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  1. Can’t wait for Telanir to finally just step down, he’s gone on longer hiatuses than he let’s his staff them do

  2. ah, right, so he’s not just competely MIA, that’s good at least
  3. So, quick recap to make sure I got this right : Servers down, no plugins can be tested, and Telanir has gone without word being the one who has to come back to fix it, and is unable to contacted. For some reason I am not in the slightest surprised, he really does seem like he’s been trying to kill the server for a while. This just seems like a natural development
  4. RP Name: Ihnsil’ahril Avilum MC Username: Chryosaurus Discord: Chryosaurus rex#2356 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate Why Do You Wish To Come?: To join the paladins and explore this ancient realm What Skills Can You Bring?: The skills of a trained warrior, and amateur historian wishing to learn of times long past
  5. so uh, why is there a hostile mob being spawned?
    I’m assuming it’s just that it’s a new update and these ones haven’t been turned off yet?

    1. Werew0lf


      You’re meant to kill them to get crossbows.

  6. Right well, what constitutes political? LOTC is a very political server in its nature, as i said before, it’s based off real-life groups and political movements with a fantasy twist. Can i discuss IRP politics and compare them to IRL politics? Can I complain about a lot of IRP politics being obvious inserts of modern politics and they don’t feel at home in the setting? How modern are the politics here? Can I joke about crusades? They’re medieval history, they happen on the server, but they have been brought up in politics. Like, is the “imperial fascist party” that was around a while ago allowed? Can I mention things like politics from the early 1900’s from europe? Swedish politics maybe? Can I joke about them? “Ah goddamned communists” and **** like that? Because I joke about communists a fair bit. I’m not against these rules, it just seems utterly impossible to define, and feels like something that will be bent to ban people who aren’t deserving of it, or defend others who definitively should be banned. Annoying bandit X makes a joke about brexit? whack Good guy Y is chatting to a mod, jokes about “Dump the Trump BIG LOL” and nothing is done.
  7. Maybe prevent people from talking about controversial topics in ooc which annoys others? That sounds more sane. You know, if I’m rping in the square I wouldn’t want to be spammed by two people in looc screaming at each about *******, idk.. hong kong or feminism or some ****, but entirely preventing political discussions is near impossible and extremely ineffective, since, as stated above, politics are in everything. lotc is an extremely political server, because many nations and groups draw from real life historical political and religious groups, its going to be brought up no matter what, how about cracking down on toxicity instead. Maybe I shouldn’t be warned for discussing politics with a friend, but instead because i called someone ‘*****’ in all caps in the global ooc chat because they disagreed with me on healthcare politics (just an example, i dont know if that has happened, but it seems likely enough). You know, the core of the issue, the toxicity that is extremely common, instead of trying to shut down people talking about things that engage them. And yes, what are mature themes? Is it just sex? Cause yeah thats already forbidden. Is it violence? Though luck, it’s a server almost purely based around conflict and violence between different groups. Emotional abuse? That’s rife in rp, since its a naturally pretty grim world a lot of characters are abusive, but is that a “mature theme”? Is the existensial conflict between good and evil, void and reality, holy and dark, chaos and order, empire and freedom, all that **** that you can get really deep into and read a lot into with the server a mature theme? Because I haven’t read any books as a child that go into that stuff. Are the graphic descriptions of violence in CRP a mature theme? The many characters struggling with IRP mental issues, that can get very “dark” and mature at times? It needs to be clarified, because “Mature themes” make up some of the most engaging rp this server has. Edit : And yes lastly, I often name my characters from real life people or places. Antioch as an example, one of my most recent, is named after a medieval city. Nathan, another one, I’m pretty damned sure there’s a fair few Nathan’s around. Nicolet I ripped from a book I read, even Chryasor, my username, is taken from a fictional character, a mythological character from ancient greece. Is that against the rules now? Should I just put a few letters into a ranodm generator and scramble them in the future? Because someone somewhere will already have used the name I’m going to use for a character in all likelihood, since names aren’t unique. Again, this needs to be clarified. I get that you wouldn’t want people running around being named “Epstein” or “Donald Trump” or “Hillary” or something like that, but where is that line drawn?
  8. Who needs a fantasy server with fantasy elements anyway Honestly tho where tf did all the cool stuff go i remember this being way more high fantasy before
  9. Well, most people won’t be banned for pressuring both adults and minors into cybering with them. In this one instance, it should be impossible for him to return to LOTC even if he kept up contact with people.
  10. I’m just gonna put this out there – you don’t get a dozen people to come forward to witness for your ban if you’re innocent.
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