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  1. if you're interested in playing a transformation CA shoot me a PM and I can provide details on disc 

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    2. wowj


      can i play a ratiki

    3. un-w


      33 minutes ago, wowj said:

      can i play a ratiki

      play with some ******* first

    4. Heero
  2. Hey there friend As Evonpire said above, your chances of acquiring magic of any kind by asking OOCly on the forums is slim. I've found that holy mages are the ones that can often be open to taking in new students if sought RPly, so I'd recommend doing that. Or, you could make an RP post detailing that your character seeks magic, as long as its done tastefully and in good spirit. Think of ways you can incorporate your characters desire for magic into their narrative, rather than a simple "because magic is cool." Best of luck :) if you have any questions, feel free to reach out at un-w#9099
  3. mfers be like "I don't care about lotc" then continuously stalk the forums and discord servers and make death threats when they dont get their ratmen CA race
  4. the irony of this right after you say that the ST deserve to be shot in the head because you can't play a rat CA on minecraft
  5. What's your favorite niche of RP? Least favorite, if any? A memorable RP interaction (such as a really cool unplanned CRP fight, an event, etc, just anything that you find "memorable") that you're fond of? Favorite color? :)
  6. Is there a buyout price for minas? Sorry wrong skin auction, disregard LMAO
  7. Discord Tag: un-w#9099 Skin Name: Clad in Red Bid(s): 175 minas

  9. why are you monke
  10. nobody's shitting on adele. ppl have been so insistent that people are treating her horribly for making the plugin when I've only seen the opposite?? most if not all of the criticism in these replies are pretty relaxed and offer a fair explanation as to why the plugin doesn't sit right w them and what their concerns are, and even any discussion i've seen over discord has been wholly focused on critiquing the plugin rather than attacking adele herself nobody hates adele, adele is great, people just aren't a fan of the plugin and there's nothing wrong with that
  11. I'm sorry but you cannot tell me this is not word for word factions mechanics edit: in all seriousness I agree with @UnBaed. It's not inherently harmful but i cant help but feel sour in how reflective it is of the way factions servers operate, on top of how it promotes this already cancerous idea of OOC factionism from nation to nation
  12. I remember one time in Atlas, I was randomly wandering around in the armpit of fkn nowhere. Maybe a 20 minute run from CT on foot, somewhere in a very forested snowy-taiga area, but there were no roads or settlements near by. Don't know why I was running, but probably out of boredom and hoping I'd find something cool. After a while of sprint-jumping in a random direction, I stumbled upon a very small campfire area with a tent or two, and saw a username.

    Didn't expect much or think on it, but to my surprise, they emoted at me. Or, I emoted at them, and they responded - either or. I don't remember much of the interaction, but I do specifically remember two things:

    1. They had 6 days (yes, days, not hours) of play time that week. No clue how on god's green earth that was possible, so maybe I'm misremembering and gaslighting myself, but I don't know why else something like that would stick out to me so much 4 years later. 

    2. My character, without introducing herself, asked for this stranger's name. He responded by implying she was rude for asking it without first stating her own.

    We roleplayed for, maybe, fifteen or so minutes, before I left and continued running. I don't know how long I had been running or how far I made it, but in the same run, I eventually turned around to check out the camp again. The player was gone, and that was that.

    Never spoke to that player again, RPly or OOCly, and to this day I cannot remember their username or RP name for the life of me. I think they were a human or adunian though. 

    anyways no idea why I shared this story but it's a distinct memory I have, and I also remember wondering if that player had been sitting there waiting for someone to randomly approach him in the middle of asscrack nowhere just like I did

    1. Gemini


      This is so cute haha— maybe you’ll find the person! Let’s hope they still play 

  13. i've had enough of the slaem

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