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  1. At least to me, and a few others on the thread, this is one of the core issues on the thread. That doesn't really matter when the baseline for how "skilled" characters are for most people is how many skallagrim videos they've watched. Now for a lot of people this isn't the case, a lot of us, me included, generally try to work in weaknesses, give the characters their own "style" so to say, a way they fight and act under the stresses of combat that reflect them. But far too many, especially among the younger roleplayers, play the unbeatable hero who has the combined knowledge of schola glad
  2. Said a lot of bad things recently, gonna be positive for once.
    I like that Vortex gives a genuine reason to have trade going on, manage relations between different groups, and go outside of your own playerbase. That's good ****, that I love.
    The rest is still fucked tho, it should have been finished before it was sent serverside, and it shouldn't be such cancer to work with.

  3. The system is broken when normally peaceful players turn to banditing just to be able to keep up with the grind and get food, out of entirely OOC reasons

  4. Can we please have resource pits back? I get that they're not named "nodes" but every build will be made of oak wood and cobblestone since it's so damned hard to get other materials

  5. Please, this Vortex plugin is complex, most of it isn't even implemented yet, I doubt it's even finished - why is it up to the playerbase to write our own guides when we don't even have access to anything more than the extreme basics?
  6. You know, I must wonder. If everyone was complaining and seeing flaws in both vortex and the economy system upwards of one or two weeks before the new map went up, a poll was massively against it but ignored, and people are complaining even more now when we actually have to deal with it - why the **** did the new map start off with it? Why not delay it, let people get used to the new map with the old systems, then turn them on when it's more adjusted and people already are used to the new map and have built their homes.

  7. So this is what happens when someone incompetent looks at LF, sees that they have a resource system that starts with copper, a nice and streamlined crafting system, and goes "I can do that!" without putting any thought into why it worked for LF, and utterly ******* massacering the UI. I'm not blaming the devs here, coding is really ******* hard, minecraft is a hard game to work with, they probably just did the best with what Telanir **** out in their discord. - Actual response pending once I've tried the system out Edit : I've been told I sound rude to the devs. I don't blame any of
  8. Then I might just have noticed it more with the warhammer since it’s the most used one, and I can’t really tell the difference between longsword and greatsword, and those are the only ones used – greatsword and warhammer fro the great weapons – because axes are frankly completely and utterly useless since nobody uses shields. I realize i forgot to mention that issue with lacking axes in my original post, but i said a lot about shields
  9. Before I get into the post – this is not to kick up controversy, nor get attention or any such, just some feedback on the surge PVP system after trying it out for a couple days. I also realize it may be way too late into development to make any changes based off of this feedback, and that it might just get disregarded. But then, oh well, I’ve already wasted my time writing it. I like surge this far even though I’m way worse at it than 1.8 pvp. I hope it stays relatively even with equipment differences as to avoid another Axios situation. But there’s a few flaws, and a few suggestions I’d li
  10. Shuo would lay aside one of the fliers with a deep sigh and rise from his sitting place on the pallisade “Months ago they asked me to take down the defenses. Very well, I’ll see what I can do about the assassins.” The man muttered to himself, jumping off it and down into fort hope’s courtyard to go about his patrols
  11. It’s something that’s been touched upon in a few responses, but I do think some people are taking the separation of RP and OOC a bit too far. Now, this is not to say there shouldn’t be a barrier there – i have personally advocated for people to keep them separate for a long while to avoid conflict. But we need to accept that there will always be some level of connection there. Your character will always have some part of you in it, no matter how wildly different they are. And in topics such as this, where its an actual IRL issue, we do need to be rather difficult in how it is ha
  12. [!]Pinned up on the noticeboards of cities spread around Arcas, a new open letter sits hammered in with a simple nail. Over the past two or so years, public letters to the pontiff have posted up in many major cities - each concerning the existence of same sex relationships and marriages. This content of them I care little for, it should to all civilized be an obvious answer. However, the responses, is what takes my interest. For near all of the responses echo the very same thing. ‘This is not in our tradition.’ ‘The first relationship was betwee
  13. “Arguments are made for tradition – for precedent in history. However these ignore that many improvements upon society have been made that did not exist when the four brothers still worked with stone axes and bronze swords.” Shuo would move away from the poster with a sigh “To keep being hung up on such a minor thing – who loves who – and calling to a tradition that is readily ignored in other cases, shows more a fear of social change than call to the righteousness of the texts. Or any change at all should be called out as heresy – for I doubt the four brothers made ready use of steam engines,
  14. Honestly man, yeah, this is pretty ******* good
  15. [!]Letters are sent to each city involved with the firewatch alliance To refortify Fort Hope Addressed to the leadership of the firewatch alliance. To refortify Fort Hope. While this may seem like little less as a propaganda move, this suggestion has worth. With the inferi moving further to threaten our coast, attacking the mainland, a battle for Aegrothond being built up to, and the enemy having sent in raiding parties to harass our roads already, it is clear we need a united position. And while the mountains housing the skull should be pr
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