiques and wares alike, all with the guarantee of a pleasant experience. We look forward to doing business with you. ~The Lost and Found
  5. such a simple mistake, yet so effective

  6. can we not normalize posting screenshots of your RP, epic pvp kills, or discord logs under in-RP threads for the sake of gaining OOC affirmation and validation

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    2. FlemishSupremacy


      but i need ooc affirmation and validation...

    3. un-w


      2 hours ago, _Jandy_ said:

      It's fun

      it's cheap and lazy

    4. _Jandy_


      not only is it not always lazy but it's also blockman escapism funtime game when it is

  7. this is what happens to the ST when we get feedback posts

  8. where might be a good settlement/city for two characters to set up a shop at? :3

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    2. Laeonathan


      yeah find out irp ST wtf!

    3. Kujo


      visit florentine i hear they have hot babes and femboys with money

    4. K_rusader


      Vortice they pretty chill

  9. always good to see new players sticking around and furthermore actually enjoying their time on the server looking forward to future endeavors from you o/
  10. shoutout to the cheese mountain "events site" area that went completely unused by both players and staff for the entirety of almaris
  11. but without a large map how will I be able to build my 500x500 city and claim every adjacent tile possible even though it won't ever be used
  12. something i'm not fond of is being able to stand in wood elf city A and be able to see high elf city B 100 blocks away. let communities be able to stand out from one another with their own land, not crammed shoulder-tight in a circle people argue "but nothing on the server is immersive why do you care if-" of course not every single thing on the server is immersive, but the physical world around you is something you are constantly interacting with, living in, and seeing, where as other mechanics can be ignored or only seldom used on one's own volition, such as a soulstone, horse whistle, and auto-shops. you can't compare these mostly optional mechanics we have to the land and cities most of the server is constantly interacting with and roleplaying in it's not the same
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