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  1. Unironically a good introduction into photobashing, a technique that can be far expanded into actual works of art with better software and some effort – look up Johnson Ting on Artstation and youtube if you want a good idea of what photobashing can do
  2. A general request. We’ve had many months without most lore, and now the “lore games” have ended, much is still lacking. The server feels starved of fantasy. Could we just in general let more things slip and give it a shot? Give skeletons a period to test themselves out, throw in some more weird lore, let people have guns for a few months, see how it works. What does the playerbase like and dislike, what works and doesn’t. 

    If nothing works out, we clearly have no issue shelving litellary the entire server and writing something new

    1. TheAlphaMoist


      That’s all admins right there

    2. Essence


      I Concur, 

      Simply as I wish to be more understanding of the Lore and of the Current state of the world!

  3. So with the outcome of this whole firearms thing – can we at least please have cannons back? they’re a really cool thing to have on builds, and i have grown somewhat tired of walking below deck on a ship just to see a long ass line of scorpions because people still want their renaissance style ships

    1. rukio
    2. jamyei


      I voted against firearms, but as I said in my post, I think cannons would be fine to have and I’d be down for that

  4. A proper response from me this time with actual opinions on it : I think guns could be added, I wouldn’t protest. But I also think literary anything to spice up RP would probably be a good option at this point. I joined towards the middle of Axios, during the eighteen years war, about two months before Johannesburg went boom. And I do remember it was rather fun, having cannons and magical weapons, some cool magics that were around, materials like carbarum and bluesteel, dragonscales were a material used in armour that came up in RP a few times, necromancy was still a thing so you had to fight the occasional undead, gods were still allowed to interact with their followers, We still had soap. What I’m trying to say is – I think the server should let itself go back towards those times where there were genuinely interesting stuff, because right now the arguments of “It’s a medieval fantasy server” doesn’t really fly, because we’re not really medieval, and we have lost a good amount of the fantasy aspects. So yeah, go ahead and add muskets. But if guns get added, also add some more fantasy aspects, add some interesting things, make LOTC an actually interesting server you can do cool stuff on again instead of just being one of the most vanilla, boring DND wannabe settings ever. Guns could spice it up some if more aspects were /also/ added alongside them.
  5. If you think guns should work like a magic – be applied to be a gunsmith, go through a process to learn to use them, and be weak to many of the same things (Being interrupted, people who don’t run and hide but instead just walk up to you and smack you) Then yeah, sure, but I doubt that’s how it’s going to go. Simply speaking from experience with alchemy and magic and such, that has also at many times been abused in ways they weren’t supposed to. I do also think it’s rather complicated and needless when a far simpler solution would be to say they’re just another ranged weapon. Which in and of itself is not that bad, until you think of all the current arguing with not a single soul agreeing with the power of a longbow, arbalest, “heavy crossbow” and armour, etc, etc. Everyone cites a different youtube video as proof, and then wait thirty minutes to two hours for a mod to show up and tell them to either void it or make their own decision based on a youtube video. Flintlocks and such would only increase this issue, and many new and old to the server would entirely misunderstand what a “gun” is. Not to mention that people would almost immediatelly start to try to logically advance them along to more advanced weapons – I know this because I am one of these people, I find inventions cool, and lotc has far too few inventions for the potential there could be. Unique siege weapons from back on Axios comes to mind as some wonderful examples of this. But in this case, I don’t think it’d work especially well, as it often has not in the past. Broken alchemy and magic from also back on Axios comes to mind.
  6. Changing a single word is not just not clever, it’s also very clearly false. Magic is nowhere near as effective as people make it out to be, it isn’t an ultimate weapon of mass-destruction like I’ve seen suggested on this thread. In fact, almost all magic can be countered by throwing a rock, or slapping the guy in one of the three to seven emotes he has to take to actually cast his spell. Not to mention magic is very closely regulated with applications both to teach and learn, each person only being able to teach three at a time, and the several-page long guides written detailing everything with said magic so it can’t be powergamed or too OP, that then goes through an extended period of review with the LT (upwards of nine months, as we have recently learned) and then finally people can actually use it. So if you want to have something /really/ OP to complain about, ban throwing rocks. Throwing rocks makes most magic useless.
  7. as one of “her team” of apparent murderhobos. We go to long godammned extents to avoid killing RP. Ask anyone who has actually interacted with us. A few off the top of my head – Fay, Solaria, Mia, those are the three ones I remember. Talk to their players. We try to avoid killing RP because it isn’t really RP, it leads nowhere and gives no character development. Repenting is a big thng we go for, giving as many second chances as we possibly can to give character development. It’s only when we really don’t have a choice that we go to killing people in roleplay – such as with Maya, who has always been an evil and scheming character,a nd never showed any signs of changing, and equally always comes back from death either way, no matter what you do. Calling us murderhobos just shows a gross misunderstanding of what kind of roleplay we do, and just sounds like you’re trying to poison the waters against a group you just simply don’t like.
  8. Can’t wait for Telanir to finally just step down, he’s gone on longer hiatuses than he let’s his staff them do

  9. ah, right, so he’s not just competely MIA, that’s good at least
  10. So, quick recap to make sure I got this right : Servers down, no plugins can be tested, and Telanir has gone without word being the one who has to come back to fix it, and is unable to contacted. For some reason I am not in the slightest surprised, he really does seem like he’s been trying to kill the server for a while. This just seems like a natural development
  11. RP Name: Ihnsil’ahril Avilum MC Username: Chryosaurus Discord: Chryosaurus rex#2356 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate Why Do You Wish To Come?: To join the paladins and explore this ancient realm What Skills Can You Bring?: The skills of a trained warrior, and amateur historian wishing to learn of times long past
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