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  1. Hi there, welcome to the server ^^ if ur looking for RP or just a friend to help u around feel free to let me know 🙂
  2. w_ill

    The Response

    when will gms actually start listening to players
  3. another war

  4. yeah its no secret that the mod team frequently silences players who post a public complaint lol, happens all the time, and yet another valuable player is pushed away because of it /shrug
  5. Please no We already have enough “prosthetic” limbs for people, such as druidism or stone arms or whatever. The entire “prosthetic” magic on LOTC just seems like a cheap way for people to avoid consequence RP in the first place and please for the love of god we really don't need another one of these added to the server.
  6. “Two wrongs make a right, I guess.” comments cyrene, shuddering
  7. “Hey, I’m in this picture,” comments Crying. “good post, though.”
  8. that's a lotta [!]

  9. Led by the Lady Overseer, the Echelon of Oversight focuses upon the management of city events, housing, and construction. Our primary goal is to ensure that Llyria grants shelter to those in need and ensure that those within our beloved city are happy and well. Events: While most large scale events such as city-wide festivals are left up to the Empyrion and the council as a whole, it’s left to the Echelon of Oversight to host small city events that include (but are not limited to) tavern parties, tournaments, and much more. All citizens are welcome to suggest a small event to the Echelon of Oversight, where it will then be discussed with the Lady Overseer. Housing: One of the most important tasks of the Echelon of Protection, the stewardry handles anything housing-related. Typically this includes housing those in need of a home in Llyria and keeping the housing roster up to date. Construction: As stated previously, the Echelon of Oversight manages city construction as well. Those of this Echelon are required to prove their experience in construction to the Lady Overseer to ensure only the best and most professional are chosen for this job. They’re most often involved with planning, creating blueprints and constructing the actual buildings when the time comes. While most of the time, members of this Echelon will not be required to do all three tasks, it is expected of them to grant aid to the Lady Overseer when she calls for it. If you’re interested in joining the Echelon of Oversight, find Lady Cyrene in Llyria or send her a letter. ((You can also contact me through discord @Unwillingly#9099))
  10. “Joan is a national treasure.” declares crybean
  11. hi come to llyria
    we dont bite
    Also become a guard here


    1. sophiaa


      can i come

    2. Haseroth



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